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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  November 4, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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check in with the web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d w talk calm. sometimes books are more exciting than real life. preparing to breathe. on your own. what if there's no speed. list. german plus treats. everyone and welcome to our highlights show with the best picks of the week here's a look at what we've put in store for you today. travelling and surfing a local hotel for surfers is the ideal way to explore portugal's coast. frightening
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and entice ing and burrows history has inspired many ghost stories. hiking and sightseeing the spanish city of santiago de compostela is more than just a place of pilgrimage. surfers i have always had a reputation for traveling or living in their vans with boards in tow they're always in search of the best beaches and surfing spots well to portuguese surfers decided to make their surf experience more luxurious eduardo ribeiro and daniella camaro redesigned a mercedes truck so it can be transformed into a hotel now they call it the surf truck hotel we met up with them on the beach in portugal to see how it works. portugal's west coast is one of the most popular spots in europe for surfers. the weather conditions and waves are particularly good between june and october. headwater when
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a bureau. spend as much time as they can on their boards. it's adrenaline i don't know it yet and we just want to do it. if we can to untie the moment. that the two don't only surf in their free time they've also found a way of making money with it by converting their mercedes truck into immobile hotel they can hollins up to ten guests. they take their guests to the best beaches and bays along the atlantic coast. we have been travelling around with it come from an entrepreneur to africa together and would like to share his experience with other people so by that we came up with
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the idea of this truck that gives us like freedom like caravan but give us a lot more comfortable than the normal. they opened their surf over to a little over a year ago after using a hydraulic system to convert their truck into a living space that can be expanded to over seventy square metres and signs. that rooms are upstairs and there are communal spaces downstairs. well in this area we have the toilets we've got ocean view has a. really nice so i let and then we shower so we have a shower. we. massage. lamping at its absolute best with all the necessary amenities for the twenty first century.
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so long as you know first floor of the truck we have five there will rooms for we and the one we pick up this is a single room with. the bunk beds it's very close to all there is wife by us. nice when those nice you. all this does come at a price five hundred euros per person per week but that includes a freshly prepared breakfast each morning and the guests. don't you know ended water we've seen most of what there is to see on portugal's atlantic coast. and their super children despite being technically homeless. we are actually used to now move all and it's strange for us to be in
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a how fix house or a flat it's the difference feely it here we can move and we can just explore we are free from places every day. today they're off to explore penny just eighty kilometers north of portugal is capitalism and. even a dog in the surf conditions are ideal. five years ago do i need to give up her job as an environmental engineer to surf in the most beautiful places in the world she met and one who was a concert for their trucks or photo provides them with the perfect work life balance i still imagine myself like this i'm loving it loving it together. in december the two will set off for morocco making sure that they're always. in the sun riding the waves. this week on both sides of the atlantic ghosts and goblins took to the streets in the spirit of halloween but if
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you want real ghost stories all year around then edinburgh in scotland is the place to visit for centuries the city has inspired poets and authors to write fantasy or horror stories based on various legends so are there really spirits lurking in various corners of the city we went there to find out for ourselves. going underground in edinburgh brings back echoes of a gruesome past but walled up vaults beneath the south bridge were initially meant to be workshops but their use soon became far more sinister. at the start of the nineteenth century hadn't burrows a center for anatomical research doctors needed bodies to distract. the demand led to the growth of a grave robbing industry tour guard norah wolf revives the past for visitors bodysnatchers what lurk around the graveyard strong the date or child when you're.
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just to return to the real barrel of the day quick off the back out of the ground opened a couple undressed the corpse entirely put the corpse into the wheelbarrow close a couple of the cult lead to the ground about up to the first two as quickly as possible so sometimes little bits of the university in time and you will have to find a place to store for us now what's more ideal than a few volts underground hidden away from the eye of just as well the constant cold temperature and honeycomb of passageway. leggers prostitutes and the homeless also gathered in the vaults legend has it that the soul of anyone who died in this crypt would remain caught there forever like this so look little jack who haunts the space. he makes himself noticeable in all kinds of ways sometimes you
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feel a cold spots on your all monahan and sometimes you can just feel someone talking on your cloak on your coat sometimes even throw stones and here especially in some of these rooms some of my colleagues have experienced stones in their faces so it has happened quite alone. edinburgh is said to be one of the world's spookiest says. these history contributes to its reputation there were bloody battles plague and witch burnings mysterious murders create a fertile ground for apparitions. most of them are in the old town which the scottish call old reeky or old smoky. dark narrow panels with steep shadowy step seven speired authors to gory tales over the centuries. among them was the horror story of the strange case of dr jekyll and mr hyde written by scottish author robert there was stephen sitting in the nineteenth
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century edinburgh city scriber mekere and scottish alan spence says the city has a special our world. i think these things that in the in that in the atmosphere and that he prefers and spiritual energy and i think writers of also poets novelists dramatists feel those energies they may not understand them necessarily with you until late but there's something deeper going something to settle something that sparks the imagination. one place more than others as attracted poets and authors very fryers kerrick yard. barrels have been taking place years in the sixteenth century the overgrown place is said to be on to. a remote is this and spread it over a former law dad vicar who sues to mishear and initially he took offense at some homeless person taking shelter and his and his two men his muslim and he didn't
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beat the guy up and since then they've been other recorded instances. it's one of the many goes stories that inspired j.k. rowling when writing the harry potter stars in edinburgh she took breaks prior strolling in great friars care care. thomas riddle of edinburgh is buried a gray friers rolling use the name tom riddle as the human name for villain lord voldemort. even visitors who aren't afraid of ghosts and sorcerers are sure to come back from edinburgh with a ghost story or two of their own. back to reality now and we are heading to the city of santiago de compostela and spain now for hundreds of years countless telegrams have made their way to the city
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on foot in order to pay homage to the patron saint james while nowadays travelers of every background had to santiago de compostela to simply explore the city and discover the surrounding region and its natural beauty. the month of soul or hill of joy offers many pilgrims on the way of st james the first glimpse of their final destination santiago de compostela last year more than three hundred thousand people joined the pilgrimage to this city in northwestern spain. the journey officially ends at the cathedral of santiago de compostela the crypt of the eleventh century building is said to contain the remains of st james the apostle. in one thousand nine hundred five the cathedral and old town of santiago de compostela were declared a unesco world heritage site the pilgrimage attracts people from all walks of life
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. and i'm not pat i have learned is a little bit of damage it's more that learning about myself than the people that we meet in. in fifteen zero nine a hospital was opened right next to the cathedral on the plaza the oprah boy or girl it was designed to treat exhausted pilgrims today the building houses a luxury hotel. that has four cloisters linking the different parts of the complex. pilgrims who can afford to stay here pay upwards of two hundred euros a night for a double room. it's a far cry from the modest conditions once offered by the hospital in the early sixteenth century. most critically moved and you know at first the pilgrim stayed in the cathedral but there were a lot of infections and the smell was terrible so the decision was taken to build
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what was then one of the most important hospitals to treat the pilgrims and to provide them with accommodation to. go from into. the hotel has continued one old standing tradition the first ten pilgrims to arrive each day or. given a free meal to qualify they have to get a voucher from the pilgrims reception office it's only open to those who completed the pilgrimage. the simple lunch is then served in one of the hotels two restaurants. in stable we are making good on those who had come another but yet we still have a lot in common it is not an easy person to gently gather now in a minute or two because we've all been on coming so we've got lots in common and nothing to talk about advice to give each other a future coming. some five kilometers away from the historic city center is the
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so-called deletion city of culture. the huge complex perched on top of monte guy house was opened in two thousand and eleven although not all the buildings are finished it was designed by us architect peter eisenman. the project has come under fire as its way over budget building work was stopped in two thousand and thirteen. but art and architecture fans will love it nonetheless. the finished parts of the complex include a museum a theater and an archive it's scheduled to be finished in two thousand and twenty. back in santiago de compostela as old town locals tourists and pilgrims can choose from hundreds of restaurants bars and cafes maria kustok is located in a small side street. here chef hunt galban cooks up traditional delicacies fish but oh my. cuisine has been subject to many different influences.
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but it's also very simple. our ingredients are fresh from the sea our from local farms. here and we try to process them as little as possible on a. medium over here. one of his specialties his muscles with sea urchin grow in a white wine and onion sauce and those who still have the energy after walking the way of st james and touring the city can fly all the evening away in alleyways of the old town of santiago de compostela. we hear your remarks have a special reason to take a closer look at europe because twenty five years ago the treaty of maastricht came into force and with that european union as we know it today now while britain negotiates an exit from the e.u. other countries within the european union are looking at how to work more closely together especially in the fields of art and culture we take
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a look now at why in the e.u. funded project between two artists from germany and the netherlands. vicomte bunch from munster loves to draw preferably with colored markers and a calligraphy pad. in her day dutch artist daniella sportsman enjoys working with colored pens acrylic paints and water colors. the two artists live in different countries but have found a way to work together they began their town democratic to spring to help you and return on funding start on three months of stuff instead of getting together for a chat we make out together having this creative dialogue with each other means we've gotten to know each other very well. there is a difference. between the netherlands and germany the language is different than the food is different and the housing is there for and. when you draw.
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then it's so funny because your life is mostly. takes the same path so everybody has this stuff in the kitchen and the mess in the bathroom and. so. in the bases we are the same so that's really nice. post the results of that collaboration on a blog and on facebook that work tends to concentrate on images relating to ideas of home. the kitchen. the bathroom. in images that see the artists gently poking fun at themselves. and dolls have also featured. part of the concept is that they add their own ideas to each other's work. in and sunday daniela's tweaks
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a drawing completed by her colleague in germany. it reminded me of their wrists we found on the way to school and when you took them you could jump on them and make this the noise but what you always also did to make like blowing guns and we blew them food open windows of our neighbors are not of course but the real fun. one million three hundred fifty thousand euros of funding has been earmarked in the next three years by the e.u. and the regional bodies tandem project between germany and the netherlands encounters between artists t.v. shows film projects and sound experiments. back to danielle a sportsman and. they're about to swap homes and spend
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a period working in each other's countries. recommends that daniella visits the harbor district of the dog and m's canal. for a long time it was my creative home i had a studio. jazz club is next door great location fantastic music so i definitely recommend it to. this lovely looking out of the water in the summer it's a lovely place to hang out with a drink. a day man recommends a visit to the old market square. this place is cozy because it has all buildings a lot of cafes and also there are quite some culture spaces here space behind me. on the side you have film house and so it's really nice place to be to hang around. until the time comes for them to trade places they'll continue
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their creative collaboration eventually they'll publish a cut. and in march their work will be shown in an exhibition in this town in munster. clear simple and no frills that has been the key to the finish restaurant driving told the no cup for many years chef. cooks almost exclusively with products from finland now and this includes of course fish and meat of all kinds such as reindeer moves pork beef and wild duck for our card he's prepared something for us in keeping with the changing seasons so roast a wild duck legs and finish butter with a mushrooms and braised pumpkin are on the menu for today enjoy.
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the president of the naca restaurant has been located right on the old harbor in the center of helsinki for many years the locals simply call it not. how do you who has been head chef here for seven years. and knock knock why is this a part of this case are in helsinki not quite. the restaurant specializes in finished dishes the team led by forty four year old rule who prepare what is called new finish cuisine. i want to keep it like a rose on a on a on a nature more not too much like a bling bling things on the plate and a lot kind of simple afford but very good moderately. finland has plenty of woods and water in close to nature is a part of daily life. the environment here is quite pristine
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and offers locals quite a number of high quality ingredients. much of it is homegrown or found in the forest. a seasonal also neal pumpkin and wild duck is a very popular dish at the naca. dot com things start on are plenty of those in finland but their list is a list not and not the right rated best ones have to wait a little bit while mr battle is a little bit color on the day they like a little bit more on. the fact this very very tasty. unusual who often hunts the food he cooks himself including wild duck and what it says ling on his stove the only thing he uses is pasta. we have a best bottle in the holder of the pillow anything. we think that's cruel. the butterflies
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didn't realize larry king live a very fuel this all the father. even the broth made from wild duck bones is begins with brown. this is my of my friends water pool because this was a school bus ride not. the mushrooms here come from the woods close to helsinki. the vegetables like cabbage and corn come from local organic farmers. all wonder what grows with pumping. the one pumpkin and the roasted pumpkin seeds are placed back in the shall the vegetable side dishes trimmed with complements rather than half. the wild duck legs and breasts are placed in the oven for a few minutes after they had been browned on the stove then this served up.
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this is wild duck on a not. even though it's very pricey it's become fashionable to drink a fine line with a good meal in finland. and now because wine selloff is mainly european wines and demand for them is growing rapidly. they are selling a lot of racing winds burgundy sharda ness which are also a london big thing especially from the shelby area and when the dock winter days calms everybody are starting to think all ha wonderful glass that's underway. you know because many of the changes with the seasons are all full mains and too many. the choice is restricted but it's almost exclusively finished.
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passing he has in the meantime become the center of me finished cuisine which is also described as a mean old a quiz in the for whatever it's called it's always about the interplay of the simple and the sophisticated. and i can agree with that and with that we wrap up another week of your remarks don't forget you can always check out what we have on offer on our social media pages or you can be watching all the reports on our web site all right from me and the rest of those of us here at your m x is always thanks for tuning in and was seeing against him.
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thank you.
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i'm going. to. stand with this is a passionate french horn player. this time she meets. legend and pianist asunder. he describes what it's like to live with fake stunts like stevie wonder prince royce the.
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mysterious sinkhole. on the shores of the d.n.c. . thousands of them have appeared with more coming every day. is really researchers haven't learned to predict the perilous things now they're working on an early warning system forcing callers. r.-o. to a degree in thirty minutes on d. w. . o. . this is d w two small i go from berlin to bring in our correspondent a few harms are rudy's and joins us from rio de janeiro now we're here to find out what happened d.w. sonia dean she is the head of the environment team and with music of the
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correspondents thunderheads it's manfredi and we do have some of breaking news that's coming into us now it's all about the prospective closer up w. news. thank you for joining us. we make up over a week watch as a focus on death that's because we are the sum of some of this and. they want to shape the continent's future to be part of it and join us from stores because they share their stories their dreams their chum the seventy seven percent true w.c. platform for africa majority. not all think out of the general well i guess sometimes i am but i said nothing which it up and we should have been thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes aquatics put in here think the siege of the country that i don't blame. needed seem to be taking
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his grandmother down to me it's all down there. i might open join me to meet the gentleman from d.w. post. to move. this is d.w. news for all the flooding in leaves instead of heavy rains claimed more lives across the country rescue divers and emergency teams are racing to locate survivors and officials warn more extreme weather could be all the way. also coming up. straight issuing fresh tomatoes to see pakistani christians.
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hanged for insulting islam this office of pakistan supremes course unanimous.


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