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tv   Eco Africa - The Environment Magazine  Deutsche Welle  November 3, 2018 7:30am-7:48am CET

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people different shaping their nation. and their continent. for the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destiny to their. t.v. series for. the movie. hello and welcome to a new edition of he called off eco fools and by mental stories and ideas from africa and europe today will discover a brand new forest in the wanda and remote areas in south africa where little tiny
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frogs are living well let's not get lost in the details first of all welcome i am now a time when i welcome my beautiful colleague from the show in johannesburg hi n.c. happy to be with you again presenting once again our coproduction from quest set dates from ella and chattels t.v. my name is phineas and this day and i'll be a cause for the show here is what's coming up in the program. we'll show you how slum dwellers in madagascar as capital get me more water. but check out as invention that concludes the world's oceans. we'll tell you what i experience the launch of the successful business with the socks made from natural ingredients. which sucked the sound on the island of madagascar. frequent droughts and an exploding city population have made clear and drinking
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water a scarce resource in the capital one town are evil many of the city's slum dwellers rely on contaminated water collected from swamps and self built wells with simple but effective means the old has ation water and sanitation for the urban poor proves that not much money is needed to provide clean water and the method also has great benefits to the environment. a crew for a major roman madagascar's national water utility is repairing a broken pipe in the antenna and everything about forty percent of the city's drinking water is lost due to needs like these repair teams are enforced and trained on how to detect and fix such leaks by the end water and sanitation for the been poor a-w. as you pete. never zarek a towson is a program off. saving resources doesn't need to be big as
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creating a new treatment for anything but how money is in better managing the resource the good they have now the better management says only in general michael improve the service that they give to the. w s u p is working to improve antananarivo is water management the metropolitan areas population has doubled to some three million over the past twenty years. two thirds of the people have no access to clean drinking water according to w.s.u. p.t. about one quarter of deaths among children under the age of five here a link to water borne diseases. members are and her team at w.s.u. p. help provide basic infrastructure to prevent waste water from polluting the environment and improve access to clean water in partnership with the city the
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n.-g. o. has already built five hundred will take us that sell drinking water. they've also built laundry blocks across the city. remember hanta comes here to watch a family's laundry she also does laundry for a few customers which provides her a source of income. because i can feel the pain of my own phone on the phone this brings happiness my family allows me to only be the morning we are now i don't have to go to the river the french were trying which makes my life much easier. to go to the eva which is father and my son for the fun of at the. local pub cooking that. many locals still rely on contaminated surface water to meet stead daily needs the river which passes through antananarivo is a city's largest source of water local people fish and do their washin here but the water is contaminated by role sewage and the waste that litters the riverbank.
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members our record towson says providing better infrastructure isn't enough political action is also necessary to create a lost in change. the work that we are doing is contributing to to show to the governments how the how will be the impact of this type of a petition to the people to live and how the government proved this people's life for our work to our priority our action we will show we will influence the government that there is some action that could be taken to avoid people's lives destruction. the municipal water utility agrees but lacks the resources to take action only a small part of a turn and i was connected to the sewer system. and none of its waste water is properly treated. the director of the municipal waste water facility worries that
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environmental pollution will soon make it impossible to provide local residents with save drinking water. the problem. the problem with respect to the quality of drinking water isn't. just to meet the needs. of the staff. with w s u p s assistance the city has drafted a proposal to expand its waste water treatment facilities these improvements and water management urgently needed as met as our record knows only too well otherwise the cooper river will not be a source of life but a threat to the local environment and people. are our friends our precious there are hundreds of beautiful coral amazing whales. and the fish we eat but as
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you know that up to eight to nine million tons of plastic are dumped in the world's oceans every year by twenty fifty that might be more plastic than fish in them that's insane so it's not us got together and invented a tool called the been which can help clean up the ocean another video in our series doing your bit. every year we done more than eight million tons of plastic trash into the world's oceans. small harbors like this one are good places to test a new clean up to buy ice. on the spanish island of majorca andrew turton and peterson glinsky are trying out there floating rubbish collector to see been.
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here's how it works an extra no pump creates a vacuum that sucks in water along with the floating trash. the filter bag inside the bin even removes oil and detergents from the water. the designers say it doesn't harm fish because only objects at the surface are pulled into the bin. at present the pump is still being powered by gasoline. but in the future andrew and peter plan to use renewable energy sources like wind and solar to run their ocean clean up devices. like that. if you are also doing your bit tell us about it. is it our website or send us a tweet. as to doing your bit with your stories.
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now we switch over to south africa. where a very small crater is endangered we're talking about its highest will frog its only habitat is on a small stretch of wetlands what is so interesting about the pick a guilty read frog n.c. well conservationist hoping to fade to raw because they see thanks to this progress can measure changes in v.n. bob and the biologist have teamed up with johannesburg zoo to try to save the species through a research and breeding program. this little fellow is less than three centimeters long he's a pick of skills read from an endangered species since last year the johannesburg's who has been breeding the rare amphibians to increase their numbers. now some of them are being moved to the nation habitat six hundred kilometers away in the coastal wetlands. but we. even du plessis is one of
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a team of researchers involved in the amphibian conservation project. tonight they're setting about two hundred fold three. unit revert in going to move even deeper into the way current whereby we're going to put in a drought and we're going after spread the biggest deals out there is you are going to level to ensure that but equally spaced out at israel. the project is a collaboration between the zoo another state organization and a private in geo in south africa the only place in the world this species of frog lives is here in these wetlands near the durban airport. their habitat is very small around twelve square kilometers the scientists realised that noise and contaminated waste water from the agricultural industry weigh on the wetlands. the future of the tiny frogs is also threatened by urban development in the nearby city
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according to the researchers the idea to launch the project came from scientist adrian armstrong he and gene terrence from the n.g.o.s have been involved in the frog project since twenty seventeen so we knew of some science. and so we asked the jealous big zoo to come and collect some and take them back to the city and in captivity we don't actually know a lot of our history so what's really great about this project in particular with breeding this because girls really frog is learning a lot more about its biology learning about its breeding behavior and learning about the things that it does in captivity which we would like to think also happens in the wild. the same is true for other amphibians about seven thousand worldwide the scientists know very little about them and a growing number are endangered the conservation project aims to shed more light on the habitats of amphibians particularly from. it's so important that we maintain
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a group of elation of the syrians because they're also assisting us in numerous ways one of the things is malaria is a big problem so that as well as other forces off the wall there's a lot of roles actually in this heater is also helping with other controls like other things we'd like to create the role they also feel it's believed that half the world's vertebrates have disappeared over the past fifty years that's why the research is in south africa are doing all they can to prevent that from happening to these tiny front and its habitat. i just learned something new on eco africa even the smallest of creatures have their place in the ecosystem but there is no room in nature for certain chemical products for example many cosmetic products contain chemicals that can damage your skin and of course the environment in the pursuit of living more simply naturally unconsciously cosmetics made from natural
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ingredients are getting more popular one man in nigeria's capital lagos is producing some form of garlic products it's gotten so popular here that he's now shipping it worldwide. the camp good tree is native to west africa for centuries people here have used it for all kinds of purposes from working to making die and health and beauty products when you grow into. the core beneath the bark is good for treating various skin problems. radiate needs to wood to make is due to assume black soup. it is pounded it is ground and it's made into a paste to exfoliate the skins of babies is also used as a beauty regimen to make the skin supple. because a we milled us.
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introduces into the soap in a very smooth outer form. gary d. and his team are constantly working on improving the formula which also includes on the chair and aloe vera all natural ingredients harvested locally. building a manufacturing business for ghana call that to nigeria has been challenging business structure. there's no problem with assistance. their detention system is dysfunctional. the government house is literally the existing when it comes to manufacture or the business so if you're looking for to the government to help you . with your time would you really set up this company in one thousand nine hundred ninety five and it now produces more than one hundred forty thousand dollars per day from production to packaging everything is done in the launch factory and
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during the places great value on natural ingredients and tradition we know that people have skin problems around the world people of different races different. but the skin is the same and the healing characteristics of this soap will benefit mankind. did you assume his soul throughout nigeria and it sells well. even though it is so much more expensive than regular soaps. i think is that close to nature which i had not a lot so we tend to spend more on it and working without t.v. using something nice caused by you gets in the venue so you even mind the cost of the products sounds great not the masses have not changed. i don't think i'm thinking of changing. the marketed in several countries but if we do it once to
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really establish the brand internationally he's also diversifying the portfolio with organic share better and by the illusions he hopes his success will inspire others to become entrepreneurs who want to provide something that the up and coming don't want to see in the i want to be like that and i want to beat this recall if you can. you know beat the odds and successful in the world market we can also do that as the month keeps on growing the company is planning to buy more land where he can cultivate and sustainable fashion the trees and plants he needs for his old natural products. have you ever stopped to wonder why so many people drive alone especially in europe you could just get more people to travel together traffic jams on pollution would be reduce them more than a billion cause worldwide
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a figure that could double by twenty forty while that's shocking in germany for instance there are already some areas in big cities like hamburg and frankfurt where it's forbidden to drive with a diesel car but a life of small and congested roads could be avoided and i don't mean we'll all be flying around inside while style hover cars many of the vehicles of this future are a lot more modest syfy yourself. this is only palin's first self driving bus he's not allowed out on the road yet senses on the front of the vehicle allow it to recognize obstacles ali has spent three months practicing on the testing ground transport research a vet councilor police self driving vehicles are the future even if ali isn't quite perfect yet. only needs to practice their it's got a ways to go the technology is relatively new and highly complex complex but in
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a few years' time the self driving buses are expected to be in regular operation but that's not all this is what tomorrow cities could look like autonomous vehicles of various descriptions bring us to wherever we need to go and we'll be able to choose between several forms of transport. for the key is in term of dallas where various forms of transport are linked but no private cars there in a patient and i think in the medium to long term personal cars will disappear from our inner cities with the transfer of. our roads are already full enough. the result is noise congestion and poor air quality that's inspired a number of visionary on chicken is to come up with alternatives one startup company called clever shuttle operates at.


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