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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 14, 2018 2:00pm-2:16pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin germany prepares for a political shake up it's election day in bavaria one of germany's richest and most conservative states but voters are very rebellious mood and there could be some serious aftershocks in berlin also coming up a new deadline looms in syria a demilitarized zone to protect civilians is due to take effect on monday but there are reports that our blind fighters have yet to start withdrawing. and at the iron man in hawaii germany's patrick lang the first set a new record to win the competition and then won and even more important prime.
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news. i'm carl kasell and welcome to the program all eyes in germany are on the various today as people there head to the polls in state elections the vote is an important barometer for america's government after a difficult year for her coalition now varia it's not just known for its beer and later hosen it's germany's biggest state and economic powerhouse and it's traditionally conservative in fact the conservatives have not lost an election here in more than sixty years here's how the state parliament is shaping up right now chancellor merkel's sister party the christian social union or c s u holds an absolute. already in but there yes but polls show that the c.s.u.
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will lose votes in today's election and likely even that absolute majority and the shockwave from the bavarian vote will be felt in berlin chancellor merkel's interior minister horst they hoffa is the c.s.u. party leader a poor result today could see calls for his removal further destabilizing miracle's troubled coalition polls also indicate that voters in bavaria will strengthen to opposition parties the environmentalist greens looks set to become the second biggest party in bavaria and the far right populist alternative for germany is expected to have a strong showing as well likely entering the regional parliament for the first time . germany's established parties are bracing for the outcome of the bavarian election this report now from d.w. political correspondent fabienne founder mark in berlin. the election in bavaria instills hope in some fear in others and the mood around burden sky stag
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is growing tends to varia is hundreds of kilometers away from here but parties in berlin expect an earthquake that could shake up german politics as a whole. inside the high stack building all parties are busy carrying out internal meetings the conservative parties are especially nervous. christian democratic union form a parliamentary group with their bavarian system party the christian social union. they are bracing for disastrous results the c.s.u. has never been as low in opinion polls as it is now. does a lot an alarm bell we have to make efforts to strengthen the traditional parties again we have to work on getting the core of society excited about politics again.
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those most excited about politics are outside that core the far right a fifty party might enter the bavarian parliament. and i'm going to good mood of course we expected to get forty percent of the vote and. the greens are also expected to do well the general trend sees smaller parties gaining from the larger party's losses the social democrats are also doozie voters. the blame game will almost certainly begin after the poor results the two big centrist parties are projected to get and many will point in this direction and hold chancellor america responsible for the decline of their party's. america's current government was formed just seven months ago the toughest period might lie ahead following the bavarian election. let's cross now to the bavarian capital that's munich where the maximally on a kosher because standing by
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a max obviously highly anticipated election turnout could be a factor here so how is the turnout looking. it's looking quite good it's looking actually better than in recent years i have polls are only open for three more hours and nine point five million bavarians are eligible to vote today and according to latest surveys the vote could be the voter turnout could be much higher this is something we observed this morning at the polling stations ourselves one season here in munich especially is there has been some going on throughout the day so were people came out quite early in the morning but in general you can sense something's different this year in bavaria people are excited for something they want to make their voice heard so for the first and there could be like a new higher turnout and the other difference of course is that the c.s.u. in danger of losing its absolute majority they're bracing for a bad result how bad could this be for them. well it's certainly not going to be the worst result of their history and their policy rule here in bavaria but
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it could be one of the worse that's for sure it's currently polls suggesting they're going to pull around thirty five percent question is how this is going to be because still almost half of all the voters seem very are still undecided and this is something that in recent history has always been in favor for the event conservancy as you but of course nevertheless results are going to be quite bad and the question then is who is going to be victim of a blame game that's certainly going to start in that party probably two of the most prominent persons one will be these state premium aco sudha he is the lead counted out of the vote there and conservatives question is if you'll be able to form another government with the conservatives even if they don't get enough votes and if he is even to able to be leading that government and what his role in the conservative party will be after the us about the national fallout here how much of a threat as a result of this yes you are the chancellor could. even be damaged more by this
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larger. state election in germany in general but especially this one of the various always something like a litmus test for it berlin politics but there is the economically strongest state so this is always somebody something that can be a bit taken in relations of the whole of germany and so what's kind of interesting to see here is that we have had a long conservative majority the conservative bavaria our coalition partner of german chancellor angela merkel's current government in berlin so this is a poll that's not only polling on state politics but also on how the government of german chancellor angela merkel is doing and if the conservatives are not getting a good nights that means that there is a sense that the policies of. walking maybe will soon been max kosik and you nick thank you very much. now to some of the stories making news around. world two of the most contentious roman catholic figures of the twentieth century
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have been made saints by pope francis in a ceremony at the vatican the pontiff canonized all the six and the murdered salvadoran archbishop oscar romero along with five others. a powerful storm is struck the coast of portugal entering almost thirty people and up routing bore than a thousand trees tropical storm leslie packed winds of over one hundred kilometers per hour when it hit the country late saturday local media say hundreds of thousands of homes suffered power cuts. russian opposition leader alexina volley has been released from jail in moscow he spent some fifty days behind bars on two back to back sentences for staging a legal protest of all the supporters say the kremlin is trying to sideline him. through to syria now where a deadline is fast approaching to create a demilitarized zone in northern province the zone should be established by monday as part of a deal agreed to by turkey and russia last month it's meant to prevent
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a government assault on the rebel held area which the u.n. says could provoke a humanitarian catastrophe but there are reports that hard line fighters have yet to start withdrawing from the area. syria's last major rebel stronghold is just a few kilometers from here an uncomfortable thought for jay z. and twenty twelve he fled from islam is fighters in this town singe are in the south of italy a province now the syrian army has regained control after bitter fighting what remains is rebel sadness and anger against the islamists. how could there be reconciliation with the people who killed my relatives and forced me to flee how could i ever sit down with them that would truly be a bitter pill to swallow. since our was once home to thousands today they are just two hundred residents most of them loyal supporters of president
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assad no one here really believes in a political solution with the islamists they believe military force is the only language the is the misunderstand even if it means death and suffering. and any might be ted you can't trust them they're liars i don't want a political solution i hope the army takes control of the whole province so that she can have some peace of their own are. these men are ready for action at all times they are part of the christian militia on the front line in southern it live they are under assad's control and their mission is to defend christians against islamist fighters. the islamists are supposed to withdraw by monday along with their heavy weapons at least that was part of turkey and russia's deal to created to militarized zone here but the christian militias leader says the islamists are actually reinforcing their defenses rather than withdrawing.
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holding the ceasefire that was agreed to by the islamist militants are digging trenches and building bunkers war we wouldn't normally tolerate that is but our orders are not to intervene for now things are quiet on the frontline the ceasefire has bought some time but not trust and president assad supporters don't want to see his victories against the islamists stop at it live even if it means risking heavy casualties. novak djokovic continued his masterful run of tennis as he beat creation born a chore ish to win the shanghai masters using a clever mix of groundstrokes the thirty one year old serb breezed past his opponents six three six four it's djokovic his fourth title in shanghai another tough night for german football the national team slumped to defeat in the nation's league losing three nil to rivals the netherlands the defeat heaps further
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pressure on germany coach york in lieu of who was already under scrutiny after a disastrous world cup. virgil van dyke capitalized on port offending to give the netherlands a first half late leroy's sunday was thrown on in the second half but the young winger was unable to change germany's fortunes dragging a shot wide. to light goes from memphis to pa enjoyed genius by node and then sealed a deserved three nil victory for the dutch germany have now scored only four times in their last six games leaving coach yohimbe were under increasing pressure and the scum of the people can certainly be critical especially in the closing stages in the last ten minutes the players must take responsibility and not run around like headless chickens for. despite the dire display of germany's tony cross believes the team can put the defeat behind the members of our democracy we have to move forward and try to take away the good things from the game we have
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to dust ourselves off and get ready for the next match and the next three that matches against world champions france away from home germany's task to turn things around doesn't get any harder. as the iron man world championships in hawaii the defending men's and women's women's champions both took home another title and the two did so in record fashion but in the case of the men's champion the action didn't stop at the finish line the german tried for another positive result that had very little to do with sports and it looks like he beat out the competition there to. the fortieth the iron man world championships also became the fastest ever leading early on in the women's competition was britain's lucy charles who set a new world record in the swimming event. but then switzerland's daniela got past her in cycling at the one hundred five mile mark this wish then held on from there
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also excelling in the marathon to take first place with charles settling for second and how have germany coming in third. third. in the men's germany's patrick long it was trailing until the final running stage that's also perhaps because he had been stung by a jellyfish just prior to the competition and wasn't sure if he could compete but compete he did and how finally making his mark late on and beating the previous race record by almost nine minutes he then dropped to his knees to propose to his girlfriend. along also became the first athlete in history to finish the competition in under eight hours and just a reminder of the top story we're following for you right now people in the german state of bavaria are voting in a pivotal state election that could further destabilize chancellor angela merkel's fragile coalition government polls show her conservative allies the c.s.u. are likely to lose their absolute majority. you're watching news from berlin
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stay tuned we have more at the top of the hour and for the latest updates you can check out our website that's dot com or follow us on twitter at to give you news. the state elections in but there you are expected to deal of further blow to german chancellor angela merkel's conservative how about. six seconds of me a one party rule by the various conservatives expected to be broken leg side shifting to the right. and that. what that means for germany's political stability find out today and d.-w. news.


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