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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 2, 2018 3:15pm-3:31pm CEST

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i've been told away. with mali already making sports him more secure and it's no wonder that anti doping agencies across europe are thinking of following in sweden's footsteps. and with that you are up to date now on d. w. news i'm sarah kelly in berlin i very very short break first we'll have the latest from the business world including the german government's new plans a deal of. good to hear. nico is in germany to learn german. published in the. why not learn with him online on the mobile and free to suffer from the w e learning course nikos vic.
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germany state by state. the most colorful. the life of. the most traditional. find it all to do any time. check in with the web special. take a tour of germany state by state. on d w dot com. the german government outlines it splines to get dirty diesels off the streets of its most polluted city the diesel deal gives drivers the choice of hardware fix or trade a. lot in the industry with a hefty bill. this is your business i'm. off to long
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negotiations a breakthrough in germany's diesel dispute last night the coalition partners came to an agreement that owners of diesel cars in regions with high pollution can either better fit their vehicle or receive a premium towards buying a new car the aim is to reduce high end nitrogen oxide levels that have caused some german cities to ban diesels enough after six hours an agreement the coalition said it would take steps to ensure better air quality in german cities in a bid to avoid driving bans for diesel cars but german carmakers will be asked to play their part and that includes hardware retrofits the costs for which are to be borne by the manufacturers not vehicle owners car makers also promised to pay a premium if older polluting cars are traded in for cleaner models both conditions are sent to apply to fourteen regions of germany with especially high pollution.
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i'm showing avoiding driving bans preventing restrictions on mobility no additional or undue burden on diesel drivers and the automotive industry showing responsibility these are the cornerstones of this concept. if you think this concept. we want to secure the future of diesel. i'm very confident that the automotive industry will now also take advantage of the opportunity that we are offering to regain confidence in the diesel. so far only folks fogging has agreed to the hardware retrofits other carmakers including b.m.w. and opel are rejecting this approach diesel emissions are a major cause of hide nitrogen oxide levels in some regions that's why several german cities have threatened to ban older diesel vehicles the european commission has also taken action in the european court of justice to force germany to comply with the pollution limits that have been binding since two thousand and ten. in
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other european countries governments are already thinking about restricting diesels in cities or banning them altogether. make sense of all this is within the story and i didn't really go from the german environment association now thank you very much for joining us in the studio do you think from your board a few from your organization's point of view do you think this is a viable agreement do the government's plans go far enough no i wouldn't say this is definitely not a breakthrough i mean the agreement consists on two pillows first of all car owners can get a discount for if they exchange the old car into a new one but we had that in the past and it didn't work out what we need and that is what all the experts including the german e.p.a. the says we need a retrofitting of hardware in the consisting cars but this is only
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a little part of the agreement we saw today is this all is still in a teacup we heard about germany's most polluted cities that just give us an idea that the scale of the problem of people in these cities wearing nast's to be able to breathe at schools of children dying i mean how big is the problem you know it only in germany about twelve thousand people are prematurely died because of this pollutants about the pollutants that come from diesel cause only from nitrogen oxides not from all these on not from these old cars but from nitrogen also oxide yes on top comes. particulate matter. fine particles so it's there are more pollutants coming from the diesel engines but this is now what we're talking about eight hundred thousand people suffer from this part in this gas and so it's definitely suffering whether you like to have like. you to have like other diseases and so this is definitely not a problem. people said that if we would drop part of
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losing the level of particle emissions we could more easily drop the most dangerous nitrogen dioxide emissions wouldn't that be a viable option well i think this will not work out you know since many many years now that we have like limited values for nitrogen oxides we know that the kind of story has to deliver clean a cost. they failed you know they produced and they still produce dirty diesel cars and therefore it's not a technical problem it isn't dirty constantly sort of reviewed upwards of what was clean yesterday is not clean anymore isn't hasn't been the all these these limits and all that hasn't that pushed the industry too far into cheating actually i wouldn't say so i mean we have like limited knowledge that they were decided many many years ago from the european commission and this is a political agreement you know like. has organization and they said that even lower
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limits are advisable so i wouldn't say that that we this isn't that we are panicking. from the german environment and by mid organization thank you very much for joining us in the studio. meanwhile government of factories are showing off their electric cars at the paris motor show but i'm no c.e.o. did such a present at the e.q. see the comic because first of all electric vehicle goes on sale next year when the factories have invested billions in new battery technology as regulators climbed down on vehicle emissions then mock just announced a bow bow on the sale of calls with combustion engines from twenty to thirty but analysts consumers aren't willing to pay more for electric cars with concerns about range and the lack of charging networks. called the lawn is at the paris motor show today and joins me now. general the diesel
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agreement in germany is not a topic i'd hold there and powers. only do to very much is and you could imagine if you were a car maker how annoying it must be to have the mistakes of the past dragged into us into the spotlight at a time where you're actually trying to present your new and shiny things at the paris motor show and in a sense that annoyance is the plea felt here i was talking to be on w earlier and they told me that they were still very much against harborough retrofits because of the expense because of the development time because of the threat they think it represents to the deer ability of the engines so suffice to say this is going to be a discussion by continues beyond at the paris motor show especially given that there are reticence doesn't mean that this is a resolution. that you know we just heard in the brief report before you came on that denmark is a banning the sale of combustion engine cause in twenty thirty what are all the european countries planning like france for example. indeed
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a bit of irony about the paris motor show is taking place in the city with a local government that's actually not super car friendly it was one of the first cities to announce a similar ban on petrol and diesel vehicles starting in twenty thirty but what's going to be interesting to everybody here is actually the upcoming european part. vote tomorrow on c o two emission reductions now and the e.p.a. is could have voted to have reductions mandated would would cut c o two emissions by forty five per cent up by twenty thirty now this is of course in contrast to the previous previous proposals of thirty percent and in contrast to what the magic factories want which is twenty percent that's causing a lot of tension here at the paris motor show now carmakers are saying that such ambitious cuts could actually hurt jobs and cause major disruptions while proponents of such aggressive cuts say the targets have to be ambitious or else they won't mean anything is it all about emissions there at the motor show or the other big topics. you could actually take your pick there are plenty of big topics
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around you know for example there is a brag sit and watch how the potential of a disorderly they could do to supply chains in europe there's also still the specter of looming u.s. carrier song european cars as well as a challenge presented by mobility startups like way more what i am however not seeing is this euphoria and past motor shows all around us driving cars and how they just seem to be just around the corner now that tells me carmakers here are very much preoccupied with the problems of the present and therefore the future seems increasingly uncertain to them as well. thank you very much another one of the pairs more to show that. the demand for vegan food in europe is creating new crazes every weekend new opportunities for businesses ready to cash in on the mob this one shop in london is no offering
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a vegan fish and chips to its customers instead of fish the owner uses but nama blossoms marinated in seaweed sounds did this is it let's find out. if you think that this is fish and chips you're in for a big surprise vegans who used to love the traditional london snack can now try the v. in rendition one fish and chip shop owner saw increased demand for v good food and decided to make london's iconic specialty available to to beacons. well it all started back in january began new every. goes really well so that we introduced a full menu in one of his. you know. those who participated in the test run were pleasantly surprised it's very delicious and it tastes more nutritional. i know i don't want fish and chips i
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think it's a pretty good alternative although his view can customers are happy with the new fare the ambitious owner hopes he can afford the price tag on the vegan friendly ingredients which cost more than the traditional ones. cryptocurrency be the secrets to saving. economy president nicolas maduro apparently hope so on monday the official launch of the petro venezuela's state sponsor of cryptocurrency it's based on the same technology as bitcoin backed by the country's huge energy reserves critics say it's unlikely to help the country deal with its crippling hyperinflation. today very much for watching t.v. business. hi
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life style you of. the moment. on. the contentious figure at home. hero in germany. from the front of the harley. to german reunification. and the end of the cold. war i'm charles was one of the great heroes of the twentieth century. gorbachev the last leader of the soviet union was an agent of change. quickly netters downfall. i have decided to resign my duties as president of the soviet union. lost.
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but she is one historical but the measure of one is of course. she continues to fight for world peace with the reminder by now that we have to comprehend where peace has taken our search but today there is a new arms race. our time gorbachev and the opportunity for peace waste starts oct third on t w. everyone welcome to a brand new week of year max i'm louise house in an r.v. bringing you the best lifestyle news from around europe all of the week so let's see what's coming up on the show today. on the beat we meet the current european i
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beat boxing champion. in the air we checked.


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