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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 29, 2018 10:00am-10:15am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin an attempt to mend the ties between germany and turkey stumbles a banquet held in honor of turkey's president turns sour patch of thai air to one unleashes a series of accusations against his hosts as he's angered by criticism of his country's human rights record. officials in indonesia now confirm hundreds are dead after a powerful tsunami they rolled into the island of pseudo west they're warning that the final toll could be much higher. and the mighty have fallen rain in the
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bundesliga champs fire munich suffered their first loss of the season at the hands of hertz in front of a sold out crowd in berlin. i'm called aspen welcome to the program turkish president's fresh air to one's state visit to germany was meant to smooth the diplomatic ties instead the two countries heads of state traded accusations at a banquet inside president frank of all official residence last night accused heir to one of jailing germans for political reasons everyone responded by accusing germany of hosting the thousands of quote terrorists who are facing charges in turkey the banquet capped off a difficult day of air to one's trip to germany earlier a press conference with german chancellor angela merkel had been interrupted by
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a protesting journalist. even in germany there are sometimes moments when journalists can't behave exactly as they please president adeline was in the middle of his press conference the chancellor merkel when a man stood up and revealed a t. shirt with the words press freedom he was quickly bundled out by security officers the briefest directions seem to amuse as well but his crackdown on journalistic freedom was one of the issues the chancellor raised with him at the meeting. it is no secret that there have been serious differences between us in recent years ago and there's still a lot of this is mainly about the rule of law and about press freedom. the trying to pacify hurt the double asked about the case of can do a turkish journalist now in exile in germany at zero and was defiant. bush.
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used a loophole and fled to germany. but he's caught sentenced remains valid. and this person belongs in jail because he revealed state secrets. also the former editor of news paper which published a video purporting to show turkey's intelligence agency delivering weapons into syria rejects the accusations despite being a credited and stayed away from the press conference after edwin threatened to pull the plug. it became clear to me that one would use my presence as an excuse not to come to the press conference and face critical questions from journalists. outside on the streets of berlin protesters were also drawing attention to the lack of basic freedoms in turkey
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a number of demonstrations both for and against data on over the next twenty four hours but with thousands of police deployed in central beilin there is determination that the street protests will not overshadow the diplomacy. german president steinmeyer greeted at one of bellevue palace this visit is an attempt to normalize relations when times are anything but normal turkey is holding a number of germans as political prisoners not to mention thousands of its own citizens many politicians worry the owners go too far. because from the people i think there's a peaceful cos and to me it smells like appeasement is totally wrong because it betrays all those who are victims of oppression and there are hundreds and thousands of them in turkey and. many m.p.'s boycotted the state banquet at germany's presidential residence the empty rows were filled with of the guests with germany's leaders determined to keep the shares together but the differences remain
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deep and certainly unmistakable. correspondent. who has been following president ever one state visit in germany he is live now for us in berlin there's more in touch. for today everyone and chancellor angela merkel meeting this morning walk us through what we can expect. well what we're seeing right now is that president out of iran is arriving here the chancellor behind the camera will show us the motorcade as it's arriving here at the chancery of. the turkish president and the german chancellor are going to have a last breakfast together today after that will leave bolin to head for cologne and of course everybody is hoping that this last meeting of the german chancellor and the turkish president is going to be a little bit more polite and a little bit more peaceful than the other meetings we have seen during this two day
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state visit you have already. told told us about the state banquet last night when funk steinmeyer quite openly told president of the bomb which problems the german public and many in the german political scene have with turkey and the turkish government and also last yesterday at the press conference together with. machall said that there's still a big and grave differences between the turkish government and the german government and altogether this state visit has already proven how big the tensions and the rift still is between the turkish and the german government and how difficult this state visit altogether is. this really seems to be somewhat of an unprecedented scandal at that banquet following the friction of the press conference what do you make of the comments and the reaction from president everyone and how does that now reflect on this official visit. well it shows
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in the end how difficult the whole relationship between turkey and germany is or specially the relationship between these two governments on the one side jim germany and turkey see each other it's very important partners we shouldn't forget . germany still has the biggest turkish community outside of turkey then on the other side turkey is very important for germany as a major player in the middle east region without turkey there won't be any solution to the syria conflict there won't be any solution to the conflicts going on in iraq there will be no conflict in those solution even to the conflict between the palestinians and israel. on the other side turkey is seeking for help in germany for its crippled economy and its currency crisis. so this state visit showed how important these relations are to both governments but on the other side it also showed that both sides really have big problems with each other riverview devolved
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in berlin thank you very much a lot how a powerful earthquake has rocked indonesia triggering a two metre high tsunami officials now say at least three hundred and eighty four people were killed three metre high waves hit the city of palu on the island of pseudo westie hospitals have been struggling to cope with the injured rescuers are scrambling to reach the stricken region. on lookers horrified as a huge wave swept over everything in sight. already say thousands of structures in the city of palu and nearby areas were destroyed the tsunami washed away homes and businesses as well as a large mosque in the city. communication lines and power remain
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cut in many areas the tsunami was triggered by a seven point five magnitude earthquake that struck off the coast just minutes before this footage shows the quakes immediate aftermath many people rushed to the streets to escape the risk of being caught in a collapse. officials fear the number of victims will continue to rise as search and rescue efforts continue. been structured the coordinating minister for political and security affairs to bring resources together including those of the national disaster agency the chief of the armed forces is helping to handle the situation including press queues and evacuations. authorities have urged survivors of the disaster to be wary due to the risk of strong aftershocks. now to some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. presidents donald trump has ordered a new f.b.i. probe into supreme court nominees brett kavanaugh earlier the senate had delayed
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a vote on cavanagh's nomination to make way for the investigation this came a day after a hearing where a professor testified that kavanaugh assaulted her at a party when the two were teenagers and facebook says a fresh data breach has exposed the personal information of fifty million users the social media giant says it doesn't know who is behind the attack but the breach could allow hackers to take over facebook accounts users who have used the you as feature in the last year are especially vulnerable. suspected poison victim and pussy riot activists there's a lot of has spoken to the w. following his release from a berlin hospital earlier this week there is love says he was targeted by russia's secret service for investigating the killing of three russian reporters in the central african republic the kremlin critic fell ill in moscow on september eleventh the same day he was to receive sensitive information about their deaths there is love was later flown to germany for treatment doctors here said it's quote
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highly plausible there's love was poisoned we asked him how does he feel today. well compared from last week when i was completely unconscious and not understanding what was happening obviously there's a huge jump for in the direction of being better i'm still not completely well i can't or i would probably want to run five kilometer marathon or something like that and they had still have problems with my i say two very weird part problems that. basically don't allow you to redo the glasses or focus your eyes on so yes so my symptoms are still there but essentially this nerve agent it's. as a everyone who is thinking about it speculated it's most likely had a very short term strong effect and then basically she's days out so and this is what we saw in my condition. your life is obviously in danger. of who is trying to rush her which. no are different not afraid than if you are that
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russia needs courageous people who are not afraid of anything and. if in berlin maybe it would make sense to work with bodyguards in moscow does making sense because the people who want to do something bad to the could still do it so it's just if you do opposition politics in russia you just have to be ready for kind of any course of action what was the main reason of your poisoning i believe the main reason was to give a warning sign that we shouldn't dive too much into uncovering what has happened in africa. and the agency who lakes who knows how to work with these poisons. it's kind of their language you know so. i believe that the african situation is more or less the main here. is also for investigation of giving cash and honest and central african republic so there's new information about this murder and when they
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want to publish this result well this really depends on what we will be doing to and if we will be doing speech to you at all because publication of some of the some of that information right now might make the investigation harder. the buddhist legal weekend kicked off with a fourth place hertz a berlin hosting first place spire munich and berlin one of giving the bavarians their first loss of the season and elevating berlin nearly into the clouds. katsa beilin almost never sell out the olympic stadium but they did on friday nights the home fans perhaps sensed something special was on the cards and after a special save from bond's manuel neuer a callous felled by teammates your own boat sank gifted the home side a glorious chance from the penalty spot. bit out of piece of it stepped up and his cool conversion dead fans to drain. just before half time
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valentino lazaro danced to the boy line and set up andre to die this the fuck him midfield his fifth goal of the season anough to seal the famous two nil victory and had his fierce win over by and in on years. for me was surely i was pleased with how the team played and that we took a deserve a two new lead going into halftime. and then in the second half they fought and defended together. the win put hatter top of the standings alongside the varians by its title defense may not be as straightforward as many first thought. they'd win there for heads up and a reminder of the top story we're following for you right now diplomatic tensions at state banquet in berlin for turkey's president type air the one that unleashed a series of accusations against is german post it was angered by criticism of this
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country's human rights record. you're watching the news live from berlin more coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's e.w. dot com thanks for joining us for more. a contentious figure at home. in germany. gorbachev was one of the great heroes.


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