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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm CET

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the t.v. . forgot to w.'s november focus. i want to welcome to another fun filled edition of your max i'm your host meghan lee today we're getting in the spirit of hollowing here's a look at what we've got lined up for you today. we discover the scary side of the scottish capital edinburgh. its forty three get behind the wheel and an expedition into work on sports car design. and stylish
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experience a trail based policing nine hundred sixty s. architecture with the house next one in germany. here in germany october thirty first is known as reformation day marking a profound religious and social change in europe that began with martin luther in fifteen seventeen well on a lighter note october thirty first is also a time for ghosts goblins and most importantly candy or how even this form originated in the united states but a darker deeper history can be traced back to european cities such as edinburgh scotland capital is considered to be one of the most ghostly cities in the world over the centuries it has inspired poets and authors to write horror stories.
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going underground in edinburgh brings back echoes of a gruesome past the walled up vaults beneath the south bridge were initially meant to be workshops but their use soon became far more sinister. at the start of the nineteenth century edinburgh as a center for anatomical research doctors needed bodies to descend. but the man fled to the growth of a grave robbing industry to regard nora wolfe revives the past for visitors bodysnatchers what lurk around the graveyard strong the data or child when you're. just a return of blood with the real barrel of day quick off the back out of the ground open that couple undressed the corpse entirely put the corpse into the wheelbarrow close a couple of the cult lead to the ground and heads of the universe to as quickly as possible so sometimes we don't get to the university in time and you will have to find a place to store for us now what's more ideal than
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a few volts underground hidden away from the eye of just as well the constant cool temperature and the honeycomb of passageway. leggers prostitutes and the homeless also gathered in the. legend has it that the soul of anyone who died in this crypt would remain caught there forever like this so little jack who haunts the space. he makes himself noticeable in all kinds of ways sometimes you feel a cold spots on your all monahan and sometimes you can just feel someone talking on your cloak on your coat sometimes even first i wasn't here especially in some of these rooms some of my colleagues have experienced stones in their faces so it has happened quite a lot. edinburgh is said to be one of the world's spookiest. city's history contributes to its reputation there were bloody battles plague and witch burnings
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mysterious murders create a fertile ground for apparitions. most of them are in the old town which the scottish call old reeky or old smoky. dark narrow channels with steep shadowy step seven speired authors to gory tales over the centuries. among them was the horror story of the strange case of dr jekyll and mr hyde written by scottish author robert there was stephen city in the nineteenth century edinburgh city scriber makar and scottish island spends says the city has a special our world. i think these thing to do in the in that in the atmosphere and that he preferred and spiritual energy and i think writers of also poets novelists dramatists feel those energies the minute i understand them necessarily with interlinked that there's something deeper going and something to settle something
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that splits the imagination. one place more than others as attracted poets and authors greyfriars kerrick yard. where others have been taking place here is in the sixteenth century the overgrown place is said to be haunted. or remote is this and spread it over a former lord advocate who sues to mishear and initially he took offense at some homeless person taking shelter in his and his tomb and his muslim and he didn't beat the guy up and since then they've been other recorded instances. this one of the many goes stories that inspired j.k. rowling when writing the harry potter stars in edinburgh she took breaks prior strolling in great friars care q. . thomas riddle of edinburgh is buried a gray friers rolling use the name tom riddle as the human name for brill and lord
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voldemort. even visitors who aren't afraid of ghosts and sorcerers are sure to come back from edinburgh with a ghost story or two of their own. ok i think i will definitely be sleeping with the lights on tonight and of edinburgh isn't scary enough for some people than there is always horror land in spain one that coming up at the top of today's express. the horror land theme park has opened in a disused coal mine in power plant in barracuda roughly one hundred kilometers north of barcelona just in time for halloween. the twenty two thousand five hundred available tickets sold out months before the temporary park even opened. visitors will be greeted by an army of monsters ghosts and zombies played by
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a team of around ninety actors the attractions include haunted houses escape rooms and interactive games designed to spook. this jungle scarecrows of probably set a new world record over two hundred fifty of them were needed to beat the record and in fact a total of five hundred fifteen children came together to primary school and felt north america some are calling official confirmation that this was the world's largest ever gathering of scarecrows is expected to arrive in a few weeks. the world's largest events dedicated to chocolate this along to paris kicked off with a show that manly chocolate and fashion the collection of chocolate couture. it was modeled by celebrities such as miss france the event runs for five days and features some five hundred exhibitors from sixty countries from chuckle at ga and
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artisans to manufacturers it showcases what's new in the world of chocolate cocoa ice cream pastry and confectionery. the scrumptious trade fair runs through sunday . going on now into today's installment of indulging experiments and we travel to a restaurant on the spanish island of eats up diners better shop with an appetite because the experience consists of a total of twenty courses but don't be fooled this menu will put a severe strain on the wallet as a motion is one of the most expensive restaurants in the world. the show begins twenty horses and the price tag one thousand and five hundred euros per person and each course has a new setting on the spanish island to beat what is probably the world's most
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expensive restaurant offers a dining extravaganza of. people like me by. this type of behavior that he gave all. day early in the last guess enjoy the first call an area offering out the door the entry ticket tastes like chocolate and lime sublimation seats a maximum of twelve people they experience surprise after surprise and rapid succession six cameras observe the guests the room is changed by computer with lighting effects smells wind and smoke hidden behind glass the team controls the show until i. know. that the show began. with caviar oysters and champagne of course it's coming. now a vegetable garden still here the soil is edible a mixture of chopped black olives and bread the culling area artists expect the
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twenty courses to take a total of three hours their concept is successful the restaurant is fully booked for months and events. so it's lovely. dishes are served up in an underwater world. court for. the pot. it's an expensive treat. this is eight hundred euros. but when we have an aromatic wrong with the taste of the sea. so when the snails in the muscles are steamed lightly in their own troops. oh technical innovations are part of those concepts here he test a pair of virtual reality glasses in a flight simulator alter the taste experience. because
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it's only thirty four. hours they show you fifty percent of what they say. on a simulator trip on the orient express the table even vibrates. the mushroom dishes the magically stage two. is known the world over as a party island that provides inspirations for popular on several shows. the. living there is a setting recalling it before in the one nine hundred sixty s. . and a desert that revolves around a record on a turntable. which. experiential dining is a playground for the cooks and cast alike such a. way
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shot the feel good thinking they. are living here as chef composes is cullen airy creations like a painter the food changes color and texture before the diners eyes all their senses are involved. in the. head chef on several kids guess farewell from a movie screen what a spectacular performance. well if you have had an unusual dining experience or if you've eaten something uncommon then tell us about it just understand the email explaining your experience and by doing so you qualify to win and exclusive your own max watch all right on
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now to iceland's capital reykjavik which has become a surprising magnet for street art colorful murals murals can be found throughout the city thanks in no small part to artists our real now we travel to iceland to check out her latest contribution. reykjavik is home to a thriving street art scene. most of the buildings along the city's main shopping streets are adorned with graffiti and street art. the tourists love it. many house owners commission artists to design their facades. vs land the capital is a royce of color. and that is thanks to the likes of sar everyone born here in one nine hundred eighty she studied at an art school in berlin germany the latest
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work adorns the icelandic ministry for industries and innovation twenty five artists submitted proposals for minerals and hers was the winning design. this is is how cops are the images demi abstract you can see a whale. and maybe a cod fish and a few other things but it's also open to interpretation if you follow it with your eyes it looks as though it's rising up from the ground and trying to get out. and then you can see it arch back into the sea. and smear everyone can interpret it differently. and i'm happy with that it's a free of. creating the mural was a labor of love. the work was constantly being interrupted by bad weather and tarantula rain would wash everything away. but the result was worth the
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effort the artist is satisfied and so is the ministry push a lot of video that i'm a lot more bizarre worked on it for two months come rain or shine. the weather this year was awful. but she did a magnificent job and made this. wonderful image in the order that we. were all very proud of it. that doesn't mean so real this putting the things out she's now fearing for him a just so to show set to open here in iceland soon. it's a farm since the last farm this paint is left over from the mural. it helps i really like to use stuff up in the i don't make sketches but i do sometimes do tasks or practice runs movie. these are shapes that are flying or swimming they're relatively organic. i'm on a quest here to delve into the subconscious. to the parents who create. all these
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studies whether they're painted or etched into glass drafts for large scale projects. reykjavik is soaring. and she's left a mark here in the form of over ten merrill's. iceland's harsh weather takes its toll though. it's not as if they're meant to be there forever. that's one of the great things about graffiti and street art it's there for a while this is a few years. and then it starts to disappear for spending. as well as murals are a real pain. creates installations and videos and designs book covers and records. she's exhibited and worked in the us china canada japan germany no way belgium and iran. i find it hard to work in the confines
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of a studio who i'd rather have something that's twenty two metres in height i like to work physically outside in dialogue with the city and with the people who live in it. and here in reykjavik sorrow real isn't likely to run out of space for a while. all right return our attention now to classic cars now they're often hidden in private garages and they only come out for a sunday drive weather permitting but now current through. can in my are some of the most beautiful rarest and most valuable cars of past decades in a special exhibition actually named p.s. i love you. fast elegant innovative. museum is currently exhibiting thirty icons of automotive history
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one is a b.m.w. five zero seven from a private collection only two hundred fifty four were ever built but the preproduction prototype made in one thousand nine hundred fifty five is one of. the driving i was stunned when i heard this car exists or i knew about the series production cars and then to find the prototype the only one on earth is just fantastic but the grill is filigree and more elaborate heck the trunk latest too. many details are different but the whole car is more beautiful than the production versions for. elegant mercedes models ferrari is from the one nine hundred fifty s. m. porsche's through the decades even handmade cars some of them weren't easy to obtain for the exhibition they're too highly valued financially sentimental and interesting each terms for their owners to release them.
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if there is car belongs to an italian collector presto who only collects prototypes he has more than one hundred cars and they're all prototypes is this car has been in new york in tokyo and he had an opening so he said we can have it and of course we were overjoyed. these are rolling sculptures with called status the design is the essence here but is it art. when you consider all some of the ills have been around for a hundred and thirty years hardly any other object in the world is asked particular and so often reinvented and styled and designed as the automobile. sports car design. derwent a fundamental change in the one nine hundred seventy s. large grills were no longer in style. the formal language preferred flatter more geometric and sharper contours an extreme example from the time is the lamborghini
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couldn't touch with four hundred fifty five horsepower it's more of a rocket than a car it belongs to the curator himself as we hear this version of the car is a somewhat later lamborghini contact each when it was unveiled in one nine hundred seventy three the shape was more refined than what i would but the market started demanding cars like this after ferrari set the trend with a slightly meaner and more aggressive look then came the turning point for the anniversary model ferrari testarossa had ribs and it looked just awful you couldn't be seen in public with it was this one is a cult car now the other one isn't squid. p.s. i love you the style icons in this exhibition dazzled with their elegance and. some even smile good by. now and staying in the country
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will take a sneak peek into someone's humble abode now in the early one nine hundred sixty s. architect has had noise at design a modern structure in the western german city of cologne that is still an eye catcher today and the architects daughter who now lives there was kind enough to let us in for a look around. german architect peyton noise should name his house in cologne x. one. city curator thomas van that is visiting noise for its daughter art historian mccall down there sitting at the bar which still looks exactly the way it did when it was completed in one nine hundred sixty two. this is actually the center of the house we called it the bar and he used to be the office to this was the meeting place this is where all the books are it's where we look things up oh and it's also
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where the party started on. when her father showed the plans to his father who was also an architect the reaction was muted. on how. he couldn't stoop to making a compliment i've been told that all he said was yes to do it that way too that was it. these are all her father's designs inside and now the table with built in piles the boxy parts are for storage outside there for rubbish down. inside their home to kitchen appliances the veneer shows a smiling face that attests to precise carpentry the veneer ceiling is also ornamental. the door to the bar is made to measure collection to assault from the rhine river the house is full of surprises. that i'm going to use
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i can go we had free run of the house of course when we were kids and of course there were spots we could go through the walls where it was open in some places we could go around the walls and the doors were cut to fit all. i would have liked it better if we hadn't been made to keep it so tidy we had to clean up when visitors came to ensure the house looked its best but today i actually wouldn't do it any differently. it's a house that's chock full of technical details. doesn't tell he didn't have the money nor for he there are things that you always emphasized the blue wall and the way the stones are placed when it comes to design or architectural questions i still always ask could we use a different material can it be i would name can we have it manufactured come
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honestly i'm fat and it opened up my view on materials over to. the house is a visionary. isn't against more of one form the also it represents quite a new form of living and sort of an american dream of life and now it's geared toward space and a bond with nature that floods the homes with outside becomes inside and inside the ground outside only this sheet of glass separates it but it doesn't really it's what gives this house character. it's so unusual that the planning up authorities didn't want to issue a building permit back then the school bridges on using these very stressed concrete as material that's used in civil engineering for bridges and large adjusters structures here pre-stressed concrete is being used for residential building the ball back then that was something really extraordinary that pre-stressed concrete was used for building
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a home. we're talking very very early back in nineteen sixty two and that makes this structure so exceptional his house it's absolute. house x. one by peter noyes it is a nine hundred sixty s. architectural icon. and with that it is time to say goodbye now don't forget to stay up to date on the show on our social media pages or on our web site well as always from me and the rest of the crew here at your max thanks for tuning in once again tomorrow. on the next edition of your i'm max we head to the north sea coast where the north and night national park is home to a saltmarsh between the title shots and. the wetlands are habitat for many animals and plants once the breeding season is over the park is a popular destination for hikers and nature reserve next time on your own maps.
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we make up for what we want tons of office that conduct education we are the civil service or. the want to shape the continent's future. be part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges of the seventy seven percent platform for africa majority. i am the rain forest i watched them grow up. that left
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but they always come back. yes they always come back. for my trees there were. my plants their medicine. for my beauty their escape. i always been. and i. am. sometimes i come from. nothing gone for ever. but humans are so smart so smart such big brains and opposable thumb. they know how to make things amazing things now why would they need an old forest like me any.
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chunk treen. will do breanne the bear. and i make. if they still are that. sure. so. they'll figure it out. human making a pair that'll be fun to watch. in .
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the end. this is deja vu news live from berlin investigators probe why a brand new boeing fell out of the sky divers in indonesia find one of the black boxes of the plane that crashed shortly after taking off from jakarta on monday they hope that will help to explain the cause of the tragedy that claimed the lives of nearly two hundred people and also coming up a major new study says earth's oceans are warming much faster the.


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