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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 3, 2018 7:02am-7:15am CEST

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the german government outlines its plans to get dirty diesels off the streets of its most polluted cities the diesel deal gives drivers the choice of hardware fix or a trade in and could land the industry with a hefty bill. also on the show violence breaks out in india as farmers protesting lower prices confront the police in new delhi we'll have the details. and it looks like fish and chips but it's truly not the latest craze from london features a surprising fish substitute. for business on the w. i'm here you know guests it's good to have you with us and we're going to start with further fallout of the diesel gate scandal the german car maker for its spartan has officially cut loose the former chief of its subsidiary audi over his alleged role in the scandal fox wagner reports that by mutual agreement suspended audi boss who is to evacuate his place on the boards of the w. and audi effective immediately in june she was jailed on charges of fraud enough
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escape in connection with the emissions cheating scandal. now at the same time germany apparently has finally found common ground over the diesel dispute the government and other stakeholders including car makers came to an agreement yesterday that will see incentives for diesel car owners to exchange them for more environmentally friendly vehicles the alternative could have been rolling out bans for diesel cars across germany bowing to pressure from brussels and environmental groups but some complain the measures are not strict enough on the manufacturers. the position of the german government is clear automakers will be in charge of making diesel cars in german cities cleaner along overnight session resulted in a few resolutions they include hardware retrofits the costs are to be borne by the manufacturers not vehicle owners carmakers also promised to offer discounts if older people. looting cars are traded in for new vehicles or cleaner used models
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both will apply in fourteen regions of germany with especially high pollution. it's about avoiding driving that is preventing restrictions on mobility no additional or under the burden on diesel drivers went. out in the automotive industry has to show responsibility. these are the cornerstones of this concept we want to secure the future of diesel. the agreement is pretty much up to the discretion of auto makers though only dimer invokes wagon would consider hardware retrofits for example while other car makers like opel and b.m.w. reject them diesel drivers in germany are understandably skeptical. that he will get part of our cars value back but the main cost will still have to be carried by the average joe if it's in the event it was lost and look if they decide by law that you can only circulate if you get an emission badge for example then car
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makers have to ensure that private citizens can afford it that's people at present in my home kind of diesel emissions are a major cause of high nitrogen oxide levels in some regions and that's why several german cities have threatened to ban older diesel vehicles the european commission has also pressured germany to comply with pollution limits in other european countries governments are already restricting diesels in cities or even banning them altogether like in denmark. now while berlin is struggling with a way to avoid widespread bans for diesel cars carmakers are thinking about the next step electric cars are taking the center stage at the paris motor show a chance for resilient german car makers that are trying to leave diesel day behind . premier's new problems old that could be the theme of this year's paris motor show a move to resolve the diesel scandal at home has dogged german carmakers here that's
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pushed their long held resistance to financing hardware retrofit for older diesel car owners into the spotlight we definitely because we understand it very well do not support. updates because they would take three to four years of development so they wouldn't helps environment in the forthcoming us this is a setback for carmakers amid a glittering showcase of what they are actually trying to get right this time. for electric cars like b.m.w.'s i three and audi each on are supposed to help them ride into the environmentally conscious future and seal brand dominance from the u.s. as tesla here with a mass market model three while they're at it it's not going to be easy electric cars still only represent a tiny fraction of global car sales but car makers are going to need them to meet strict c o two production requirements in the e.u. . but it's in the real world that these cars will be tested and host city paris is a tough examiner it was one of the first one ounce plans to ban diesel and gasoline
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cars from the city center to them electric cars are only part of the answer. we have to share the public space with other uses i mean for example better streams and cyclists but if you change one million. deal caused by one million electric cars you will have maybe of course a more reasonable i have but you will still have congestion so we have to make understand them that diffusion of mobility is a shared mobility. it was here in paris that the first motor show in the world was held in eighty ninety eight the world in twenty eighteen has gotten a lot more complicated for car makers how much time they still have kings of the road will do. then on how able to change. alright let's cross over to our financial correspondent at the new york stock exchange and call it a high end so it's good to see you and we're going to keep talking about the auto
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industry because it's not only in europe that we're seeing some headlines apparently there is some trouble in the u.s. auto industry as well what are the numbers telling us. yeah this is not an easy time for you as car industry and u.s. carmakers first of all we already have a lot of cost pressure was higher prices for many and for steel and now all the sales figures are starting to struggle in the past month ford reported to double digit sales declines for the quarter general motors also reported that sales fell in the double digits and chrysler's doing pretty well actually for the first time in more than ten years for the month of september they sold more cars than ford well why the sales figures are down difficult to say at this point maybe it might be because of higher gasoline prices might be because interest rates are increasing
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so financing of new cars becomes more expensive and then also last year's of tembo was a record months for the u.s. car industries all comparisons were also sky high. tesla is also making headlines and there's more bad news today. there is bad news but there is also some good so maybe let's start there was the good news. is there production and delivery figures and at least for now attest the chief production numbers are using more than five thousand model. per week so that's good news on the other side. struggling quite a bit with their countermeasures from china in july china increase their tariffs on car imports by forty per cent and tesla is saying that this might be hurting the chinese business there start to build their own factory in china but this is going
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to take time and by the end of the day the stock of tesla was down by another good three percent challenges ahead there for tesla thank you very much in new york for the analysis. to india now where protesting farmers are asking the government for action against falling prices for their products. reeling from a crash in commodity prices more than fifty thousand farmers from the northern state of protests but top producer of wheat and sugar cane block part of the main highway to the capital the new delhi police commissioner insists the tear gas and water cannons were intended to keep the peace and to keep traffic flowing. please don't try to cross over the barricades and enter new delhi a state of emergency has been imposed the residents of new delhi shouldn't face any inconvenience our main objective is that everything continues in
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a peaceful manner. the discontent in rule areas has turned into anger against prime minister narendra modi who faces a tough general election next year. farmers had started flocking to the city late on monday authorities then barred gatherings of more than four people the government gave the police of green light to brutally beat up the farmers according to the opposition congress party focus on. who should the farmer speak to about their issues we've chosen the government so who should we talk to should we go to pakistan or bangladesh india is an independent country farmers have a right to put forward their demands if they have problems the government must listen. thought about it this will not. modi's problems have been worsened by a failure to deliver on a promise of tens of millions of jobs for young people that helped him win a huge mandate in twenty fourteen. and before we go here's the latest friend from
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london vegan fish n chips instead of fish the owner is using some rather unexpected agree it's. if you think that this is fish and chips you're in for a big surprise me again so used to love fish and chips and now try to vigan rendition in london one fish and chip shop on the saw increased demand for if you can food and decided to make london cyclonic snack a vailable to be construed. well it all started back in january as began new every day and with what would be going on the menu goes one really well so that we introduced a full menu in one of all the branches again went really well and you know go give the public what they want but do they want this it's made. up of in seaweed it's very delicious and it tastes more nutritional i know i know more fish and chips thing is a really good alternative. is reagan customers are happy with the new fairfield
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ambitious on their hopes he can afford the price tag on the new reagan from being greedy and rich calls for more than the traditional ones that's all for business school by. the. bursts.
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in just a huge lesson are enough enough planes are enough enough transport helicopters are not enough tanks have tank divisions that don't have tanks planes so don't sourcing and privatization are the order of the day in all areas but not composed dangers legislated please finish with the risk of becoming too dependent on private contractors who may not provide the services they promised the least twice them every day that walkers are not incentivisation says make money with everything from reconnaissance drones to laundry facilities firms argue till treating the foreign forces in france against germany plays terry industrial complex starts october twentieth on d. double.


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