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africa on the moon. stories about people making a difference to shaping their nation. and their continent of africa on the move the stories about to move the vision of change makers taking their destinies into their own hands. d.w. multimedia series food for god food. d.w. dot com africa. hi there welcome to our final euro max special of the week we've been showcasing europe's top tourist destinations and today we're off to explore france is what's coming up. hidden gems discover the secret attractions of paris.
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traditional dish as a french staple. and spectacular views mont blanc is the highest peak in the alps. as always we start off in a featured country's capital showing you eat in a different light paris is known as the city of love there are so many beautiful spots in the french capital that it's hard to know where to begin so we hooked up with a photographer who took us off the beaten path to show us some of the quieter spots in the city. the. iconic sights in paris. and some of its lesser known but equally alluring spots photographers says really
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has discovered many hidden gems like these. even inters top spots like the city's popular mom must try at this. gym because it's best when i would you like the street because usually it's difficult to capture depth in pictures just looking for converging lines it's already even though there are around two thousand tourists sitting on the steps of the nearby sec rico nobody's here. regularly produces large photo books and also has a lot of followers on you tube. the canal sun might turn east and paris but the reckon they love crossing is one of his favorite spots some on what most of foreign tourists don't know anything about this place only a few french tourists come here it's a canal with locks so ships can really park on the side because it's really great. and the bridge over there is known from the overfill notated you know which starts
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on cuppa. i looked at you know. the canal it was commissioned by napoleon and opens in eighteen twenty five. older still a little further west you'll find the beguiling size they were. built in seventy nine thousand nine the shopping arcade mainly attracts. locals. in the cities are in the samantha thompson the former priory of some time in the shan is home to some of the collections from the city's and me t.n. museum. and. it's a trove showcasing mother treasures the original pendant built by french physicist leon fuko which illustrates the earth's rotation. synthesis sampras and this
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pretty simple really. or you need is a swinging weight suspended on a piece of string that. it would then continue to swing in the same plane. here in the museum we put up small metal pins to show how that plane votaries you put the broom so even though the weight swings in the same plane the metal pins are knocked over one by one proving the zero stroke taishan so the more of it. let. it all come to me. the museum also holds a model of new york's statue of liberty which the french presented to the americans as a gift in the late nineteenth century. sailors romilly loves hunting for new perspectives of the city's most famous sites. like here on avenue the come on which is just a stone's throw from the eiffel tower. is the resupply i first saw this visual access in a french american movie. but it took me
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a while to find the steps it's great to have a shot of the eiffel tower together with a building and street lamp it's what you call framing the frame. and. the french capital also boasts the number of trunk or spots among them down the plant in southeastern paris it's very popular with locals. there's only one thing that sound is a park in. the heart of paris here you can hear the birds chirp just all around and relax and enjoy the peace and quiet at accies with. a little more off the beaten track in the moderate district lies the eclectic concept store receipt selling furniture accessories and clothing. not far away there's a color really highlights to re bakery their plastic chili it's cakes and tarts a delicious. time was when you have to be careful or you end up
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eating here every day. says reveling meanwhile works off the extra calories by exploring his beloved city he knows a quiet and overlooked square just behind the world famous sec record silicon. joydeep to be sure there are only three pigeons here i like that. it's drawn here and it will enjoy the converging lines from this view of second it's marvelous. but in the end even the photographer heads over to the popular tourist sites because after all the view provides is simply press. just a short trip east of the capital is a world of one disneyland paris i remember going there as
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a young boy the theme park opened its gates and nine hundred ninety two and today it's fairy tale casals adventurous rides and life sized characters attract millions of businesses every year it's a paradise for all ages and we couldn't go to france without paying a visit to this spectacular fun park. once a day there's a star studded parade down main street in disneyland paris the celebrities include mickey mouse his girlfriend minnie and other disney characters every float is based on a film like this underwater punch the turtle from finding dory. rapunzel and her prince drive past the onlookers followed by elsa and anna from frozen. sometimes visitors get to meet the characters on the park grounds. always love to
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say yes this know how that. works this. and they see this. do you have special because it's just it's fun it's a place to feel like a kid again and i bring my daughter here and she loves it i've been coming to the different just the park since i was a kid and it's just a lot of fun they are collecting everything from disney and we love the fact that you can be like a child when you're an adult actually this is the only place you can be. disneyland paris. it's divided into five thematically sections discovery land for instance features star tours once they've checked in visitors enter a space ship terminal and are greeted by star wars characters like r two d two it's the beginning of a voyage to a distant galaxy it's. easier
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on the nerves is a ride in the teacups from alice in wonderland speed demons who prefer the big thunder mountain rollercoaster in frontierland the train races through what looks like an old mine. disneyland paris is a huge hit attracting more than fourteen million visitors each year from all over the world. everybody is watching the faces of the young ones most of all they always get so excited when they see everything is very magical. it represents childhood love of family basically a carefree place where you can forget your problems. so it's not it's a real change you get to see disney films in real life and very pretty. when the sun goes down the show begins with the spectacular fireworks disney is so famous for cinderella's castle turns into a gigantic backdrop for the characters from the lion king. she.
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believes to. live. please. now astronomy architecture history and these are some of the elements that most people take into consideration when choose. singh then next travel destination and the place that we're about to visit has them all the city of then in france is the capital of the region of brittany located in the northwest of the country and the old town boasts countless historical landmarks such as fifteenth century huffed and buildings and the song cathedral at the same time it's a young vibrant city with a large student population let's see how the two combine. then
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a city with over two thousand years of history its many architectural gems include the former city gates which open up into the historic city center. five hundred year old half timbered houses now service cafes cobbs nightclubs and restaurants. the top century roman catholic cathedral is one of ren's landmarks the site dates back to the sixth century father ben not old today has been in charge here since two thousand and five. i think i just by federal was constructed in place of a roman temple at first it was a gothic cathedral but it had to be torn down because it became unstable reconstruction on this cathedral began in seventeen eighteen french artist is
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responsible for the modern elements of the alter. the city's fine examples of renaissance in your classical architecture include city hall the opera which stands just opposite and parliament. a guided tour can help better understand their rich history. i don't need we are standing in front of brittany's parliament this building was the seat of parliament from six hundred fifty five the middle of the seventeenth century it was set up in the very heart of brittany's capital to represent the french kings authority. in seven hundred twenty a fire reached and ran for almost a week destroying large parts of the city including this essentially hall. was the residence of ren are bilingual speaking both french and because an ancient celtic language. includes the well as you. see the sign is written in
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of course french and just below in the book a tall version the historical language of the region this language with its celtic origins is still very relevant throughout the region so don't to tell his you're. another gem in and then it is it's a fine arts museum located on the beeline river. here visitors will find an extensive collection of european paintings from seventeenth century religious allegory to modern works. out of the fine arts museum is now in a bubble for its collection of european paintings from the seventeenth century we have three big names including rubin's tiger lion and leopard greatest work to receive and we have other great pieces such as the famous painting from martin found him scary st luke painting the virgine with a family could not give talks. and a visit to rand would not be complete without cups or god let the region specialty
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fix every cent and then the old part of town attracts both tourists and locals. actually fall is the restaurant's crap expert and easily whips up one of a dozen variations on offer. now i'm going to make a mushroom go at. first you take the batter for the connecticut which consists of buckwheat. you take one ladle and put it on the griddle and then you turn it to good use and want to tell me if. you want to we'll have fried egg on top you have a mushroom go left and you'll concede. a mix of medieval and modern young and old a city that truly reflects the diversity of britain. by
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the looks of it certainly a place to put on your bucket list the next time you're in fronts now there's plenty of diversity in french cooking but now we're going to get to know a staple of the country's company culture over it's a traditional dish of chicken braised with lots of red wine the original version is from the burgundy region so we went there to see how the locals put it together. to this day the rooster is still france's unofficial national symbol. it decorates tables and probably sits on rooftops and if the rooster itself lands up in the cooking pot you can be sure cocoa van is on the menu the dish in which chicken is raised in wine is a classic of french cuisine who goes there is not that tastes of tradition shabbily and warns us what i think every culture has
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a dish that warms your heart to a girl it was one of those over the years and one of the best places to try an authentic version of this world famous dish is that. the restaurant lies on the outskirts of being nice in burgundy the region where coco found was created. via frederick mina and expert on chicken let's us to look over his shoulder. for the devil series reported with it a move coarser secret but i'm not telling you what it is a no no cooking is all about sharing back to the incident. to prepare a classical co-found you need to dismember an entire chicken. then add chopped onion small carrots garlic and a bundle over but first fries some fatty bacon in a roasting pan aside for the piece of the bird to be salted individually for all
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the and then placed in the pan with the bacon fat smaller. then comes the second main ingredient wine. you can make great food without great ingredients some it wants but he's there to serve the ingredients and not vice versa the order in the out. of the chateau to my . us in a vineyard in burgundy they feel the same way here just outside only the finest pin on why is aged in these oak barrels cooking wine is a foreign concept in french cuisine here chefs say only a great red wine makes for a great sauce. and the regional wine comes from is important as well. who can email you when you're cooking a recipe from a burgundy you must use a wine from the region to give the dish that typical character there are many
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variations on this recipe using a variety of why is that the baker if you keep most of us but you can't make a couple in your with the wine from the one valley it would be a cocoa but not one from burgundy not local made but i cook or who you. can fit a clinician a gives us on the other test before pouring the red wine over the first heat the wine to the boiling point and from day it builds up warm it burns away the acidity and the alcohol has to. legend has it that coco van was popularized in paris in the late sixteenth century by henry the fourth the french king is credited with giving common folk a chicken in every pot. historian loike panacea explains. lead they think. the essence of the story is that
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a good king emery because that's the image the french have a few wanted only the best for his subjects from screwed up was pretty that it suited to eating this fine dish with their families every sunday savor proud of a cure for the good. weather the legend is true or not many hands and roosters have wound up in french cooking pots over the centuries. and in henry's day they lived. eight this friday in particular the flesh a very old breed of chicken that. raises at his organic farm when it is a new move can still come in and prove you are you have older animals that are two or maybe six years old or even more personal and an easy way to tenderize the meat of such an old bird is to cook it long and slow. and why it is perfect for that oh well. so went
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from being a humble rustic dish to the essence of french cuisine. the simplicity of its recipe and its name have made it world famous. very good once again the gaelic rooster has done its country proud. now we're venturing up into the mountains to the mall blong the white mountain some call it the highest peak in europe although that's subject to some debate there's a higher peaks in russia and georgia but what's certain is that it probably stands at four thousand eight hundred ten meters and the alpine region between france and italy it was first climbed in seventeen eighty six pioneering in the region but before that your remarks reporter meghan li traveled that to learn more about the mountains history. the highest mountain. stood here since the
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beginning of time located in china many france it is a premier winter destination for tourists all over the world. fantasy that sudan has lived in charmine for over thirty years as an official guy she understands very well what drives tourists to this region. that. the whole valley shines with these mountains the mountains together with montblanc are amazing that's the attraction here. but once upon a time people thought the mountains were full of ghosts and dragons and so on. until everyone was afraid of what was up there. it was said sherman he was located in the bad mountains then in the middle of the eighteenth century two englishman came from geneva and heard all this talk about chamonix and decided to see the eerie valley for themselves i mean you said this is a new high and. the first actual mountain. in years were crystal hunters who
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extracted courts from the mountains of chamonix it was then shipped off to geneva even made its way to the halls of versailles harmony's crystal museum visitors can get an idea of the minerals extracted from month long and its neighboring peaks. that imagine sherman he was a very small simple village people had a simple life and were poor house before that and then they found out without having to climb too high up the mountain that with these rockers tools they could possibly sell them in geneva and make some money and then have a better life and peace and peace the whole snape and that pioneering spirit has certainly paid off for sure many tourists now flock to the village to travel with the cable car to reach a height of thirty eight hundred meters above sea level. even with the most modern technology and safety measures in place the ride is not for the faint of heart.
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but once of the top of the mystique of month long becomes very clear during visitors can dangle over the mountains in a glass box and on a sunny day you can see for miles into the distance. skiing at this altitude without question puts the body to the test. i see from all directions over the years when i've been skiing but i've never been up here this is my first visit to the top of the mountain to sherman east my first visit but my husband in one nine hundred sixty sixty two and sixty six he climbed up here so i'm coming up to him really so i can show him the pictures when i go back to england a moment it is very beautiful because of the high altitude it is quite difficult to breathe up here. but this altitude allows visitors to see all. all the major peaks
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including the matter horn in the distance. tourism in charm and he has come a long way over the last two hundred fifty years and is now one of the most exclusive winter destinations in europe initially though tourists first started coming here not for money lost but for a seven and a half a kilometer long glacier known as the man to the last reachable by train. it's europe's third biggest glacier located on the northern side of mom long. long can also be enjoyed in the sweet form here the cafe you could see gone home visitors can delight in and a rate of french pastries but the best selling ones represent the famous mountain checking frontino zone this cafe for thirty years or chocolate bar award winning. i was a busy so here we have the law cake i'm going to take one and we can discover it
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together. who have also made it. what were. the cake it consists of layers of chocolate mousse rum flavoring and lots of chantilly cream and if that's not enough there's another version that is just as decadent. and. then. back outside the atmosphere and harmony is relaxed as another day comes to an end over mongo. well i hope you enjoyed our trip through france to find all this week's journeys are much more on our website ditto we don't call slash lifestyle and you can also follow us on instagram d w euro max i'll see you tomorrow for the highlights of the week but i found out. next time on your own max hard struggle with unknown attractions are the good.
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tribute to her let me love her cause i know. visit to a viking settlement in northern germany. and more next time i'm your romance highlights. from. the book.
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these are real and impossibilities. nineteen ha not forgot to w.c. november focus. us justice officials have confirmed that a man in custody is being charged on five counts in connection with a dozen letter bombs sent to prominent democrats fifty six year old says s. a florida resident with a criminal record was tracked down with the help of fingerprints the f.b.i. is investigating whether other people may have been involved in the plot and warns
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