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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2018 9:00am-9:31am CET

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among their own do you know it's cold out there you know i'm right joe join me to meet the germans on the w. . post. this is d w news live from berlin taking stock in ukraine nearly five years after the mind on revolution has the country realized the aspirations of its people to move closer to europe we look back and both work as german chancellor angela merkel holds talks with political leaders in kiev. also coming up a blast from the past
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a former rival of angela merkel emerges as the front runner in the race to succeed her at seaview party leader we explain why friedrich math could mean marable's days as chancellor are numbered plus zero. zero zero zero zero. zero zero zero zero zero documentary uses a novel method to show how some syrian refugees are still living with the horror of war every day here in germany. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel is in kiev today for talks with her ukrainian counterpart petro poroshenko her visit comes as the country prepares to mark the fifth anniversary of the revolution which began with demands for closer ties with the e.u.
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five years on has you crave moved any closer to europe did abuse nick connelly takes a look. this is how it all started with a handful of people taking to modern square protesting against president a coach's decision to abandon a long awaited dissociation deal much to fear of angering moscow within weeks the protests are grown to tens of thousands of people europe wasn't the only issue but the european flags were hard to miss. the protesters had no shortage of prominent guess from brussels showing their support among them diplomats at the time catherine ashton was three months later and present in a coach was gone fleeing to accelerate. just a matter of weeks later and ukraine finally signed the association agreement that over two thousand pages long it covers everything from animal welfare to judicial reform but ask most ukrainians what the association deal means to them and they'll
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most likely answer two things travel and trade. no more queuing up for visas no more hefty visa fees for many ukrainians visa free access to the area has been the most tangible change leap no surprise then the present person come out the end of these are the ones with a lavish ceremony on the country's border with you. under the terms of the deal ukraine also gained preferential access to european markets the e.u. has long been ukraine's biggest single trading partner since o.c.a. ssion came into effect trade between ukraine and the block has been growing by over twenty percent a year but what the association agreement these people protesting for didn't include was a firm promise of future membership instead it merely acknowledged ukraine's quote european aspirations decision makers in kiev hope that in time brussels would offer
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a road map to membership five years. and they're still waiting you know it's a seems to be a polite but very definite no no. and from kiev we are joined now by nicholas connelly who brought us that report so nicholas chancellor angela merkel visiting kiev today since my don that ukrainian revolution of nearly five years ago has she been the european partner that the ukrainians wanted and hoped for. she's the leader hopeful but she's definitely. the best. getting crucial point of view in ensuring. russia's involvement in eastern ukraine the. considerable opposition countries fearful of losing trade with russia. being. keeping and
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preventing those from being. disappointed she didn't veto. that will that will link germany to russia and will basically. irrelevant to the. makes ukraine to russian. europeans interests in ukraine. but she has been a key in keeping ukraine. how about when it comes. because we know that one of the main hopes of the protesters during the. stamp out corruption within the country where does that stand. corruption investigators even corruption court but we're still waiting for
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a big. conviction. a top that you mention in your piece the road map for ukraine why isn't. offering the country that. i think. we're seeing the feeling that. with all the new members the scene of the last decade it's just become too and even its new members actually. up to. come with the e.u. membership there's also the fact that even if. the membership of the countries in the queue is it before ukraine this turkey with pope. has candidate status or if
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. to make some kind of office ukraine they'd have to. do something which would be very unpopular in germany the problem for ukraine with not having some kind of perspective of joining the e.u. it's very difficult to try and gather the will for reform if there's no real clear destination for this journey at the moment lots of different reforms happening but there's no overall vision of where ukraine could be in ten twenty or thirty years. connelly thank you. let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world divers in indonesia say that they have retreated to parts of the black box from a crashed lion their flight in the java scene the developments could be critical for establishing why the brand new boeing seven thirty seven crashed just minutes after taking off from jakarta on monday a one hundred eighty nine people on board died. a new study has revealed that the earth's oceans have absorbed sixty percent more heat than previously estimated
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researchers say that the findings will have a major impact on the effort to keep global temperature under the target of two degrees celsius. vital organisms and cause extreme weather. australia has announced that it will relocate asylum seeker children sent to the pacific island of nora by the end of the year under the country strict anti asylum policy of rivals are sent to remote pacific camps the decision comes after a string of reports of abuse and suicide on the island. pakistan's leader has called for calm after a christian woman on death row for blasphemy charges was freed in a televised address prime minister imran khan urged the country not to be incited by islamist extremists protests erupted after the supreme court released. the first woman sentenced to death by hanging for insulting islam. at the start of the week
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angle americal announced that she was stepping down as leader of her party and would not seek reelection as germany's chancellor in twenty twenty one since then a number of people have thrown their hats into the ring to take her place one of them a former our tribal friedrich matts is leading in the polls meet chancellor merkel's old rival the man she once ousted is back to challenge her. give the seaview needs a fresh start and renewal. it's a forward thinking political discussion and i believe that means the scene to you has to be clear about its core values i'm going to america had taken over his position as parliamentary leader of the conservatives sixteen years ago many say he's never forgiven her he carried on as her second in command for a couple of years then in two thousand and nine he left politics he returned to his
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day job as an attorney joining an international corporate law firm he's also sat on the board of governors for several companies including the world's largest asset management firm blackrock so far is one of three contenders for the party leadership he's considered the most conservative among them and would represent a clear break with merkel style of politics. although he's been a critic of the chancellor and her government since she took power in two thousand and five he says now they could work together he's been. convinced that angle america and i will get along under these changed circumstances. and in a way that we both see fit. merits is a business friendly conservative his close ties to the private sector are controversial and has made him a target for criticism the christian democrats will decide who will succeed chancellor merkel as their leader at a party conference in december if matz gets the job germany's conservatives will
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have to brace themselves for drastic change not least because his rise could spell the end of on them america as chancellor given their differences she may not want to stay in office much longer. well elsewhere in the world the u.s. president down trump is threatening to deploy fifteen thousand troops to the mexican border to prevent a caravan of immigrants from entering the country trump has been stepping up his rhetoric against foreigners ahead of the midterm elections next tuesday but can such rhetoric lead to physical violence to his alexander phenomenal reports from the campaign trail. on the complaint trail again in the north carolina nevada arizona although his name is not on the ballot donald trump wants these midterms to be about me expiring his supporters by grabbing some of the most divisive issues and using them to keep his base afraid and furious the democrats are becoming angry
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unhinged mob determined to get power by any means necessary everything we do they can destroy a very quickly a democrat victory in november would be a bright flashing invitation to every traffickers buckler drug dealer and illegal alien on the planet come on and. his supporters love what they describe as telling it like it is. i love him i think he's chosen by god to help us hopefully he'll build a wall and do it quickly keeping his base angry this strategy carried him to the white house in twenty sixteen trump is hoping it will work this time as well donald trump has built his political career on railing against other people telling crowds whom they should fear and hate he is president not despite his nasty rhetoric but because of it in recent weeks however the trams tone has increasingly come under
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scrutiny after an outspoken trom supporter was charged in connection with an attempted bombing spree that targeted high profile critics of the president and c.n.n. . and after an anti-semitic. moss shooting at a synagogue in pittsburgh the suspect had ranted online against jews and migrants words do matter says to ron as exum director of the anti-defamation league in washington and organization fighting anti-semitism and he believes that public figures like the president should be aware of that fact it's very difficult to divorce some of the philosophy in the espousals of people as being enemies or people as being threats to the actual actions that have taken place it is words have implications and they unfortunately sometimes lead to violent action
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mike immediately after the latest attacks the president did make a point of decrying political violence calling for national unity and more civility in public life and his press secretary fiercely defends him the very nature to the very first thing that the president did was condemn the attacks both in pittsburgh and in the pipe bombs the very first thing the media did was blame the president and make him responsible for these ridiculous acts that is outrageous but nevertheless trump refuses to tone down his rhetoric blaming the media for what is going on in the country and continuing his campaign fear mongering about issues such as and he gratian and phrase he hopes that will pay off on election day. tens of thousands of syrian refugees have fled to germany in recent years to escape the war in their home country most are able to live in peace but many are also
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worried about the fate of friends and relatives that they left behind a new film being premiered at the documentary festival in leipsic this evening shows how the refugees are still living with the horror of the conflict every day despite being thousands of miles away. whenever her mobile phone rings the war is there again. xena fled from aleppo with her husband and daughter they now live in the small german city of all violence in the state of rhode island latin it they are far from home but the horror in their homeland always returns the parallel worlds and all violent aleppo are brought together in the film is in a speaks with her friends on her phone while they film air attacks on aleppo. is a no my dear assad's air forces are flying air raids nonstop. airplanes in the sky
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and us under them. more on my phone a film by director elk assassin has no commentary rather it watches and listens it's what his back and forth between germany and syria and in doing so creates an oppressively realistic feeling for all that is happening the suffering and the air raids. on judd was imprisoned in syria he was tortured and released he is now safe in germany but his best friend is still in jail they were students who joined the opposition movement. but his friend has been sitting in prison without any charge for five years he was able to smuggle a mobile phone into his cell they talk on the phone every day so on jobs friend
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will be able to endure his confinement. the problem with jail is you have nothing to do but think about things and then at night there are the dreams. the film is a portrait of syrians who took flight they are already preparing for the end of the war they are gathering film footage even i as propaganda for the time when war crimes might be judged in a court. but until then they are trying to get their families out of the war zone like shaheen alice who negotiates with human smugglers for safe passage for her mother. and if they can i'm asking you can you lower the price my mother's old and ill have to get her out of there urgently it is and i can make it a bit cheaper if she'll go on foot but the customs officials have fixed prices
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seventeen hundred fifty dollars is the lowest i can make it. the film does an outstanding job of showing the schizophrenia of our world the horror of war do you do in a delicate mountainous region. and if you would like to watch more on my phone it'll be screened this evening at the dock fest in life safe and then from december eighth on t.w. dot com but in the meantime we'd like to bring you some football news now into the second round of the german cup of there were tight wins for brasier dortmund and against second tier sides but by or liver couldn't produce a performance of the night hammering gladbach five nil away of allah. after this six two dropping of braman on sunday live a coup is not plenty of momentum heading speck last week. by had an exceptional
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stuff kevin fall and sets up u.t.m. plan to open the scoring up to just five minutes. it seemed like every time they were half labor couzin scored team yet by would they get a second just before the break. and despite being up a gear in the second half bias showed no mercy karim bella robbie with the side stood in the sixty seventh minute. thank you glove box collapse by on the counter-attack and better robbie on the scoresheet again just ten minutes later. and as if by hadn't had enough dominate cause pasta fall and who hammered the final nail in blockbuster coffin five nil the final score as little coups in march on to the last sixteen. and physical and has more news now with v.w. and focused in the headlights a lot of glare today german motorists to set to file
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a class action suit today over emissions trading you legislation allows consumers here to jointly sue companies for damages for the first time according to the plaintiffs fox five news the liberal cheated drivers by using software that manipulated emissions results these alone this can sign up to the litigation for free such lawsuits have been common practice in the u.s. of course since the nineteenth century b.w. had to refund the full purchase price of vehicles to most customers there. that of copas following this story for us from frankfurt. how's that v.w. stock doing is a running out of steam. well even though this is the first time that we would see something happening here in germany investors for the moment at least don't seem to be of that more evolved than she has finished yesterday with a plus off one and a half percent. in the first minutes here of the trading session this morning shares opened slightly in the red but recovered fast now we're even seeing here
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a class of a half per cent at the moment this is going to be a big topic here throughout the day let's see if shareholders will maybe get cold feet during the day what about the bill for b. if the v.w. is it going to be big. when it's certainly something monitor volkswagen is certainly a monitoring and of course it's again negative p.r. for them but let me also tell you that all of this is going to be a very a long process which most likely take years until we would get a verdict from a court here in germany so these are car owners who are at war just like thousands also here and frankfurt for example where a possible diesel ban could mean that from february on people with the other guys won't be even able to enter the city anymore who are no hoping for a big compensation i have to disappoint them patients will be needed also this class action suit over the emissions cheating would not cover all diesel cars just one specific engine and in a case
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a court would rule in favor of diesel car drivers each one would have to file an individual complaint in front of a court as well even more time which passed by ok over details if at the frankfurt stock exchange. the us will bring impose more sanctions on iran on monday but affect the oil gas and banking sectors washington will penalize countries and companies that do not hold to radiate all imports well that may give some nations a little more time european firms have been pulling out and that's hurting the people of iran. seppi de s.m.c. is once again looking for a job the thirty four year old iranian will soon be unemployed again that's because her employer german manufacturing giant demons is leaving iran and if they can climb currently the economic situation is very difficult it's not just affecting
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foreign companies but iranian ones as well have been writing job applications since i was told i was going to lose my job but i haven't had a single response yet carmack at. seventy day has been working in the h. r. department examines for three years before that she worked for a norwegian company but that company also pulled out of iran because of the u.s. sanctions so every day it says she is reliving a bad experience. since i heard the news that i've had real trouble simply getting up early in the morning it's so demotivating to have to put so much effort into something only to be let go and there's nothing we can do. does her shopping in the evening but that is especially hard for her prices skyrocketed in the last year and now she has to consider if she can afford even the most basic foods like milk the shop owner has now gotten used to his customers looking at the prices
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very closely. they want you to look at rises have gotten so high that my customers often pick up a product only to put it immediately down to seeing the price now they really only buy the necessities. in recent weeks iran's currency the reale has lost about eighty percent against the dollar import goods have now become a luxury even the instant coffee which seppi day has decided to splurge on today. back home she watches the news the future of her country depends on international politics especially on decisions made in the united states perhaps even normal people pay a high price we're losing our jobs and we can't afford to pay the rent anymore the nuclear nonproliferation deal was signed and now we know that signatories is pulling out i still hope it holds up and we can once again look to the future i think it should. be said to day it has little hope in the european union's plan to
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develop a trading platform with iran too many companies have already pulled out of the country and it's people like her whose lives are in the balance. this apple and samsung have dropped the ball neither of them have unveiled the first smartphone with a foldable screen that only goes through a little known company called royal which presented its device at an event in beijing when open the phone has a display measuring seven point eight inches bigger than many tablets of course the company says the first orders will be shipped in december but the competition is just around the corner a samsung foldable smartphone and said to make an appearance next week at its annual developer conference. i was thirteen when i decided i wanted to become a journalist but i didn't actually get to try it out until years later giving kids a go at a profession very early on could help give them a better idea of the direction they want to head in one day and it could be
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benefits for their schoolmates. a quick trim here will run you between fifteen and thirty cents depending on your age the bar himself he's looking forward to his thirteenth birthday no this isn't your typical barber shop bump and boom barber is put on by a primary school in the china province of central thailand the three barbers received a six week training course from a volunteer now they're giving discount cuts for fellow students a tremendous side the school would cost five times as much those who don't have the money can do some small volunteer tasks in exchange that saves parents' money and it gives students a leg up for a future profession. the shop is run like a business revenue is ploughed back into operations the barbers take home a small cut as do three staff members hygiene is also an important part of the business as is upkeep of equipment and customer satisfaction it seems pretty high.
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and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you german chancellor angela merkel is in kiev today for talks with her ukrainian counterpart petro poroshenko her visit comes as the country prepares to mark the fifth anniversary of the my down revolution which began with demands for closer ties with the european union. and with new legislation backing them german motorists have filed over a set to file a class action today against. the for its emissions cheating some of the lawsuits in the u.s. have forced b.w. to refund the full purchase price of vehicles to most customers that. you're watching news live from. more news coming your way next hour with sarah i'll see you again very soon there on.
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the food. entering the conflict zone fronting the powerful. after thirteen years in power in some damaging state election results are going to close well forty is visibly waning how much carlos do you good luck school to call my girls shoes for skunk short one of the most famous
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. and in for most politicians in germany conflicts are. just one way to survive where it's like just hide your identity. bangladesh what is the true face of a country like they've just continue notion of this should be. pretty. cannot be. bangladesh the dawn of islam in some. scars cover and forget women in russia have to live with violence sexism and oppression nothing is now in my brush. where putin's petri arche groups
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today women's rights were already gaining traction a hundred years ago. people here don't have a clue about families and but there are women who want to use to get change in every day life for justice and equality. under the skin of russia's women starts november thirteenth g.w. . after thirteen years in power and some damaging state election results are going to merkel's or thirty is visibly waning she's giving up the leadership of the christian democrats but she'll stay on as chancellor my guest this week here in berlin is. one of germany's most famous and infamous politicians a former finance minister for the christian democrats now president of the paul.


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