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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 3, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm CET

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this is. from berlin acquitted and found innocent of blasphemy but do not free the husband of christian pakistani woman as he tells you he fears for his fate to the government strike the deal with islam is hard line as protecting the decision to free to. get out and vote that's the message from the u.s. presidents past and present ahead of tuesday's midterm elections here which issues are motivating voters. most the poll. also
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coming up it's being called a game overall for european football as we know it leaked documents show the continent's top football clubs have been quietly planning to seize control of european football and form their own and each league. i'm welcome to the show a christian pakistani woman whose case made world headlines is not yet free despite a supreme court decision finding her in a sense of blasphemy and lifting her death sentence. husband. has also told you in an exclusive interview that he fears for his wife and the rest of their family's safety it's also emerged that her lawyer has fled the country the supreme court decision to acquit her has stoked days of protests by islamist hardliners.
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sentenced to death for blasphemy and twenty ten after neighbors accused of insulting the prophet mohammed. joining us now from get up in asia death is a shadow shams so shallow w. has found out that authorities are still holding as you have baby is she saying well you know we were shocked i'm not going to be your wits must see. you this morning. let me just tell you that it was a bit difficult for us to get orders received because it has been. trying to be safe and hiding here and there and in that interview he said to us that he has already suffered a great deal the vents were raised the supreme court who did he was a radio. daughters were looking forward to meeting the mother but now they have to wait because revue petition has been fired and the supreme court and now they have
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to wait the daughters have to wait a little bit more to meet their mother and see their mother free and can you tell us more about baby's has bent his spoken with today right what did he say. well you said that it is wrong by islamists to pile pressure on the supreme court is that government he said that he fought a legal battle over ten years growth and then years. of use it could do that and did not try to pressure the governor and all the judiciary now slums want to prove that speed court is wrong and in this view it is incorrect to rush or on the judges as you saw that this number stopped at the streets the lock roads dyer's and the photos the government runs for signs of government send out and the abject and shame the surrender by the government as now. the obvious life.
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are under a huge amount of risk he also said that. the garden situation for us iovine is extremely dangerous and they are hiding here and they're changing their nutrition frequent. right he mentioned briefly this agreement can you tell us more about that the pakistani government reached to with islamists what is in the deal. well that's the deal between the parties on the government and all this new the of the boxer military and the security agencies are also. reading that government security agencies and an islamist group has had. under siege and other major cities sais that the government. not block their view for titian in the supreme court. would also take measures to back off the obvious. travel abroad and in that don't profess to those numbers
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agreed on ending the protest and that's what they have ended. but the problem the disagreement is that after islamists threaten judges they want it said that they were do the judges also call on their also urge officers to revolt against the government on the chief general bargewell after all this and my brother mr khan said in a sense this speech that he would be reduced numbness with an iron hand this kind of surrender kind of the boredom is numbness and now you see that there has been it is become room including because you're going to be around family to leave the country all who live in baathist on safely channel shams from asia desk thank you. and you can find the full interview with the abuse husband on our
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web site that's d.w. dot com democrats and republicans in the united states are making their final pitches to voters ahead of tuesday's midterm elections and leading the charge to presidents with rival visions for president barack obama told a rally in atlanta that democracy can't work when people make stuff up without any consequences that was clearly a dig at incumbent donald trump will he warned that voting democrat would mean going back to the obama days of high unemployment low wages and open borders. and with all of that rhetoric what are the issues that americans really care about or washington correspondent has this round up. the. government has been you must. build the wall with the midterm elections approaching voters are under a barrage of political ads from both parties republicans got
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a big thrill. just in case and they duran the criminal illegals and take a moment will democrats then helmer i approve of town halls bad singing and this message are both trying to drill their respective messages into the political conscience of the american electorate so it's getting less. real was and very confusing what are actually the topics the political agendas which make voters interested and going to the polls coming november sixth according to our experts panel the political topics voters really care about in the midterms are well i think the biggest issue that's at forefront right now is health care the top issues in this election are the economy health care immigration trade and guns the economy health care trade and then local issues the economy it's booming issue repeat for the republicans trying to get voters to cast the ballots for them the message don't vote democrats you lose your job and pay more taxes or
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as the president puts it democrats produce republicans produce jobs however republicans have just now started something like an athlete's on the economy perhaps a template in the campaign the economy and health care always issues that are elections health care that's a bread and butter issue for the democrats the republican failed to replace the affordable care act better known as obamacare health care a winner for democrats so what happened to immigration and guns trump is clearly trying to nationalize the immigration debate nationalize the gun debate. immigration a biggie for the president. says the least racist person but the latest campaign posted on president trump's twitter account has sparked accusations of being blatantly racist politics anybody. for democrats trump is the gift that keeps on giving not only is the liberal democratic voter base fired up about
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going to the polls come november sixth. it's specifically white educated suburban women who voted for trump in two thousand and sixteen who now seem to be turning to the democrats i think i share the conventional wisdom that the democrats will regain the house of representatives that the republicans will perhaps gain a seat or two in the senate no matter what the outcome on november sixth will be the twenty twenty presidential campaign has already started since as they say here in washington every election is always a referendum on sitting president. meanwhile twitter has suspended thousands of automated accounts encouraging people not to vote in choose just elections in a statement by twitter on friday the social media giant said it had to have removed a series of accounts that were quote attempting to share distant formation in an automated fashion many of the bogus uses reportedly posed as democrats and were kicked off the platform in early october the company says the upcoming midterms are
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the most tweeted about in the site's history. as a look at some of the other stories making news around the world iran's supreme supreme leader ali khamenei has slammed president donald trump up to the u.s. announced it would reinstate all sanctions against iran how many said the u.s. would be ultimately lose over its decision there renewed restrictions adieu to hit on monday after they were lifted three years ago. in egypt thousands turned out for the burial of six members of the same christian family killed in a terror attack on friday they were returning from a baptism at a cupcake want to three in many a province when the bus they were traveling in. bushed by islamic militants. the regional director of the us children's agency unicef says that yemeni authorities are making it difficult to deliver much needed humanitarian aid kit. that relief efforts could plunge the water and country into famine nearly one point
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eight million children already suffer from malnutrition in yemen. the first shock revelations are emerging from a database called football leaks they include a plan by europe's top clubs to radically change the face of football by forming a new league of their own here's a look at the role of germany's top club buy in munich in the allegations. behind the scenes byron munich has been plotting an attack on europe's soccer structure according to documents seen by germany's spiegel magazine byron's corporate attorney began planning to leave the champions league back in two thousand and sixteen byard together with a handful of other elite clubs are aiming to set up their own super league breaking away from european soccer's governing body you a thug. we sent a message to you if we don't need you i'm being frank about it and we need to do this otherwise we can't get what we want negotiations that's the secret plans to
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break with you wait there in the champions league have already up the pressure top clubs have been given more money and more power in the season. but the football league's documents show other clubs have taken the lead in plans to split from. a binding declaration of intent is supposed to be signed this month the super league would be launched in the twenty twenty one twenty two season. byron munich is named as one of eleven founding members in the exclusive european super league there would be no relegation other clubs such as boris the dortmund could join their ranks by invitation only. it's obvious that these plans these ideas exist and i think some of europe's biggest clubs are working to make it happen. where we draw the line is any suggestion that we could leave the bundesliga that's unimaginable for dortmund twenty four. but not for byron
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the secret documents show the munich club has already examined whether it could leave the bundesliga but then aborted the idea responding to media questions byron said it had no knowledge of the reported declaration of intent and that the club doesn't comment on confidential talks. for now dot mind and buy and are still in the bundesliga and they've just had contrasting results leaders doc one one one mail at both spoke thanks to locke arroyo they were cousins good form ended abruptly with a four one loss to hoffenheim under pressure by in boston so his side held at home by high book shall go a victorious out org and. two two on friday frankfurt got a good win a check gut and hetta a facing rb live now and they are two games on sunday. turning to the window think a table and up to ten matches we can see the door one to have increased over by and
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two for points while hoffenheim where they they they are move up to six in the bottom half shall cut edge up walsh took got occupy the last spot in the english premier league city have won their first game since the death of their own a beach i. died in a helicopter crash while leaving a match a week ago found speed emotional tributes to the time before the one no victory at cardiff many players were also in t. is an elaborate funeral has begun in bangkok the burial services shojo to last for sixty. and a reminder now of the top story we're following for you. christian pakistani woman sentenced to death for blasphemy yet despite a supreme court decision finding her innocent and lifting her death sentence husband to. his wife safety after the government struck
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a deal with islam its hard liners protesting the decision to free her. you're watching news live from berlin wall coming up the top of the hour with my colleague don and don't forget you can get the news and information around the clock on our web site called the money thank you for watching. we make up we want to. go to. the surface of. the continent. for part of it and join. us they share their stories.


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