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when paul came over the scene from cameroon to berlin and starts october fourth on d w. live from berlin searching for common ground turkey president meets with the german chancellor in berlin the two are deeply divided over turkey's human rights record leaders managed to bridge the gap we'll have extensive coverage for me. also coming up a u.s. supreme court nominee and his accuser testified before
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a senate committee over sexual assault allegation. what degree of certainty do you believe british capital. one hundred one hundred percent. of this charge. high drama in washington d.c. voltage to look at what impact the testimony has had on the nomination. i'm going to thank you for joining us german chancellor angela merkel and turkish president. have taken the first step in repairing their fractured relationship at a joint press conference in berlin metal admitted that differences between the two countries remain but she said she is hopeful they can find common ground addressing the issue of german nationals imprisoned in turkey the chancellor stated she hopes for
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a swift resolution she said she hoped the two countries differences could be overcome . everybody will if we know where our relationship particularly in recent years have seen some profound differences which still exist today mainly this is to do with the question. about the rule of law the freedom of the media. and we are very pleased some concrete cases could be resolved that some people were released but there are still some german citizens who are imprisoned in. did and will continue to urge these cases to be resolved our chief political editor michel there is outside the chancery where president erda want to chance america held a press conference a short while ago we were listening to those words from chancellor merkel there we've made a lot of the differences between germany and turkey what did you take away from
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this press conference was there more harmony or discord. but i would say that it was pretty much as expected the german chancellor was quite clear that there are fundamental differences and she certainly didn't shy away from naming those that they lie apart not just on those five german citizens who are remain in turkish prisons but also on the wider issue of the rule of law in turkey she was rather clear cut on that but she also recognizes that are there are common interests particularly looking at syria that there are threats of further destabilization and that something that wasn't mentioned in the press conference but that you do hear from the why did the magic community is that there's a certain sense of respect for turkey as well for having avoided at least for now another catastrophe in the syrian region of italy that turkey can be
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a stabilizing force also in the region at the same time we saw out why. calling for respect for the judiciary in turkey so clearly he's not going to give ground on that so that's where they sound but they have joint economic strategic and security interests and that really alludes to the track which is of the german chancellor to work with what she has and not what she doesn't michelle on those shared interests the issues that were discussed do we get the idea that any achievements were made any progress was made. but they are talking there's a great ignition for the turkish president for the turkish state having this this official state visit here and many i wouldn't really want to focus too much on any kind of concrete announcement that comes out of this we didn't really see much then i think it will be much more interesting to see how those talks with business leaders go and what kind of assurances the good german government might
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give german business to support the investment in turkey i think it will be less obvious than some kind of announcement of any kind of specific support by the german government for the turkish government that says so struggling with this economic differences those economic differences that out of one is now really feeling rather cutely as he travels here to berlin michel despite the shared common interests it does seem like the differences the points of contention between these two countries overshadowed a bit the press conference and there was one moment in the press conference i think we have some pictures of this here where one man who was wearing a t. shirt that said freedom for journalists started protesting during the press conference while president and i wonder speaking he was then escorted out of the press conference but it seemed like a real moment of tension for both leaders and one that also changed the mood in
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that room a bit and after that michelle are we really saw everyone go on the offensive when he was asked about specific cases of dissenting voices tell us more about that. yes clearly the turn did change that he actually had almost an argument with a journalist from a public service broadcaster asking him about the specific case and added one actually started discussing that case not with that's something that would be unimaginable here and anywhere any member of the government who would refrain from commenting on any legal cases is this kind of a breach of the rule of law under the new with the with the cameras rolling right there but you know you this is kind of the most striking moment that you have a member of the turkish press association protesting for press freedom in turkey yes that was a changing moment that cost a lot of attention in that press conference isn't that unusual i mean the form of
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her is he refrained from attending that press corps that took a bit of pressure off it avoid it is difficult mark take showdown that would have overshadowed anything that was said in that room at the same time i would not expect anybody from within the government to perceive the demonstration for press freedom to be something that it absolutely terrible to happen within the framework of such a press conference i think that the turkish president would have felt disturbed by that but that is a minor turbulence and it really kind of was it was a starting signal to see the depth of those differences that remain but i think that both sides appeared to have almost recognize that those are longer term issues that will take much more than a state visit to resolve and make some real headway on all right our chief political editor michelle at the chance for us thank you very much.
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now to some other stories that are making headlines around the world all passengers and crew aboard an airliner have survived a crash landing off for remote pacific island the air new goony plane hit the water after missing the runway in the western pacific state of micronesia locals helped survivors to safety no serious injuries were reported dutch police have arrested seven men suspected of planning a large scale terror attack heavily armed police carried out raids across the country after a months long investigation authorities say a thirty four year old iraq e-mail previously convicted for attempting to join the so-called islamic state headed the terror cell. and ancient mayan pictographic tax has gone on display in mexico city calendar style text is nearly one thousand years old and depicts the astral movement of venus it was looted from a mexican cave in the one nine hundred sixty s. and taken to the united states it's the continent's oldest legible prehistoric
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documents. in the u.s. members of a senate committee examining president donald trump's nomination for the supreme court are expected to vote this afternoon they must decide whether to recommend brett kavanaugh his nomination to go to a full senate vote this day after an emotional hearing with testimony from christine lacy ford who accuses nominee kavanaugh of sexual assault when they were in school cavanagh vehemently denied the accusation. that there's more you're about senators questioned christine blousy forward and supreme court nominee kavanah in separate sessions over more than nine hours. and here today not because i want to be i am terrified i am here because i believe it is my civic duty to tell you what happened to me well brett kavanaugh and i were in high school. brett groped me and tried to take off my clothes. i believe he was going to rape me.
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i'm not questioning that dr ford may have been sexually assaulted by some person in some place at some time but i have never done this to her or to anyone that's not who i am it is not who i was i am innocent of this charge doctor for with what degree of certainty do you believe brett kavanaugh assaulted her one hundred percent one hundred percent how are you so sure that it was. and the same way that i'm sure that i'm talking to you right now just basic memory functions so what you are telling us is this could not be a case of mistaken identity absolutely not the idea of emotional testimony was not without an element so if these are and attempts at political point scoring across
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the aisle this is the most an ethical sham since i've been in politics and if you really wanted to know the truth you sure as hell would have done what you've done to this guy are you a gang right this. no this is not a job interview. this is hail this there's this is going to destroy the ability of good people to come forward because this crap your high school yearbook my friends and i spent the supreme court nominee appeared emotional straight his testimony often on the very edge of tears. those are some awesome women. minutes after brett kavanaugh left the president took to twitter writing judge kavanah shoot america exactly why i know many to ten donald trump
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describe kavin as testimony and spiritual honest and riveting he then called on the senators to vote let's go right to capitol hill. standing by ahead of that expected committee vote do you think that the committee is going to vote in favor of cavanagh and if that does happen can we don't expect the full senate to confirm him. sumi as of right now the vote is still scheduled and is still going ahead you just start about twenty minutes half an hour there are several key senators to watch here senators who are from sort of mixed political states or who have indicated that they have not actually made up their minds but given yesterday's testimony it looks like you know republicans got what they wanted out of this which was a very defiant very angry very. very
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defensive nominee to the supreme court who affectively cleared his name in their eyes and so if there are republicans who are in very strongly red states states that still very much support president trump they are going to vote for this nominee and whether or not this if this gets past this judiciary committee it is more than likely that he will in fact be confirmed by the full senate my if there was so much emotion at this hearing it was very difficult to watch and there were protesters outside a yesterday as well how are people been reacting. it really depends on who you believe if you are a person who is very much against this nominee and you watch this testimony from yesterday dr ford looked extremely credible she was emotional she was demure she was polite and she gave you what you wanted which was
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a very credible witness to an assault that happened thirty some years ago if you're someone who supports brett kavanaugh what you saw was a man who had been wrongly accused and who was coming forward to clear his name and defend his nomination for a job that he wanted and as a point that was made over and over again this is not a trial this is basically a job interview but in so many ways it really was a trial and it was a trial of so many aspects of american men versus women sexual assault allegations all of this coming forward and coming out yesterday and what you took away from it really depended on what side of the aisle you landed on all right well we are expecting as you said my of the judiciary committee vote to go ahead in about twenty minutes later there on capitol hill following the story for us thank you very much. reminder now of our top story here on w turkey's president reza had heard one is met with germany's chancellor angela
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merkel for talks everyone calling on berlin to extradite what he said were the hundreds of supporters of the clerics into the group residing in germany everyone blames cleveland for instigating the failed two thousand and sixteen true in turkey . still to come here and interview tesla basilan mosque is in hot water with u.s. regulators they're accusing him of fraud and say he should leave the automaker we'll have more on that story with benghazi one coming right up in business after a short break. a contentious figure at home. germany. is one of the great heroes of the twentieth century. mikhail gorbachev the last leader of the soviet union was an agent of change. who quickly
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measures downfall empires have decided to resign mind you to answer as president of the soviet union. you can.


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