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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 2, 2018 1:15pm-1:31pm CEST

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and customers facing driving ban is in some of the country's most polluted cities but is it really a not to address the crisis more on that and a whole lot more with helen hunt for issues coming up in just a few minutes time my name is sarah kelly you are watching news thank you so much for joining us if you can hear. i'm not going to the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up in with up and read the germans digs deep into german culture looking at the stereotype the question that inheres in to some people trying to find out on the time. needed seems ridiculous drama they are doing you know it's cold out there nothing i'm rachel joins me to meet the germans on the w. post who've been fighting so deeply taken seriously in the world oh boy here's
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what's coming up women. don't come though these superheroes much more towards smaller states in the jim graham creasing really dangerous time for w. for my little odd. the german government outlines plans to get dirty diesels off the streets of its most polluted cities the diesel deal gives drivers the choice of a hardware fix or a trade in and could land the car industry with a hefty bill. so time to switch to an electric vehicle we take a look at the latest trends at the paris motor show and see how germany is planning to play count shop in the electric my goodness he sector. and venezuela is
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a crypto currency the petro arrives on global markets but is it doomed to fail in its fight against painful hyperinflation. this is your business update on having a home for you glad you could join me germany's governing coalition says it has a plan for getting dirty diesel powered vehicles off the country's roads according to the transport ministry drivers living in and around the fourteen most polluted cities in germany can take advantage of trade in incentives and retrofits the diesel cars that exceed european emission levels the car manufacturers are expected to pay for most of the costs of the retrofits german governments hoping to avoid a court order driving bans for diesel cars which were widely discussed in the wake of the ongoing diesel a mission scandal. earlier today i spoke to my. own who's at the paris motor show and i asked her if the latest developments in the diesel talks were also a topic there in the french capital. oh yes definitely and as you said details are
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said to emerge but the expectation around here is that the plan will be composed of trade and schemes of for buyers and of course. finance retrofits but really the conversations around this theme here are already quite interesting now you had for example the likes of carlos gussy the c.e.o. of french. and all saying that saying that he thought it was interesting that governments have now basically condemned these all to death when in the past they were the ones who have only incentivize the use of diesel because of their perceived efficiency advantage over petrol so the line being there that policymakers giveth and policymakers taketh away and the perception around carmakers around here at the paris motor show seems to be that it's up to them now to chase policy makers with fixes a new tech despite the fact that you were diesels are supposed to be reasonably clean now of course a lot of that argument doesn't really take into consideration is that the sea
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change was caused by an emissions cheating scandal and really it's hard to find anyone else but the manufacturers to blame for that sort of event now clearly the industry wide reckoning that was caused by the scandal is still ongoing and is still being hashed out for example here at the paris motor show among other venues and indeed various comments from the head over i know a french call maker all very interesting and with that in mind what are the european countries doing like france for example ginnell to tackle the problem. you know it's very interesting that the paris motor show is taking place in the french capital the french capital of course being one of the first cities to announce an upcoming baton on diesel and petrol vehicles in the city center and the paris motor show is actually taking place for the one hundredth time here in the capital but really what everybody here is looking towards is a. mandated rules across the european union could look like everybody is looking
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towards an important to emissions reduction vote happening tomorrow and. could vote mandated reductions of up to forty five percent by twenty thirty compared to previous proposals of thirty percent compared to what the industry wants which is to twenty now this is obviously causing a lot of tension here at the paris motor show now carmakers are saying this could negatively impact. jobs and cause major disruptions while on a while those and for favor of those aggressive cuts saying about anything less would be a token gesture to now do much alone at the paris motor show thank you. meanwhile german manufacturer is there a showing off their electric cars dime to see year date is that she presented the c. economic his first all electric vehicle that goes on sale next year manufacturers have invested billions in new battery production as regulators clamp down on vehicle admissions but analysts worry consumers aren't willing to pay more for electric
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cars with concerns about range and the lack of charging networks. nevertheless germany says it wants to see one million electric cars on its rights but still a long way off target just over the border though the dot should proving it can be done there cheaper that jersey and a better network of charging stations mean there already one hundred twenty thousand electric cars driving through the netherlands. if your battery runs out in amsterdam you're never far from a charging station. there are already two and a half thousand in the city and that figure is set to continue rising these two women work for dutch utility company new on energy which has installed a significant proportion of the stations with subsidies from local authorities. first of all the dutch government task promote it is still so finicky karsh by fiscal benefits and secondly local governments have invested in charging
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infrastructure right from the beginning so dose two factors have made this market up until now unlike in many other cities the locations of new charging stations are determined by where residents see they need them. car owners also benefit from substantial tax incentives for electric vehicles as a result say the authorities residents are being won over to the idea of emo billet . eindhoven a ninety minute drive away already has forty three electrically powered city busses they have a range of around one hundred kilometers on a full battery which needs around half an hour to charge the buses were retrofitted by video the bus builder's order books are currently full thanks also to the dutch government's ambitious commitments. to step in twenty twenty five all new protests but few calls should be zero emission another small bit of course a big part of that twenty thirty years should be all operationally done in zero
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emission because twenty twenty five looks. as not if but meanwhile the whole vns technical university now boasts a special course in electro mobility where students build more efficient batteries but even the netherlands has some catching up to do says this professor especially compared to china where there are currently sixteen thousand electric buses on the road. germany's coalition government has reached an agreement on immigration reforms designed to make the country more attractive to skilled workers from around the walls a late night deal is a first step towards a more open migration or it will put the needs of the german economy and immigrants qualifications at the center of immigration policy the plan will continue to treat asylum seekers and economic migrants differently that could allow for great effect in itif it refugees who successfully integrate in germany. and our correspondent how close do you see is covering this story for us paul what does this mean for
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businesses. for businesses it's important to know what things are going to be like in the future they need to be able to rely on things going ahead and this is the first step to towards that for them there's been lots of complains of companies who have hired or even trained asylum seekers for over a year they were they were well integrated and then were deported that was especially the case in the southern regions of germany of area for example where there is very low unemployment to begin with and the areas are also very thinly populated so. associations employer associations are hailing this they're very happy same goes for the chamber of commerce and also boys from the tech sector hoping that a lot of jobs that are open can now be filled and brock received will be turned
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down. and will be flexible enough to the labor market where it does have a chronic skill shortage. let's look at one of these sectors in particular so in i.t. there's about fifty five thousand jobs that are currently open but germany isn't the only country competing for international i.t. specialist there's a lots of demand in many countries china for example which it may be more attractive to go there or the u.s. so we cannot rely on migration. as i was just you know as the only aspect we're also going to have to build on education because while there are one point six million jobs open in germany and there's also two point four million people unemployed it's got to be possible to shift at least some of these people. to the other side by. the education question but it sounds financial correspondent doing
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the math for us thank you very much indeed. well if companies want to be based in california they'll have to have at least one woman on their board a new nor in the u.s. state now requires companies to appoint at least one woman to its board of directors by the end of next year and by twenty twenty one the number goes up to two or three depending on the number of board seats among those affected by the law tech giants like apple google and facebook although they already have at least one woman on their forwards noncompliance could result in a fine of up to three hundred thousand dollars. it. now could cryptocurrency be the secret to saving venezuela his ailing economy president nicolas maduro hope so and on monday he marked the official launch of the petro and his way in a state sponsored cryptocurrency is based on the same tech as bitcoin it's backed by the country's energy reserves by though it said the move will help to put his country at the wolds technological forefront critics say it's unlikely to help the
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country deal with its crippling hyperinflation there for. europe there you want to . hear more you're up to date now with the latest from the world of business from or do you head to our web site that's d w dot com slash business find us on facebook follow us on twitter at the w underscore business sign there as well at helen there see how free is my handle right now here's a look at the global markets spotlight.
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months montreal six. to. sixteen. the. kind of little malicious. you are listening to reading. the fight against illegal logging. david. against goliath all time for me to tell everyone what's going on a fight courageous activists against
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a mighty opponent. responses because the office of the land. but who will miss. the borneo case starts october ninth on the w. stick or twist it makes a huge difference in football hold on to a winning formula change tactics entirely allow things to grow.


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