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tv   Doc Film - The Myopia Boom  Deutsche Welle  September 28, 2018 11:15am-12:00pm CEST

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just to you know your torso my credential member nato member too and secondly it is reliant on like putting it is completely dependent on you know germany and the e.u. this is really an opportunity to press hard. to try to get whatever you know concession that the german government can get and not just for german citizens i mean i find obviously it is certainly disconcerting from the german perspective that german citizens are in jail in turkey but also that elected parliamentarians kurdish part of ontarians elected kurdish mayors journalists academics you know i mean you name it that these people are injured and these are europeans to right because there is also council member and so i think their dens to be a holistic approach here not to single out you know sort of german citizens but to really pressure to add on to change of course you will never be a democrat he will make such you know he can we can expect him to say such horrible
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things in the future to when he feels himself bolstered but now is an opportunity now is the moment where europe can actually a german a ten save some lives really intercooler and that's that that's a historic responsibility and i think they need to take that seriously give turkey is currently in the grip of a major crisis major currency and debt crisis before we talk about what the solution might be less of a good look at the problem. people in turkey are paying a lot more for food these days in august prices overall rose about eighteen percent compared to the same period last year as the currency crisis continues. turkey's economy has slowed down as well. president everyone's massive construction projects including bridges subways and mosques have pushed the country deep into debt. harder one may turn to germany among others for financial aid.
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but relations between the two countries are strained. particularly over turkey's human rights record. can germany and turkey find a way to get along. very well in this current crisis this economic and political crisis that is facing what is totally experts all hopeful from germany well i think as one hopes to get the advantage as it did when you when turkey was that you accession country he wants to get the same financial support he wants to gets funds he needs funds because turkey's economy is depending on the e.u. but turkey is not the same turkey any more and some in berlin even call it that add on republic so you know those is germany ready to give our go on. what he needs i'm not sure i think it will have to be witnessing
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a change in bilateral relations but also a change in turkey's process officially it's not ended but i mean you have mentioned the e.u. process and e.u. has no leverage on un turkey anymore what could be a way to convince our dong or to make a move in a certain direction is of course the economy and dimension and as for. as i understand where they're going to try to do that but fred at the moment the message from the german side is go and knock on the door of the i.m.f. the international monetary fund that is the right address for the problems that you offer a single t. he cannot do that no i don't think that berlin is is saying you know regarding financial aid yes turkey would have to go to the two i am if but we are forgetting something after twenty six of july two thousand and seventeen the german government implemented some economy we cannot call it sanctions but it is.
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it doesn't give the economy export it used to get its so i want is requesting to have those funds again foreign direct investments these are serious issue i think add one would be happy to get these. and we will have to wait and see if the government will be ready to have transactional relations which we which could be dangerous where i don't because i don't think although he always mentions customs union. customs union for example is serious modernizing customs union which we would have to talk about trade unions we would have to talk about public procurement we these are serious issue where you you with the drool of law anyway so i don't think he will he will move in that direction because that would i mean he wouldn't have his power he would lose his power so i think he will try to convince the german government by the refugee issue to give some time actual
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supports maybe in yet in some years we will hear somewhere that the german government actually did give some support i don't i don't have any information on that but i think that's the first target he doesn't want to process that's not realistic that's a million you are not think i'd create and i would. bring it down to one sentence the core of the problem is add on himself and the way he governs the country and the economic crisis has a few of the reasons a few close all developments that were accelerating it but it comes down to the way at on his governing and the problem here is he might get some support from germany might get some support from us from a. retreat is the thing is and that is and that is and that is the problem that what he can offer is quite limited because he cannot make too many compromises on on his or three terry and way of governing because that will eventually. threaten
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his his power zone the concessions he can make i believe are quite limited that doesn't mean that germany should do whatever it can to push for these concessions but it would be an illusion to think that add one will make a fundamental change in his style again because that is how he built his powerful with sixteen years the west says the problem in turkish over time in the germany's five this past weekend says he says the west should support turkey that must in return demand a return to democracy and the rule of law that's the that's the statements that everybody is sharing in advance of this that's the big hope that people have you have just call it and they lose yeah well too i agree to the statement though i just think there will be no. should i call it once the new parliament democrats would like a full agenda or full example democracy and to add one i think bad is an illusion
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that doesn't mean. that progress cannot be made and should not be made i think they can be and it's in it's reachable to to to make some progress on the fields. when it comes to rule of law when comes to the anti terror laws when it comes to the role of the constitutional court i think they're there there are certain steps and i just i just don't believe that ad one would be like. and this is full scale democrat who once claimed to be you maybe has never been before i'm going to make them just a second what about relations between chancellor angela merkel and egyptian president the two leaders go back a long way to two thousand and three i think that's when they first met that's a decade and a half ago these days he has the power to blackmail her over the refuse to deal with the new or she meanwhile has the power to humiliate him by continuing to block
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turkey's new ambitions if they still have those ambitions as a better player like tell us a little bit more about this complex relationship between medical and everyone you know tell us a little bit more about it and what we can hope for at best it is indeed and i think a reminder is necessary about machall stands on a very critical time in turkey you know it's of democracy when she came to power together with sarkozy she categorically opposed turkey's membership to the e.u. not because turkey didn't fulfill the criteria which was true of course but just from a sort of very principled position that turkey was just didn't belong to e.u. and that was a big mistake because at that time. was actually fulfilling you know taking positive steps and we the democrats in turkey we need it germany's support i think that should not be forgotten she's. not necessarily a friend of you know she's also very pragmatic political leadership things about her own political future and the refugee deal deflects that having said that the.
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about the economic crisis i do want to emphasize you know the added on and his government there acting like a lazy student you know like a spoiled child when things go fine he claims he all the credit to himself and to his government and when things go wrong he blames everybody else that turkey is in the comic crisis it's his own fault and i find it actually appalling to hear from german high level politicians including s.p.d. leadership the germany should actually help turkey it is his policies of this expecting the independence of the central baghdad cetera i mean you can name it that has caused this crisis and he has to pay the price at home specially for this so i think for and the e.u. accession process it's still turkey will never be a member of the whole process is stalled but the fact that turkey is the next still
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an accession country still matters in terms of attracting information in general and haven't heard the well it is that in there it's but i think it is but what matters for for our dom is the prestige rights of this red carpet matters that turkey is an exception country the status of self matters nice word metrics that's right he likes that he needs that and i think it is i actually think the red carpet is a mistake he is you know he should actually this moment should be really used by the german government. to sort of name and shame him really and to put whatever pressure can be put and i think the german government and european leaders should not underestimate their power over our don and turkey turkey relies on germany it's not the other the other way around germany has a lot of power over russia when you're shaking your head i mean of course germany is a very important e.u. country. but we shouldn't underestimate turkey either i mean.
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it's difficult for me as a journalist turkish journalist to talk like this is it's been some very pragmatic but the reality is that the constitutional referendum is over are gone is the president he is the strongest man in turkey he is the only man that foreign political leaders can talk to he is only the lonely he is weak he is isolated and it's a good momentum to talk with him but we know how our dawn can be and i think the way the german government is trying to manage it in a pragmatically way hurts me as as a turkish journalist offends me on certain issues but it's foreign policy you have you don't have food or friends this doesn't work like this you have to find figure out a long term solutions and i agree with you on the e.u. issue the e.u.
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membership is not on the table anymore but the e.u. path customs union increasing economy cooperation if i don't needs it you know he was he was the one who messed up the relationships with the west and now he wants to find a way to overcome it so let him come and let him talk and let him say what he expects i mean this is the way it's national politics work but i agree with both of you yes it has to be made clear but who is talking about human rights to strum talk does the west talk about human rights what about council of europe from pursuing all he possibly can to get an american pastor who's been in a circus person for the last couple of years released as soon as possible that's that's try think it's terrible that the pastor is in prison in turkey but there are a lot of people in prison turkey right now so when you look at it from an angle from a purely strategic you know my citizen is in prison in turkey i mean he will be released
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soon i personally think he will be released so we're married over. or i mean and we should not forget just one last think you know america is different than the e.u. turkish american relationships are transactional relationship based on security each turkey relationships are completely different and turkey is in use neighborhood and has a responsibility it has to take responsibility to what's going on there i guess that's the that's the way i mean you mention that word and i think it's the right one transactional i think that is what it has to come down now and in the european turkish and tremont turkish relationships as well it has to be purely transactional you get something if you give something and that is i think the message has to center on right now ok what is the headline going to be at the end of this meeting when mr rudd is back in anger or istanbul what is that sort of scene where you read it happened and you know i guess i think you can imagine he wanted to go i mean the headline. in turkish in took his newspaper was a definite it's going to be an add on successful state was he to germany and
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everyone laughs him out there. and in chairman it's going to be states complicated direct ahead like. i hate to speculate. but while i just hope i do want to see some critical head and you know as a lawyer and. just talk about. the need i want to hear about principles and values and the main question. with everyone from both. i mean are you. i'm not the right person to answer he is the president ok. but you do have a music thanks very much for joining us on quadriga to come back as soon as possible . and shows that.
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this is live coverage of president state visit to berlin i'm brian thomas great to have you with us there's president has kicked off his bridge building put a stop over the german president's residence was hosted by president. adel view palace and a visit aimed at improving relations president was due to attend a working lunch with chancellor on a mac. all shortly we're getting these live images right now on the left we have the meeting earlier today between air to one and on the right there the story where mr due to arrive shortly government is being criticized for rolling out the red carpet you see there for mr de long he was received with full military honors as a decision being met with opposition and criticism by a number of politicians who are are against policies.
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let's go live now to our chief political editor michelle acuff turner she is outside the chancellor for us right now where president will be welcome shortly by chance or on america michelle or the turkish president is about to be greeted by on the americans the two are set to hold talks over lunch and your thoughts are their agenda. and the well they certainly have a lot to talk about and we're seeing some intense police commotion here i think present at around is just about to arrive the motorcade appears to be arriving within seconds really here they will certainly be talking business president out of one is in a very difficult spot back home right now at the turkish lira plummeted by some forty percent until his central bank which appears to be independent and now of raised interest that he needs support he needs a german businesses to be encouraged by the german chancellor to stick with turkey
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to reinvest in turkey and to back him up really and at the same time the german chancellor has needed him for a long time turkey deal migration stands strong and stood strong also throughout those very difficult patches over the past two and a half years or so which at one point president out of one accuse on going to of using nazi methods but the german chancellor is known for dealing rather well with autocrats but also with the strong men of international politics and we would expect them to have a rather frank exchange on the issues that are on the table that ok there's always already been picked up in the protocol that we're seeing today the. american i don't want to give a press conference after this working launch but there's already been some controversy a prominent turkish journalist the former editor of trim herriot. dunbar has
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said he might attend now to her of course under pressure from the government. can you tell us about that we're getting live images by the way i don't want his motor car motorcade now pulling up to the chancery can you can you fill us in put some light on this possible attendance of yes. at the press conference where he is he's a journalist and as such he is accredited for the press conferences as we see the president add to on the pull up to the chancery and get out of that car a few days ago his government put a list on the table of people it wants to see extradited and there we see that handshake both greeting each other in a very a friendly manner but it will get tricky once it gets to that press conference first of all the presence of tandon that will be seen as a provocation and germany certainly sees it as a provocation that a journalist who basically so refuge here in germany from persecution in turkey is
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seen as a potential terrorist and has been put on the list to be extradited to turkey frankly that is not going to happen the big question we are all asking ourselves here is whether he will get the opportunity to ask a question and that would be a diplomatic after all basically certainly that would be the turkish reading of it so that should become a very very interesting press conference indeed no matter what is said by the two leaders first of all ok michelle spite of all the provocations or perceived provocations out there today both sides want to see something come out of this meeting what might we see emerge at the end of the four day state visit. well my expectation is that both sides reaffirm the strong ties that they have and those are economic they are a strategic turkey is a vital partner for germany and the whole of europe in getting more energy
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independence from russia so it's a key partner then. and also culturally both countries are intertwined basically they are family with some three million germans or turks or germans of turkish descent living in germany so there are very strong ties between those countries beyond the economics which are a very severe issue right now they know they need to make that relationship work and they both also knew that when the relationship was very bad indeed and it really still isn't very good and we heard also from the german foreign minister and his deputy minister over the past days and the german president steinmeyer that's where everyone's just coming from right now that an easing in rhetoric more friendly rhetoric won't be enough certainly this time around to put those relationships back to normal ok and there's a drama in the fourth field there that we could be seeing at the press conference
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michel a customer at the chancery for us has that working launch is about to kick off president and along now at the chancery thanks very much michel. a thousand people here in berlin are expected to take to the streets in protest during this visit let's bring in our correspondent revealed of all the standing by between the chancellor and the main train station in berlin i was happening where you are ripper. yes as you just said we are more or less as close as one can get to the chancellor in today as the whole government district has been blocked off and we are at the rally which has been organized by several journalists organizations on this day international human rights groups and they are main aim today is to show that to show alto on if you can see this. they really have a problem on how he treats freedom of press on journalists in turkey they say it
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cannot be possible that germany is is a treating president out of mon in a new way with a state visit and wild at the same time journalists hundreds of journalists are being held in prison in turkey and some of them are even germans only so many up to five german nationals are still in turkish prisons right now on this rally that is taking place here has been organized by several journalist groups here from germany and by on the c. international and they are going to be out of the role of rallies in the afternoon which are going to be even bigger than ok this is an extensive human rights panoply if you will that's out there today we have the turkish community here in berlin of kurdish descent a number of turns parliamentarians in turkey have been arrested they are now behind bars what kind of protest can we expect from the turkish kurdish population here in
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berlin today. all that's not really easy to add to predict what we can say is that we're going to see quite a lot of protest marches here in berlin most of them out on critics and or critics to the critical to the turkish government what we can also expect is that some. protesters are going to be on the streets here in berlin not only in berlin but also at the other places where other bonn is going to going to be doing doing today . and tomorrow for instance cologne well one is going to open the great mosque of cologne and it is not really easy to predict. these groups are highly volatile of it sometimes we have what we have seen in the past especially from from the pro. groups is that they can be very violent that they are very violent especially against critics of these groups meet that for instance kurdish groups and. groups
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you don't really know what's going to happen monday police and the security forces here in germany are highly anxious to not let this happen to not let these groups meet the whole government district has been sealed off and all the protests that are taking place are very far away from the actual visit and they are more or less glued to the place. where they have been organized so that this rally for instance here is just taking place here they're not going to march any wells and what we can see in the background here is some of the cars which are some of the slogans they're going to send off the cost of to go around the city but there won't be any big protest march of them here the big protest march we're going to expect this afternoon but it's highly unpredictable what's what we are going to see there ok in about five thousand police officers out on the streets of berlin today to make it as predictable as possible rupert thanks very much for bringing us up today. you're welcome. both here in germany also in
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turkey president edwin's visits to billin is somewhat of a mixed picture when turkey is in a currency crisis the low euro is making everything so much cheaper for foreign investors that's good but many a wary all the political situation and the economy could soon need a boost despite impressive growth i guess because the boom on the bosphorus is mostly driven by debt and this year turkey's external dead ballooned to three hundred and ninety eight billion euros. reaching just over half the nation's total gross domestic product and that debt is getting more expensive by the minute after washington imposed sanctions on turkish metals the lira lost forty percent of its value against the dollar so agro will have to pay back a lot more to creditors than it borrowed and that's hurting investor confidence the central bank has raised interest rates to fight inflation against the wishes of the president added one who's afraid it cuts into growth now turkey's economic health
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is on the table is added one meets with the german minister of finance and economy both countries of course i've ruled out financial aid for and corrupt and for more on that i would like to talk now to our studio guest he is a turkey analyst at control wrist george dyson good to have you with us we've heard several times today already that president adlon is here in order to restore relations with germany but also hoping for some sort of cash injection o.-u. advice of course investors to turkey what are their main concerns over joan businesses after last summer and this emergence of this big list of potential junk companies being investigated so the nightmare scenario for junk company in turkey is the founder of inadvertently supported the movement of settler glen the the organization the government believes was responsible for the coup in
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two thousand and sixteen is the big sort of nightmare concern for companies who don't things that like this could happen to a german company but beyond this sort of into related is concerns about the rule of law john companies can receive the same treatment as turkish companies with in turkey. we on this was this a practical concerns we've seen visa difficulties for germany and of travel concert travel warnings being raised in two countries so even if you invest and you have to get that. and then of course currency fluctuations you just mentioned is a big concern for any business planning expenditure this kind of thing. there's a lot there's a lot of think about for junk company and things that are exactly as i mentioned i mean you advise investors and you mentioned the currency fluctuation right now the it's very low and we had a report yesterday where i took a businessman said well that's good now is the time to in this would you agree to that is that the kind of advice you would get of all of the sort of us that's not the type of things we would give but some of that as a fair point the d.n.i.
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the us it's not it's a definite cipa so it's i mean from that perspective there are chances that present themselves. currency fluctuations that will suppose that an operational difficulties that is hard to plan if you're bringing things in from outside ones in the mind of the country was a basic level like that yeah i mean i mean any investment is ultimately a gamble now and if you if you gamble you take a risk and that is your expertise and those would you say that the risk to invest in turkey has increased as it becomes more and more an awful retail state that definite plays into things i think those things on let's let's look at this visit i mean it says it over to i don't come in here with this trade minister in this kind of thing. tookie wants german investment they want they want funk companies to come into turkey and spend the money and drive growth create jobs. toki the go on the government level is careful to keep foreign business is above the fray of international politics and international disputes but of course within the sort of
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environment this is created this this neighborhood trend towards authoritarianism nationalistic kind of rhetoric. there are risks to the present themselves local companies may take advantage of this changing climate for example i really look at the situation the turkey is in currently how reliant would you say is it on the e.u. on germany what role does germany play into your strategic plans from economic perspective a big big row. while turkey has been trying to diversify its. so trade ties it has been through moving towards russia it was china it's still overwhelmingly dependent on the new free trade in germany with within this. that's not going to change anytime soon and taken it the other way round i mean german turkish relations we've heard that again and again the past few days very close over there a long period of time how much risk to turkey pose to germany is it too big to fail
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as an economy. that is i mean well to some extent the can the can only be surely be a concern for germany. of german investments and i think there's quite a bit of that and john banks. beyond that for the big most large and so on the government level in germany would be around stability and what this means if the community stabilizes and sort of goes to this with extremes of what could happen are we looking at my group one priest migration into europe john you have her be the number one destination for a turks entering europe all right george dyson the turkey analyst at the control risks thank you so much for joining us i did earlier. we have some other news now and in the u.s. republican members of the senate committee examining president trump's nominee for the supreme court are pushing for the vote to go ahead earlier the committee heard
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testimony from a woman who accuses nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual assault when they were in high school cavanaugh also testified before the senate committee denies the accusation that testimony you're about senators questioned christine blassie forward and supreme court nominee kavanah in separate sessions over more than nine hours. and here today not because i want to be i am terrified i am here because i believe it is my civic duty to tell you what happened to me while brett kavanaugh and i were in high school. brett groped me and tried to take off my clothes. i believe he was going to rape me i'm not questioning that doctor ford may have been sexually assaulted by some person in some place at some time. but i have never done this to her
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or to anyone that's not who i am it is not who i was i am innocent of this charge doctor for with what degree of certainty do you believe brett kavanaugh assaulted her one hundred percent one hundred percent how are you so sure that it was. the same way that i'm sure that i'm talking to you right now just basic memory functions so what you are telling us is this could not be a case of mistaken identity absolutely not the do you have emotional testimony was not without elements if these are and attempts at political point scoring across the aisle this is demote an ethical. sham since i've been in politics and if you really wanted to know the truth you sure as hell what i've done what you've done to this guy are you
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a gang right this. no this is not a job interview. this is hail this there's this is going to destroy it bill if you have good people to come forward because at this crap your high school yearbook my friends and i spent the supreme court nominee appeared emotional throughout his testimony often on the very edge of tears. those are small some women. minutes after brett kavanaugh left the president took to twitter writing judge kavanah should america exactly why i know many to ten donald trump described kavin as tense to me and spiritual or nist and riveting he then called in the senators to vote. to give your correspondent stuff and signs has been following the developments in washington for us i spoke to him earlier and asked him for some
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of their reactions to the hearing. well the judgment of the public is actually out still i think that's a little bit close to call too close to call to judge how the public is siding or who the public is siding with but no doubt this was a first that has never ever been seen before by anybody not in political washington as well as elsewhere in the country people were glued to the televisions yesterday the television sets or radios or the internet and watched the proceedings and as you said absolutely riveting and emotional and a brand kevin are coming out following blasi ford's testimony guns blazing aggressive some say. and combating if blasi ford in comparison to that rather collected post very emotional and very likable as a witness for the senate so that was quite a show as you and i mean this and i say this on purpose show because that's what
11:50 am
the president actually likes and that's what he has said to you in his tweet and expressed he liked the performance of kevin on here like the entire set up of this the drama of this and there was a lot of drama. and yeah now we'll see what happens tomorrow perceptions as you mentioned are so predominant in all of this and the senate judiciary committee vote is later today that's for the judiciary committee the full senate is next week how's it looking right now will some republicans have been swayed to vote against kavanaugh. right seven hours from now the vote is scheduled in the judiciary committee in the senate there is a problem for the g.o.p. and for the republicans and these problems this problem has three names jeff flake susan collins and. those are the three g.o.p. senators who are kind of the swing votes where other republicans in the company as
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well as in the entire conference are not sure if they're go in with a vote for pushing kevin out of the company and to his senate floor so those those three two of them of course women are considered a question mark when it comes to committee to morrow be able to vote for to process and to proceed with the nomination process of brett kavanaugh ok all eyes on those three individuals right now i know democrats have been calling for an f.b.i. investigation into cavanagh the statute of limitations on the actual charges brought by professor ford i mean they're chapter charges for what she has alleged are are not possible but what could happen in terms of a possible investigation is that out there at this hour. well it's out there but nobody actually things that it's going to happen. but right just a few minutes ago at least reportedly the american bar association actually has
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wrote a letter to the republicans and to the senate judiciary committee asking for a delay in proceedings the a.b.a. the american bar association wants a investigation by the f.b.i. but again this has to be called by the president and president is very very unlikely to call for a niche b.r. investigation on this he wants to push this through the g.o.p. the republicans want to push this through there won't be at least that's the assessment from many many experts observers there won't be any f.b.i. investigation as far as we can see ok maybe one then from one of those organizations you you mentioned four lawyers thank you very much for that and especially for the new developments there stuff for us in washington thanks very much. back now to our live coverage turkish president russian type her one is here in berlin as part of a three day bridge building visit was welcomed by the german president steinmeyer
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before heading to the chancellery there he's meeting at this hour with german chancellor on the machal the two are sitting down for a working lunch on the second day of this visit everyone is in the capital to mend a fractured relationship with berlin but the government here is being criticized for rolling out the red carpet for air to want he was received with full military honors the decision is being met with opposition by politicians opposed to anyone's policies. ok let's go to our chief political editor now michelle for us at the chancellery michelle what's on the agenda for this working lunch where you are right now. well certainly both sides need to talk and one wants to talk particularly about his economy the turks economy that is currently under pressure the turkish lira has lost some forty percent since the beginning of the year and he needs support and when this all started a couple of weeks ago really
11:54 am
a couple months ago by now going to merkel's own coalition partners social democrats was rather vocal in saying that germany would have to help turkey out that was something that was immediately fought back by going to michael's own c.d.u. party but ultimately germany knows it simply cannot afford an unstable turkey there's this vital migration deal that chancellor merkel relies on to keep those numbers stable and keep them down of migrants coming to germany of course being under pressure on that very issue ever since what became known as the migration crisis in twenty fifteen so very concrete issues here economic issues will germany give further guarantees for german business investment that is so needed right now in turkey and will angela merkel push for a rollback on that really that rule of law issue in turkey on out who are increasingly silencing his critics and changing the judiciary
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so this could be a moment of opportunity to really push human rights issues for the german chancellor ok some difficult issues during this a lunch there's also been picked up in the program so far briefly if you do two or so to give a press conference after the launch but there's already running is a lot more than any questions you know ok. it's a lot more than the hit song didn't the. courage to face he sought refuge in many for a fearing arrest in turkey he's on a list of people talk he wants to see extradited and fact it really is a provocation here ahead of particularly that press conference that we're expecting it to start within a half hour or so he's expected to be that the big question we're asking us else is will he in the end get an opportunity to ask a question that so that very closely and we'll have more from that location from
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the chancellor throughout the day thank you for now michelle as we continue our live coverage of president visit to germany this is live from berlin i'm brian thomas sumi will be with you at the top of the hour as we continue this live coverage for now. thanks for being with us.
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last leader of the soviet union was an agent of change quickly met his downfall i have decided to resign my duties as president of the soviet union. he continues to fight for peace with the reminder why did you have to comprehend where this has taken us. today there is a new arms race. our time gorbachev and the opportunity for peace we still starts october third on d w.
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odd. this is deja vu news live from berlin a diplomatic reception in berlin a turkey's president ratchet tie affair to one's bid for better relations with the german government turkey's president is meeting with chancellor angela merkel on a state visit to germany and his visit is overshadowed by strained relations between the two countries we'll have extensive live coverage of this controversial visit.


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