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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 3, 2018 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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well you. this is d.w. newsline from berlin germany marks the anniversary of reunification following the fall of the gold involved maybe thirty years ago. countries leaders gather at the capital state opera house and describe reunification as a success while acknowledging that there are still divisions to overcome also on the program i'm scared to go inside a house by myself at only go with my parents if they're not with me i won't go in
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there. in the wake of indonesia's earthquake and tsunami d.w.a. says it's with one of the thousands of families struggling with the aftermath. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program we begin here in germany which has been marking its day of unity politicians at ceremonies in praise the progress made in the twenty eight years since the country's east and west were formally reunited but they also raise concerns about the divisions that remain and the cold to defend democracy against the rise of right from populist. talk no implies a tuna. fish. be too often. didn't . think the i'm vehicle.
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dutchman fiat often sponsors shopper torch i'm height. talks presidential i've been in fact talked so i'm fond of it it's sunday. it's a pity. you didn't of your father that i tell you that was a wish we'll have another one it english at the top of the hour let us though go. often sponsors for torture i in height. talks presidential talk so i know. it's. a pity. if your. english.
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is amongst the celebrations a welcome shock. failure joining. the call right now because when. we do. it's really warm down the crowds on the street.
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the report about the german leaders have been saying about german reunification tell us more about what they have to say reactions to it. happens when. they're unified. in what. touched. me here in the right.
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time. and. they feel like. there are a lot of questions about. the far right. under the far right race is it. a short time ago that was. right that. this was. happening to. unite under. a very noisy germany.
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the number of dead from last week's earthquake and tsunami is now more than fourteen hundred. facing a fifth day with little food and water is now reaching the region but the government admits to beef. blames widespread damage to infrastructure and the lack of fuel he. reports from the tsunami hit. morning nordin has been running from government distribution center to another but he keeps being turned away. the aid is being taken to other places there's food and water in this truck do you know where they're going. out i don't know what we do know is all the aid from this place is going to the main relief center. he shows us a whole list of things he desperately needs for himself and his family twenty four people had signed in stamp but he still ends up with nothing. in it and so at the end i registered and started hearing yesterday but i was told to come back today.
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when i was here early in the morning they told me i had come to the wrong place. they said i should have gone to a different distribution center. at distribution centers like this one all around the city people are lining up to get supplies but because cord a nation of aid distribution is still an issue many end up empty handed. like noureddine he takes me home to meet his family they've all been living under a tarp since the earthquake especially the children are traumatized. but when they don't go back there because even when there's no earthquake off to shock i always feel like the ground is moving around like i'm really afraid sad and then i realize there's no earthquake but because i'm so afraid i'm imagining it didn't always feel like it's moving i'm scared to go inside
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a house by myself at only go with my parents if they're not with me i won't go in it and i see. they're telling me they're running low on food and drinking water it's the smallest who suffer the most many of the children are sick and hungry the youngest tiara is only one month old. my baby isn't in very good health at the moment she has a rash because of the heat we need milk diapers medicine and other things for her. new family are not alone in their fear and despair all over thousands are camping out and supplies are scarce at every turn. nowhere is this more obvious than at the city's gas stations. the distribution of the valuable commodity is heavily guarded. prices at this regulated pump are as always but on the
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black market gas sells for up to five times as much fuel is a lifeline. some people here have been waiting for seven hours just to get five liters of needed not only to power their motorbikes and cars but also generators that create electricity so they can charge for example their mobile phones receive updates on the situation from the authorities the lines here are endless at the moment we're at number seven hundred eighty nine and there are many more canisters the one writing the numbers on them but at the moment he can't because he has run out. yet another hick up if ever so slight in their attempt to organize the chaos. but with more help promised the people here hope they can soon start to rebuild their ravaged lives. other stories making news around the world.
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on the international space station a forty two year old. alex was presented with a symbolic hatch. he's only the second european to leave the space station. but his prime minister. conservative party which is. divided over produce two breaths that negotiations for you in the union address in the conservative party conference mrs may repeat her position that britain was willing to leave the e.u. without a deal on their future relationship rather than face what she called a bad deal. which is a vicious nobel prize for chemistry have been announced but they are france's on alternatives george smith of the united states and britain's gregory when study the nobel committee said they've been chosen for their work in developing protein should solf human kinds of chemical problems for. us first lady malaria trump has laid of beef cattle in guyana where african slaves were held before being
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sent across the atlantic governor is the first stop of mrs trump's a five day talk she will also visit to malawi kenya and egypt. meanwhile her husband u.s. president donald trump is facing heavy criticism from fellow republicans for blocking christine blasi for the woman who says she was assaulted by supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh said i said jeff flake described the president's comments as appalling while senator susan collins said his comments were just plain wrong mr trump made the comments at a campaign rally in mississippi thirty six years ago. i had one beer. right i had one beer. well you know there was one there oh good how did you get home i don't remember how did you get there i don't remember where is the place i don't remember how many years ago was it i don't know. it was are.
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you what neighborhood was it in i don't know where's that house on the bob stairs downstairs where was i don't know but i had one beer that's the only thing or. and imagine life is in tatters a man's life. let's go over to dublin correspondent stuff inside wins in washington welcome stephan what sort of a fad to these remarks that likely to have on senators who are getting ready to vote brett kavanaugh this nomination well first up let me say that political washington was caught of guard by the president making those remarks and mocking miss christine lacy for it that way because everybody in the republican. senate and house as well as in the white house was fairly proud of the president to show some restraint and to not to do exactly what he did on tuesday night now you mentioned
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three senators jeff flake susan collins and lisa murkowski those are the three pins in the republican senate if they say that the republicans lose two votes two of those senators in their effort to confirm mr cavanaugh from the supreme court then the democrats given that the democrats are unified vote against him then his candidacy for the supreme court is off and that's the danger here and this is what the white house as well as the president now need to be concerned about. so meanwhile a senate is awaiting the results of the f.b.i. investigation into these allegations. that's correct the f.b.i. investigation is still ongoing there were rumors today as well as yesterday that it might be released today there's no indication so far that the f.b.i. will release this today but this can happen any time bottom line is here though it doesn't matter what the f.b.i. finds out senate majority leader g.o.p.
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leader mitch mcconnell has said that there will be a vote up and down vote on the kavanaugh. candidacy for the supreme court this week so friday no matter what the f.b.i. report says will be the vote and this is where these three senators g.o.p. senators come in again they are critical of the g.o.p. the republicans need every senator on board to falling off the vote is off it will be down about seven times in washington very clear thank you. want to sports much they two of the champions in the group states continuing on wednesday on day one early game a shocker pulled off a last minute went away at lokomotiv moscow america west and mckinney headed home in the eighty eighth minute to secure the win for the royal blues would be welcomed news considering how shall i have struggled in the buns league so far this season
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and leave you now with music from germany reunification the celebrations i'll be back at the top of the i'm going to. stanfield.
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