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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 26, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm CEST

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this is news line from berlin the u.s. president donald trump vows to prevent violence to the arrest of a suspect connected to a series of bombs these jurors are despicable and have no place in our country trump appraised. of a florida man who is being treated as the main suspect in the case from our correspondent. a turkish court sentences a german man too over six years in prison for membership in an outlawed kurdish militia his family says he was in turkey on
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a hiking trip. irish voters decide whether time's up on the religious blasphemy. there's no need for such a roll. call doesn't mean to. mock. ireland holds a referendum on a law that even the catholic church says is obsolete. i'm glad you could join us police in the united states have detained a suspect in connection with a series of explosive packages sent to high profile public figure investigators in florida identified the fifty six year old man says arcee york and seized this white van from a parking lot two additional suspicious packages were found earlier today when up.
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police bomb squad was called to a midnight midtown manhattan post office in new york city that's where workers discovered one of the possums intendant or rather be intended targets where a democratic senator and a former director of national intelligence both prominent critics of president donald trump these terrorizing acts are despicable and have no place in our country. i've instructed authorities to spare no resource or expense in finding those responsible and bringing them to swift and certain justice. we will prosecute them him her or whoever it may be to the fullest extent of the law. more on what investigators are doing we're joined now by keith noble he is a former cia bureau chief and a professor at florida university international university's public policy
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institute thank you for joining us so this arrest was made not far from where you're located what is known about the suspect at this stage well good evening what isn't known right now is that the subject is they misuse or say are you in your city since you're so use a registered republican and a native american you know character in arrested at his place of business or surrounded by a.t.f. . agents right now in the next twenty four to seventy two hours mirror and security officials are going to be working at this place of business this whole family and social media to get an understanding of whether or not the act a little low to collect evidence the hope here for a grand jury to officially charge you is there any evidence of this point that he may have acted with other people. that's something that's an important question everyone's trying to get you and frankly right now that permission is not know the
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most critical time right now for law enforcement is going to be all over the next two to three days as they collect information intelligence from his vehicle from his place of business and those residents the bill the broader picture of this person this network so on and so forth but we found out the moving at a legal journals is that mr assyria has been arrested on new persecutions going back to the one nine hundred ninety s. at least one of those arrests being for some all so this is someone who was known by police but is not known as whether or not the radical political beliefs and how he got radical was but what likely happened is that d.n.a. was collected from one of the mill operatives that it submitted for at that well now counting and that was probably run through a national database is what they were looking at the and they are fingerprints and that's probably how to construct the dragnet to identify right now you say his political views are not known so does this mean that up until now we still don't
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know what his motivation was. that is correct i mean he has targeted critics of the president now that states donald trump he started news organizations he's targeted high profile democratic donors so it's safe to say that he has. issues he has an anger and resentment towards the democratic party which is obviously the opposition party here united states but until we get more intelligence and details on the ground in place of business and residence we can't pinpoint what was the particular driver i do can sell you based on the open source reporting that's been let out there when he rose an arrest that this van was covered in what we call right wing propaganda trumps cigarettes and other things that give an indication of his political leanings but we're still of you know still faces of the best the geishas now have been arrested and again over the next couple hours more information will make itself there right and as that information trickles to the investigators what can we expect from then from from them from here on.
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hooley for the first thing that they're going to look is they're going to look or act all this old evidence of this power over loops that directly tie in to those hoops and packages that were sent against the investigators they have an imprint on approach on one they have to build a legal case against them to have him arrested and have what we call a grand jury in a negrin jury they're going to probably charge him for possessing weapons of mass destruction they're going to try to probably charging for or intent to kill those type of thing so they have to get back information collected on the other hand they also has to bill a bigger profile of mr stay on the determined whether or not there were accomplices was this a conspiracy they're going to do that looking at social media going to do their phone talking to his employees talking to his family to determine whether or not he was working with some i'm pretty confident that we're going to get that information
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in some time to in the next twenty four to seventy two hours and will definitely be watching this story very closely from a cia bureau chief keith novel thank you you thank. that's not a look at some of the other stories making news around the world an earthquake close to the greek island of zach in force has rattled western greece and damaged buildings the quake hit overnight and carried a force of six point eight according to the european side seismological center a few people have been treated for minor injuries. at least twenty people mostly students and teachers have been killed in flash floods near jordan's dead sea the group was on a school trip when their bus was washed away police managed to rescue more than thirty people who were then taken to hospitals in the area. india's opposition congress party has held a protest in the capital of delhi over allegations of corruption and bribery links to the government the issue has plunged the country's chief investigative agency
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the c.b.i. into a collision course with the government india supreme court has called for a swift investigation to resolve the dispute. a turkish court has sentenced a german man to six years in prison on terrorist charges patrick was arrested on the turkish syrian border in march now prosecutors accused the twenty nine year old of being a member of the kurdish militia group known as white b.g. a group which ankara classifies as terrorist. patrick keiko is a twenty nine year old carpenter from the southern german town of peace he claims he was just a tourist hiking near the syrian border it's an area in which the turkish military is fighting a war against kurdish militia groups this much is known on the sixth of march this year caica traveled by plane from germany to gaza young type in turkey on the thirteenth he boarded a bus to the town of in the next day turkish security forces arrested him in the
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town of sea looking for security police also say that i had written an e-mail offering his services as a fighter to the syrian kurdish militia y.p. jean chi-chi admitted writing the email but claims not to have known that turkey considers the y.p. g a terrorist organization the news comes just as the german economy minister peter is in turkey trying to improve relations between the two countries the focus of the visit is on business deals but i would my i will also raise the issue of german nationals in turkish presence he knew of the case i admired told german media on friday and the government would closely monitor the verdict the german foreign ministry in berlin was tightlipped. interest as a decision offered turkish traditionally and of course our embassies in contact with mr caica. we assume that he will file an appeal under turkish law with the help of his to a crisp legal counsel. earlier this week the foreign ministry
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stepped up its travel warning for german nationals going to turkey since the failed coup d'etat in two thousand and sixteen the turkish government has imprisoned thousands of critics among them were several german nationals including join the list then as you jail and ms are little both have since been released but at least five germans including caica are still in prison in turkey. syria's rebel held its leave province has seen the deadliest day of shelling since russian s. strikes and a two months ago wanted to say that at least seven civilians were killed the violence comes ahead of a four nation summit in turkey tomorrow now the host nation says it wants the leaders of france germany russia and turkey to agree on concrete steps to end the seven year war ungar also hopes to preserve the dignitaries zone around the rebel held province an agreement reached between russia and syria last month.
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seven years of war in syria at least three hundred fifty thousand killed and a country in ruins now the rebel stronghold faces a siege the next humanitarian crisis is imminent. it is the last part of syria not under the control of president bashar al assad many of his opponents have fled here but it is only a question of time until his troops and his allies retake the region in northern syria. turkey and europe fear that a majority of the three million people living here will try to flee initiating another refugee crisis preventing this will be the main goal of the political summit in istanbul. the syrian conflict is dominated by foreign powers mainly russia iran and turkey they have different interests at stake and support different sides in the conflict with weapons logistics and personnel russian president vladimir putin is president assad's closest ally russia has been taking an active
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part in the war since two thousand and fifteen putin wants to strengthen russia's military presence in the region syria is its sole access point to the mediterranean sea. president hassan rouhani of iran is the other major assad supporter from day one to iran has supported damascus with advisors weapons and troops syria in return provides iran with a crucial route to the hezbollah militia in lebanon. turkish president rich type one would like to topple assad and qatar has supported various radical rebel groups from the start and since january turkey has had troops of its own in syria one of at of on its goals is to limit kurdish influence in the region . during a divines recent visit to berlin german chancellor angela merkel agreed to this weekend summits russia iran and turkey have used the syrian conflict to reestablish their positions as regional powers in the middle east. but reconstruction will
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require western money perhaps giving leaders like merkel additional clouts. joining us now is a member of the german parliament and chair of the parliament's committee on human rights missiles and thank you for joining us and you're just back from syria this week of to visit with the u.n. world food program how is the actual humanitarian situation on the ground. yes good evening well i visited a region in the region of eastern gotama which is called some malka and basically everything is destroyed there around three hundred thousand people used to live there now it's around estimated around one hundred fifty thousand people basically living between rubble there's only one school at the moment that is actually educating children around one thousand and the world food program as also the syrian red crescent are distributing food there but actually i witnessed the second
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time of a food distribution just on tuesday this week so basically the whole population there is very demanding for food because there are checkpoints there are high fees on food that goes into the region so we definitely need to work on bringing the basics back to the population there and turning to the summit on saturday how likely can france germany turkey and russia be brought to the same page and ending the conflict i mean they have different and sometimes even competing interests. well if you ask me and my party we would love to hear that talks are off the is them both summit on on saturday so tomorrow will have a successful ending but i think it could only be one of many steps ahead because syria and the regime of assad is not sitting at the table there is no strong view and voice at the moment so i think it could be
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a first step but what we need is actually a strong e.u. voice in a you and led coalition talk i think we could use the best practices of the oslo talks between israel and palestine where we had special ruppert tours of all those conflict parties but sat together in confused confidentiality so there is no media press and also audience from from officials that is keeping the pressure pressure up that there needs to be a success so i think we should. basically lower the pressure take istanbul summit tomorrow as a first step but it cannot be with the assad regime right decisions and when you look at this summit what do you personally expect from it. actually i don't expect very much of it i think president add on is trying to reach a better standing in the in the international community i think it's. shows that
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for example president trump and the u.s. is not part of this summit but i think it can only be one of these steps as i said for a sustainable peace within syria and i think if president assad is not part of these talks and does not agree to the dialogue we need to yeah we basically need to talk about european sanctions if he's not willing to agree to the terms. of german parliament and chairwoman of human rights committee. thank you thank you. right well stephen's here which means it's time for the business and it's not looking too good in brazil that's right you were here to talk about brazil as it prepares for a weekend runoff vote and its economy is widely viewed as
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a disaster now one problem is the pension system is one of the world's most generous and therefore most expensive retirement programs in the world brazil can't afford it now and it's about to get worse feel your harms are routine reports. rush hour in sao paolo in brazil's biggest city many people work far more than eight hours per day some start at a very early age so they can retire at fifty five and then continue to earn seventy percent of their final salary for the rest of their lives for decades that's been the norm in brazil. it's what says that was hoping for after working as a teacher for more than thirty years an accident before retirement led to her salary being cut now the sixty three year old gets less than the minimum wage and now i am. no it's inhumane to have to live on a minimum salary everything is getting more expensive with inflation and all that
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and people keep on getting a salary which now i can live up to so it's very difficult. with less than two hundred dollars a month she can barely afford more than her rent and although she bolsters her income by selling handicrafts she feels desperate about the future. they all know they only they have no idea what to do i have faith in god that he will open up doors for me that i really don't know it's very sad you know they have they. moved into this. life expectancy is increasing in the country it's a demographic change that's leading to fewer younger workers supporting more retirees in addition to the recent years of limited or negative growth and the very generous pensions granted to the public employees rather less rapidly heading to a point where it was no longer be able to meet its pension obligations. in twenty
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seventeen the government ran up a deficit of more than sixty billion dollars in order to cover pensions despite this unsustainability an overhaul of the pension system is politically difficult to achieve. usually their government and. remembers the program only when there is no crush of a loved one. not because you need that group sees things in order to people feel more secure more comfortable we mean currencies. and so all the time that they kept the reform always seen the séance of cutting spending. not. better therapies. the issue of pension reform is complex and controversial and neither of the presidential candidates facing off in this sunday's election runoff have clearly addressed it however it's one of the
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most urgent challenges the newly elected congress will face in twenty nineteen. now brazil's pensioners will undoubtedly be relieved to hear that the world's billionaires are now twenty percent richer than they were last year a report by swiss bank u.b.s. and auditors p w c also says the number of billionaires is rising as well two thousand one hundred fifty eight people around the world have now managed to accumulate over a billion dollars of personal wealth. for some billion as the only way is truly up . japanese twenty two new saka mizar will become the first private passenger on a trip around the moon. he set to take off in twenty twenty three space x. a rocket developed by evil musk while the price of the ticket has yet to be revealed it is assumed to be astronomical. meanwhile the number of billionaires with the spare cash to follow my sa into space continues to grow according to u.b.s. his annual report on the super rich they hold an average of four point one billion
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dollars in wealth north america remains the global leader in the number of billionaires six hundred thirty one but western europe slipped to third place second spot now belongs to the greater china region which includes hong kong and taiwan china proper is home to more than three hundred billionaires most of them self-made. at the turn of the millennium china had only one billionaire but u.b.s. now expects the country to overtake the u.s. in the near future the country's billionaire boom has been fueled in particular by its mushrooming tech sector. jack ma was still working as a teacher when he founded allie barber in one thousand nine hundred nine. in twenty fourteen the online retail company claimed the title of the world's biggest ever i.p.o. . mark who set up the business in his living room is now worth an estimated thirty billion dollars.
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with the news thank you very much stephen and we return to the main story now the arrest of a florida man in connection with a series of letter bombs addressed to prominent politicians and critics of president trump now trump praised authorities we had been fifty six year old says ask the old miami he's been treated as the main suspect in the case the f.b.i. also seized this vehicle and trump has promised to punish anyone involved in the plot and said political violence must never be allowed to take root in the united states. all right we go now to do that because one of my is in washington for the very latest so my oh we've already heard from president trump on this how much of what he said
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will go towards placating his critics who allege that his rhetoric has actually been increasing the tension over this well we've definitely heard him make the calls for unity for to cease the political violence that america cannot to send to this this is all you know rhetoric that you would expect really from any president but then we see him at his campaign rallies these three am tweets one of which we saw this morning still blaming the media for sowing and deepening these political divisions and his campaign rallies we saw a small rally that was actually in the white house today. we still hear chance of a lock her up and other sort of rhetoric against prominent democratic operatives many of whom were the target of these packet bombs so while there have been motions in the direction of needing to bring the country together and unify we see that
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trump is sort of going forward with his his usual rhetoric of attacking the democrats and attacking the media right and we've seen bombs discovered every morning since monday so can you give me a sense of how this story is shaping american politics given especially the the midterm elections and. especially because the midterm elections are less than ten days away we saw the president also it's meant the fact that this news story this incident this news cycle was slowing down republican momentum building up to the midterms and he was at his campaign rallies he was talking you know really all of his greatest hits we have this caravan of migrants moving north from mexico to the u.s. border that he was getting out he was talking about health care really getting his base out to vote and now just before the midterms we have this these targeted attacks attempted attacks on all these high profile democratic operatives that
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really gives fuel to democratic base whether or not it would depress republican turnout remains to be seen but now the democrats have this very convenient handy story line where they can point at this and say look we're under attack or the victims you need to get out and vote and put us back in power so that we can stop this happening. and my i also understand that in just a few moments the f.b.i. will be issuing a statement do we know what what we should be expecting from the. we're expecting indeed we're expecting the press conference to start any minute now what we're looking for here is more details about the man who was arrested says are fifty six years old. currently residing in florida we know some information already we know that he has had a string of arrested him back to the early ninety's one in two thousand and two was specifically for making a bomb threat we're still looking here for a motive and now we can make all sorts of assumptions and draw sort of conclusions based on who was targeted and from some visuals that we've seen from evidence that
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was collected where he was arrested most notably his van which was plastered with pro trump anti-democratic stickers but it would be disingenuous to try to ascribe any sort of motive to that without knowing officially what the f.b.i. has found so that's what we're really going to be looking for as a clue to what this man's motive was and as well if they believe he was working alone or if there may be other people out there who are coordinating and how many package bombs we might still be waiting for considering there were two more and rumors of two more after that found this morning and this suspect has been connected to a mill facility in florida how many of the devices a believed to have been sent from the. well we've seen at least twelve so far and we know that the f.b.i. believed that even before this arrest was made that there were at least a good chunk of them that were being sent from that miami facility and we also know
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that at least one i believe one of the ones that was targeted at c.n.n. earlier this week was possibly hand delivered so the authorities focused in on miami fairly quickly in this investigation the fact that this man had a string of arrests already apparently they started tracking his cell phone fairly early and tracking his movements that has that has been the factors that have contributed to this arrest happening so quickly unfortunately if no one has yet been hurt in this incident. in washington with the very latest thank you and in just a moment we'll be going to the justice department in washington for the latest on that bombing investigation following the arrest of a suspect so do stay tuned we'll be right back. so.
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subscribe to the documentary. i. am not proud of and i will succeed in dividing us but i don't not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of the stick trying to show. taking the stand global news that matters. made from our. welcome back here with the top story u.s. president donald trump has hailed the swift arrest of a florida man being treated as the main suspect in a series of letter bombs sent to prominence democrats the president also vowed to prevent political violence from taking hold in the united states. right let's go to do the correspondent who is in washington and who's joining us
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from new york city thank you both for joining us so my let's begin with you bring us up to date on what we know so far about this case and the suspect. for for those who are just tuning in there's been one man arrested who is a current florida resident he's going to be fifty six years old his name is says there jr he had an extensive criminal record dating back to the early ninety's was first arrested in one thousand nine hundred one and one arrest in two thousand and two raised some eyebrows because he was taken in for. threatening bomb threat frankly in miami so it seems that law enforcement were able to zero in on him fairly quickly given that a lot of these package bombs were being sent out from a facade from of mail facility in north of miami and he was already known to law enforcement there so we are expecting the f.b.i. to come talk to the press any second now and give us more information about what his possible motive was when and you're in new york and as i understand it you
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actually near a location where an additional device was discovered by the police this morning what if you've been seeing and hearing that's right if i'm standing in part of the sorting facility here in midtown manhattan where a package was discovered by an employee inside the facility it was addressed to former national intelligence director james clapper who is now a contributor at c.n.n. and there had offices there of course at the time warner center some blocks away about six blocks away and it was intercepted by an employee here there's great relief that there has been a suspect has been apprehended in florida as mentioned but people are still concerned because potentially he could have mailed out more packages before he was detained but in terms of the specific package it is no longer here it has been taken by a bomb squad to the blog where there's a picture that was the very that will take a look at the device how would how we package for that. right and abbi yesterday
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officials were saying that new yorkers are safe do you see increased. which they promised. well if you can see right over my shoulder and there are still be officers here at the site despite the fact the device has been removed and transported north that i'm in terms of security being beefed up governor cuomo did mention that it will be doubled. the measures actually could be doubled at critical infrastructure point including bridges and tunnels and state police are working with the secret service as well as other federal officers the n.y.p.d. officers and the counterterrorism bureau are outside that means train station here in manhattan and that's of course grand central station which is about ten blocks away from here and also i was standing outside other possible targets in terms of upstate new york authorities are there still that's where a package was headed to the home of the clinton so security has been amped up and
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not only do these prominent democratic homes potentially because they have been the intended targets but also at public sites. maya coming back to you in washington now some indications that this suspect has a right leaning views how will that influence the reaction in the united states. you know we're definitely seeing lots of evidence to that effect given the van that was seized by the f.b.i. that was allegedly associated with this man that was covered in pro trump and anti-democratic bumper stickers this is really a stumbling block for the republicans as we've mentioned these midterm elections are coming up in less than ten days and we you know there's been so much happening already leading up to these midterms president trump has been out campaigning for various republican candidates across the country and he really had you know a good patter going getting his political base riled up to vote for these
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candidates and get more republicans into the senate and into the house of representatives talking about immigration talking about health care and now this is really been a monkey wrench thrown in those plans especially because the people who were targeted are such high profile democrats now again we don't know the motive of the man yet we don't know whether it was just him if there were other people involved and as abbi mentioned we don't really know how many packages were sent out yet there's now been fourteen at two more were found in california today so maya do you think this will this is a restaurant that will fund the fuel political divisions in the united states. in some ways it is that already has we've already seen the president himself pointing the finger at the media saying it's the media's fault for sowing these visions we have seen the leaders of the democratic party pointing the finger at president saying that words like the country needs to unify and come together and stop this
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political violence ring hollow when it comes from him given the sort of rhetoric that's prevalent at his campaign rallies and this is something that the democrats are really going to be able to to use to point their finger at this and say you know look at this we're under attack we need more of us in congress to stop this sort of thing and if anything is going to get the democratic base riled up even more to say we need to defend our country it's now under political attack and there even been some people questioning whether this is going to be classified as an act of domestic terrorism. right i want to come back to you in new york when most of these devices were sent to accuse to addresses in new york city how what they detected before they reached the recipients. you know some of them were detected before they reach the intended recipients and we have to remember postal workers are on the front lines here just like this morning when an employee at the facility behind me discovered the package and alerted his supervisor that it looks suspicious the same thing happened yesterday at
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a post old office ilithyia service in delaware where two packages were addressed to former vice president joe biden now we also have to remember that the ones that were sent to the obama and hillary clinton those were intercepted by the secret service despite the fact that several of them did not make it to their intended recipients some of them did for example george soros the billionaire philanthropist who has donated to liberal causes that one wants delivered to his home there was also one that made it to actor robert deniro that was yesterday it was addressed to the restaurant that he calms in tried back out luckily none of these detonated the twelve before the other ones that were found today none of them detonated but as law enforcement officials have told us they were set off to explode they were all the components of an explosive device were included it had a container it had a power source a detonator and explosives the fact that none of them detonated it is sheer luck. because the sun joining us from new york and maya in washington thank you both for
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joining me. and just to remind a flow of us if we will be going live to the justice department officials there expected to hold a briefing regarding the arrest of the suspect in this case. elsewhere though german chancellor angela merkel's conservatives are bracing for yet more punishment at the ballot box and speak and that's when voters in the central state of hess's whose capital is frankfurt's choose new regional leaders big losses are forecast for both macula c.d.u. and the opposing. rather of the opposition social democrats two weeks ago merkel's bavarian is the c.s.u. slant to their worst election result in decades. frankfurt germany financial hope an economic powerhouse and the biggest city in the southwest and german state governed by angler merkel's conservative c.d.u. and the green party after twenty years in power the conservatives are bracing for
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huge losses as has heads to the polls. but this time around the state election isn't only about local politics how hesse's four million voters cast their ballots on sunday could have huge repercussions in berlin not least of all the german chancellor angela merkel despite projecting an image of stability on the campaign trail and has a macro has every reason to be concerned the conservatives are at a record low the worst case scenario would be if her close ally and has a state premier focal bouvier what pushed out of office months of squabbling and debates over migration and personnel at federal level have overshadowed the has a state election. on sunday the vote is about has. then we'll talk about berlin. i think this is important because the has the state government and
8:40 pm
this is credited for a couple few showed how one can achieve great results without quarrels and. this despite. feeling. even in hesse's catholic conservative stronghold of folder disenchanted voters are leaving. mini's traditional big tent parties to find political pastures new both at local and national level germany's green party and the far right alternative for germany party or a f t a cashing in on forma c.d.u. voters. really be voting a f.t. because they really present an alternative to the power obsessed politics of america who put saving the euro before the interests of ordinary germans do you turn then moment talk i'm inclined at the moment to vote for the green side because they say what they want and what they don't want about. it. i'm a classic c.d.u. voter but i'm rethinking that now i'm thinking about voting for the greens.
8:41 pm
as a state crimea foca goofy a is all too aware of the exodus from germany's traditional centrist parties on sunday that could cost him his job. to be honest the parties that make up the grand coalition and this goes for the social democrats as well as the conservative c.d.u. they've got a difficult job in this campaign fighting off this feeling of discontent which actually has nothing to do with us. but has this state election could indeed have everything to do with the future of germany's federal government the question then is how long it can last after yet another stress test. but regardless of sunday's result losses for the conservatives are inevitable which means yet more difficult days ahead for chancellor angela merkel the german police have arrested on suspicion of raping an eighteen year old woman in the south western city of the
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seven syrians aged between nineteen and twenty nine and a twenty five year old german are in custody authorities are not ruling out the possibility of more suspects involved in the october fourteenth assault. and for more on this i'm now joined by our political correspondent max million akashic thank you for joining us so what else can you tell us about this case all we know at the moment is that the investigation is still ongoing and we know that the eight suspects who are currently under arrest have known to the police before police is currently looking if there been more people involved in the assault and the reason why they haven't gone forward with. telling people about the investigation is that the assault itself has happened only two weeks ago is because they were like trying to conduct a proper investigation and coming under forward once they had sufficient results right now incidents like these really do stir up germans what reactions have we
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been getting from this one well the incident of the assault has happened and fry book the biggest german metropolis in the south of germany and that town has been the center of media attention on a similar case before only this march a young afghan refugee has been convicted for the murder of a female student that happened two years ago and the mayor of frey because already come forward saying once again that violence against women cannot be tolerated and crimes like these cannot be tolerated but he's also asked the public to remember that this is an exception and that people involved just criminals the majority of refugees have come here to germany and who are law abiding and want to live a peaceful life here and one of the political implications of this case or the potential implications well cases like these have always caused a lot of media attention here in germany and there always fueled the debate of how to handle crimes by refugees and subsequently how to handle migration policy in germany and what also needs to be reminded in these cases then again that this is
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an exception this these cases always sort of exploited by far right onto migrant groups one of like a case against stricter migrant policy but the same time also police emphasize the fact that these are just a minority in an exception of these cases and that the majority for example filings against women is happening by german citizens in this country right well. thank you . it is facing off with anger over rising rents just look at google us tech firm had planned a multimillion dollar campus for startups in the city before protesters forced it into a rethink this construction site was scheduled to be open for berlin fast growing startups and may twenty nineteen the tech giant had wanted to give the scene a massive boost with google campus three thousand square metres at a cost of fourteen million euros the company's change of plans came as
8:45 pm
a huge surprise a few. few certainly learn something from the many conversations we had this is actually the wrong place for all the pure startup campus what we are aware of the protests but we don't allow them to dictate our actions and wish them to a lot. of us. however it certainly looks as if google threw in the towel since it unveiled the project two years ago there have been frequent protests local residents fear the campus with speed up the pace of gentrification in september activist occupied the construction site now the building is home to social projects google is still paying the bills but it's donated the office space to the better place internet platform as well as karuna a charity that helps children and teens in need. we would have liked google to move
8:46 pm
in because we benefit greatly when organizations and businesses operate on social cooperatives like ours help connect young people from the streets and enterprises and we cannot do it alone we have to cooperate. with the business friendly free democrats so the failure of the google campus is a disastrous signal for berlin as an investment location. it sends the wrong message to the world that companies are not welcome here so there will be no new jobs which we urgently need in the capital. activists disagree and call it a victory for their neighborhood. cause it's terrific that the company's reputation has been tarnished we hope the message spreads to other companies thinking about coming here to invest and create start up pops a local population doesn't benefit at all. google has promised to pay for the lease
8:47 pm
and utilities for the next five years so the controversial start could eventually end up boosting the tech giants image. over to the philippines now if you've been waiting for the a deliberate resort island of baracoa to reopen you're in luck it's accessible again after officials shut it down half a year ago now because of a natural disaster as the president put it himself tourists and businesses had turned the paradise into a cesspool. oh. has officially opened for business after being unusually quiet for six months bees dancers and drummers on the island to welcome back visitors. as tourists arrive for the official reopening of baracoa the government is hoping to be able to provide them with an image of a changed island controlled arrival strict rules against beach front parties and strangely regulated businesses are supposed to provide the blueprint for
8:48 pm
sustainable tourism in the rest of the country the government is hoping to be able to walk the line between preserving the island and providing enough economic opportunities for the community and that line has already proved difficult to walk the closure of the island and its new rules have especially been hard for small businesses making it the effect on us is that we struggled we made very little money and my staff suffered i couldn't feed them so they left. while small businesses may be left asking what they will do next the tourists may just become a more exclusive get away. back to you now who has a dramatic i believe tennis final. voyage was it dramatic and it all went down this friday at the w.t.f. finals in singapore which saw two of the tunnel men's biggest names crash out of the group stage germany's angela campo was among those in the action succumbing to a surprise defeat in the hands of tenement debutant kick you better elsewhere naomi
8:49 pm
took on american sloane stephens for a spot in the final four. keep it didn't look comfortable in her showdown with reigning u.s. open champion iommi osaka even before her opponent was stopped in her tracks. and niggling hamstring injury picked up in the first round looked to have finally taken its toll. heavily strapped up osaka valiantly tried to play on. but her body simply wouldn't allow it. hurts i haven't had it bad since a spot in the semifinals in her first appearance at the season ending tournament and it was a great day all round for the rookies as fellow totemic debut told sloane stephens
8:50 pm
took on reigning wimbledon champion angelica kubba. the first sila merican powered her way to victory in the first set and followed it up in a second to clinch a six three six three win over the german to reach the semi's. but sins will take on ukrainian and the misfit to leno while stevens faces to carry in a push to vote on saturday. of self-government it is a threat. to that respect for law and process that allows our people to accept legislation elections court rulings with which they do not agree this is the central feature of our system of government you advocate for your beliefs enthusiastically but we peaceably and lawfully comply with the results please know that from the beginning this investigative team has made this matter
8:51 pm
a top priority focusing their great talents and expertise on neutralizing this threat they have moved swiftly and professionally using extraordinary technical expertise to apprehend the one alleged responsible this is a demonstration of the skill capability and determination of our american law enforcement the best in the world so i am pleased to participate in this announcement that a suspect is in the custody of the f.b.i. i want to remind everyone that the defendant in this case as in every case is innocent until proven guilty. he has been charged today with five federal crimes including answer state transportation of an explosive illegal mailing of explosives threats against former presidents and certain other persons threatening interstate
8:52 pm
communications and assaulting current and former federal officers for these charges the defendant faces up to fifty eight years in prison these charges may change or expand as the investigation proceeds this is a law and order it ministration we will not tolerate such lawlessness especially not political violence and so i want to thank you f.b.i. director a and his team all of our law enforcement partners who are here a.t.f. secret service postal inspectors capitol police. and new york city police department and the united states attorney berman of the southern district of new york and u.s. attorney for the southern district of alabama ariano. federal state and local law enforcement officers from across this country responded immediately to the cause
8:53 pm
and contributed to this effort we are proud of each one of them i want to reiterate the defendant in this case is innocent until proven guilty but let this be a lesson to anyone regardless of their political beliefs that we will bring the fourth force of law against anyone who attempts to use threats intimidation and outright violence to further an agenda we will find you we will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law and now director ryan has done an incredible job of leading this effort over the last few days he will give us the details of today's important arrest chris. as the attorney general has confirmed we have arrested c's are saying in connection with this investigation as our investigation is still ongoing i may not be able to
8:54 pm
answer questions about his background or about his motive what i can say is that this was a nationwide investigation of enormous scope and of the greatest importance our investigation range from new york. to delaware to maryland to the district of columbia to florida to california and as it always does the f.b.i. responded with every resource we've got including our joint terrorism task forces our counterterrorism division and our world renowned experts at the f.b.i. lab in quantico. but and i really can't underscore this enough we did not act alone as you can see from the agencies and departments represented up here today a threat of this scope and of this magnitude requires all of us working shoulder to shoulder and today's arrest is a testament to the strength of our partnerships and what we can do and we all work
8:55 pm
together i want to acknowledge the many partners who helped in recovering and transporting these i.e.d. to our lab in quantico this is dangerous and highly skilled specialized work that requires great care and we're incredibly grateful to all those who helped us in that effort in getting those devices to our lab from around the country. we can confirm that thirteen i.e.d. s. were sent to various individuals across the country each device consisted of roughly six inches of p.v.c. pipe a small clock a battery some wiring and what is known as energetic material which is essentially potential explosives and material that give off heat and energy through a reaction to heat shock or friction though we're still analyzing the
8:56 pm
devices in our laboratory these are not hoax devices i want to focus for a moment on the amazing work of our folks at the f.b.i. lab based on their initial analysis they uncovered a latent fingerprint from one of the envelopes containing an i.e.d. that had been sent to congresswoman maxine waters we have confirmed this fingerprint is that of c's are saying. there is also a possible d.n.a. connection between samples collected from pieces of two different i.d.'s mailed in separate envelopes and a sample previously collected from say och in connection with an earlier arrest down in florida this is phenomenal work with the greatest pressure under an incredibly tight time frame we see unbelievable work like this on t.v. and in hollywood but to see it up close in reality is something to behold and we
8:57 pm
are so proud of our team at the lab for their work in keeping people safe and helping us to find the individual responsible. late last night we also turned to our partners in the florida department of law enforcement for confirmation of this d.n.a. connection and we want to thank them in particular for their very quick work. i also want to thank the men and women of the f.b.i.'s counterterrorism division who remain on high alert every say from harm and who move quickly and efficiently into action every single time today's arrest doesn't mean we're all out of the woods there may be other packages in transit now and other packages. we need the help of everyone out there every citizen everyone in law enforcement everyone we've got to help with this investigation in
8:58 pm
the days to come if you've got any information please call us on our tip line at one eight hundred call f.b.i. or e-mail line tips f.b.i. dot gov no piece of information is too small every tip could be the one that leads to something very important and of course if you see something suspicious suspicious activity please call your local authorities we need all hands on deck we need to stay vigilant finally i want to thank our partners too many to name from across the country because we cannot do this work alone everyone up here today understands that and we take that to heart every single day as we do the hard work together of protecting three hundred twenty five million americans now i'd like to turn the podium over to commissioner o'neill from the n.y.p.d.
8:59 pm
. thanks chris afternoon everyone. quite frankly all the people in new york city i want to commend and thank all of our local state and federal law enforcement partners in this effort including the attorney general's office and the u.s. attorney's office for the southern district of new york or n.y.p.d. detectives along with f.b.i. a.t.f. agents postal inspectors new york state police and many others they are one team on our joint terrorist task force that j.t. t.f. in new york was the first of its kind in the nation it's been in business since one thousand a day there were three hundred best gaiters from fifty six agencies hundred thirteen of them our new york city cops when it comes to terrorism in new york city in my p.d. doesn't do anything without the f.b.i. and the f.b.i. doesn't do anything without the n.y.p.d. that's a partnership that was forged in fire in my thirty six years in policing our relationship
9:00 pm
has never been stronger this case told that story again new york city cops were side by side with f.b.i. agents many other agencies in florida this morning together they brought justice as they always do the wide experience of our agencies coupled with the individual expertise the members of the n.y.p.d. bomb squad are highly trained emergency service unit our intel bureau a kind of terrorism bureau our patrol cops with a first to respond to c.n.n. all helped lead to today's arrest i could be more proud of the work each of them did in this case and the work they do every day we said from the outset that we would identify an arrest the person or people responsible for these acts we can make that promise because of the confidence we have in our ability to investigate and it deliberate.


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