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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 2, 2018 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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this is e w news live from the indonesia's desperation deepens as the death toll following last week's earthquake and tsunami surges to more than twelve hundred people wait for news of loved ones and recall the horror of the moment twenty's i struck. when the ground started moving i went outside of the ones from the whole street rose up anything it was like a weight off and we were swept away you'll hear from an aid worker about the difficulties of getting supplies to this devastated region also on the program
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drugs crime and punishment prefix we have an exclusive undercover reporter from what's become known as europe's most dangerous and violent refugee camp on the greek island of last boss. u.s. first lady madonna trump is in ghana the start of a five day tour of africa this is her first of foreign trip without the president and to a continent he said to have insulted the donors correspondent in the goddamn capital has been gauging reaction to have as. the nobel prize in physics goes to a woman for the first time in more than fifty dollars strickland and two other scientists were on the for that groundbreaking inventions in the field of laser physics. i'm phil gal welcome to the program oath orators in indonesia say the death toll from last week's earthquake and tsunami is not new. twelve hundred meanwhile
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survivors are growing angry at the government's response aid slow to arrive people in the disaster zone running short of food fuel and other essentials. days after the devastating earthquake and tsunami survivors are still struggling to get hold of aid fuel is in short supply here people are trying to collect as much pichel as they can officials are trying to assure them that more is on the way. logistical aid is coming in so the support being offered to refugees is better compared to day one day two and even yesterday. we still need more time to take care of all the problems because supply chains have been disrupted in the disaster zone. each shipments will have to contend with higher and teaches and damaged roads like this the damage infrastructure is also making it harder to recover the day. amid
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all this rescuers are continuing to search through the rubble in the hope of finding more survivors despite longer and longer. need. we remain optimistic that they are alive. but scientifically speaking by this time after such an event the chance of the body being able to you know. this is again heidi in the. news that. it will but there are moments of joy. some people are still being rescued. matthew cochrane speaks for the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies he joins us from geneva welcome to the w. how are you getting aid given the region's damaged infrastructure. it's incredibly difficult and. port is is really not back up to full capacity polish city as your
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colleague mentioned in your report the road network which was not particularly good at the best of times and these are not the best of times so the road network is severely limited we've been counting months lives landslides and this phenomenon is the perfection where by soil turns into indecision into water and and swallows roads and buildings whole sorry it's been extraordinarily complex the indonesian red cross has deployed supplies three barges worth of supplies from jakarta and that's making its way up to southern solo id as we speak the first one to arrive on friday it's quite a long journey but the challenge then will be to get out that i did into really where it stated which is our city and then further north into don't go away still after four days there are many communities that have and haven't been rich and what are you provided. arranges support of the moment the focus is on our search and
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rescue but there's also a lot of work being done to provide emergency medical assistance the red cross has set up a clinic in c. which is just so the south of policy where they were the first to reach a couple of days ago and any counted some really frightful scenes of collapsed churches and schoolchildren trapped in and killed they were able to provide basic medical assistance. in the form of treatment for structures and open wounds as well as. you know support for people who can't die really illnesses and research illnesses there's a push to get clean water out of place possible i mentioned already the diarrheal in diarrheal illness as we often see this after emergency when people can't access clean water and food so at the moment it's kit medical care it's search and rescue it's clean water behind that fire will come what we call non related items so mosquito nets top hole and i think household supplies the people of lost that really given the basics to begin to face the weeks and months of uncertainty. and
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so when you're providing the services you talk about especially when it comes to health care how do you i don't know how do you work alongside local health care services how does that work. well in indonesia will prime around entity's in the new year across as it is anywhere else in the world sorry when you talk about local it really doesn't get much more local than the red cross i think some of the images you were charges before were of great cross meetings there from the communities they speak the same language is there from the areas that were affected day by day no local customs i know where. the danger spots are and how rollers and international community and international red cross but as a wider international communities to get behind those efforts they say it will be know how to respond to emergencies it's a competence born earth of experience we're talking about the most disaster prone country in the world but they said to us that this is beyond what they can respond to and i asked for help and so way to in everything we can to get in behind them
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and give them all the support expertise and tools that they may well thanks for joining us matthew cochrane from the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies thank you you thank. now for an exclusive undercover report from the greek island of last bus which is the hope so the notorious. camp it's usually overcrowded more than eight thousand people a crime to enter facility built for just three thousand filings drug dealing and prostitution are said to be commonplace but in recent months criminal activity is at the camp have taken a turn for the worse as people say they are being terrorized by islamic state jihad this d.w. has been to investigate. the bloody attack in camp moria last may suspected isis members were apparently the driving force several were injured severely some attackers were arrested i did. when they attack it's about twenty of
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them who gang up on you. we stay with metal bars. the mercy the. flesh out the same slogans that isis members will follow is great isis will remain and expand. what that meant escape from iraq to lesbos he lifted directly next to the presumed isis group before he fled the camp in fear for his life. many other residents of the camp tell us a similar story they are still fanatic. about stealing if you are not islam i kill with you i cannot tell only what they have spies everywhere. we want to see what's really going on inside the can run us. thank you we're not allowed in so two former presidents go in for us and take a hidden camera with them. morea it's like a lawless slum eight thousand refugees live here and the inhumane conditions in
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jail say the campus increasingly being controlled by criminal gangs or stop a cafe run by apple and. he's one of the group's ringleaders cash crist amassed. pils you can buy anything here our informants tell us the man behind the coffee machine is one of the henchmen. rader is one of our informants he leads us to level three of the camp apparently under isis control the group consists of about fifty men independent sources confirmed that fifty in a camp of eight thousand. traces of violence we recognize this window from the video footage showed us earlier. here isis graffitti on the wall apparently the group feels so safe that it claims an entire zone within the camp as its own greater fear for his life here now he lives in safety in his own apartment. he choked me and prays to blighty to my throat told his friends to
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come and he said hold him down so i can slit his throat. of the. other plans to export terror from inside the camp to europe the fact that they openly professed membership speaks against that meanwhile german security staff confirm they have information about isis affiliates in camp morea. but what are greek authorities and the police doing to stop the violence. the greek ministry for migration policy refused an interview they say they're too busy to provide a spokesperson the police to remain silent if they can't unless both closes down as the governor of the region recently stated it's uncertain what will happen to the violent gang sources say that some of the alleged isis leaders have already made it to athens. now to some of the other stories making news around the world germany's coalition government has agreed immigration reforms designed to make the country
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more attractive to skilled workers from around the world the government says they propose will help europe's largest economy fill more than a million vacant positions by removing hurdles for qualified and non e.u. citizens while avoiding making new incentives for refugees. iraq has a new president kurdish moderate of barham salih was elected in a parliamentary vote after months of political deadlock iraq's presidency is a largely ceremonial post but it's a key step towards forming a new government which the country has not hard since inconclusive national elections in may. u.s. president donald trump has told reporters that this is a scary time for young men he made the remark while speaking in support of his a battle supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh a judge cavanagh is accused of a sexual so that is said to have taken place when he was a teenager he denies the allegations mr trump went on to say that women are doing great. when well are u.s.
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first lady malani or trump is in ghana the first stop of a week long visit to four african countries on her first foreign tour as first lady without the president this is trump was greeted at qatar international airport by her god now in counterpart rebecca a coup for other as well as government officials then she visit a hospital as part of her b. best initiative to promote children's wellbeing after gollum says trump will visit to malawi kenya and egypt. he joins us from not going to welcome. donald trump has a history of charged language when talking about africa people in ghana reacting to his wife's visit. the reaction really hasn't been. much significance because many do not really know that she's. actually had from the
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local media here and the reaction has been that you don't see much impact that this trip and you'll get a reaction from the gun years i've been speaking to on the streets. i just had this it's going to be just any no it's diplomatic to. watch from is the same thing. so. i think it's ok. but i don't see a mainstream nation. coming to everything i don't think it would change any of our relationship because trauma is always try not be predicted if maybe they have somebody. to government otherwise it's. not much in the way of expectation that what is the first lady's agenda. what the gender really has been to
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promote the best campaign the focus really in ghana has been on the health. d. c how is giving to babies and she also donated to therapy machine which is to show her commitment to promoting health care for young children in ghana she will be traveling to central part of the country tomorrow to. just to help better understand the history of africa basically that has been the. in ghana and for the beginning of a trip to africa. africa. this year's nobel prize for physics is going to three scientists from the united states canada and france one of them becomes the first woman to receive the process
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for more than fifty years they've been recognized for their research in the field of laser physics which they switch academy said science fiction into reality. they did it in stockton making objects move with a laser beam without touching them in a t.v. series called the tractor beams. it isn't science fiction anymore at least on a microscopic level. one of the three winners of the nobel prize in physics after ashkan invented a laser light trap known as optical tweezers. it works like a ping pong ball over had dry air. a lens focuses the laser creating a spot of high light intensity particles are drawn to that point and tell them place the optical tweezers contract the virus suspect curia or other very small living objects without damaging them. the first part of the prize with to the
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optical pieces been extremely important for measuring small forces on individual molecules small objects and this is very very interesting in biology to understand how things like muscles tissue works lasers also fascinated donna strickland along with her mentor who she won the other half of the nobel prize for physics they invented a new method for creating ultra short high intensity laser beams called sharp pulse amplification the technique produces strong and very precise pulses that don't damage surrounding material that's useful in a wide range of applications. that means that we can operate with high positions and that's important both for saw three points and so i see that is also important to make small pause for thought to be inserted in the ball you don't need to hold the position or you also knew the truth reducibility making these will be to see so i'm not on a strict and it's only the third woman to ever win
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a nobel prize in physics the first in fifty five years in a phone call during the nobel prize press conference she said more like put on so that's part of property. we have to operate off of we're going to have the cancer out there. and hopefully. time it'll start part. right i'm honored to be one of the women. the laser technology will burn her name and those of her physicist colleagues into the history book of science they're finding so not only be used in research but also practice and fields from medicine to industrial machinery. after mr spock what probably happened are order book. as many times mr spock's never happy let's get more on this from the don't do science journalist aside well. much is being made of the fact that donna strickland is the first woman to win the nobel physics prize for fifty five years but what of the been so few well basically there are two reasons first is history of course the
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nominations are representation off the gender balance and science of about thirty years ago so thirty years ago there were few few of females in science there were also a lot but not as many as today of course for different reasons second reason would be because these female scientists were not rican as the over looked a lot of the times and are still today so it does happen so often that there's a man and even a name for it it's called matilda effect. for it's belgrano franklin you see so gender bias is a real thing and it's not just the feeling there is data for it. yes when one of the stories that was thinking about was out of funds or. through mia only it was suspended from work with the european nuclear research center after he said that physics was invented in bills by men and that male scientists were being
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discriminated against you touched on it in your first answer to this issue of gender is it a big big issue in the sciences of course it's a big issue but it's a big issue everywhere you see if we picture as scientists that person is probably pale male and kind of old issues c.m. bets part of the problem representation matters so we have to see more women out there in order to accept that more females on those roles did you know that only seventy percent of biographies on the you speak of media about women so even the nobel prize the window strickland she didn't have an entry up until shortly after the announcement so we have to repress them then when we have to show them or sort of people can accept them in those roles and yeah we have to do a better job in that well we'll see how the future turns out good talking to you for the other on a second thank you. if you've ever cheered for someone as an insurance race or even
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brace yourself you know what a mess those events are to clean up especially the water stops where hundreds maybe thousands of plastic cups and bottles and a plug in the road well now a company in london has developed a novel solution to this plastics problem. this little ball could save the streets and the cities from the plastic cups and bottles so-called. made from plant and seaweed extracts making them entirely edible and if they're not actually consumed the producers say biodegrade in four to six weeks at the richmond marathon in london the jelly like globe use went down a treat. really and i mean i think the next one i don't expect that runners and event organizers have long known what a pain plastic can be for them in particular these biodegradable drinking vessels are an important innovation regatta bubbles are due to be trialled running events
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in the near future if they continue to receive a positive reaction they could be a permanent replacement for plastic. how's your business now with news of more fallout from the never ending diesel gates saga and this time phil heads are rolling and some are saying finally because it said one of the companies german car maker has officially cut loose the former head of its subsidiary audi over his alleged role in the diesel gate scandal for its flagging reports that by mutual agreement suspended audi boss who is to evacuate his place on the boards of v.w. and audi effective immediately in june was jailed on charges of fraud and is cajun in connection with the emissions cheating scandal. at the same time in a bid to tackle air pollution in major cities the german government has come up with a plan it believes will avoid banning diesel cars from city centers the deal will cover so. one point four million diesel cars but the government wants car makers to
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foot the bill they announced measures include incentives to buy your cars and engine upgrades for older diesel cars experts say it could cost the car industry billions of europe's the government needs carmakers to back the package if it's going to work most carmakers have been pushing for trade in bonuses rather than engine upgrades. we stay in the subject because while berlin is struggling with a way to avoid widespread bans for diesel cars in paris one solution has taken center stage the latest generation of electric cars is on display at the paris motor show which is running until the middle of the month here's more premier's new problems old that could be the theme of this year's paris motor show a move to resolve the diesel scandal at home has dogged german carmakers here that's pushed their long held resistance to financing hardware retrofit for older diesel car owners into the spotlight we definitely because we understand it very
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well do not support. updates because they would take three to four years of development so they wouldn't helps environment in the forthcoming u.s. this is a setback for carmakers amid a glittering showcase of what they are actually trying to get right this time. with electric cars like b.m.w.'s i three and out each on are supposed to help them right into the environmentally conscious future and feel brand dominance from the u.s. is tesla here with a mass market model three while they're at it it's not going to be easy electric cars still only represent a tiny fraction of global car sales but car makers are going to need them to meet strict c o two production requirements in the e.u. . but it's in the real world that these cars will be tested in whole city paris is a tough examiner it was one of the first to announce plans to ban diesel and gasoline cars from the city center to them. actually cars are only part of the
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answer. we have to share the public space with other uses i mean for example there streams and cyclists but if you change one million. deal caused by one million electric cars you will have maybe of course more breathable but you will still have congestion so we have to make understand them that the future of movie t.v. is a shared mobility. it was here in paris that the first motor show in the world was held in eighty ninety eight the world in twenty eighteen has gotten a lot more complicated for car makers how much time they still have kings of the road will depend on how now we're able to change. alright let's cross over to our financial correspondent at the new york stock exchange and. it's good to see you and we're going to keep talking about the auto industry because it's not only in europe that we're seeing some headlines apparently there is some trouble in the
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u.s. auto industry as well what are the numbers telling us. yeah there's not an easy time for us car industry and us car makers first of all we already have a lot of cost pressure with higher prices for a mini and for steel and now old soul sales figures are starting to struggle in the past month ford reported double digit sales declines for the quarter and general motors also reported that sailed fell in the double digits nice chrysler's doing pretty well actually for the first time in more than ten years for the month of september they sold more cars then ford well why did it say of speakers are down is difficult to say at this point maybe it might be because of higher gasoline prices might be because interest rates are increasing so financing of new cars becomes more expensive and then also last years of temper was a record month for the u.s.
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car industries all comparisons were also sky high now yes tesla is also making headlines and there's more bad news today. there is bad news but there's also some good news so maybe let's start there was the good you was. there production and delivery figures and at least for knowledge test the chief the production numbers were using more than five thousand model. per week so that's good news on the other side. struggling quite a bit with counter measures from china in july china increased their tariffs on car imports by forty percent and tesla is saying that this might be hurting the chinese business start to build their own factory in china but this is going to take time and by the end of the day the stock of tesla was down by another good three percent
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challenges ahead there for tesla thank you very much in new york for the analysis. that's all for business and also for d.w. news but phil gayle will be back with the day after this short break so do stay with us you next.
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what if these borders team back. what does it mean for the people who live and work here. right civil cut off shabaan in northern ireland from litter to the republic of ireland it's bringing back memories of painful times what happened to customs vary or come down again. made in germany in sixty minutes d.w. .
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an unusual friendship. is the story of paul and. one is a student from cameroon. the other. a filmmaker from germany if you had a would not likely never be able to say whether he chose me or i chose him whatever the case this is the story of how many. amaechi on europe's most dangerous border. what began as a documentary. my parents sacrificed everything for me i can't go back and. became a story about the music. and those ready to melt. when
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paul came over the sea from cameroon to berlin starts october fourth on t.w. . the death toll from last week's earthquake and tsunami in indonesia has survived as i grew up the government's slow response growing increasingly desperate for food fuel and water i'm phil gale and this is the day. information about the full extent of the dust oh it's still a male xing. tom there are so large area.


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