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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 4, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CET

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grama there you go it's cold out there. i'm rachel join me to meet the germans on the w. post. this is day to bring you news live from berlin with one day left before u.s. sanctions hit manges sectors of iran's economy thousands of iranians rallying in the streets of tehran marking the fortieth anniversary of the u.s. embassy takeover we'll look at how the new sanctions are impacting people's lives in the country. and devastation in italy as storms and flooding kill more people
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rescue divers and emergency teams still looking to save the lives of people holding on for hard. i'm rebecca races welcome to the show tens of thousands of iranians are taking part in anti-american demonstrations in cities across the country the rallies are being held to mark the takeover of the u.s. embassy in tehran thirty nine years ago they also commas the population braces for crippling new sanctions said to be imposed by trump the trumpet ministration administration on monday iran celebrates the anniversary every year but anger towards the u.s. is reported to have increased since president decided to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal more now on the way iranians are preparing for the new sanctions. america. is finishing this six story apartment building there's no project lined up
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next he's been building homes for ten years employing one hundred fifty people when times were good now there's just fifty new contracts have dried up because no one is confident enough to invest right now. the sanctions are putting iran's economy under even more pressure they're causing enormous uncertainty over night or money you can lose a third or a quarter of its value with that you can see how bad it is bad. building contractors are facing extinction imported goods will be nearly nonexistent once u.s. banking and oil sanctions take effect on monday and we import many of our building materials such as elevators which come entirely from abroad and the building sector along with many others will be done for if we can't maintain business relationships with the rest of the world anymore. he runs leadership isn't
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budging no new negotiations with the arch enemy the us iran's supreme leader of the grand ayatollah ali khamenei told students in tehran iran would prevail he said while u.s. president donald trump has disgraced his country. the young people of our entire country support our efforts to be independent some might not be very religious but they oppose being dominated by foreign powers. in the words of iran's official newspaper the americans can get lost yet there's little word on how the government can prevent rising prices currency devaluation and company insolvencies. far boars rise done an economist who's been in and out of prison for his critical views of the government says many iranians blame their misery on their own government's mismanagement but he doesn't see sanctions stoking a popular revolt against it which many in the us may be hoping for. what you
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protest there are are not coordinated many occur without plumbing workers aren't in unions the word union alone is taboo in iran the islamic republic views unions a subversive under threat. she. writes donna has no doubt that the government will use any means necessary to put down resistance from within that means the u.s. iranian duel is likely to persist. british business late isn't calling on the u.k. government to have the final say on breaks it back to the people a group called business for a people's vote signed a letter published in the sunday times it calls for a public vote on the negotiated breaks the terms of business leaders warn the country faces a destructive hardbacks it and what the public to have more say before it's finalized the u.k. government opposes allowing another referendum the british people decided on the matter already in twenty six thing. i'm joined now by joe mcalinden associate
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professor of law at the london school of economics joe business leaders have called for a second vote on brics that to increase pressure on prime minister may is public support starting to shift on the issue. well it certainly looks like it this is right on the back of a the second biggest march in britain's history seven hundred thousand people marched a few weekends ago in central london but these were people from all over the world and now we have this letter from seventy business people and i think what will put pressure on the government is less what business people think because we know what they think the business community has been united on the question they are against the u.k. leaving the e.u. since twenty sixteen but what will increase the pressure is if ordinary people voice their dissatisfaction with the future arrangements. yet not to reason why has said she wouldn't allow another voyage how likely is it that we'll see
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a fresh referendum. well that's of course the million euro question that two challenges here the first challenges for to reason made to get a deal with the european union we're told that it's ninety five percent complete or something like that and let's assume that there will be a deal in the next three weeks all summer so the next challenge and arguably the much greater hurdle for the prime minister is to sell that deal to her parliamentarian this and her party and that will be the outcome of that is uncertain because the her her own government may well reject any deal she can come up with in and then people are saying we need to go the country needs to go to a referendum again to have clarity but then the question is work on what is it on the rejected deal the deal that her government rejected or is it only remaining in the european union right now all options are open from remaining to crashing out
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without a deal right so running out of time to american thank you very much associate professor of law at london school of economics. now to some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump is spending the final weekend before tuesday's midterm elections campaigning for republican candidates at a rally in florida he told supporters a vote for democrats is a vote for socialism and would turn florida florida into venezuela he repeated calls for border security to keep immigrants out who he's depicted as dangerous. voters in new caledonia are deciding whether the french territory in the south pacific should stay out of france or become an independent nation there are fears the vote could inflame tensions between indigenous cannot people who tend to favor independence and the white population results are expected later on sunday. a group of thousands of central american migrants heading for the u.s.
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has begun splintering off after mexican officials broke a promise to supply buses the group of about four thousand people is traveling through an area locals call the route of death the governor of veracruz offered safe passage to mexico city on buses but officials later with through the offer. the pakistani government is coming under fire for its handling of a case of a christian woman who was accused of blasphemy and then acquitted by the supreme court ozzy a baby has been on death row since twenty ten after neighbors said she insulted islam on wednesday the court unanimously decided there wasn't enough evidence to support the claim but after days of protests by radical islamists the government agreed to review the verdict and put baby on a no fly list and it says this is in line with the constitution. a pakistani human rights campaign ashanti's he is accusing the government of caving in to extremists
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to see his own father was assassinated by radicals off to calling for a baby to be pardoned in twenty eleven religious parties and baucus on have pulled off what can only be described as a judicial judicial coup by breeding the country to a halt they have expected an agreement from the government of pakistan with a judicial sensually handed over to this religious mob from the courts of pakistan giving them the right to due to to or any verdict overturned and to receive a verdict of the over all of the like and this is perhaps the most humiliating concession ever made by but by by a nation state in the history of democracy and can only be described as a death warrant of democracy so now basically a c. a b. b. faces a shun trial where having spent nine years in jail after having been found innocent by the highest court in the country she is going to be retried by by a court demanded by
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a religious model essentially. essentially demanded at gunpoint but i just want to say what what is at trial over here is not just the feet of us here bibi what is at trial is also the fate of as a nation state to decide whether it is a functional nation state or a theocratic moment. that was human rights campaigner shanta zia they w. has reached out to the pakistani government for comment. ten people have been killed in floods in sicily emergency workers say the bodies of a family including three children were found in their house near the capital palermo at least another twenty people have been killed you just homes in italy over the last week. centuries old forests like this one and the veneta region destroyed within just a few days storm set battered the whole of italy since last sunday but the worst hit areas are in the north many of the dead were killed by falling trees.
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in the province of blue no winds reach two hundred ninety kilometers an hour and moves off houses. out here and looked upward and i shouted that the roof has blown away that we were stuck in five days without a phone without electricity without anything and without because nobody could regency as. residents here were cut off after a landslide damaged a major mountain road. nowhere worried the road might collapse. because underneath the road we saw a crowd has been visible. we peer efforts have been hampered by the heavy rains. thousands have been left without electricity but well the rain has finally stopped here weather warnings are still in place for the islands
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of said cicely with villages has been inundated. the storm's damage in italy is estimated to run into the billions some are saying it will be decades before the regions recover. to the bundesliga now where league leaders dortmund maintained their unbeaten run a bog they dropped three points at home last weekend and needed saturday's win to hold a firm grip on the top of the standings. it was a high tempo game and both spurred from the off book players initially lacked composure and knew the books on both sides. that was until don't one wing and jaden sound show found himself in space i'm michael royce eventually netted the open a and it was a captain six of the season and the somewhat scruffy goal summed up the game. first royce missed the bowl then sent show got into the box.
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thomas delaney said it was a mistake you put royce was in the right place at the right time if if don't win continued to be the most dangerous side but chances were still red outcast there losing his bearings here in the area. and the second huff post that woke up and the guns of press but the hosts badly look it's a cutting edge up front of if my. and so bundesliga leaders don't run to grab the tight but deserved well no away when it was hard until the end because you own a small room one goal but we defended both to get a so that's a good sign we didn't concede a goal and yet we spoke more than the opponents they have been a good we have a good mentality on the pitch shots we always want to play that's the most important thing the players are keen to improve bit by bit holes poor.
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lucy in five side remain unbeaten in fifteen competitive games it's only november but this was the sort of buckling victory that helps when championships. so dortmund continue their own bait and start of the season with that when it folds book here the rest of the results are match day ten so. by andrew at home with fribourg and leave a couzens good form ended abruptly there with a four one loss to hoffenheim leipzig ended berlin's a strong start to the season shall because so often over. nuremberg drew and on friday frankfurt got a good win edged took out now there are two more games to look forward to on sunday thousands of people have gathered in southern taiwan for the burning of a ceremonial boat as part of a taoist ritual to ward off disease and bad luck more than nine thousand volunteers from the seaside township of dong gun's spent three months building the intricately
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decorated boat according to folklore the boat belongs to one knee a divine mystery who has the power to cleanse people of evil spirits and disease after its construction the boats paraded through the town and then set ablaze at night. that's all we have time for more news at the top of the hour don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's d.w. dot com thanks for joining me. was a human very close to. the first looking to see the twentieth century of. the war to end all wars cost millions of lives. world war one. works the hundreds anniversary.


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