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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 31, 2018 10:00am-10:15am CET

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you know. this is c w news live from birth land freedom for a woman sentenced to death in pakistan and anger on the streets. oh hard line islamists have called for death to the judges who overturned a woman's blasphemy conviction and police are braced for more protests as you have bibi has been sentenced to hang for insulting islam. also coming up nato has launched a joint exercises in northern europe with military hardware and tens of thousands
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of troops from all twenty nine member countries russia says that even new versions are an empty russian exercise but are they truly a preparation for twenty first century conflict and one hundred eighty two metres high it is the tallest statue in the world but india's three hundred fifteen million euro statue of unity inaugurated today and so park in anything but a symbol of togetherness. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program a court in pakistan has freed a christian woman sentenced to death by hanging for blasphemy i see a baby condemned to death in two thousand and ten was the first woman in the country to receive a death sentence for insulting islam her case has caused widespread outrage among both human rights groups and hardline islamist extra security forces were deployed
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in the capital after islamists threatened violence upon her release. there dines now by shuttle shams from asia for more on this so we know i think he has been fighting for her life for nearly a decade now tell us her story well. been a very tragic story it is it happened in two thousand and nine what about the dispute on board. the neighbors accused of committing blasphemy. the rights groups in pakistan say these accusations are motivated by personal vendetta. they don't have any. any basis so she was accused in two thousand and nine and then was sentenced in two thousand and ten arrested and later sentenced to death in two thousand and fifteen the law jorge
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code upheld this intense day the supreme court after her lawyers appeal against. the supreme court of pakistan. and the rights groups and the liberal sections in pakistan have held the decision and because you must know that the judges were under pressure from islamist groups . one receiving threats so what is going to happen to her now especially given those threats that you've mentioned will she be able to stand pakistan. it is almost impossible for her to stay involved just on sarah i believe that she'll be taken out of the country i think her relatives some of the family members live in the u.k. . most likely she will be full of flown out of the u.k. very shortly the pakistani government obviously understands that there are
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immense threats to her life and they're one want to take any risk keeping her inside pakistan and the case it has really split pakistan how are fundamentalists reacting. as far as i know the information that we are receiving the pakistanis the mists have blocked major streets and roads many cities in islamabad in karachi and lahore. they have vowed to protest against the ruling today's ruling. that pakistanis quite both. they have. you and they have received support from the powerful pakistani military over the years so it is very difficult for the civilian administration to do anything to to go against these islamists because they have been protected by the powerful military generals in
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pakistan who have used these islamists in the past as proxies and of going to stand in kashmir and so we have to understand that there has been a negative in pakistan which is a very islamist and at the state level so these islamists believe that if there is any compromise on on their narrative if the blasphemy laws the controversial laws. get hit by the former dictator in the eighty's change or amended or repeated. pave the way for a secular pakistan then they won't want that and there are many powerful circles in pakistan who the politicians the bureaucracy the military also do not want pakistan to be a secular state but the good thing is that the supreme court decision to this decision verdict has paved the way for this is a case which has struck at the heart of so many issues and the country as you've
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just highlighted. at the very latest thank you for having me on the show. in other news nato has been holding its largest military exercises since the end of the cold war dubbed trident juncture the vast gathering is taking place in norway parts of the north atlantic and the baltic sea all twenty nine nato member states plus finland and sweden are taking part it's taking months to get everything into position fifty thousand troops and support personnel two hundred fifty aircraft sixty five naval vessels and up to ten thousand military vehicles are now in the region moscow has called the maneuvers quote anti russian exercises. now our reporter l'arche told to sick accompanied the troops and the tanks and said that the support. why. i know.
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blowing up obstacles. and building bridges in just a few minutes to capabilities that the german army is bringing to try to juncture. but have these old school skills still needed in times of hybrid warfare and cyber attacks as a result after the ukraine crisis we saw that it is more important to change back from stability operations to hire tens of thousands of what we see and as an interest to move larger formations and heavy equipment that's had not been trained and done with within the last ten years far from the russian border germany has set up its operational headquarters in the region into lands together with troops from france the netherlands belgium and lot of. germany alone has brought ten thousand soldiers up here to norway and just into tanks weapons and other supplies it's a massive logistical challenge designed to improve the speech with which nato
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members could in a worst case scenario come to each other's rescue. this huge influx of people and equipment more than fifty thousand soldiers from thirty one countries is a true test for the host nation norway. but the attitude among the public is there really positive support for nato here is among the highest of all member states and not just because no way shares a border with russia they're not so afraid that it will be a war are nothing but that's a lot of things happening in the world so you never know how so nato is important for us of course well i believe russia has become a big threat in the last two years and i wouldn't need new we need to show where power is best war and the world and i know i could be part of it but it's not like it's something i think about but some of nato is testing. pass a t. sparky the population. remote controlled weapon systems.
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self driving your coats. military drones. so is this the future of the workfare all those capabilities have to be reversible or it means that. the forces can rely on this capability and the have to have to know how to do with these because. the system can be jammed all destroy or taken by. someone else so the military have to remain reversible. and that's why the airlines are still banking on tanks and boots on the ground battling daunting logistics and the elements here in the frigid know we climate. just get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world officials in indonesia believe that they have found the fuselage of the ill fated lion air plane
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in the java sea sonar technology is being used to find the downed aircraft which crashed just minutes after takeoff all one hundred eighty nine people onboard are presumed dead at the country's transport minister has ordered the removal of several lion air staff. a helicopter crash in afghanistan has killed twenty five people including senior government officials the army helicopter was traveling toward herat province when it crashed into a mountain killing everyone on board an official blamed bad weather but the taliban has claimed responsibility. teligent community concluded that russia interfered in the twenty six thousand presidential election officials have been on high alert our correspondent in washington d.c. stefan ximenes has this report. the national museum of american history in washington is housing an exhibition called american democracy showcasing objects
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and artifacts used in u.s. elections through time it's gaining popularity with visitors these days as many americans are not so sure anymore that their vote is safe from tampering unmanipulated and to alice miller executive director of the washington d.c. board of elections mr miller is ultimately responsible for the election process in the district of columbia for miller and her team that means long days filled with plenty of overtime hours focusing on one thing and one thing only we want to make sure our systems are secure we want to make sure poll workers are trying no easy test protecting the upcoming midterm elections from any form of cyber interference has been declared a national security issue the white house and congress across party lines are on the same page no one wants a repeat of what happened in the two thousand and sixteen presidential elections when so-called russian government cyber actors managed to gain access to u.s. election infrastructure i'm here to say the warning lights are brick blinking red
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again. today the digital infrastructure that serves this country is literally under attack congress approved three hundred eighty million dollars in march this year for all fifty states to share so they can beef up cyber security measures local the u.s. department of homeland security has formed special task forces and offer services to state officials responsible for the cyber safe conduct of the november elections alice miller is thankful for the help and we work very closely with us we have homeland security advisors always on each level we have cyber security advisors that we work with we have smaller groups within our own network that we work with we always communicate with each other however some critics say all of this is a step in the right direction but comes too late case in point this year is def con
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in las vegas nevada conference for what are known as whitehead hackers also focused on election cyber security the def-con hackers fighting the good fight in the cyber security battles have released a report pointing out remaining vulnerabilities that are unlikely to be fixed before november sixth one example a type of voting machine currently in use in twenty six states is vulnerable to remote hacking and another machine still used in eighteen states was able to be hacked in just two minutes maybe not for alice miller and her team but for many u.s. states making voting safe again remains a major challenge. the world's tallest statue has been unveiled in india it's honoring a twentieth century politician credited with uniting india after its break from britain but locals are angry at the high cost of the statue and damage to the environment. the statue of unity tearing over the sardar
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sara for days in western gujarat state it's a one hundred eighty two metre told bronze clad tribute to a politician dubbed india's iron man sardar patel the country's first deputy prime minister who played a key rule in unification after independence. the world's tallest staci was nearly four years in the making now its unveiling is being overshadowed by protests and accusations of political point scoring prime minister moody's critics see this project as his not so subtle bid to appropriate an independence era hero ficker associated with the opposition congress party ahead of a national election ere the next year many people living nearby are angry at its four hundred million dollar price tag and by the damage done to the environment some say the communities have been left alone resources including access to drinking water. local authorities hope the site will be
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a popular tourist attraction in this remote corner of india you're up to date on the news thanks for watching i'm sara kelly and her lead. her first day at school. her first climbing lesson. or as grandma was arrives. joining a regular on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. in a regular returns home on the w. dot com tanks.


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