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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 22, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm CEST

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this is utopian whose life for a girl in the evolving explanation new details emerge in the killing of saudi journalist jamal official sheik as the kingdom doubles down and tonight is the crown prince's involvement turkey's president is tightening the screws and promising to reveal just how special she died also coming up u.s. national security advisor john bolton is in moscow for talks amid fears of a new arms race this after washington said it's ready to pull out of an historic treaty on intermediate range nuclear missiles plus president trump says thousands of central american migrants marching towards the u.s. water are a national emergency he says he's putting the u.s.
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military and border guards on alert. and also coming up the terrible choices facing families fleeing syria. but often i stopped going to school on the seventh grade because i got engaged my mother no ten she came and told her that he wanted me and that was that we have the story of a syrian child bride living in lebanon on her mother says marrying off her fourteen year old is the only way they can all survive. thank you so much for your company everyone well we begin this broadcast with saudi arabia's evolving explanation of just how saudi journalist from official she was killed turkey's ruling party has said kushal she was the victim of a mom. auster asleep planned murder at the hands of riyadh saudi arabia meanwhile
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says she died in a brawl in the saudi consulate on now u.s. broadcaster c.n.n. has released c.c.t.v. footage which it says shows a saudi operative dressed in her show she's close leaving the consulate on the day he was killed seen in quotes a turkish official saying the man was brought in to act as a body double in a separate development and apparently abandoned car belonging to the saudi consulate has been found in is some bull parking garage turkish president richard ty of air two on is set to present details of the investigation to the turkish parliament on tuesday. well to help shed some light on all this let's cross over to d.w. correspond to you leon in istanbul for you yulia first to that video that's been released by c.n.n. what exactly does it purport to show and what does it mean for the ongoing investigation. well yes later this is one of
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the latest pieces of evidence in this very complex and mysterious puzzle security camera footage obtained by c.n.n. showing a man apparently disguised as jamal leaving the saudi consulate here in istanbul through the back axid this a man we're seeing there is reportedly dressed in mr suit with a fake beard and glasses we see him leaving the consulate then taking a taxi to the world famous sultan ahmed mosque here in istanbul and then according to this foods we see him going into a public bathroom and then reappearing in a different outfit now turkish officials seem to believe he was a body doable and part of a fifteen member team from saudi arabia. to istanbul to target saudi writer jamal khashoggi they also seem to believe this charade was part of the plan from the very
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beginning you have been citing an a.k.p. spokesperson there saying it was a seven planned killing that were his words and he believes that africa had been made to cover it up now let's briefly recall the saudi narrative here after two weeks of denying any involvement in mr disappearance they later admitted he was killed at the consulate but blamed his death on a fist fight a war a chokehold in another version they now say it was a rogue operation without any involvement of the saudi leadership. there we've also heard that a car belonging to the saudi consulate has been found in a park car park in istanbul what more can you tell us about the. well according to turkish media reports this car has a diplomatic plates suggesting it belongs to the saudi consulate here in istanbul it was found abandoned in a parking lot in the sultan ghazi district here in istanbul which is about fifteen kilometers away from the consulate investigators are expected to search it now but
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the reports say this car matches one of the cars seen outside the saudi consulate that day mr. disappeared so this car as far as the theories go go here might have even been used to dispose of his body. in conclusion. the new development is president and one has announced he will reveal details of the investigation in a speech in parliament on state friendly get go there has been this drip drip drip of information being leaked by turkey why not just release what they know now well that's the big question of course maybe to keep the attention live but for everyone as journalists as well covering the story it gets more complicated by the day more complex it's more difficult to distinguish facts from fiction so we're really waiting for the statement by president out on the big question is of course
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what will he say will he openly blame the saudis of murder he has so far refrained from doing so or will he as some theories go adopt the narrative of the rogue operation the saudis are trying to establish in exchange for some kind of deal and the spokesperson of his party yet today denied these claims that there are some kind of negotiations going on between turkey and saudi arabia but of course all eyes on turkey tomorrow all eyes on the south they are in the driver seat at the moment in the story here leon reporting from istanbul thank you. now u.s. national security advisor john bolton is in moscow for what are expected to be tough talks on arms control that's after the trumpet ministration announced it would pull out of a nuclear arms deal with russia dating back to the cold war president trump has accused moscow are violating the treaty russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has warned of consequences we just have to see it was teachers but you know i just
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don't wish to start again actions that in fact the reaction should not because the treaty stability can only be ensured when there is a heresy which it with years of peace or hope so yet still when you so let us know as a parent you must be maintained and all the circumstances are such that those in your potential to so you know that yes we are responsible for global stability emotional and expected that the us wondering now is this sheriff that responsibility in the huge list of. russia's foreign minister speaking there earlier for more on this subject i'm now joined by alexander graf lamb star she's a member of the german bundestag and deputy leader of the opposition free a democrat certs good to have you were with us this evening does president trump's announcement worry you yes of course particularly here in germany we are extremely worried by this announcement because it concerns a category of weapons that would reach europe not the continental united states it
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is a bilateral agreement between the united states and russia which europe's security which has greatly enhanced europe's security and i think it's very sad not only to germans but to poles to the french to the dutch to everybody here in europe but to president trump's point he says that russia is violating the agreement is that how you see it as well. well i find it slightly ironic to hear the russian foreign minister saying and i quote every action create its own reaction as a matter of fact since two thousand and fourteen we know that russia has deployed a system in myside s s c eight that violates the treaty that is in clear violation of the treaty with a reach of two thousand six hundred kilometers and so the united states action today is can be seen as a reaction to that violation of the treaty now a president a trump security advisor mr bolton john bolton is in moscow as we speak for talks
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are you encouraged by that is that a good sign. is that i think that is very important and i hope that this trip and these announcements will be the beginning of a series of conversations about strategic arms about arms control rather than the end of a treaty that has served everybody rather well and therefore i believe that john bolton being in moscow and briefing the russian side on the intentions of his administration is a positive sign i believe however that we need briefings from him or other senior officials in the united states administration of nato as well which is why we are calling on the german government to ask for a special nato summit on arms control and the i.n.f. treaty and what with that special nato summit meeting accomplish. well in that context the united states could explain what the strategy is behind
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their announcements because so far we have the announcement we cannot recognize a strategy what is the intention is there a change in the nuclear posture is there a pushback against russian highbridge warfare that is intended what exactly does washington intend with that and we need unity in the west because it would require countries to accept missiles off that kind in europe and for the united states to have countries welcoming such systems on their soil it would be good to involve them early on still i hope that all of this can be avoided and we can keep the contract the treaty intact can this treaty be salvaged i hope so i hope so because i think that it has served everybody well the russians are in breach and it is good that the americans react i criticize the german government for not having done so violating the treaty is even worse through withdrawing from authorities announcing that but i believe that the treaty can be selvages if all
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sides are serious about it and if all sides share the intention of avoiding a really ruinous arms race alexander graf landstar thank you sir for joining us thank you. and we're going to head to the u.s. now where the president donald trump says a caravan of central american migrants heading toward the country's southern border is a national emergency and it's put the military and border guards on alert he's also threatening to cut foreign aid to the region of mostly honduran migrants fleeing violence and poverty have reached southern mexico and could trek to the u.s. border within a month. they feel safer traveling in a large group they say they're in their thousands men women children many are suffering from dehydration stomach infections and foot injuries from their long journey. but most have one goal in mind to reach the united states for
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a chance at a brighter future. i mean you could have been executed letters through and support us. but we're not coming here we want to go here. we need transportation if we go without food for three days it's not a problem the united states should open its doors to let us work even if it's just for six years and that's it. in the southern mexican town of touch with one sunday sympathetic villagers offered exhausted migrants food water and clothing. the migrants had walked thirty kilometers in the blazing sun from the guatemalan border many of them without any provisions hundreds of locals driving vans and trucks stopped to let them climb aboard. the mexican authorities have been urging the migrants to apply for asylum in mexico and offered to bus them to a shelter set up by immigration officials but most refused fearing they would be
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deported. since the convoy formed last week if u.s. president donald trump has been threatening to call in the military up to close the border with mexico and we have the military stationed there not coming into this country. in a tweet trump send the migrants should apply for asylum in mexico first otherwise the u.s. would turn them away he also threatened to cut off aid to one duras guatemala and el salvador. but the migrants are undeterred whatever hardships they may face along their journey many see that life back home is much worse with rampant violence poverty and hopelessness. let's get you caught up now with some of the other stories making news around the world. the number of people killed in a coal mine accident in eastern china has climbed to three state media says
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eighteen people remain trapped underground two days after part of a tunnel collapsed in the mines with more than one hundred fifty rescuers are involved in the recovery operation. armed soldiers and police and india controlled kashmir haven't forced a security lockdown in downtown neighborhoods in anticipation of more anti india protests it comes amid rising tensions after seven civilians were killed in a gun battle between government forces and militants on sunday. lebannon has taken in more than a million syrian refugees though many live in extreme poverty and often parents have no choice but to marry off their children because they simply don't have the means to feed and raise them now aid groups have warned that the number of child brides is growing in lebanon where there is no minimum age of marriage the w.'s a travel to a refugee camp in the bekaa valley in an exclusive report she met
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a fourteen year old girl who was about to get married. last fall when it was just starting a new semester at school. this year she's getting ready for her wedding but i stopped going to school in the seventh grade because i got engaged my mother knows him he came and told her that he wanted me and that was that. mother has just fourteen years old when her fiance first brought her her engagement ring it slipped off her finger and had to be resized to fit her small hand. she flat were trying syria to a refugee camp in lebanon's bekaa valley. the stent is home to her her mother and three siblings it's difficult to make ends meet with the rest of the sort of. i need to pay for electricity household expenses rent i also have medical expenses
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two of my children have chronic asthma when they have attacks at night there's nothing i can do mara won't be the first in her family to be married off as a girl her mother wed when she was fifteen eight organizations say the humanitarian crisis has seen child marriages increase within syrian refugee communities. many like matter who no longer have a childhood with few responsibilities to look forward to. and who also will for what i have to get married because of our situation there are many things i need that i can't get i don't have any married friends and don't really know what marriage is. in lebanon one in five syrian refugee girls between fifteen and nineteen is married with more than two thirds of syrian refugees in lebanon living in poverty many parents see marrying their children off as the only option to pay the bills. if we were in syria and there was no
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war i would never have done this i would have let a study even my son who is top of his cluster now has to work. with that last year or ten burned down i'm still in debt because of that we left with nothing but the clothes on our backs. but parents are not the only ones to blame there is no minimum age of marriage and lebanon and some religious communities groups even younger than fifteen can marry activists like him nor are calling for that to change. we need a law that would set the minimum age for marriage at eighteen and to punish the shakes who officiate such marriages their giving away it goes right to them marrying them just on paper but it's not officially registered anyway. a lot less follow it up. such a law is nowhere in sight however and so in
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a few weeks we become yet another child bride in lebanon should be sent back to syria to her future husband. at. another c.e.o. pulls out even as chief executive joe kayser has announced that he will not attend the future investment edition of conference in saudi arabia it follows the killing of journalist. the german engineering giant is one of the last companies to decide against sending its top executives to the davos in the desert many companies including j.p. morgan and ford had previously pulled out of the event as has u.s. treasury secretary stephen moore nugent. to get the response to this story from puts a financial correspondent in frankfurt. is this going to have knock on effects i mean we're talking about just one call friends but is this going to have no one
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effect on the economy as a whole for saudi arabia. oh but a lot of people are not going to want to hear this but it's probably going to have a very minimal effect on saudi arabia first three reasons first at this conference business talks are still going to happen russian direct investment fund is going even the u.s. and u.k. do not want to get rid of their defense contracts so they're going to send representatives and with banks like in just b.c. and j.p. morgan pulling out while they're pulling out their c.e.o.'s but they're going to you know go with the second or third row second reason is domestic reforms i just got off the phone with an analyst in dubai and he said just the fact that women are now allowed to drive drove up insurance policies by twenty five percent we've also got cinemas in the country now so there's consumer spending there's a message expanding that strengthens the economy in the third reason well it's brown dark blackish and smeary it's oil and the price is very very high right now
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much higher than it was in two thousand and fifteen when the country opened up so companies are mostly hurting themselves that they're not coming to this company to this conference ok so the oil could keep pumping this country long pokus in but it's first and thank you italy is here to stay i mean is the just safe because the country won't leave the european union but that it will stick to its defense deficit hike that's despite a huge criticism argues the economy needs a lift because member state germany has warned road to be careful with debt and moody's has cut italy's credit rating. it's a difficult position that you use economics commissioner pierre moscow busy says that italy should decide its own fiscal policy but he has a stipulation. on the other hand it has to respect a common rule e.u. countries have done for ten years we can policies that are left out that's what
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makes us all part of the eurozone as we know the problem is that rome wants to borrow three times the amount of fresh cut than promised by the previous government well that doesn't break any e.u. rules it could mean that italy's huge mountain of debt might become unsustainable the current debt level of one hundred thirty percent of g.d.p. already exceeded e.u. limits but doesn't seem to bother italy's coalition of the rightwing northern league and populist five star movement. we must create something new because we're neither right nor left we must create a new european group the european group that does not have the right all the left as a goal even though there is no loss in east that our. economic growth stagnated in the third quarter and unemployment especially among young people is high bolstering social spending and taking a tough stance against brussels has a nice range to large parts of the public and so i think all the electoral promises were kept so they did just fine even keeping the point with europe which i think is
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the fundamental battle. people don't know what it was so interesting about that you have a moment that is not your place ok i think that europe does not have to tell us what we have to do here also because they have a prejudice against us in comparison to other european countries are they not for the respect they used to praise european italy's government has told the e.u. it plans to stick to its spending plans but it will keep an eye on future debt. economists francesco he joins us from rome now i know the germans don't like debt but you're italian aren't you what are you like italy's debt policy. well this country already has a very high debt and why the a d a of trying to find policies to help the country get back on its own and grow is obviously an important and necessary dia i doubt that the current policy of thought of their increasing the
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debt and in particular to increase the depth for more spending on transfers that is pension spending and unemployment subsidies is a very bad idea for bringing the country back to growth it's not going to work isn't that money they put into consumers' hands to spend spending money spending power and the prime minister is talking about giving the economy some breathing space to rise isn't that justified. no there it's a lot of rhetoric about and you know there's a lot of wishful thinking behind the a.t.o. of giving putting money in the hands of the people you hope that they would spend it but in fact that's not what people do especially when people are very insecure or you give them money they would save most of it because these are hard times so it's a technical term this notion of the multiplier but the multiplier that is you know the additional spending that's generated following it when you are spending by the
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government on these particular items that they're considering is known to be very low moreover you know there's a problem with financial markets if italy though really wants to do its own thing and not rein in dead maybe it's better if it goes its own way and leaves the e.u. at the end of the day. i think that would be a tragedy for the town an economy it would become some kind of argentina so there europe. and it would also create some big problems for the rest of europe because you know the economies these economies are very much interconnected so my own hope is that that's not going to happen ok fingers crossed it was fun to school lippy from rome thank you very much for joining us thank you.
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sunday's formula one action saab british driver lewis hamilton fail in his bid to secure a fifth world championship with three races remaining as ferrari's kimi raikkonen storm to victory in the us called crete while germany's about sound that all meanwhile fought back after a difficult start to finish fourth and remain within touching distance of the mercedes driver in the overall standings. pole position in a potentially title winning us graeme prix the dream scenario for lewis hamilton. and things are about to get even better as rivals best team fettle spun out following a collision on the opening lap. but fettle ferrari team mate kimi right kiran wasn't about to make life easy for hamilton repeatedly forcing the british drivers attempts to regain the lead. the surprise emergence of red bulls next to stepan but it started in eighteenth position gave hamilton a new headache and contributed to
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a nail biting final few laps. special's recovery into full from a moment hamilton would have to finish second to wrap up the title. but right can and fished up and held the hate the hamilton victory parade. will present big congratulations to you kimmy you did a great job today no mistakes i had a great start and manage it all away so i think when i. also. suppose this happened did a great job as well i mean he was it was an aside but a tie the knot at the end so it nets me a bit of a struggle. of not be thought we would have been out to do better but this is the best we were able to do the end of first scrum for you victory for roy consumes twenty thirty as hamilton is forced to wait another week in his bid to seal the feat while title. and before i let you go i want to remind you of our main headlines right now. a top official from turkey's governing
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a kid party says the killing of exiled saudi journalist from a special fate at his country's istanbul consulate was planned in a savage manner and world leaders are skeptical about saudi claims that the killing was accidental also u.s. national security advisor john bolton is in moscow for talks on nuclear arms control as after washington announced it would pull out of a cold war treaty on intermediate range missiles and threatens a new arms race with russia. on little rock in berlin on behalf of the entire news team thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us the news continues at the top of the out see that.
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our hosts explore bottoms looking back. on the slogan is the perfect place for bristol relaxing and i'm still a huge winter sports fan and i'm going to try everything the black forest has to offer in the sun for the snow mom good and bad is worth a visit no matter what this is. totally. and without any good news. is that possible scientists are coming to the city are researching the future of
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agriculture strips of wild flowers with insects could replace pesticides food plans food fertilizers and a balance between high notes on a diversity to be found to morrow chick sixty minutes. was a humane trap because on. the first global disaster of the twentieth century. the one. marks the hundredth anniversary of its end. what is humankind learned from the great war. as it learned anything at odds. nineteen.
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not forgotten the w.'s november focus. more. welcome to a special edition of check in this time our presenters lucas degas and nicole for lish are visiting the german state of body inverting back it's located in southwestern germany and is a popular holiday destination in every season.


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