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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 4, 2018 12:00am-12:14am CET

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not a bit of. this is d. w. news live from berlin acquitted and found innocent of blasphemy but still not free the husband of christian pakistani woman as you have been the tells you he fears for her safety after the government strikes a deal with islamist hardliners protesting the decision to. also coming up u.s. sanctions all on their way back to iran as promised by u.s. president double trouble of the vowing to kill the iran nuclear deal the sanctions all set to hit hard on monday targeting three major sectors of iran's economy.
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and it i'm going to sleep a show coming up straight off the news we'll see if legal leaders go on to maintain their unbeaten run when they travel to both schools plus we'll have all the rest of saturday's goals. i knew as mckinnon thanks so much for joining us. a christian pakistani woman whose case has made world headlines is not yet free despite a supreme court decision finding her innocent of blasphemy and listing her death sentence husband a sikh mussy has told you in an exclusive interview that he fears for his wife and the rest of their family's safety it has also now emerged that lawyer has fled the country the supreme court decision to acquit
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a stokes days of protests by islamist hardliners the a bivy was sentenced to death of blasphemy in two thousand and ten after neighbors accused of insulting the prophet mohammed. you can find the full interview with husband on a website stay w. dot com and for more on this we're joined by shanta zia he's a human rights campaigner in pakistan who lives in toronto shum thanks so much for joining us now your father solomon. your father salmond to say it was a former governor of punjab province he was assassinated in twenty eleven off the he demanded a pardon the a baby the supreme court has now finally ruled that she should be set free yet she remains in jail why. the religious parties and baucus on have pulled off what can only be described as a judicial judicial coup by breeding the country to a halt they have expected an agreement from the government of pakistan with
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a judicial was i centrally handed over to this religious mob from the courts of pakistan giving them the right to do to do or have any verdict overturned and to receive a verdict of that over all of their liking this is perhaps the most humiliating concession ever made bye bye bye bye bye a nation state in the history of democracy and can only be described as a death warrant of democracy so now basically a c. a b. b. faces a shot on trial where after having spent nine years in jail after having been found innocent by the highest court in the country she is going to be retried by by a court demanded by a religious model essentially. essentially demanded at gunpoint but i just want to say what what is at trial over here is not just the fate of us here bibi what is at trial is also the fate of pakistan as a nation state to decide whether it is a function of nation state or
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a theocratic moment. shunyo father was murdered because of his support for the baby that kind of violence must be a huge to terror and for anyone campaigning for religious tolerance in pakistan. yes that's true there are very real dangers and. we face these dangers knowingly because we believe in a buck a song where our box nannies are equal regardless of race religion gender class and this is g. or any other. denomination that divides humanity and i believe this is the only pakistan with fighting for what do you think needs to happen both religious tolerance and freedom of speech to be improved in pakistan. after four decades or very misguided domestic and geopolitical policies the country has had
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a tremendous amount of very deep amount of radicalization another country needs to go through a systematic and well toward how do you radicalization. judicial reform such as the ruby and of the blasphemy law can really be a part of girls. that the radicalization program would also have to come with it is is creating social justice better governance creating opportunities and of course education these are the essentially the ingredients of a of a modern nation state. chant of if thanks so much for your time. against iran come and i said the u.s. would be the ultimate lose over its decision washington's far reaching sanctions on iran's vital oil sales and banking sectors are an attempt to forcing the islamic republic into negotiations to scrap its nuclear energy and ballistic missile programs the renewed restrictions will hit next week after being lifted three years
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ago. the iranian government remains on face by the reimposition of sanctions on monday the headline of the conservative newspaper reads the us can get lost but many iranians don't share this view. you can't just fight the entire world our own politicians are responsible for the current situation. the solution is a new agreement with world powers above all with the united states i hope it happens soon. iran supreme leader ayatollah ali come on ne opposes a new round of negotiations during a speech in tehran he told students that president donald trump had disgraced the u.s. if the young people of our entire country support our efforts to be independent some may not be very religious but they oppose being dominated by foreign powers. that
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beginning on monday at six am the trumpet ministration will reintroduce sanctions on iran's oil sales just eight countries have received a waiver to buy iranian oil nearly all international banking transactions will also be prohibited prices in iran are on the rise and so is on employment in the currency the rio is losing value as iranian struggle to make ends meet most lack the will to fight against their own government. democrats and republicans in the united states are making their final pitches to vote says ahead of tuesday's midterm elections former vice president joe biden told a crowd in ohio that the democrats choose hope over fear unity over division and truth over lies and that was a clip at donald trump during a rally in montana trump said the choice was between building progress achieved under his administration or letting the democrats take a giant wrecking ball to the economy. now with all of that rhetoric what are the
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issues that americans really care about a washington correspondent sent us this round up. government spinning you must. build the wall with the midterm elections approaching voters are under a barrage of political ads from both parties republicans got a big drop. just in case and need to round up criminal illegals and take a moment will democrats dan heller i approve of town halls bad singing in this message are both trying to drill their respective messages into the political conscience of the american electorate it's getting less. real. and very confusing what are actually the topics the political agenda which make voters interested and going to the polls coming november sixth according to our experts panel of the political topics voters really care about it the midterms are
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well i think the biggest issue that's at forefront right now is health care the top issues in this election are the economy health care immigration trade and guns the economy health care trade and then local issues the economy it's booming sure peak for the republicans trying to get voters to cast the ballots for them the message don't vote democrats you lose your job and pay more taxes or as the president puts it democrats produce republicans produce jobs however republicans have just now started something like an athlete's on the economy perhaps a template in the campaign the economy and health care always issues that are elections health care that's a bread and butter issue for the democrats the republican failed to replace the affordable care act better known as obamacare health care a winner for democrats so what happened to immigration and guns trump is clearly trying to nationalize the immigration debate nationalize the gun debate.
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immigration a biggie for the president. racism the least racist person but the latest campaign ad posted on president trump's twitter account has sparked accusations of being blatantly racist politics anybody don't fall for that kind of your mom for democrats trump is the gift that keeps on giving not only is the liberal democratic voter base fired up about going to the polls come november sixth. it's specifically white educated suburban women who voted for trump in two thousand and sixteen who now seem to be turning to the democrats i think i share the conventional wisdom that the democrats will regain the house of representatives that the republicans will perhaps gain a seat or two in the senate was no matter what the outcome on november sixth will be the twenty twenty presidential campaign has already started since as they say here in washington every election is always a referendum on the sitting president. to italy now which is
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counting the human and material cost of devastating storms that hit the country this week the civil protection agency says seventeen weather related deaths have been reported so far cross the country gales have left an estimated fourteen million trees up for it is the situation in the veneto region has been described as apocalyptic. centuries old forests like this one and the vonetta region destroyed within just a few days storm stuff battered the whole of eataly since last sunday but the worst hit areas are in the north. many of the dead were killed by falling trees. in the province of blue no winds reach two hundred ninety kilometers an hour and moves off houses. so those who went out here and looked upward and i shouted that the roof has blown away it shows that we were stuck five days without
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a phone without electricity without anything and without because nobody could regency. residents here were cut off after a landslide damaged a major mountain road. no where worried the road might collapse. because underneath the road we saw a crowd of the limited support of the last that. we pair efforts have been hampered by the heavy rains. thousands have been left without electricity but while the rain has finally stopped here weather warnings are still in place for the islands of said jeannie and sicily with villages has been inundated. the storm's damage in italy is estimated to run into the billions some are saying it will be decades before the region's recover. sports news for you now and in tennis novak djokovic has ended roger federer's hopes of
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the one hundredth career title this week at the paris lost as the serbian prevailed in that tight semifinal joke of it took the first set off for a nail biting tie break when federer went. to the match the soon level one federal hit back in the second set with some stunning shots a swiss break would be did i however djokovic winning the third set to power into sunday's final against a car and. the bundesliga show is on and just a moment with public fairly yeah so have all the highlights for you from the game so far this weekend including leaders dortmund at old spoke find out if they managed to extend their advantage at the top of the table. you're watching news life from berlin there's more for you at the top of the hour and don't forget you can always get the latest news on our web site that's t w
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thanks so much for joining us. first. home. of species. we're sitting. here those are big changes and most start with small steps and became good morning to you as tell stories of could you do steeple into the biggest jerks around the world. was the. most religious exemptions for storage.


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