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tv   Doc Film - Fashionable Cruelty - Inside Polands Fur Industry  Deutsche Welle  November 4, 2018 9:15pm-9:30pm CET

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and in straight sets seven five six despite the defeat of it will still take over as well number one on monday. it watching news life from but there's more coming up you at the top of the hour and don't forget as always all website. thanks so much for joining us on the. scars cover don't forget women in russia have to live with violence sexism and depression a lot of the same bed violence is no more liberal. where putin's patriarchy rooms
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today women's rights were already gaining traction a hundred years ago. people here don't have a clue about feminism but there are women who want to instigate change in everyday life for justice and equality. under the skin of russia's women starts nov thirteenth. w. n u but the longer the farmers here the more it stinks. itself with. the most i felt really sick the stench is unbearable. nine months who knew people who. live there will be there for moving slow conditionals on the move.
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in full time want to take them with me. this fox was destined to be turned into jack a trim. but she got lucky she was rescued by pavel and his colleagues from the organization open cages now she lives with other foxes and the possums are in poland. you can't keen it i'm going with pavel and underway to document conditions in poland for farms works for peta the world's largest animal rights organization. and is there anything we need to watch out for the coup we shouldn't draw attention to ourselves we're going to be in the area a while. most fair farmers don't want the public seeing or knowing what goes on in their farms we don't want to be seen looking at one of the biggest farms hence the fact that. most people think that for farms like the one we're going to
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only exist overseas in china and so on but the fact is the e.u. is a major fur producer. is that it that's the farm it's huge . about one hundred fifty thousand mink are kept here and that's a. start as in fashion producers are gigantic farms like this security is tight so it must look pretty bad inside. fur is a thriving industry in poland these days the country is the second biggest producer in europe with annual turnover of nearly four hundred million euros. was me he said sensitive even if they were controlled by veterinarians so how are they going to check one hundred fifty thousand animals the farmers are one huge animal rights nightmare. well see why in
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a moment we try our luck on a smaller for farm first the mixing of personal we need to be very careful it's much easier to take the guy we saw collecting mushrooms i think we don't know what business he's in the suspect mentions he might decide we look suspicious walking around here for this because the first condition for what could happen if you tell someone we're here. first and i don't know the worst that could happen is that he calls his friends and they wait for us back at the car. has that happened that's happened often that we've had our paths blocked. and we also run into some trouble later but for now we're only having a look at this farm from the outside. like. oh it's gross. first is so sad about luxury but this place is anything but that red slop by the way is the meat waste they feed the animals. cull and they're all cowering in the
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corner so they're not moving at all. no they don't move they're afraid. and you can tell that they're ill or just to to a life in a cage they've got nowhere to go all they can do is cower in the corner and have the right to call on conditions on this farm are legal in line with the law still the owner is not pleased to see us images of fluffy creatures in filthy cages are not good p.r. you know what i've done. this is private property. ok this is a public road. get lost. what did you say to him. that we're making a documentary about fur farming and we'd like to ask him some questions. he told us to get lost and then he called the police. and he says he'll call the cops i want to get out of here i don't have under his nerves of steel we
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had to over the edge where there's another heavily fortified for a farm we meet said bina who lives in the village a farm like this is bad news not just for the animals but for locals to wrack my life is that like living with a farm like this that's right near neighborhood for us and there are zillions of flies everywhere. it's almost like a plague. it stinks and the value of our property has fallen seventy percent. but locals can protest all they like these farms are legal for now every now and again poll in debates banning them we obviously aren't going to get inside one during daylight so we wait and try under cover of darkness. we stop to change on the way. i work with. russia in the sense that i'm petrified on it from the others were here a few weeks ago but the owner might have gotten dogs in the meantime the four of
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hired security guards i guess were about to find out what's. on my mind. sometimes i wonder why do this sort of thing. can he meet you you know who you were this time pablo comes with us to the farm. look at the world. he was just made on the plate that moist just which was from the street. or through a. green green he thought it wouldn't last and god it smells horrendous if you please. how long do they stay in this cave. the folks who work for this my own two. or three you can create with their siblings who are living. on. their move to the new approach yes if only through your own fluid november
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please put in what's this. for your support if you call it and this is the legal capacity of the cage just. this is all you think oh yeah. mom. what. i'd like you to come with me. this is a fox its far would fetch about sixty euros on market. i ming sells for just thirty euros. this is there a cone it's for i would go for about sixty euros to. mean a lot of space and hibernate in winter their first often used to make bubble hats the sort of a lot of people wear on cold days. when
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you look at how filthy it is all the droppings how. can we take one would see the place where you know it's very different the point very well with before course it was super afraid of red gordon to cool their shopping mall in a few remarks we're actually called here. i do all the first three yes so that's our goal of something not for. you because it does look traceable it's possible they're called think you see if there's a serpent near you it's the other mother if you look through the filter of. what is it because there are difficulties because there. so if a. rental property manager or whatever i will tell you that it's
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frankly so colorful or more different that we know are good. and career going like that our. condo walk the walk so we. pay for it yes. it is but not i've seen footage but when you actually see it with your own eyes it's overwhelming calm cool and the animals look so sad and frightened the cages are so small and it stinks it's stink past this. it was excrement everywhere and they're so cute. it's horrible that's the sentiment kind of and this is only
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a small farm it's nothing compared to some of the others and. by the way this is how the animals are slaughtered recurrence of foxes are left to cute it orally and analeigh to make sure their fur as and damaged meaning are gassed i want to get out of here fast i can't take it any more. it's hard to say exactly where they're pellets and out of their coats are sorted by quality not by provenance. and i'm about to face my own moment of truth in my. i'm very happy and when i was researching this piece i read that you can't always recognize what's far and what isn't and that it's not always labeled. so now i've got a really bad conscience because i bought a coat last year with a for a try it's really hard to find coats with nothing on them. now i'm really worried
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that it's real for i said i brought the hood along thanks said go west. i mean ok you don't need to worry i can see straight off that this isn't real. ok but it's really fluffy right. yeah it is but there are tests you can do look here for example. it's very thick but if it were real you'd see some dermis. but this is synthetic. so there's no skin off it's been glued on to something synthetic. and you can tell from the structure that it isn't real fur you stoop to the heart is. and if you blow on real fur a passage forms but this stay stiff. ok and i said never going to be real from
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a six year old coat kind of could be a sure. read tooth fairy is very common. you might think it's not going to be real for when you buy a cheap jacket but that's not always the case so. you often find real for in that price range you really need to watch out. even regulation stipulates clothing with real fur must be clearly labeled but compliance is low and mislabeling is frequent . contraband for servant a mobile telephone of the types for. cultural cathedrals we visit something i'll go to compostella. show cooperation and project fosters cross border of. zero.
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