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this is d.w. news live from the desperation deepens in indonesia as the death toll following up in last week's earthquake and tsunami surges to more than twelve hundred people wait for news of loved ones and recalled the horror of the moment when disaster struck. when the ground started moving i went outside. once and the whole street rose up and it was like a weight off and we were swept away. we'll hear from the red cross about the difficulties of getting supplies to this devastated region also on the program
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drugs crime and punishment beatings we'll bring you an exclusive undercover report what's become known as europe's most dangerous and five inch refugee camp on the greek island of last fall's. the nobel prize in physics goes to a woman for the first time for more than fifty years paula strickland and two other scientists were on from that groundbreaking inventions in the field of the laser physics. i'm phil gale welcome to the program or thor it is in indonesia say the death toll from last week's earthquake and tsunami is now more than twelve hundred meanwhile survivors are growing angry at the government's response with aid slow to arrive people in the disaster zone are running short of food fuel and other essentials. days after the devastating earthquake. can see nami survivors are still struggling
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to get hold of eight fuel is in short supply here people are trying to collect as much pichel as they can officials are trying to assure them that more is on the way . and they're not logistical aid is coming in so the support being offered to refugees is better compared to day one. and even yesterday . we still need more time to take care of all the problems because supply chains have been disrupted in the disaster zone. each shipments will have to contend with higher and teaches and damaged roads like this the damage infrastructure is also making it harder to recover the day amid all this rescuers are continuing to search through the rubble in the hope of finding more survivors despite longer and longer all. we
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remain optimistic that they are alive. but scientifically speaking by this time after such an event the chance of the body being able to live such an ordeal. again heidi in the. news that. they were but there are moments of joy. some people are still being rescued. matthew cochrane speaks for the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies he joins us from geneva welcome to the w. how are you getting in given the region's damaged infrastructure. it's incredibly difficult and. port is is really not back up to full capacity polish city as your colleague mentioned in your report the road network which was not particular to the best of times and these are not the best of times so the robot network is severely limits as we've been catching months lives landslides and this phenomenon is the
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perfection whereby soil turns into indecision into water and and swallows roads and buildings whole sorry it's been extraordinarily complex the indonesian red cross has deployed. supplies three barges worth of supplies from jakarta not spank its way up to the south and so the idea is we speak the first on the arrive on friday it's quite a long journey but the challenge then will be to get that that i did into really where it's needed which is our city and then further north into don't go away still after four days there are many communities that have and haven't been reached and what are you provided. a range of support of the moment the focus is on a search and rescue but there's also a lot of work being done to provide emergency medical assistance the red cross has set up a clinic in c. which is just so the south of policy where they were the first to reach a couple of days ago and then encountered some really frightful scenes of collapsed
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churches and schoolchildren trapped in and killed they were able to provide basic medical assistance. in the form of off treatment for fractures and open wounds as well as. you know support for people who got dire really illnesses and research on asserts there's a push to get clean water out as quickly as possible i mentioned already the diarrheal in diarrheal illness as we often see this afternoon to see where people can access clean water and food so at the moment it's care and medical care it's search and rescue it's clean water behind that fire will come what we call non related items so mosquito nets top hole and i think household supplies the people will of lost that really given the basics to begin to face the weeks and months of uncertainty. and so when you're providing the services you talk about especially when it comes to health care how do you i don't know how do you work alongside local health care services how does that work. well in indonesia we're all
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prominent entities in the new year across as it is anywhere else in the world sorry when you talk about local it really doesn't get much more local than the red cross i think some of the images you charge just before were of red cross medics there from the communities they speak the same language is there from the areas that were affected day to day they know local customs i don't know where the danger spots are and how rollers and international community and international red cross but as a wider international communities to get behind those efforts they say it will be know how to respond to emergencies it's a competence born out of experience we're talking about the most disaster prone country in the world but they said to us that this is beyond what they can respond to and i asked for help and so way to in everything we can to get in behind them and give them all the support expertise and tools that they may well thanks for joining us matthew cochrane from the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies thank you you thank. now to an exclusive undercover
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report from the greek island of last boss which is home to the notorious migrant camp it's hugely overcrowded conditions more than eight thousand people are crammed into a facility built for just three thousand violence drug dealing and prostitution are said to be commonplace but in recent months criminal activities at the camp taken a turn for the worst as people say they having terrorized by islamic state militants arriving from syria w.'s bashir i'm really. went to investigate. the bloody attack in camp moria last may suspected isis members were apparently the driving force several were injured severely some attackers were arrested i did you tell your wife of when they attack it's about twenty of them who gang up on you. we say are you with metal bars. the mercy of many of the. flesh out the same slogans that isis members who are as great isis will remain and expand.
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as met escape from iraq to lesbos he lived direct in next to the presumed isis group before he fled the camp in fear for his life. many other residents of the camp tell us a similar story they are still fanatic. about stealing if you are not islam i kill with you i cannot tell i know what they have spies everywhere. we want to see what's really going on inside the can run us. thank you we're not allowed in so two former presidents go in for us and take a hidden camera with them. morea it's like a lawless slum eight thousand refugees live here and the inhumane conditions n.g.o.s say the campus increasingly being controlled by criminal gangs or stop a cafe run by apple and. he's one of the. groups ring leaders hash crystal
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meth pills you can buy anything here our informants tell us the man behind the coffee machine is one of the henchmen. reda is one of our informants he leads us to level three of the camp apparently under isis control the group consists of about fifty men independent sources confirmed that fifty in a camp of eight thousand. traces of violence we recognize this window from the video footage showed us earlier. here isis graffitti on the wall apparently the group feels so safe that it claims an entire zone within the camp as its own greater fear for his life here now he lives in safety innes own apartment. he choked me and pressed a blade to my throat told his friends to come and he said hold him down so i can slit his throat. of the. other plans to export terror from inside the
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camp to europe the fact that they openly professed membership speaks against that meanwhile german security staff confirm they have information about isis affiliates in camp noir. but what are greek authorities and the police doing to stop the violence. the greek ministry for migration policy refused an interview they say they're too busy to provide a spokesperson to police to remain silent if the camp unless both closes down as the governor of the region recently stated it's uncertain what will happen to the violent gang sources say that some of the alleged isis leaders have already made it to athens. now to some of the other stories making news around the world germany's coalition government has agreed immigration reforms designed to make the country more attractive to skilled workers from around the world the government says the changes will help europe's largest economy fill more than a million vacant positions by removing hurdles for qualified non the e.u.
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citizens on avoiding creating new incentives for refugees. donald trump made millions of dollars by helping his family dodge taxes that's according to reports in the new york times which cites what it says is a huge trove of tax records largely from the u.s. president's father fred american tax authorities say they are reviewing before with allegations which mr trump's lawyer denies. meanwhile u.s. first lady in malawi a trump has touched down in garden at the beginning of a four nation trip to africa it's a first major international trip without the president and she'll be promoting her be best initiative talk will also take her to malawi kenya and egypt. but this year's nobel prize for physics has gone to three scientists from the united states canada and france one of them becomes the first woman to win the prize in more than fifty years they've been recognized for their research in the
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field of laser physics which the swedish academy says turn science fiction into reality. looking back they did it in star trek making objects move with a laser beam without touching them in a t.v. series they called it the tractor beams on if you can't believe. after ashkan invented a laser light trap known as optical tweezers. it works like a ping pong ball over a hairdryer. a lens focuses the laser creating a spot of light intensity particles are drawn to that point and tell them place the optical tweezers cantrip viruses speck tyria or other very small living objects without damaging them. the first part of the prize with to the optical truces been extremely important for measuring small forces on individual molecules small objects and this is very very interesting in biology to understand how things like muscle tissue works lasers also fascinated donna strickland along with her mentor
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who she won the other half of the nobel prize for physics they invented a new method for creating ultra short high intensity laser beams called stripped pulse simplifications the technique produces strong and very precise pulses the don't damage surrounding material that's useful in a wide range of applications. that new so we can operate with position and that's important both for saw three points in size so it is also important to make small pause for thought to be inserted in the four you don't need to move the pursuit so no you will see the truth reducibility making peace want you to see so i much cannot strict and is only the third woman to ever win a nobel prize in physics the first in fifty five years in a phone call during the nobel prize press conference she said more lightly put on so that's part of the property. we have our great office we're going to have the cancer out there. and hopefully. time it'll start part.
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right i'm honored to be one of the women. the laser technology will burn her name and those of her physicist colleagues into the history book of science their findings will not only be used in research but also in practice and fields from medicine to industrial machinery. to mr spock what probably happened marwood are things. estimated time for. in spalt supposed to talk about football in the champions league by and have had another setback after drawing one all out home to dutch side i.x. knots homo skate by on the lead after just three minutes but back midway through the first half equalizing throughout the semester ali. have not gone three games without a win in all competitions. that's it you're up to date more coming up at the top of the hour in the meantime of course you can always check out the website that's d.w. dot com have
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a good day. earth . home to millions of species. more soothing. those are big changes and most start with small steps global warming tears tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like news corp .


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