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this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin desperation deepens in indonesia as the death toll surges following last week's devastating earthquake and tsunami people on the island of civil ways the wait for news of their loved ones and relatives and recall the horror of the moment when the earthquake struck. when the ground started moving i went down sign. forms from the full street rose up in it and it was like i was waiting and we were swept away i mean never we'll have
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a special report from our correspondent on the ground also coming up drugs crime and punishment beatings we have another exclusive undercover reporter from what's become known as europe's most dangerous and violent refugee camp on the greek island of les pauls. and the bonus league is reigning champions have been less than perfect defending their championship this season but by munich are hoping for a boost tonight and the europe wide champions league. hello i'm turning martin good to have you with us indonesia has raised the number of dead after last week's earthquake and tsunami to more than twelve hundred survivors meanwhile are beginning to grow angry at the government's response to the disaster they say authorities are being too slow to send aid to areas outside the main town of palu and that they're running short of food fuel and other rez
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essential as to be used boston hunting reports the government has been begun to air lifting some survivors to safety. all they want is to get out some of them have been waiting four days at the airport to get on one of the planes that are bringing in the eight just indonesia's on forces are constantly airlifting in relief goods things that people here need most water food medication most of all and on the way back they're taking those who are desperately waiting to leave old people people or injured people who've lost their homes women and small children. and going to let you know mia that is the rule of law here on kind of an independent and i'm about to give birth absolutely beautiful given all that i heard that it's difficult to still get treatment at the hospital here so i have to go to a bigger city. in the city rescue workers find new bodies every day.
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the earthquake i think english entire neighborhood. this is the end of a landslide that's about two kilometers long and that was caused by the earthquake and to understand the sheer force that was unleashed you just have to look at that building up there because that previously wasn't here but some one hundred meters down in that direction it was swept here by the moving soil now there are still some five hundred people believed to be buried here and a lot of the people over here on this side have lost relatives right here and they're waiting for them to be found. irwin lost his mother his brother and his nephew when so all the earth turned into a swirling board. that. when the ground started moving i went outside. ones and the whole street rose up in the it was like
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a wave and we were swept away because the it was like a whole opening up and then slamming shut again. it would take its residents a long time to recover from what was destroyed in just a matter of seconds. and some. may never be able. to report from boston heartache well let's cross now straight over to jakarta international red cross coordinator hosny is standing by sir what are your aid workers telling you about the situation on the ground the situation it's really get past that kid no knowing that this search and rescue it continue we know all and our red cross volunteers and stuff have been supporting the government with food and raise q yes they did some of our volunteer travel around he made it in what if they would affect his whole and they flung thirty four dead bodies
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who identified and did in who were doing bible camping in the area in the great all you not me. the pictures we're seeing there is of devastation reports from the city of dongola suggest that residents there are angry with the government's response to the disaster how difficult is it getting aid to people affected by the quake and tsunami. there were not that has not been easy at all i thin difficult day from day indonesian red cross we have been supporting and crying to bring. relief items to affected area but unfortunately the airport with closed and old through the land road with not easy and there was a lot of local i'd like going on and these bikes go we keep them in
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a lot of relief that is and it might have it might be a right being in the next couple of days from jakarta can you give us an idea of the scale of the red cross' response to the disaster what aid is needed most. we have to float more than two hundred volunteers on the ground no mobilized wrong neighboring province if knowing that. air air flight is not easy to team to operate by due to ports on many call we have had a medical. doctor know that they are providing treatment to injured people and affected people on the ground and also our team gulf of providing water they have drinking water to the community if it effected ari i know by then the. water truck to the f.a.a.
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aria. so are you satisfied with the international community's response to the disaster. what we're trying to do all day to provide support to the hopeless and although we have to acknowledge all through that they challenge a man in the red one we've been trying to bring and i think what. people what we're trying our best do you rate the community and in time. they thank you so much for talking with us that was the international red cross coordinator who's new talking to us from jakarta thank you for having me now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees has withdrawn some of its international staff from gaza the body said it was concerned for their security after its workers were threatened during protests against job cuts us recently stopped funding the agency
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leading to massive budgetary shortfall. rallies marking one year since catalonia has failed referendum to split from spain have ended in clashes between separatists and police in barcelona earlier pro independence protesters held sit ins and rallies across the region last year's vote was held in defiance of the spanish government and many of the organizers are now behind bars. survivors and family members have been remembering those killed in the largest mass shooting in modern u.s. history they gathered in los vegas for a service to mark one years since a gunman fired at concert goers from his upper floor hotel suite he killed fifty eight and wounded more than eight hundred fifty. germany's coalition government says reached an agreement on immigration reforms designed to make the country more attractive to skilled workers from around the world the late night deal is the first step towards
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a more open migration lall it will put the german economies workforce needs and immigrants qualifications at the center of immigration policy the plan will continue to treat asylum seekers and economic migrants differently but could allow for greater flexibility for refugees who successfully integrate in germany. all from all of this agree or joined by our political correspondent hans pont so hans what's new in this proposed immigration wall that two aspects of the new on the one hand there is more of. a possibility of moving from the asylum side of coming into germany to becoming more official officially accepted in germany and on the other hand this official acceptance in june is going to become easier for people that are current it outside germany also of the european union and wanted to come and work here if they have the required skills and there are required language
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language before months now germany currently does not have a comprehensive immigration law but rather just a patchwork of policies that many say are not coherent are we witnessing the current government developing this a more comprehensive approach is i think you can say that this is the first step to a more comprehensive approach. the german economy is doing very well at the moment and it does need a lot of skilled workers and these are not available within germany in recent years they've come mostly from the european union obviously that is not a problem of toll but that's migration from the group of european union to germany is also. being reduced germany need skilled workers and it's not going to try and make it a lot easier for people from outside the european union actually to come to germany now the governing. has also announced a deal that should prevent a ban on these all cars in major german cities that could have been imposed it
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seems the government is no help being able to work together the three parties in the coalition government they've not been very harmonious to date are we seeing are we seeing a new way of working well i mean that's been under a lot of pressure all this bickering within the government of the pa six months has led to the polls showing that the governing party is a very very doing very badly in public stand in the public standing and they ought to regional elections coming up in germany this month in bavaria and in the state of. the government needs to prove that it can in fact govern that it can get things done and these two decisions that were taken during the night. an indication of that or an attempt to indicate that thank you so much from our political correspondent. and we'll have more on that diesel deal i mentioned later in this program and our business there is with helena. now
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conditions at the morea refugee camp on the greek island of blessed false have been described as appalling all the eight thousand people have been crammed into the camp even though it was built to hold just three violence and prostitution are commonplace but in recent months the criminal activities appear to have taken on a new quality people say they are being terrorized by militants from islamic state have begun to arrive in syria. bashir room and miriam early went to the camp to investigate. the bloody attack in camp morea last may suspected isis members were apparently the driving force several were injured severely some attackers were arrested i did. when they attack it's about twenty of them who gang up on you. we stay here with metal by. the mercy of.
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the same slogans that isis members well as great isis will remain and expand. ashmit escape from iraq to lesbos he lifted directly next to the presumed isis group before he fled the camp in fear for his life. many other residents of the camp tell us a similar story they are still fanatic. about stealing if you're not. i care with you i cannot do only what they have spies everywhere. we want to see what's really going on inside to count on us. thank you we're not allowed in so two former presidents go in for us and take a hidden camera with them. morea it's like a lawless slum eight thousand refugees live here and the inhumane conditions n.g.o.s say the campus increasingly being controlled by criminal gang. first up a cafe run by apple and. he's one of the group's ring leaders hash crystal
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meth pills you can buy anything here our informants tell us the man behind the coffee machine is one of the henchmen. reda is one of our informants he leads us to level three of the camp apparently under isis control the group consists of about fifty men independent sources confirmed that fifty in a camp of a thousand. traces of violence we recognize this window from the video footage showed us earlier. here isis graffitti on the wall apparently the group feels so safe that it claims an entire zone within the camp as its own greater fear for his life here now he lives in safety in his own apartment. he choked me and pressed a blade to my throat told his friends to come and he said hold him down so i can slit his throat. of the. other plans to export terror from inside the
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camp to europe the fact that they openly professed membership speaks against that meanwhile german security staff confirm they have information about isis affiliates in camp moria. but what are greek authorities and the police doing to stop the violence. the greek ministry for migration policy refused an interview they say they're too busy to provide a spokesperson the police to remain silent if they can close this down as the governor of the region recently stated it's uncertain what will happen to the violent game sources say that some of the alleged isis leaders have already made it to athens. for indeed have used more. militant of course you can find more information on islamic state in the morea refugee camp on our web site that's at w dot com.
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soccer store krista on the road all there was being sued in the united states by a woman who claims the portuguese playwright tour in two thousand and nine she says the assault occurred in reno all those penthouse suite in the last vegas palms hotel the woman bringing the case says a team of the players quote fixers tricked her into keeping quiet for a payment of three hundred seventy five thousand dollars for no although denies any assault and says the allegations are fake news. now by a munich are coming off a bad bonus legal week having drawn it home to walk and last berlin on the road they're looking to find a groove in their champions league match tonight but they face a stern test against a dutch club with a deep history. when it rains it pours the clouds are hanging over byron munich after a bad spell and the mood at training match the weather some stern faces run show as
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byron plot their recovery from a dreadful showing it hurts a belin eld time tackles a lack of urgency and a defense all that statement has accrues to a two no win on friday despite the setback coach nico covert she's the head of the clash with iraq's. suppose you have to stay positive after a draw and a defeat you can't just throw everything into question when things were going well before hand there was optimism among every single player and also myself and the expectation is that we will win our coming games. and robin will expect to play against his fellow dutchman as bio and look for a creative spark clearly lacking in the last week. the game at the allianz arena gives five time winners buy on the chance to make it two victories from two in the champions league but four times when his eye x. will be tough customers and believe they can spring a surprise. if we just need to be calm and believe in our qualities you know will
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be very hard. because by only one of the best teams on the board and for sure can do that for. for champions league to be champion but we need to. believe in our philosophy by and face a tricky obstacle in their bid to rediscover their best form. and tonight another german side hoffenheim play their first ever champions league game in front of their own fans they host english premier league title holders manchester city coach your leonardo's bon was in a jovial mood in their final training session he says his hoffenheim side will have learned some of city's tricks having played against boss pep guardiola when he was in charge of buying the and. now doping in sports has evolved dramatically in recent decades as cheating athletes and suppliers of banned substances find new ways to get around the rules but the methods of catching
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cheaters are also evolving one example is mallie a dog with a single focus whether she realizes it or not catching doping cheats. in a swedish municipality just to the north of stockholm especially trained dog sniffing illegal substances out of sports. lead a springer spaniel is on patrol from icici matches to swimming races and athletics meets. today we are told. and she is the world's first. searched options only. playing for the open substances. molly has already discovered banned substances out on deployment she's cool at several athletes out doping according to one hundred. the searches she conducts. we go through the locker rooms training.
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dress codes and bins where substance can have been thrown away. with molly already making sports here more secure and fair it's no wonder that anti doping agencies across europe are thinking of following in sweden's footsteps. business with helen and she's taking a look at the future of diesel here in germany that's right terry off to six hours of late night wrangling no less here in berlin in a deal has been reached germany's governing coalition has agreed on a plan to prevent these all powered vehicles from being banned in the country's most polluted city details all to be released later today but the compromise is said to include cash incentives for diesel lowness to replace older models and requiring call makers to pay for hardware upgrades to reduce toxic emissions some cities have already imposed partial bans on diesels chancellor angela merkel
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probably hadn't counted on a meeting that would go on into the night she and transport minister and i had aimed to avoid new bans on diesel cars but it took more than six hours before the. three coalition partners were able to agree on a compromise so far they've revealed little about its contents but it does seem got her way the concept is reportedly intended to stop cities from banning access to older diesel vehicles that had been gaining momentum hamburg has closed off to roads because of increased nitrogen oxide emissions and other cities such as stuttgart and frankfurt had already threatened to impose large scale driving bans car owners are worried use diesels have lost much of their resale value this is about five years old and less than fifty thousand kilometers not long ago it would have been a highly desirable used car but the problem is it only meets an older environmental standard threatened by the new driving bans. since the diesel
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prices prices have taken a tumble to be able to sell them they had to be reduced by several thousand euros. but even a discounted diesel isn't much help for drivers hoping to get to work in the city center the government placed its hopes in a technical solution retrofitting diesel engines a car like the seattle could be equipped with what's known as an s.c.r. catalytic converter manufacturers could reportedly cover most of the conversion costs but it's not clear this was in the agreement. the manufacturers of these retrofit systems have to guarantee this will not lead to engine damage carmakers will not pay for that. you mock is it real to stop on the thing that could leave them open to a huge costs another approach the government has been investigating would be premiums for owners of older diesels to buy new models that could reportedly amount
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to as much as ten thousand euros per car but what is actually in the agreement will only become known later in the day. well to talk more about this in the latest motoring trends i'm joined now by a correspondent. at the paris motor show ginnell a little night of talks here in germany about the future of diesel with still awaiting more details on the german government's plan but has it been a topic of discussion where you are at the paris motor show. oh yes definitely and as he said details are said to emerge but the expectation around here is that the plan will be composed of trade in schemes of four buyers and of course. finance retrofits but really the conversations around this theme here are already quite interesting though you had for example the likes of car discussing the. french of maker saying that saying that he thought it was interesting about governments have now basically condemned these all to death when in the past they
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were the ones who have only incentivize the use of diesel because of their perceived efficiency advantage over petrol so the line being there that policy makers giveth and policy makers taketh away and the perception around car makers around here at the paris motor show seems to be that it's up to them now to chase policy makers with fixes and new tech despite the fact that you were diesels are supposed to be reasonably clean now of course what that argument doesn't really take into consideration is that the sea change was caused by an emissions cheating scandal and really it's hard to find anyone else but the manufacturers to blame for that sort of event now clearly the industry wide reckoning that was caused by the scandal is still ongoing and is still being hashed out for example here at the paris motor show among other venues and indeed various comments from the head over they know a french call make it all very interesting with that in mind what are the european countries doing like france for example ginnell to tackle the problem. you
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know it's very interesting that the paris motor show is taking place in the french capital the french capital of course being one of the first cities to announce an upcoming band on diesel and petrol vehicles in the city center the paris motor show is actually taking place for the one hundredth time here in the capital but really what everybody here is looking towards is a water mandated rules across the european union could look like everybody is looking towards of that important to him. two emissions reduction vote happening tomorrow. could vote mandated reductions of up to forty five percent by twenty thirty compared to previous proposals of thirty percent and compared to what the industry wants which is a twenty now this is obviously causing a lot of tension here at the paris motor show now carmakers are saying this could negatively impact jobs and cause major disruptions why a lot while those in favor of those aggressive cuts saying about anything less
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would be a token gesture to do much alone at the paris motor show thank you. could a crypto currency be the secret to saving venezuela's ailing economy president nicolas maduro hopes so on monday you mark the official launch of the petro venezuela is a state sponsored cryptocurrency it's based on the same technologies bit coy is backed by the country's energy reserves by the row praised the news saying it put his country on the walls were tech forefront the move has its fair share of critics though who say it's unlikely to help the country deal with its crippling inflation . now if companies want to be based in california have to have at least one woman on their board a new door in the u.s. state requires that companies appoint at least one woman to its board of directors by the end of next year and by twenty twenty one that number goes up to two or three depending on the number of board seats among those affected by the law is our tech giants apple google facebook they already have at least one woman on their
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boards noncompliance could result in a fine of up to three hundred thousand dollars. undermined in our top story survivors of the earthquake and tsunami in indonesia have begun looting shops of food often not eating to several days people in one of the hardest hit towns dongarra say they fear they've been forgotten his attention is focused on other places that are easier to reach. you're watching the news from ballet more coming up at the top of the hour and of course the latest news is always available on our web site that is the w dot com thanks for your company and for you seem.
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to. want to leave and it was. new was humbled by how tough the. dog most played in the last minute to let the music. fans come up to what must be the own goal of the.
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