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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 28, 2018 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin demonstrators will be taking to the streets of central girland today in protest of a state visit by turkey's president i should tire of the airlock everyone's here to improve the strained ties with the german government security tight at level one in the center of the german capital ahead of the visit the talks and the protests we'll have extensive live coverage of what's turning out to be a very controversial was. also on the show two versions of a shared past that has already altered their futures for ever pressing blasi
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forward and the trauma she says has haunted her a lot repressed kavanaugh the finds in the face of practice ations standing between him and a seat on america's highest court. doctor for with what degree of certainty do you believe brett kavanaugh assault. one hundred percent one hundred percent. i am innocent of this charge high drama in washington d.c. as for tell senators she was sexually assaulted by the president's supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh denying all the allegations completely. i'm brian thomas welcome and thanks for being with us thousands of people are expected to take to the streets of berlin today to protest the state visit by turkeys. resident. security is at
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a rare level one in the center of the german capital at this hour aired a long touchdown in berlin yesterday ahead of today's meetings with german leaders the visit is a diplomatic bid to improve relations very strained right now with germany ties between. berlin were put under immense pressure after turkey imprisoned thousands of people including dozens of german citizens following the failed two of twenty sixteen well the red carpet is being rolled out for air who wants first state visit as turkish president but not all politicians are behind this reception some are even boycotting today's events. reject tied to one's presidential plane touching down in berlin this is everyone's first state visit to germany as turkish president but it's not without controversy he faces heavy criticism and to learn about the rule of law in turkey and he hopes this visit will lead to closer cooperation
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between the two nations or one received a mixed reception in the german capital many supporters waited on the streets hoping to catch a glimpse of his motorcade but there was signs of protest outside the turkish embassy the president's visit was hotly debated in parliament with criticism coming from all sides. the arbitrary imprisonment of german citizens has taken a heavy toll on bilateral relations german citizens remain behind bars on charges of a seemingly political nature you know if you want to save your own life the government is rolling out the red carpet for heir to one even though he hasn't changed his ways since july twenty seventeen absolutely nothing has improved in turkey that's why i think holding this state visit now sends the wrong signal that is a good start. and one company not the rich one isn't here because he is suddenly rediscovered his love and affection for our country instead his economy is in tatters he needs money and investment from our businesses but those who suffer from
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inflation and economic disaster are the ordinary people in turkey that. one three day visit is both politically and logistically a huge challenge for germany in berlin alone some five thousand police officers have been deployed for his visit and a large area of the city center is on lockdown no one will next travel to cologne with his shadow to open the mosque on saturday. i'll be going alive to bellevue palace here in berlin today that's president obama's first official stop in just a bit first we're here with our political correspondent peter craven for some more background peter just how strained are relations right now between the two countries very very strange indeed i think i mean nobody for example brian and you will know this is here in germany has forgotten the day of the nazi comparisons the nazi jibes that were hold by president to go on and others in recent months in the last couple of years a german nobody's forgotten that perhaps much more important though is the
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crackdown on suspected of members of the opposition following day failed coup in twenty sixteen that has been relentless and is ongoing that has seen so many people end up in turkish prisons you know in here in germany you speak to turkish people and they tell you i know somebody who is in prison i know somebody who's been in prison for months without charge we hear about. dozens of turkish journalists who were imprisoned i'm a journalist it's painful it's dismaying so that's how very many people here in germany have feeling at this point in time we're getting live shots outside bellevue hundreds of thousands of people arrested in turkey following the two and as you mentioned the rapper cautions amends many people that you talk to even here in germany as you mentioned know someone who's been arrested ok let's go to bellevue right now and our correspondent been fun to mark standing by for us there fabienne can you give us an impression of what's happening there right now and fill us in on on what the schedule is for today yeah the turkish president
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will arrive in a couple of minutes he will then be greeted and wellcome by the german president. at the casa here behind me and they will hold talks before that he will be greeted with military honors so the full program that you can actually deliver tourist state gas will be offered to a president ever go on and in the evening there will be a state banquet that was mentioned in the piece before that this probably the most controversial part of the part here in the value of you palace because they are of politicians who didn't want to attend this ceremony this bank had this celebration with their two and they said i don't want to drink champagne with the president while at the same time they're german citizens in prisons in turkey or someone or someone else said that i talked to i don't want to be the background for his for air to ones propaganda so in the value palace
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a lot of program but also controversy ok that is kind of one of the headlines for today isn't it the controversy of this visit and security is extremely high it's a rare level one that's usually reserved for an american president or israel's benjamin netanyahu what's it like where you are. well the city large parts of the city are definitely shut down so right behind me there's no one who's not checked before and it's only journalists police and lots of security personnel actually there are special forces tending right next to me here they are some five thousand policemen in the city helicopters are circling in the sky above me so security level is really high and no one can get near to this palace it's like a fortress at this moment here ok as you mentioned some notable faces will be missing from this state visit there. for president but what are both sides
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looking to achieve there are going to be talks they might be absent from the state dinner but a lot of discussions are going to be happening what are both sides looking for fobbing to come out of this visit. yes well first of all it's important to say that the president the german president said all this program the military honors the state bank that's not a sign of normalization bitch in the relations between turkey and germany it could be the beginning of a normalization as peter has mentioned the studio there are many many pale points where germany is absolutely unhappy about the turkish side and those are not forgotten the nats comparisons for example the rest of german citizens of journalists in turkey the violation of human rights all these topics they are still on the menu but then again germany also says we have an interest in a stable turkey in international relations turkey is an important partner and also
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in via lettre relations business but also in the refugee questions for example germany ones to cooperate with turkey so that's important on the other had turkey needs partners at this moment more than ever since they have tremendous problems with the united states at this very moment and it with their own economies or turkey needs partners and they want to reach out to germany more than ever ok yes turkey has immense problems as you just mentioned can you fill us in on that why is turkey looking for a big reason on relations at this particular time. well the church's economy is basically on the floor it's they have tremendous inflation they need foreign investment and they hope for german investment and germany has said again and again they won't offer help. direct
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way but they would wish that the conditions for german business in turkey would become better again so germany has said for example that it would that it would help foster an investment of a german business building a huge railway project in turkey but germany always says business at the moment is very difficult with turkey since companies contrary lie on the rule of law in turkey business people cond rely on human rights in turkey and all these conditions have to be improved and then business will start. from itself and germany and german companies could invest again in turkey and that could then help the church economy get on its feet again ok fog and those are two points we're going to be talking about today the reliability of the german or the turkish economy rather and its political scene and if germany will be coughing up any cash
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for ankara for now though thanks very much for being with us right now as part of our live coverage of president wants this it here to germany we're going to go on to other news now before we return to this topic and i q's asians and counterclaims after off a day in the united states of motion testimony on tuesday looking into the nomination for the u.s. supreme court psychologist christine blazing for accusing judge brett kavanaugh of sexual assault on high school cavanaugh denied all the accusations completely republican senators on the committee are pushing for an initial vote on cavanagh's nomination set for later today by the entire u.s. senate could go ahead as early as next week we go to our correspondent in washington first we have this report. the testimony you're about senators questioned christine blousy forward and supreme court nominee kavanah in separate sessions over more than nine hours. and here today not because they want the i am
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terrified i am here because they believe it is my civic duty to tell you what happened to me while brett kavanaugh and i were in high school. brett groped me and tried to take off my clothes i believe he was going to rape me i'm not questioning that doctor ford may have been sexually assaulted by some person in some place at some time but i have never done this to her or to anyone that's not who i am it is not who i was i am innocent of this charge doctor for with what degree of certainty do you believe brett kavanaugh assaulted you one hundred percent one hundred percent how are you so sure that it was. and the same
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way that i'm sure that i'm talking to you right now just basic memory functions so what you are telling us is this could not be a case of mistaken identity absolutely not the day of emotional testimony was not without an element so if these are and attempts at political point scoring across the aisle this is the most an ethical sham since i've been in politics and if you really wanted to know the truth you sure as hell would have done what you've done to this guy are you a gang right this. no. this is not a job interview. this is hail this there's this is going to destroy the ability of good people to come forward because at this crap your high school yearbook my friends and i spent the supreme court nominee appeared emotional
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throughout his testimony often on the very edge of tears. there are some also some women. minutes after brett kavanaugh left the president took to twitter writing judge kavanah should america exactly why i know many to ten donald trump described cavernous testimony and spiritual all honest and riveting he then called on the senators to vote. correspond stuff and simon has been following the developments in washington i spoke to him a short while ago and asked him about some of the reactions to our. well the judgment of the public is actually out still i think that's a little bit close to call too close to call to judge how the public is siding or who the public is siding with but no doubt this was a first that has never ever been seen before by anybody not in political washington as well as elsewhere in the country people were glued to their televisions
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yesterday the television sets or radios or the internet and watched the proceedings and as you said absolutely riveting and emotional and brant kevyn orr coming out following blasi for its testimony guns blazing aggressive some say. and combating if and blaze your forte in comparison to that rather collected post very emotional and very likable as a witness for the senate so that was quite a show as you and i mean this and i say this on purpose show because that's what the president actually likes and that's what he has said tearing his tweet and expressed he liked the performance of kevin on here like the entire set up of this the drama of this and there was a lot of drama. and yeah now we'll see what happens tomorrow perceptions as you mentioned are so predominant in all of this and the senate judiciary committee vote
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is later today that's for the judiciary committee the full senate is next week how's it looking right now will some republicans have been swayed to vote against kavanaugh. right seven hours from now the vote is scheduled in the judiciary committee on the senate there is a problem for the g.o.p. and for the republicans and these problems this problem has three names jeff flake susan collins and. those are the three g.o.p. senators who are kind of the swing votes where all the republicans in the company as well as in the entire conference are not sure if they're go in with a vote for pushing kevin out of the company and to his senate floor so those those three two of them of course women are considered a question mark when it comes to committee to more be able to vote for. process and to proceed with the nomination process of having all. those three
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individuals right now no democrats have been calling for an f.b.i. investigation into cavanagh the statute of limitations on the actual charges brought by professor ford i mean there sat the charges for what she has alleged are are not possible but what could happen in terms of a possible investigation is that out there at this hour. well it's out there but nobody actually things that it's going to happen. but right just a few minutes ago it least reportedly the american bar association actually has wrote a letter to the republicans and to the senate judiciary committee asking for a delay in proceedings the a.b.a. the american bar association wants a investigation by the f.b.i. but again this has to be called by the president and president is very very unlikely to call for initially our investigation on this he wants to push this
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through the g.o.p. the republicans want to push this through there won't be at least that's the assessment from many many experts and observers there won't be any f.b.i. investigation as far as we can see no ok maybe one then from one of those organizations you you mentioned four lawyers thank you very much for that and especially for the new developments their stuff is on for us in washington thanks very much now for some of the other stories making the news today all passengers and crew aboard an airliner have survived a crash landing off a remote pacific island the air eugenie plane went and hit the water after missing the runway in the western pacific state of micronesia locals help survivors to safety no serious injuries reported there new zealand's prime minister has used her speech at the un general assembly to highlight the gender pay gap and domestic violence as continuing global problems speaking on the third day of the
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debate isn't the ardent called for the world to recommit to gender equality she said me too must become we too. dutch police have arrested seven men suspected of planning a large scale terror attack heavily armed police carrying out raids across the nose and lungs after a months long investigation already say a thirty four year old iraqi male previously convicted for attempting to join so-called islamic state headed that dutch terror so. we're back now with our live coverage of turkish president ever one state visit to germany peter craven is here with us in the studio let's go to our correspondents correspondent fabienne fun of marc is outside bellevue palace that's the official residence of the german president and the first stop on everyone's germany visit today fabienne president due to arrive at bellevue shortly what's on the schedule. well he will be welcomed by the german president in front of the palace that will
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shake hands here and there were enter the house president will sign the guest book of the german president and then behind the cost in the garden of the of the palace there will be a military honors that band of the soldiers have marched by here just a few minutes ago so and then they will play the two hymns the german him the turkish him and then there will be. confidential conversation off the two presidents inside the palace that's what's on the menu here ok we're getting some live images fabienne or right now this conversation that you just mentioned between president steinmeyer and president ever to one what do you think it it might address. well the two of them know each other very good and particularly congress is very deep into turkish german relations he was the foreign
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minister in the last government and hit a lot to do with the turkish side a lot to do with all the controversy his and best adore the german investor in turkey was many many times from the turkish side what are you doing there what's happening there so there was many many diplomatic problem that problems and find by this time once to address these problems that still exist that there are still german citizens five german citizens in turkish prisons that there are still violations of human rights but he will probably also tell the turkish president that germany is also interested in better relations to turkey again in a restart in a normalization off this relationship but that there is no ultimate ism that turkey has to do more in turkey and then one could talk about better relations this is the signal from today could be misunderstood because there is
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a lot of ceremony there is a lot of on are for the turkish president but the president the german president said this is not a sign of normalization but it could be the beginning of a process of normalization ok the beginning of a process and that is on the diplomatic front politically but everyone's here specifically isn't he looking for financial backing the turkish economy is on the ropes turkey has one hundred fifty billion in liabilities right now european banks are reluctant to lend to turkey isn't that a coup or element of why heir to one is your right. that is a core element absolutely turkey definitely needs foreign investment but the german side is quite reluctant there and has said again and again that there won't be direct helps for turkey what germany said is that germany has every
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interest in a stable prospering turkey and that was already seen from the turkish side as some sign of potential help from germany but the german site made it very clear that most of the problems that turkey faces now are made by turkey themselves that they have spent too much money and particularly that they have created a climate in their country which is more than unattractive for business people particularly from the west and also from germany so germany has said that if the conditions improve in turkey for investors if there is the rule of law then there might be also german business coming to turkey but that's not in the hand of the german government ok fabienne at bellevue palace of course here in central delenn we have live pictures while we have the honor guard there standing at attention let's go to peter craven from our political desk here peter we're talking about germany being asked today for cash for financial support but germany has
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a lot at stake inside turkey itself and has a lot here to gain i'm thinking about the migration deal that has to be very much in everyone's mind in clinical trials of it all so far and you know he is the crux of this from the german point of view germany does not want to gemini wants to make some very very concrete demands of the turkish leader as regards civil society the rule of law and human rights in turkey but it doesn't want to push him too far as it were because the refugee deal signed in two thousand and sixteen has ensured the turkey has hosted has taken in some free and a half million refugees who have come from the horrors of the syrian war by the. many of whom would have travelled on so europe's in northern europe towards germany if they hadn't been for this refugee package where the service of being given three billion euros and more more in store has been a very very important mechanism for angle americal to save face as she faces
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pressure over the refugee crisis is it is deemed by so many in germany and let me jump in there is that just about a refugee deal with turkey it remains controversial because critics say it makes germany dependent upon turkey upon president early on yesterday but this is it's an interesting consolation to you do the first meeting today is going to be happening very very shortly from broached. to one he then goes on to meet with anglo american he's got a second meeting with angela merkel working breakfast tomorrow morning and they're going to be talking about precisely that point that you just mentioned and. the interesting fact is that they each have the elder over a barrel has it because everyone knows that angle of merkel is totally dependent on the refugee package angle americal knows however the turkish leader is very very dependent on her for all issues around the e.u. about e.u. accession which is still on the table and about funding coming from the e.u. all from germany to support the turkish economy at this point in time she has
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however said there will be no such funding there will be no development or economic aid from germany for turkey will be nothing like a bailout package or already things of that nature ok that's what everyone will be looking for a bell except they allow for that because we're here and we're hearing simon's right now sirens right now in the background i would imagine that's the approach of the motorcade of the turkish president these live images showing the honor guard at full attention there awaiting that arrival momentarily peter this migration deal and what we were talking about funding for turkey some type of financial guarantees that would be a very difficult sell right now for the job. public wouldn't using tax money that's the point brian and i think that's involves a transfer of taxpayers' money at this point in time from germany to turkey is an absolute no go or it would be the end of uncle america's political career. the point that fabio made in passing is a very very important point to what the germans are arguing is that they're saying
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look mr i want to get your house in order so that we know that there is a firm legal basis for doing business in your country and we will come there already seven thousand german companies in turkey at this point in time it's not a good outlook for them at this point in time but it's still there and there have been more in the past and they would be willing to come back no no doubts about it but they need to know on what basis they are doing business and at this point in time they have no trust in the political system they have no trust in president bedouin and the problem for everyone is right now as he has his rock there's already been successful has been with russia russia can provide turkey of course with very little financial support it's supporting turkey financially militarily rather of course in syria in the north where there is the turkish enclave in syria is that affecting this meeting today the fact that the turkish government is now a very close friend of president putin and not a very good friend of president trump all of this is that's a very worrying prospect for germany and the west at the same time however germany
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. turkey is so very important for germany for in terms of the the war zone in syria turkey still has influence there it has boots on the ground some of it has been used positive they would if you so we'll come back to this some of it's in the cross border operation against syrian kurds in a free in provinces is much more problematic but turkey does have traction in syria and germany has relations with turkey germany has very few leavers to pull on the syrian crisis this is one of the word to they're concerned about ok this would be a good time for germany to activate its relationship. with america to get president trying to put some kind of pressure on president early on in the search for all that is already it would seem pressure on president president had to go on and it's going in the other direction. he said concerned about the future say of american pastor who's been detained in turkish and it's
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a prison for two years now or so that he is he's actually engaged in a war can be seen as like a venue like the guerrilla movement had he has insisted that the pastor in question should be released to the americans. should not know is he's blocked a deal that is being rolled for for good and to go in the other direction exactly and so we go in is going to figure in discussions today as well is that the center of the pastor being released or not being released and there are members of the tool goodman movement here in germany the turkish government says they are behind the coup in turkey do you think we're going to see on the back on the pressure to do something about extraditing some of those movement people to turkey to face charges i think they will definitely talk about the role of the galoot no can i say sion here in germany and the stage is that it has here in germany what is known and what is not known about their role in the coup. i think there will also be
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discussions about the kurdish workers party the p.k. k. those discussions will take place between mr. frohman but i don't think they're going to disclose the outcome of those discussions to the public at this point in time ok the p.k. k. the band kurdish workers party very much involved in protests today here in berlin let's go to our correspondent rupert devolved covering those protests right now. rupert if we could ask you what's happening where you are as the protesters prepare to take to the streets of berlin with the turkish president about to arrive at bellevue palace which we're seeing in our are live pictures there as well. yes we are here at bellevue played at palace or as close as normal people can get right now because this place here has been completely sealed off by billin police on this.


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