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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 31, 2018 2:02am-2:16am CET

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one billion euros to boost a business in africa germany sets up an investment fund to finally unlock what did chancellor calls the huge economic potential of the continent we ask an expert will it be enough also the soul faced with the prospect of unemployment spanish coal miners come up with a horrified response and not only affects britons it also threatens the livelihood of many farmers on the mediterranean island of cyprus we will tell you what. this is the dummy of business i'm crystal kolber millon welcome germany is pledging one billion euros to inside businesses to invest in africa the creation of the fund an ounce to during the compact with africa summit in berlin on tuesday is aimed at getting small and medium sized companies to grow their presence on the continent along with strengthening economic ties the german government also holds that investment will curb illegal immigration to europe by creating jobs for young
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africans for more let's bring in jeremy gaines he's a consultant for business and west africa and runs the nigerian german energy partnership welcome jeremy the german government just pledging one billion euros for investment in africa is this what small and medium sized companies have been waiting for. its most certainly a beginning christophe it's a very small beginning if we remember that the americans pledged three times that for electricity the indians have pledged exactly the same sum for solar power in africa it's a small beginning but it marks a sea change for german government in taking africa seriously i believe now what would be a real game changer for german business presence in african countries. i think what's important is for them to just realize what the opportunities in africa are and how close africa is to their own front doorsteps africa is the closest
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continent to the opportunities that present precisely in education technical training aviation as i said power particularly renewable energies are immense and they have not yet been tapped by anybody why is that what what is your take on the why has has these potentials not been taken up so far i think so far german companies have been risk averse to going to africa because we haven't had the mechanisms in place here yet to secure them or rather to give them a sense of security africa and the main african economies have been stable for some time now and that hasn't yet been perceived here there are a jewel taxation agreements in place there are profit transfer agreements in place exchange rates tend to be fairly stable so the question is why haven't german companies already discovered africa for themselves at present only one point eight
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percent of our exports go to africa now the second largest country receiving exports from germany in africa is nigeria which is africa's largest economy it has two hundred million inhabitants eager to grow their economy yet in terms of germans exports that is only the sixty eighth export ranking now the chinese companies have dramatically increase their foothold on the african country and looking at the massive projects projects the chinese have been putting up are germans too late to the party. no i think the party is only just about to begin chinese companies have traditionally been state supported and been engaged in large scale infrastructure projects they're not the competitors of german assamese the german mechanical engineering and electronics expertise is not being challenged by the chinese the chinese are interested in large ticket projects often with
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a barter element that secures china commodities germany doesn't want to look for commodities in africa germany should be looking to invest long term train africans and to build long stirrer really long term business relationships there to that end they must invest more germy gains consultant and member of the nigerian german energy partnership thank you for your thoughts thank you. germany's unemployment rate has dropped to its lowest level since reunification of tolbert below five percent in total two point two million people were without a job engineers masons programmers are in high demand in germany the solid labor market is expected to further boost consumer confidence and household spending by increasing headwinds the global economy. now coal miners in spain are fearing for
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their jobs more than one thousand of them will be unemployed by the end of this year alone as the country's government is refocusing on renewable energies that are however has promised to invest heavily in alternative employment and one traditional coal mining region in southern spain isn't scared of taking a novel approach to job creation. there is definitely money to be made in making people scream. the fully fledged screen concept has been a money spinner in the u.s. for decades but has been slow to take off in europe. hurrell and is based in an abandoned coal mine and power station north of boss alona the spanish government has vowed to close down most of its coal mines by the end of the year and mining areas are looking to tourism and other industries more than one hundred people now work at hora land including more than ninety ect is in elaborate costumes and makeup interacting with state of the yacht animatronic robots. that.
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will look for two different kind of people on the one hand we were looking for actors and specially we wanted them to have experience in the field of acting and also to have an academic background and on the other side we looked for or is weak in english is like people that he's able to to make. and in fact to scare people. in the scream pack grounds visitors can pose for selfies with characters from their favorite splatter films and there's a frightening variety of horrific attractions to choose from including some based on popular horror movies i. thought it's very exciting i'd say i'm very surprised it makes you shiver a little but above all it's surprising it's very exciting. but the new
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jobs are not permanent. the attraction is only open at certain times of year starting with halloween season when it's open for two weeks in october and november so far it's proving a success all twenty two thousand five hundred online halloween tickets are already gone. now let's get a record check on marquez one of our very own yes corner standing by on wall street yes shares of ailing industrials and general electric were getting hammered today there is a quarterly loss of almost twenty three billion dollars what other problems do you see there. well almost everything is going wrong for g.e. at this point jawans the biggest culprit a company here in the united states so well they took the huge charge in the past quarter in the amount of about twenty two billion dollar and now the justice department is investigating those charges the securities and exchange commission as
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well they pretty much slaughtered the dividend from trail cents to one penny they saw heavy declines in their important power business and the stock dropped by almost nine per cent two years ago g.e. stood at around thirty dollars per share now it's down to about ten but at least the overall market out there we briefly different a negative territory saw quite a comeback in the afternoon up for the day a good four hundred thirty points for the dogs and scored in new york thank you. when britain leaves the european union at the end of march next year not only england scotland wales and northern ireland will exit the block but also small areas like british military garrisons in cyprus for example and a solid border around these promises would be a huge problem for all the farmers whose trees grow right on base they may be small but these olives play an outsized role for andreas for to you their own oil is his
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life blood flow to you farms land on a british air force base an operative on the southern tip of cyprus the relationship between farmers and the british military has existed since independence in one thousand nine hundred sixty but it could change dramatically in the event of a no deal breaks in. the middle of the wood nobody has said anything not the cypriot government not our foreign minister or the british foreign minister about how this is going to work and olive oil imported from outside the e.u. is subject to a fifteen percent tariff at the moment for to you and other cypriot farmers on akrotiri and another british base to kill you in the country's east pay no taxes lawyers disagree whether the two bases would be considered non e.u. lands in the event of a no deal breakers that the cypriot government says the farmers trade is safeguarded or u.k. parliament terry committee has said trade protections would lapse after brags that
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paying tariffs would cut deeply into farmers bottom line making production impossible for many. of us that we are facing a situation that is uncertain and that's causing us problems with any. it's another seemingly small but significant consequence of the u.k.'s messy divorce from europe . from cyprus to china and the country is rolling back a twenty five year old ban on the use of right horns and tiger bones and medicine trans cabinet said it will allow sort of five doctors and hospitals to use parts from animals raised in captivity excluding zoo animals illegal trade will still be punished that the chinese say conservation groups are ever describe the move as a significant setback for efforts to protect the animals from extinction they fear the decision will lead to increased poaching of the fewer than three forty thousand rhinos and four thousand tigers still left unlocked. and
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