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to come here wes president donald trump says the new trade deal for north america is a big improvement on the old nafta agreement and that it will so as a model for other trade deals. they're watching the news live from brisbane i'll be back with a news update at the top of the hour just a chance of that. great yourself with interior design channel on. terror at the more of a british e.g. camp is a terrible suspicion cool seen through one of europe's largest refugee camps on the
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island of lesbos allegedly follow was a said to be terrorizing the refugees some say they've created criminal struck shows we meet witnesses and victims in an exclusive report today in reports. u.s. president of trump has praised his country's new trade pact with mexico and canada saying it rights the wrongs of the old nafta agreement and will serve as a model for more trade deals to come. here and germany drivers are coming to terms with their love affair for diesel engines that could be going up in smoke. and crisis averted for now after years of turmoil of german still giantess and call splits into and names a new c.e.o.
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. this is it of your business i'm good how the office the united states of canada have agreed to a deal to replace the nuff the trade agreement that is according to u.s. officials that it will go by a new name the united states mexico canada agreement until now canada had been wrist being frozen out of a deal reached in august between the u.s. and mexico to update nafta but eleven talks between also on washington guaranteed that all three members will be the new version of the trade. is a predator is it a good deal very is it did you ever get a good day for canada ok i'm certainly not justin trudeau was in good spirits after a cabinet meeting in ottawa once the final stumbling blocks had been removed there will be no tariffs on the two point six million cars that are made in canada and sold in the u.s. but there was still no sign of an agreement on tariffs on canadian steel and medium exports canada says the deal is good because the country can also go to an
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independent referee when it has a trade dispute with the u.s. and does not have to subject itself to u.s. courts that part of the old nafta treaty survived the name however will not the acronym nafta is dead as u.s. president donald trump repeatedly called it the worst deal maybe ever signed the new name is the united states mexico canada agreement and the government in washington says it's been able to negotiate a much better deal for american farmers as canada gave in to u.s. demands to open up its highly protected dairy market something american politicians have pushed for a long time. tweeted it's a great deal for all three countries solves the many deficiencies and mistakes in nafta greatly opens markets to our farmers and manufacturers reduces trade barriers to the us and we'll bring all three great patience together in competition with the rest of the world. in mexico the government was relieved that the new free trade
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deal comprises all north american countries we are very pleased to announce now that this remains a trilateral agreement an agreement in which mexico the united states and canada have successfully renegotiated and modernize the disciplines that were founded in the north american free trade agreement or nafta. the us and mexico had already agreed to a new deal in august mexico accepted that more industrial production will take place in the u.s. to protect american jobs all three governments are relieved that a last minute compromise has been reached as the three economies are highly interwoven the deal means that just in time production in many different industries is now safe for many months millions of owners of diesel cars here in germany have been concerned that they could soon be prevented from driving their cars in city centers courts ruled that cities may ban diesel engines in the wake of the
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emissions cheating scandal the german government is now working with car makers to find a solution to the diesel crisis today it isn't as expected whether that diesel could be a retrofit of old diesel engines making them more environmentally friendly the question still is who will pick up the bill. german drivers are fuming especially the ones who drive diesels they have no idea if their cars will soon be allowed on city streets of the fifty six million cars in the country almost one third to use diesel fuel some car makers have already recalled vehicles and reduce their emissions by retrofitting diesel engines usually with a software update so far the industry isn't saying how many cars still need retrofitting diesel drivers are also in the dark about what comes next. yasmina for me my family is already thinking about buying a new car. and i'm really worried in fact i'm outraged.
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to new cars that they're making at least they ought to be clean. it's been three years since the diesel emissions cheating scandal broke despite this new diesel cars are still being sold whose emissions far exceed the european limits on nitrogen oxides the chemicals that cause smog test show folks diesel models put out nearly twice as much nitrogen oxide as is permitted b m w's diesels emit three times the limit and opel models exceed those pollution limits on average by a factor of ten. diesel has been popular in germany in recent years because the fuel is cheaper than gasoline the cars are also significantly more fuel efficient. even last year more than one point three million new diesel cars were sold that compares to nearly two million gasoline powered cars that were registered. the share of diesel vehicles in new registrations has fallen since diesel gate and the
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value of used diesels has plummeted if they find a buyer at all. so those talks. today let's bring in our chief political correspondent. it doesn't mean there will be a quick deal does it. judging from the past though this is not the first round of talks between the politicians and the auto industry and the industry has been very very reluctant to agree to the kind of far reaching retrofits or trade in premia that many people in the government and many drivers want on the other hand the clock is now absolutely ticking some driving bans have already gone into effect in the area around the big city of hamburg starting in frankfurt to diesel owners will not be able to drive many diesel cars in that big city and they could be further bans in
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places like berlin so that is definitely pressure on the politicians not least because we have regional elections coming up for example in the state where frankfort is located so that does perhaps and to. raise the ante on the need to find an agreement but the fact is the auto industry has been very very concentrated and the politicians tend to hold that industry dear. melinda very briefly if you can will the taxpayer end up with footing the bill that's unclear the finance minister says no but the auto industry at the moment isn't offering much so what we can be pretty certain of is that drivers are going to wind up footing a lot of the bill for example the auto industry says well it might offer a trade in premium which frankly is is pretty fresh given the fact that it was the misdoings the misdeeds of the auto industry that put us in the specific and that made these diesel cars nearly worthless they are now offering premium for trade ins
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around maybe six to ten thousand euros that's basically far less than half of what these cars would have been worth so certainly the drivers look like they're going to wind up footing the bill whether it's hardware retrofits or or those trade in previous and there are for a new car and that as i say is pretty outrageous and i say that by the way as a diesel under myself melinda grand our chief political correspondent thank you very much. it is one of the most radical shake ups at a german blue chip in decades still micah cope says it has managed to stick clear of the leadership and strategy crisis that's offered supervisory board so that's two top management posts late on sunday and approved plans to split the company into. this is how the german industrial giant to some corp likes to present itself innovative with an eye to the future but the steel and industrial component producer is having to take drastic action to see that future come to pass european
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the steel prices plunged in two thousand and eleven after cheap chinese steel began to flood world markets to soon cope was hit hard by the low commodity prices leading to liquidity issues and a twenty seven percent drop in its share price it now thinks splitting into two companies will help it deal with a changing market the supervisory board approved the measure over the weekend the plan will see one company taking over the steel and construction material production which has almost forty thousand employees and a turnover of about eighteen billion euros the second company will inherit to some groups elevator and automotive component business with around ninety thousand employees and sales of around sixteen billion euros interim c.e.o. care costs will head both companies for the long term unions and employee representatives have given their blessing as no jobs will be lost but it could take up to eighteen months before the shareholders decide at
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a general meeting whether they agree with the split after all experts expect restructuring costs of around one billion euros. great britain stride minister liam fox has set that european companies would have to pay tariffs worth more than fifteen billion euros a year to access the british market if britain and the e.u. failed to reach a trade agreement off the briggs's he said it was in everyone's interest to reach it quickly in accra monye a summit in austria ten days ago regs administered domini get upset britain would not be bullied by the e.u. on the weekend britain's foreign secretary jeremy hunt impact the e.u. to a soviet prison camp less than six months out from britain's exit the e.u. seems unable to reach a deal on how separation will be managed and what the new relationship will look
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like. and that's it you're up to date that's all for me and the business team and for more news and background too had to our web site that's of course t w dot com slash business and also find us on follow us on facebook and twitter i think you are can see where you find us right here more business news coming up and the next how the i gave us we'll have that update for you right now is a look at global markets at this hour.
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the. month long children also see.
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the contentious figure at home. he wrote in germany. from the fall of the roman. to german reunification. and end of the cold. war and charles was one of the great heroes of the twentieth century. because gorbachev the last leader of the soviet union was an agent of change. quickly measures downfall. i have decided to resign my duties as president of the soviet. lost. but she is one historical but i'm sure one as a person. he continues to fight for world peace with the reminder by the united
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we have to comprehend when face is taken on sort of today there is a new arms race. gorbachev and the opportunity for peace which starts october third on t w. i w w. h e into the science show on d w one come to you tomorrow today coming up. a look back in time to a flying reptile as big as a truck. a critical view of visceral reality is a poised to change our world. and we celebrate the outis return to switzerland and the citizens.


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