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tv   Interview - Bodo Ramelow The AfD is stoking peoples fears  Deutsche Welle  October 21, 2018 2:15pm-2:30pm CEST

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schedule looks very sweet and cuddly you're watching the news from berlin and there's more coming up here at the top of the hour you can always have a look at our web site as well f.t.w. dot com thanks so much for watching us i'm on you can make in an invalid. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for. eco africa people and projects that are changing no one fireman to for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's. do it. farming magazine. long d.w. . we speak different languages we fight for different things that's fine
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but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w made for minds. spoto ramanna you were the primary heir of the german state of touring and and the member of the left party. i think you were from west germany and moved to what had been east germany in one thousand nine hundred i think the far right populist if the party is on the rise this thoughts on the opinion polls put it in the lead in the eastern states. how do you feel about that. stocks to put type of on the i have my feelings are not the issue for you as the if we see right wing populists on the
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rise across europe in the world. just look at america unfortunately they have become a negative feature of contemporary political culture and. i feel at home here and touring and living the life i want to live in the place i want to be has been in the old us germany and i moved around a lot so and got to know the entire country and. when i came here i suddenly felt that i could put down roots. who could sense but staying with the a.s.d. for a moment it is twice as much support in the eastern as in the western states why is that and this is a huge. question is not whether it has supporters but whether it generates votes as democrats we have to acknowledge that the dea has succeeded in turning nonvoters and voters so i cannot then complain that they voted the wrong way.
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there are evidently people who feel ignored by the politicians and don't feel that politics has anything to offer them to mention. not to mention. there is the east west problem that's mention of people in eastern germany feel this to have been treated poorly that there's an endless stream of good advice coming from the west with the reproach you are way too obedient to the east german state you know that germany. been unified shut up and adapt to our ways but that won't work that's why. we're my one said the old east germany was a narrow minded racists country. do you still think that that's not. what i said i was that there were racist elements there as well and that xenophobia can flourish among homogenous populations but have no experience of different kinds of people or cultures or religion that's not was mine i could put stuff i know that
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from my own hometown in western germany in the one nine hundred sixty. million cayman open ice cream parlor that was a culinary breakthrough in my small town we were crazy about italian ice cream but nobody wanted to play but see italian kids like it they called our names are a member of well when does it fall and does it arrogant and presumptuous to dismiss everyone in the eastern germany is racist as. it's also true that less than five percent of the population are not from germany. all the more incomprehensible and i'm gonna wonder no not at all if you go on the contrary in psychological terms it is much easier to be frightened of something or someone you do not actually know coming this minute. or that and if you have worries me and you feel that things are not going right and he does not you can spend your entire life working and still end up poor as a pensioner and then you can be susceptible to feelings of hatred didn't xenophobia
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house on fifth cut the own fog and that's i think composed of pretty much much to election results for the a.f.p. and serving in polls indicate it currently has more support than the left part. of the state premier what if you don't run into the you will shift. their support and you can simply in a further that i've done something wrong and bear sole responsibility for their rights and i do. i mean it like that's the happy sorry i heard what you said and i'll answer the way i want. i know so it is presumptuous and ill advised to always blame individuals and say they are responsible while ignoring all the things that are not going right to our country no one can die in for three million children live in poverty their reproduction of poverty is progress yet that's not a region that's living under such conditions it makes people susceptible to populism. and that's few people can work their entire lives and still end up poor
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when they're older and the government simply will not address the. brazing welfare by a five year old's does not solve any problems. he wants about you. and if you don't anything for you saying that i'm responsible and i got him back because you're just asking i'm disappointed he went into a lot of this but i do bear responsibility for is policy at the state level and when it's turning in as the most successful of the new east german states when i took office everybody said investment would go elsewhere companies would decamped there'd be a mass unemployment but the opposite is the case employment is growing proper jobs where workers pay their contributions as i said we are tackling long term unemployment. but many people feel that their personal situation still has not improved and. if the if just win seats in the very end state parliament has
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a maybe next day if the looks set to be an all sixteen state parliaments what does this mean for germany we will patient on my lead that's the new normal in europe populists railing against islam you can find them in almost all the countries of europe and what it will actions to the european parliament are to be held in may the big question is will we surrender europe to those who aim to destroy your. ip or as i may have a card is that that. forces in america are saying that all europe wants to weaken the us economy. and if we fail to join forces and shape europe together and if people like america builders get to chart europe's course you know things are going to get very dangerous for all of us and think that's good fairly feelings i lived in safely to having a new one in touring and has depended on the entire economic area of our exports go to other european countries sixty of our companies are global market leaders does
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that means we are doing extremely well in certain industries. that would be jeopardized if the xenophobia and racism were to become a part of everyday life fairly stanford a question fairing and also has a huge demographic problem like an assertive a million or about to retire out of a population of a little over two million men. yet to come here by these if we can't entice people to settle here work here not contribute to society here if we fail to make the state in that healing place to do business in the heart of europe and we're going to have a long term economic problem doesn't let's talk a little about you know latin and you are from the west and have lived for many years the east perhaps have attributes of both worlds and easterners and western us actually different i mean. this is aussie's a mess yes they are they still are thinking i can really see it. brought up differently in the two halves of the country and you can imagine of socialisation
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will be with us for some time to come and again and i kist well you know just one example i'm a christian in east germany and there was a secular coming of age ceremony and we thought it would just disappear while it's still going strong. and turning in almost ninety percent of youngsters choose to do it i thought it was a kind of ritual predates east germany. i want to think that it actually has nothing to do with religion but of. i phone human voice my relatives from western germany are always astonished when they come to visit with the best option but for me. the faggot i and then there's a language and vocabulary to different words for a plastic bag driver's license vehicle inspection i. expect you can tell pretty quickly from the way they speak from any emotional attachment. i have for someone who grew up in what was the old west germany or the old east germany when it's not
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even those that divide officially ended twenty eight years ago humanoid to athens one that also holds for young adults who have children of their own the differences endured very much from one distance but we also see this sort of thing on other parts of the world. as you think of the southern and northern states in the us their worlds apart. doesn't this is the west didn't you said you were a christian which is rather unusual for someone in the left part. of. the study and you have a certain affinity for the center right christian democrats. might you be drawn to the idea of a coalition of the left party and the c. the you. christin it would be the first of its kind. because it's camp about and they sometimes in the state elections on october twenty seventh next year i will be campaigning for the very same coalition we have now social democrats the left party and the greens have the that's the constellation i
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want to see in government again when so that's one. but i would like to point out that our political culture interring in as such that the christian democrats and the left talk to each other and address issues in a responsible collegial manner so i just meant on the basis just living democracy. and does what he would like people elsewhere are a very a for example to accept at the left by. it does not mean the end of the world or the outbreak of world com innocently and that we have some good ideas to contribute . dammit cynthia but i would like to end our interview by asking you to complete three sentences. to begins also szell democrat left wing coalition attorney and could be a model for the government at the national level if and when i do i pod if the three parties really hash out their differences in public debate him draw up
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a common agenda on the basis of those differences the kind i know no inforced toeing the line and building on a plurality of ideas then such a coalition would be an enrichment for all of germany just one western in eastern germany will truly grow together if and then i'll convince measures are adopted in the west that will benefit the people there better childcare better forms of social interaction more time spent learning together at school better health care in rural areas with outpatient clinics like they have in the east and district nurses. and legacy he's germany is more than some traffic regulations and a children's t.v. show. the best of the best way to fight right wing populism is to the ever have a democrat to develop democratic politics in such a way that people can regain trust in the system. and rest assured that they won't be left in the lurch if they are faced with problems and i was in their job won't mean disaster and i have ups you will get off you need to cut us off again these
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are people who have that kind of trust in the future in west germany in the one nine hundred sixty s. he's done it all got lost a gun should i say if that is our biggest promise one that to be exploited is to sow fear and anxiety. many thanks pleasure. be in good shape from the moment of fertilization until the day to day we're going to look at the numbers lead to the first if you child. proper nutrition prenatal screening and deciding how do i want to bring this child into the world more on these topics on. the. next on d w you know.
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the cause of. the first little disaster the twentieth century. the more to end all wars cost millions of lives. world. number marks the hundredth anniversary of its. what has humankind learned from the great war. as atlanta ga but is real peace and in possibility.
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nineteen eighteen not forgotten w.'s november focus. welcome to in good shape on t.w. here's your host dr carson laid out from the moment of fertilization until the big day today we're going to look at the nine months that lead to the drug.


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