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in negotiate mr years need to users succeeded in reaching agreement. it was the birth of modern diplomacy. sixteen forty years. to be pursued starts october twenty fourth do you w. a. l of on berlin welcomes to the show great to have you here again and these topics are in the spotlight today. talking of course kind of lively growth correctly against an on going to this new austria. and then to text a lot of railway lines provides a third of the ways it. sounds shrunken art and then it's
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a look at all where. we can go off today so with an extraordinary thanksgiving tradition but not the american way with a big turkey dinner as you might expect we are heading to a small town in austria i've been mocked him tongo is maybe known for its winter tourism but now during harvest festival there's a huge parade taking place on celebrations include the quick snap and some of the whips because we're cracking is not only used to dress cattle it's also an old tradition they all students call it snow and he is how it works. thank you. kelly just once a year at the traditional thanksgiving feast in out in march these locals correct their whips. they're all members of a whip cracking group. of eighteen year old friends for is
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a big fan of the age old custom. the thanksgiving festival is the most important one for us what crackers will home. the customs an integral part of it and always has been the very sight of the winter came to us via the silk road and then it was used here on mountain pastures as a means of communication and it was a closet and our neighbor wanted to come around they could see if someone was at home or was playing with that smoke is that you know that's where it all began when . my own strong. librettos hurled the tip through the air at speeds close to one thousand kilometers an hour it's one of the fastest motions a human being can produce by hand and stick with the. pull the whip in one direction. and then you look it while turning and make a loop. up when the weapons completely stretched out the tip reaches supersonic
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speed and that's why it cracks in the clouds. but the clip itself has to be in perfect shape. given obama puts about seven hours of work into one good sized whip . he can make them in thirteen lengths in his little workshop one for every age and size. in contrast to the traditional riding crops these are about the crack only and of course the look. over listener is a devoted whip cracker himself he also teaches young people the art of breeding whips. he knows the crack depends on the release. if you guess. what's important is for it to be well braided and then last longer. the cracker is tied to the fall and that can be tweaked a bit. even now the whip is ready for cracking she gets. drunk semen vershbow for begin learning the art of whip cracking when he was little
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his father is the head with cracker in this austrian town years i was born he made sure his son would carry on the age old tradition. don't want. to be like that my first whereupon i could barely even walk or just come out of diapers. and so i know i asked for a whip for christmas it was only so long but that's what i learned with and i still have it all it's a custom that has to be kept alive and that's why it's important to me for me just to. know lucifer has to become accustomed to the way the four year old stallion has never heard the crack before he sure is away at first. but once he has shown him that the whip is all cracking no bite within about a half hour he calms down. now with the whip cracks the stallion keeps a cool head. he's an austrian draft horse of the noriko breed. in
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a way. in terms of temper and temperament nor because have never steal so they're most suited. me that often that's where the tradition comes from and since with always used them domestically nor because basically the horse full with practice and thus three out for them shouts. the harvest festival is the event of the year for the whip crackers and the horses they were a special harness though the festivals are few and far between apprentice carpenter vouch for says once you've learned the cracking technique you don't forget it. this is really like riding a bike you never forget it. these good crackers from this all sport region are passionate about the customer they're doing everything they can to ensure it
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doesn't disappear they'll next be cracking the whip so on january sixth. if. not for an award winning barkeeper a record to play a pompous in england am a show stopping exhibition in italy let's find out more in our roundup of cultural highlights in today's express. italian barkeeper. was voted world class bottom of the year here in berlin on monday. amazing it's really really incredible it's the greatest experience in the bar it is the biggest call to the position we all been inspired by great to bartend this and then you come here you get to meet them all. now lives in australia where he usually works in melbourne's renowned gloomy restaurants. and now stood over ten thousand contenders from around the world.
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two thousand and eighteen promises to be a record year for british wine growers. this year is truly exceptional so we've seen it growing conditions through the season and at every single stage of the grapes life. in canton southern england this year is grapes are on average sixty. percent larger than normal growers are hoping this spirit will produce an especially high quality wine sparkling and otherwise. a multimedia exhibition entitled inside mcgrattan has opened in milan italy but none of the original paintings by the belgian surrealist hanging in the property could. be emphasis is on getting closer to the artistic consciousness and
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ideas of one of the best known representatives of european surrealism included our newly interpreted imagery sounds and music the exhibition will run until february twenty ninth. the british sensation pink floyd was way more than just that besides revolutionizing rock music with its aggressive psychedelic style it also set with unusual stage shows and creative album cover there when it became iconic images after rounds of london and rome with a multimedia project the pink floyd exhibition more truly manes is now a display in the german city of don't want this major respective visited the fifty year history of the legendary band and their sausages of inspiration we met up with co-founder and drama nick mason. pink floyd their sound technology set new standards. their concerts were multimedia stage show.
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their album covers works of art. and their visual language a surreal world of symbols. they reinvented music as a mega event for all the senses. it is my life and has been for the last fifty years and that is still to me quite extraordinary because. it is a reminder of how privileged i have to be able to be pos of this thing for so long . when i started fifty years ago it was. that no one believed that that music could last this long. nick mason was studying architecture in london when he co-founded the band in one nine hundred sixty five it's he takes center stage at a new exhibition in. pink floyd their mortal remains journeys through the psychedelic
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underground scene from its beginnings to the present it tells of the dramatic events behind the big show. singer and the national inspiration syd barrett left the band early when drug abuse took its toll on his mental health. his departure became the subject of many songs by the late ninety's sixty's pink floyd were known for a spellbinding sound of their own. there's an element of showing off as one element of performing and if it's really that's what drives so much of a particular role there's. that thing of no need to call it wishing for an older audience is very strong and. you come see you think you can oh very few people can second guess what your public will log or you can do is please yourself. later co-founder roger waters changed the band's sound and style. in the days of the one
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nine hundred sixty eight social revolution the lyrics grew more political each own denouncing capitalism as the enemy. and the late one nine hundred seventy s. economic downturn and industrial unrest were frequent topics pink floyd made expert use of the power of images increasingly employing animation as in the legendary video for the roger waters reckoning with himself and his life. i think the the the main element of particular of roger's writing is the thing way he talks about internal rather than external aspects i mean roche is perhaps the most well definitely the most political of all of us but the thing that resonated equally with me was the wall more to do with.
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with how we feel about ourselves i mean the walls between friends and relatives and so on rather than a global big political statement. the. speech. the wall was among the most acclaimed concert presentations of the one nine hundred seventy s. saw it revolutionized rock stage shows and architecture. plays the band entered another phase when roger walters left in one thousand nine hundred five and it pickering and exhausting legal disputes among the three remaining band members soldiered on with guitar player david gilmore calling turner. in two thousand roger waters and david gilmore and started talking again with nick mason mediator and there's a funny thing with being a drama drama cut count operates on his eye so he. tries very hard to make things work and i don't think i don't see myself as
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a peacemaker but i do see myself as someone who tries to find the middle ground rather than. polarizing takes on. the movement thanks to his efforts at the band started playing together again major benefit concerts in tours such as live aid in london in two thousand time. this concert is at the heart of the exhibition. almost ten years later they announced that they would not play together again heralding the end of an extraordinary success story. and now we are off to paris to discover that beauty is said to you all the best kept secrets of the french capital if else or yourself us and urban extra these abandoned train stations and radio will it's a perfect for you the thirty kilometer long tracks was first used for transporting goods and then also passages since the one nine hundred thirty s.
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some of the tracks have been removed the remaining parts of the kids and to have been transformed into a green paradise and set of law trains you can now enjoy the sound of silence. as. the small belt this former real labor has built in the nineteenth century. it's now deceased but remains largely intact over the past two decades locals have developed gardens on the abandoned tracks a rare privilege in the french capital. to. have a school it's a very special place and we're right in the middle of paris in a very dense area but we're so lucky to have our own gardens job down and wandered out. some of the former stations have been turned into trendy cafe's and restaurants but some prefer the even more chilled out areas. tim typical it's a bit like the countryside like being out of town we can barely hear the cars it's
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really nice thought that. the local authorities are transforming the space gradually as the city increase in population. that believes. this what's crucial is to adapt cities in such a way that it's good for human beings and. it is and one of the ways of doing this is to provide open spaces where there's nature this is us diplomat. but some locals would like the trucks to be once again used for their original purpose they want the trains to return in force over there but. what bothers us is that the more real estate projects there are for not to teach the to. the harder it will be in a ten or fifteen years time to use the railway again for public transport. but it's what they want yet. others are delighted about the injection of life into abandoned train tracks around paris. we work just around the
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corner so when it's nice out we rest here at lunchtime. we fell in love with this spot in the rubble. i do like spots in the middle of a bustling city. paris is always a good idea what is your dream destination where would you like to send us next and also is u m x x star to travel to your favorite spots in europe and show you the highlights of our trip in the so you'll find all of the information on our website w dot com slash lives as a little things we are give away a year max watch to one participant so join in now it's time for a freak effect from around europe these are things you might not have heard before in today's high five serious it's all about minute art here are. five european artists to make the world look smaller than it really is. a v.w.
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bus struggles through rugged terrain. a v.w. beetle chased by dogs the cars are just toys of course trying to navigate the real world. they're portrayed by swiss photographer kim. paddington bear in the bus was her first picture that was seven years ago she takes our fifth spot among european artists to make the world appears smaller her photos can be seen in exhibitions and on social networks. an expensive modern house all the furniture is from classic designers. but nobody lives here. designed her dream house in all its furnishings on a scale of one to twelve. and she moves into the fourth spot on our miniature rankings she's worked in such detail that even the lamps lights up. and clocks keep
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time. is a member of a global community of many house decorators. to see turkey's most famous sites you'll need a magnifying glass but only if you want to see them through the eyes of this artist peering out from our third spot. paints his pictures on the tiniest objects he can find grains of rice. melon seeds and match heads. miniatures have a long tradition in turkey. is a master of the art. and nothing is impossible. british engraver and miniature. to prove that. the words under the sharp edge of a reserve the letters are barely a tenth of
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a millimeter tall. that turn him second place on our ranking it took inverter hundred fifty tries he does insurance training to keep his hands steady and swims ten kilometers a day to keep his resting pulse around thirty beats a minute. normally the heart beats three times that fast. he's got to use may look a bit primitive if you happen to be microscopic. in fact there are so tiny they fit inside the eye of the needle they can only be made out clearly under a microscope. we're going in of england coast reading his way through to first place among european artists who make the world look smaller. says miniature figures with many tools we can works on each sculpture for up to three months. people have an steadier hand as he had a. small but then presses now we have something for those who like my grandma was absent a kitchen when i was as
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a child she always made bone broth for me whether her specialist so but i was better in no time but make such a delicious and all the healthy broth that occasion time a lot of time about and a starter wants to revive this forgotten tradition from the past. is brock's of our magic called beauty election. the latest super food trend among models and actresses in the us is something their grandmothers might cooked up. but this broth is made by a startup in berlin. also new york it all began in new york like so many food trends in manhattan. nora had an italian restaurant with a small window that gave on to first avenue first avenue also and he decided to give new yorkers broth so then a queue started forming the new york times wrote about it and a trend was born you know that
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a lot it also. brock's is basically nothing but good old fashioned bone broth made with time love and high quality organic ingredients. here colorful and we buy a bones that would probably otherwise not be used and then we cook them up for eighteen hours on a low flame to preserve all the nutrients in college and and all the good from the animal in the broth itself was also. the berliners have made a name for themselves cooking up brought good food fairs such as food we go with their pop up stores they also add other super foods to their broth such as medicinal mushrooms and ginger the trend is finding advocates from stateside to berlin and locals also tell you what you've got it in hollywood for example with. she wrote about good bone broth in her book. so hollywood has played
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a certain role but the new york also has with models drinking takeaway broth instead of coffee because of the college in which is a beauty product. a graphic designer by training general bay often imbibes his own broth but he's aware that not everybody likes bone brotha especially vegetarians in . regan's. there are certain mushrooms that are used in traditional chinese medicine that my business partner knows because he truly does an osteopath . that inspired us to make a mushroom broth that we have now just released on the market. rocks can already be found in many stores in germany it's perfect for the fall and winter months. as a young boy a german photographer ahmadi my lescott grew up and the former east germany for him the years before reunification are just a childhood memory in
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a communist east germany the murals and mosey on buildings were meant to capture the spirit all socialism with extraordinary graphics the works by some famous german artist saved the face of communist cities but these works disappeared more and more with this picture just by lescott tries to keep this art form a life. architect martin militia collects images of east german era murals in relief so he's been photographing and documenting them as here in air force for fifteen years now. it's become a race against time as much of the art falls victim to renovation or demolition. what happened over the twenty five years following one thousand to was really catastrophic with the prefab apartment blocks i used to live in those three all together all had courtyards incorporates an autonomic picture. in east germany between one and two percent of construction costs had to be reserved for such art in architecture murals reliefs and mosaics the state was willing to pay to
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make the prefab housing a bit less dreary some say it was just commission dark with often ideological messages marching militia doesn't see that as a reason for removing the works. somebody more before the berlin wall fell when i was seven or in tears on its own because i wasn't even really aware of it politically not a total coup so my perspective on this is almost completely apolitical. you know no . he appreciates meeting artists such as eighty five year old arish and. he's the one who created the mural in air for. a few square meters arish lives in are packed with art from floor to ceiling. he clearly recalls the concept behind his monumental work from one nine hundred seventy six. i bought when i was basically making a portrait of the times were nothing else would work. the backbone of painting
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is and remains the human figure in its time. yes. murals by arish anger and other artists are part of his germany's legacy and martin must go once to preserve them if only on film. in an arch in architecture that has become a rare find in reunify germany. you can also find a lot of art in architecture on instagram account or join us on facebook on to them thanks for watching next time by. next time on your own mix these works of art have been infected with bacteria deliberately. for leonardo's forthcoming gunter takes pictures of art forms and makes slides of them then he uses them to grow bacteria or fungus cultures the
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reaction. producer pricing affects. next time on your own marks.
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the little malaysia is honest you're listening to me give me. the fight against illegal logging. david against goliath well time for me to tell everyone what's going on the fight come reduce activists come up against some mighty opponent. but who will live in the borneo case in fifteen minutes.
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or so on the way to survive night katya. we are scared we are very scared it will be a distant and who knows me how to fight this fight against it or. been led to what the true face of the country look like. modern freedom independence the separation of state and church that used to be important but for decades political infighting here has hindered progress and islamist extremists are gaining more planes bombing the gulf we call for the name of law feel god's law. democracy and the law are on shaky ground. in
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discontinuous love this should be. traded in. an office. bangladesh the dawn of islamism and exclusive d.w. report starts october eighteenth. definitive so i. see. you're comfortable with that deal on seven inch dick behind those big movies feet in front of them and they keep all those annoying. critters show comes on and it. was good to be the me again akiva just give the data. to. the phoenix park to take
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a piece of mock and sit in this if afraid. of us. tried to call it. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley has resigned from her post president donald trump confirmed haley's resignation and said she would step down at the end of the year he said he was considering his former deputy national security advisor dina powell as her replacement. police have released the romanian suspect in the killing of journalists victoria citing a lack of evidence i was raped and killed aunts.


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