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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  November 4, 2018 9:15am-9:31am CET

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move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands looking d.w. multimedia series from africa. dot com africa on the move. welcome to the bundesliga here on the d.w.i. problem for me i just marched a ten has produced so much burning concern in munich with bahrain hosting a feisty freiburg more on that much later so let's see what else is coming up. we'll see if unbeaten league leaders dortmund contained evolves that have recently found their plight. and we'll see if labor can use him brimming with confidence
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after battering braman and clubs in cup and league games in the past week could make light work of all time. dortmund slip up last weekend when they could only manage a draw against had to cut their lead at the top of the table to just two points this time around five a side had a victory in mind against a mid table vols for it with a few notable defensive absences to black and yellows needed to make sure they were on guard in a goal scoring mood and if they were able to maintain their lead at the top of the table. it was a high tempo game involves from the off but players initially lacked composure near the books on both sides. that was until don't one wing and jaden sutton show found himself in space and marco royce eventually met at the open a and it was a captain six of the season and the somewhat scruffy goal summed up the game. first
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royce missed the goal then sun show got into the box. thomas delaney's head there was a miscue but royce was in the right place at the right time if we don't win continued to be the most dangerous side but chances were still rare katharyn losing his bearings here in the area. and the second half the woke up and the guns of press but the hosts badly look to cutting edge up front and if. i am of. and so bundesliga leaders don't grab that tight deserved away when it was hard until the end because the only schoolroom one goal but we defended both to get a so that's a good sign we didn't concede a goal and yet we spoke more than the opponents they have been a good we have a good mentality on the pitch we always want to play that's the most important
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thing the players are keen to improve bit by bit old poor best new soon five side remain unbeaten in fifteen competitive games it's only november but this was the sort of buckling victory that helps when championships. at baarn unit came into my stay ten on the back of a four game winning streak in all competitions i knew they needed to win if they wanted to keep the pressure on dortmund but they couldn't do better than a draw. against freiburg the scores were level until the a.t.f. minutes when a fine piece of individual aggression and skill from serge gnabry broke the deadlock but nine minutes later the hosts sold barely disappear just played a swinging cross and who was the first to reach it it's the first time the freiburg have taken
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a point home from munich since twenty thirty i. form this season has been fairly unimpressive overall but in the past week something seems to have clicked with by the side battered braman last weekend in the bundesliga and in the german cup scoring a total of eleven goals in those clashes or hoffenheim set to be their next victims or could they bring the hosts back down to earth. leverkusen fans were likely expecting another explosive performance against talking high and given their team's recent run of form and they looked to be right when leverkusen seemed to have matched the opener just ten minutes him but celebrations were cut short as a play was ruled offside. and leverkusen hopes were further dash by rhys nelson's curling shot in the one nine hundred minute. being less youngster now has six league goals to his name. and this one might have been the best of the bunch.
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never cusins reaction was a swift one. mitchell visor split open hoffenheim stiff fence with precision and kathleen battle it out he was there to rifle it into the far corner to equalize one one half an hour him. but hoffenheim weren't content to split points just four minutes later in a wide open jol intone headed home pavel cut a sharp express in the visitors were back ahead. five minutes after the break and jol intone was brought down in leverkusen xbox one chance of grief calmly stepped up and slotted at home from the spot. jol intone burst pasa leverkusen offense in the seventy third minute picking up his second of the match and piling on to leverkusen is misery. it ended for one tough pill to swallow for leverkusen and likely the opposite end of the result expected to be given their recent performances.
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in a round up of the other side of the games will take a look at how berlin managed against leipsic and whether i would break or nuremberg could manage to come out on top but first we'll see how one of this season's biggest disappointments shelter did against struggling hanover could last season's runners up pick up some much needed points let's find out. how to have only managed for so. at this campaign and they took their time getting off the mark against one of our but when philip chalo was adjudged to have mark down after an hour. made him pay from the spot. equalized in the seventieth minute. steeps through two defenders and picked out hendrick vague done with his trucks. back immediately though. took advantage of some sloppy hanover defending. with just moments left to go to his name to the school she finally the strikers. of the
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season. can school at home also over that kind of a meanwhile happen. over a year. and leipsic have never had an illness and they weren't about to ruin that record today team over there you know opened the scoring in scrappy style after just seven minutes. berlin had the better chances in the second half but it was light six scoring all the goals then a second came in the fifty third minute. in the seventy fifth. tied things up with this spectacular strike his first ever goal and the german top flight. this victory sends leipzig up to third. hausberg began their home tie against nuremberg on the front foot just eleven
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minutes in alfred from bogus and he's fixed on disney good goal of the season. you're in but for back after the break for the twenty one year old alexander folks squeezed his first ever goal in the league pass keeper on dreyfus meter. just five minutes later units and schmidt put out both rocky fronts with a fantastic free kick but he saw it still managed to squander their advantage you can smooth becoming the next nuremberg to get his maiden dold in the bundesliga on rescuing a point in the eighty eighth minute. i hear the result so far from much day ten and there's confirmation of dortmund's win against involves birk byron of course true with freiburg laver has an absolutely battered by hoffenheim shelter finally getting some points over and over their head to berlin slipped up against a leipzig draw down and i was burke and of course marched
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a ten kicked off in stuttgart on friday with a strong display from frank first the visitors decided to match with two something something headers just before the final whistle frankfurt's frontline combine to put the result beyond substitute me but i'm showing some acrobatics skills to make it. and we have of course two matches to play out on sunday gladbach house just off and mind. it's time now to take a look of course at the table so far unlatched a ten and no surprise at the top dortmund but they do extend their lead by four points but munich hot under tails four points behind of course and twenty little bit of movement there leipsic and frankfurt move up hoffenheim also move up and down the other end of the table volves were moved to shelters when distances them from the relegation zone desperate times there for stuttgart. and of course hanover
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. before i let you go instead of the play the day we need your help in deciding the bundesliga is go of the month for october so take a look here are the three finalists. is it lucas here live fribourg. yes give it up about bob goodlatte he's going to go for a pay. cut back for. exaggerated. or is it. a. set of books. about luke a yo bitch of frankfurt. with
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a. so be sure to submit your vote or via e-mail right to the bundesliga at d w dot com you can also watch those goals again on social media chose to use the addresses you see there on your screen and you could win a jersey from the bundesliga team of your choice. hold the time we have for you on saturday of course we'll be back for more action from sunday's games and we'll be discussing this weekend's main talking points with former footballer michel so until then here are some of the best moments from saturday so for me and the rest of the team here in berlin thanks and bye bye
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