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this is the wus lawyer from berlin islamists on the streets of pakistan are issuing fresh demands to the pakistani christian bibi hung to death for insulting islam this after pakistan's supreme court unanimously acquitted for lack of evidence we'll talk to a correspondent close to the case also coming up. devastation in its india storms and flooding show more people rescue divers and imagine sea teams are still looking to save the lives of people holding on for all. to.
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a diff can money welcome to the program islamists in pakistan are a new in the coals for death by hanging for the a b. be angry protesters have staged rallies since how quick will was announced on wednesday pakistan's supreme court said there wasn't enough evidence to convict the christian woman of insulting islam bibi sat on death row for eighty years awaiting a decision her husband has now asked a number of countries for help citing fears for her life i'm now joined by shuttle shams from asia really it's good to see you so we've just had that baby and husband says how life is in danger what's the latest information you have on how well being . well we received an order to clear from a person very close to the b.b. family and he said that b.b.c. life is still in danger the family's life is in danger and we know that. husband
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also pleaded appealed to the u.s. president and the british prime minister that they should do something about it try to get the family out of pakistan but things have become really complicated the protesters are still calling for her death and we know that the protesters kind of forced the government to strike a deal with them and the government agreed due to their demands so it has become it is becoming increasingly difficult for us your baby to leave the country all to live safely in pakistan shadow you say a difficult situation so how likely is it that babies family will be able to leave the country as the husband appeals for international help well he has appealed to a number of countries and we know that the that france and spain have offered asylum to the family to be b. but the question is what is the government going to do about their agreed to
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a deal in which they said that they would do. try to do take measures to ban bibi's departure from pakistan if that happens then it will become very difficult for bibi to leave pakistan and life will remain under threat. from asia thank you. time now for some of the other stories making news around the world a group of central american migrants heading to the u.s. has begun splintering off after mexican officials broke a promise to supply buses the group of about four thousand people is traveling through an area locals call the route of death the governor of veracruz had offered safe passage to mexico city on buses but officials later with two that offered. us president donald trump is spending the final weekend before tuesday's midterm elections campaigning for republican candidates at a rally in florida he told supporters of vote for democrats is
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a vote for socialism and would turn florida into venezuela he repeated calls for border security to keep immigrants out who he is depicted as dangerous. the future of germany's governing coalition between angela merkel's conservatives and the social democrats will be topping the agenda at two closed party meetings in berlin today. will be holding their first session since the chancellor announced she would stand down. the social democrats will debate whether they want to continue working with michael and her party calls for an exit from the governing coalition have been growing louder after the s.p.d. suffered bruising results in two recent state elections their leader and this is under pressure to shop in her party's profile or plug on the current coalition. for let's speak to the chief political correspondent she is in front of the c.d.u. party headquarters where the meeting is about to start so we can of the city use primary concern is discussing a successor for party. one of the next steps. already
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this meeting was called before this shock announcement by the german chancellor last monday that she would step down as the leader of her conservative c.d.u. party in now the word here is with those leaders beginning to meet behind me that there might be some regional conferences planned where the candidates can introduce themselves of course there are three people who are still in the race the two key contenders. have them both the party secretary general who is who has the full backing of the german chancellor quite clearly and today she met somebody who's reemerged out of the past of the c.d.u. he used to have a key function and then he went into big business now also being a board member of blackrock the world's largest investment company so that's where the c.d.u. stands right now and it looks like the party is in for quite
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a bit of debate on who they might want to see as the as the top of the c.d.u. party in the future before that key party conference early to say. what about the city's coalition partner the social democrats how is the party planning to reinvent itself. well there actually is still a big question mark we've seen a succession of demands formulated by the social democrats who are currently of course in coalition with angela merkel's conservative c.d.u. party basically trying to up the ante to basically threaten that they might leave the coalition unless there was fast movement on their key concerns particularly on social issues but at the same time the social democrats know that if there were fresh elections they would most likely also be staring into an abyss if you look at the current polling so this coalition of angle america and particularly the social
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democrats are currently held together by the fear of how much worse it could get for them at the polls now both parties see the un s p d as you've mentioned suffered heavy losses doing the last eight elections to parties on the extreme ends so how shaky is the grand coalition right now. is extremely shaky and the social democrats keep having their internal nervous breakdowns now we're hearing that the left wing of the party really wants to see some movement on issues actually being produced some successes seen for the social democrats there in this so-called grand coalition that certainly is no longer that grand because if you look at the current polling if there were fresh elections this current coalition would be unlikely to be able to achieve a majority needed to form another government so the social democrats really over
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their own party and what the way out of this current deep hole that they're in can be. now with the latest thank you. in italy storms have killed at least twenty nine people this week the harsh weather is especially battering sicily where dozen bodies have been recovered from floodwaters one family lost nine members overnight and forecast as one more severe weather lies ahead. this is where an entire family lost their lives after a nearby river engorged by heavy rainfall burst its banks. among the dead a baby and a three year old relative. probably rented a house for a union but we don't know exactly why yet. the only thing we know for sure is that it's unfortunately. more victims
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were found in their cars which respect away by the flooding. heavy storms have fatter the whole of italy for week the worst hit areas are in the north. centuries old forest like this one in the benito region destroyed within just a few days. in the province off bellew new winds reach one hundred ninety kilometers an hour and proves off houses. so i went out here and looked upward and i shouted that the roof has blown away we were stuck five days without a phone without electricity without anything and without because nobody could reach in ceo's. residents here were cut off after a landslide damaged a major mountain wrote. now we're worried the road might collapse. because underneath the road we saw
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a crowd of ago. this storm damage in italy is estimated to run into the billions and rather warnings are still in place six italian regions remain on high alert for new storms. french president emmanuel macross says the territory of new caledonia has voted to remain part of france with ninety five percent of votes counted nearly fifty seven percent of people have voted against independence. they have us much at stake for the people of new caledonia queued for hours and turned out in droves to cast their ballots and number of polling stations had to stay open longer than planned for manning this referendum was an emotional day. when i put my won't in the box elon musk right because i thought of our mothers and fathers who really fought hard for this this land has a past history the country has a very diverse population agents people from other pacific islands and about forty
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percent are descendants from the original inhabitants an ethnic group called cumnock those people mostly wanted independence for them it would have been a way to express their opposition to colonialism. but thirty four percent of the population has stupina roots and are descendants from the first french said last citizens from france still immigrate to the territory we stay in clans we have. no reason. finally many may have seen the advantages of being part of france relief also in france the president addressed the nation shortly after the results became clear. that the. first of all i must express my e.-man surprise that we have taken this
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historic step to gether i also want to express my pride as the head of state that the majority of the kind of billions have chosen france is it's a sign of confidence in the french republic in its future and its values. and that's me it's also a voter. and perhaps also an attachment to the one point three billion euros in annual subsidies that france transfers to new caledonia every hear. to the wonderfully go where league leaders don't lie and maintained their unbeaten run of false bug they dropped two points at home last weekend and needed saturday's win to hold a firm grip on the top of the standings. it was a high tempo game and both from the off players initially lacked composure near the books on both sides. that was until dortmund wing and jayden sam show found
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himself in space marco royce eventually netted the opener it was a captain six of the season and the somewhat scruffy goal summed up the game. first royce missed the ball then sent show got into the box. thomas delaney's head it was a missed you but royce was in the right place if the right time if you don't win continued to be the more dangerous side but chances were still rare tako of katharyn losing his bearings here in the area. and the second half woke up and the guns of press but the hosts badly look to cutting edge fronts and if. and so bundesliga leaders dortmund grabbed a tight deserved one no away when it was hard until the end because the only schoolroom one goal but we defended both to get a so that's
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a good sign we didn't concede a goal and yet we spoke more than the opponents we have been in a good we have a good mentality on the pitch shots we always want to play that's the most important thing the players are keen to improve bit by bit the shoals poor approved for best new soon five side remain unbeaten in fifteen competitive games it's only november but this was the sort of buckling victory that helps when championships. so dark when continue their unbeaten start to the season with a win at false back here the rest of the results from match day ten so far by andrew at home by five book laver cousins in good form ended abruptly there with. for one last hoffenheim. and it has a strong start to the season and so. spoke on the other hand well they drew with your own bag and on friday frankfurt got a good win a strip got two more games to look forward to on sunday you're watching news
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live from berlin more coming up the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website about speed up the dot com you can also follow us on social media we are actually dumping news thank you for watching. here's what's coming up for. ninety to your point. it's time to take a look a little about me or the table of course. the bundesliga every weekend here on w.


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