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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  November 5, 2018 1:15am-1:30am CET

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see if blood had managed to jump up to second in the table in that clash with local rivals just a little a lot more and just a couple of minutes. it was news live from berlin don't forget as always our website that state of you can still call me if i'm now on behalf of the whole team thanks so much for watching. they make a commitment. they find. they even stronger. africa on the move. stories for both people in a different scale shaping their nation playing around the continent of africa on
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the move of stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own game splendidly double using multimedia series from africa. d.w. dot com or go. welcome to the bonus league on the w. i'm probably the funniest marched a ten is with still league leaders let's get straight to it and see what's coming up in the show. so that it's all gloves take on struggling doesn't dorf and months go head to head with brett and we'll have all the highlights. and we'll be discussing an explosive report in german media at that bar in munich had been planning to leave to put this thing up. and i'll be getting to the bottom of those
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reports with my two guests this week former bomb this legal midfielder michel didn't say hello. d.w. very reporter tom get more great to have both of you on the show but before we get down to business there were a couple of games on sunday that we need to take a look at. mention went into sunday's clash with struggling dusseldorf knowing a win would mean leap frogging reigning champions byron munich into second a string of victories came to a crushing halt last weekend when the folds lost to freiburg was a just a brief bump in the road for glass that's take a look. the only fire the local dog became in the stands and the on. that back found it hard to break down a pack of dogs defense they were reduced to a few shots from distance and the home fans were not amused at how time. there was also a whistle at the start of the second period this time from the rick three. i had
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was a judge just coming the ball replay showed it had been a strike decision. did the right eye and midway through the second half i had was again the fall guy with a poor pass. that back took full advantage and eunice hoffman made it to now. the photos were coasting to victory and has not scored a third after eighty two minutes. the homes of easily just golf in the dumps. to second. well braman have been one of the surprises of the season coming into the weekend in fourth place they need a win to stay in the mix at the top while mines just need points minds didn't look like a team that haven't won in seven games johnson put them in front just twenty five
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minutes and punish the pass of the stands and john phillipe cracking strikes from distance doubled my answers advantage shortly after the break. of the several made it a game in the seventy eighth minute but it wasn't enough to rescue a point from brain damage to. how i'm joined this evening by former bundesliga midfielder michel didn't say i and tom get noise from d.w. sports to talk about the biggest stories for much day ten now the bundesliga has been somewhat haunted by reports that bar new nick have. leaving the division as part of plans to establish a european super league and i want to ask you michelle why would the german champions even consider this i don't think that's a good idea of the chorus all the big clubs in europe the day they receive money more money and what about the small teams the small clubs so they have to think
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about it even if you see now how will they split the money it's not good enough for the small teams small clubs so that's why i don't think that it's a good idea what they think about it too to leave to german business either because they have to stay there. let me show you that she mentions a leadership quite important tom want to bring you into a small clubs of course this potential you know decision that they might come to its own point you know tonight or everybody's got a lot of people worried about the future of football in germany tell us about some of their reactions certainly will yeah i mean like you say a lot of people are worried about the future of german football now it would be said that by and have distance themselves from this they said they're not going to be leaving the bundesliga they said they're committed to playing in the in this league naturally a lot of people are worried and the fact that they even considered this is an option you know is having a look which has got people a little bit frightened about what might happen that the sporting director of a of sport director part of me of one of us said basically if they want to go good
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riddance they should they should leave the body of the if they want to but if they want to come back they'll have to start in the fourth division people obviously quite angry because what you're saying the show you know there already is stratification in european football in the big clubs a lot of money. already from the champions league the small clubs can't get hold of we're going to hear in fact from the secretary general of the european professional football league association to talk just a little bit about the champions league money that's flowing already to the bigger clubs. that it's we're talking about billions the top ten clubs in the champions league earn around one billion euros a season and it's destroying the structures of the domestic league. it. so there you go so michelle is it true that the footballing elite it's just too good and too rich for the competition because we've seen bar and ruthlessly dominating the bundesliga for years ok maybe not this season so far but for the last number of years essentially they have been controlling the top of the ball in this league and
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the richer if you're rich you get to get more more money and an end of the day you don't feel comfortable but because if who you want to see every week you want to see bayamon against barcelona all you want to like to see by a man against that a brain or something like that so i think after a while it will be boring for everybody and expensive because not everybody can pay the ticket the ticket to move to england on something like that you have to you have to think of all the cool people who wants to watch the game in the stadium and i don't think so that environment by a minute can can can leave because the bonus league is also by a minute or so and they have to keep everything together yeah exactly i want to i mean michelle has mentioned many points there that are sort of worrying fans oppose and also the fact that would it get boring what would happen are barn unit where
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they are because of the fact that they play with teams like braman and plant teams like hanover and teams like dortmund week in week out in reality who wins and who loses well i mean michelle has touched on a few of the news is already first of all is that fattens. the fans of by munich stand to lose quite a lot because they're not going to be able to go and watch their team play against barcelona or you ventus every week they're also going to be bored stiff who wants to see those games you know you know want to see your team play in the same opponents over and over again. and you want to be able to go into the stadium and watch now the other clubs in the women's league of course also lose because they're going to be excluded from this competition at the end of the day these things come into being despite. listing the losers because there's so much money involved at the end great wins and you know that we already exists and restrictions and some rules on how the revenues from champions league money have to be distributed among domestic leagues. we can hear actually from bar munich's corporate lawyer and see just how seriously the people in those positions take the restrictions that already
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exist to benefit smaller clubs. i'm being frank about this message to you a few it was clear we don't need you we needed to do this in order to strengthen our position in negotiations. big words are considering their performance this weekend in the bundesliga will stay in the league so far would you say the bar munich are in a crisis whoa you know it's hard to say they have they have won a few games recently they didn't lose but of course they drop points one hundred that was the first time since ninety ninety seven that that's happened it's just not really clicking for carve outs at the moment now. i think perhaps in a crisis of support there was a instagram post yesterday from lisa millar who in the seventieth minute complained about coach's strategy noting that it's a can invent long to come to the inspirational you can see it now on the screen they certainly are they of course you know more than others wife being thomas miller's wife exactly that she is openly complaining about that she's tactics now of course she's just you know backing her husband's corner she has since apologized
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and we're told that kovacs has since accepted her apology but you know those aren't the signals the club. you have on top of their game ever would be sending out well they're certainly not on top of their game i'm michelle what do you think or where do you think of such is going wrong i mean is it a crisis. i think everybody is heavy the decision is like that in a moment with by a minute because remember the first six seven games by him and he was winning all of the all of the games and there was on top on the table so everybody says on knowledge and it's seven times as champions and then but for me i'm very happy about the situation right now the course delete it's open. even if door mourners first whatever so but on your question is i think you've got to start in the beginning to say for example noir. all robin you are my leaders and in a team you have to be the leaders so and i can't see any any leader in the team at
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the moment so and between new young players and older players i don't think so that everything is in the team and they have to have to change he has changed everything and his team well we've been talking a lot about their position of course in the table i think what we really need to do is take a look at the table after much they ten. dortmund are still top but now with a four point lead and look mentioned move up to second ahead of munich you can frankfurt both move up following their wins this weekend and down the other end freiburg minds and child all move up well down the bottom stuttgart make the bottom two. there are just four points separating dortmund and byron so they go head to head next weekend i'm going to go straight to michelle how do you see that game going i really hope to see those high speed football what they showed us already next week in money and if they do it if they bring out everything on the pitch so
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they will beat byron may easily well it's going to be one of those big games tama europe is he going to be excited like all other bundesliga funds what about you have is that game for dortmund and also. both of them it now in any season obviously this is one of the biggest games and for both teams at the moment is so much riding on it you know we've been saying by and have been winning games but not necessarily that convincingly. that she's under a lot of pressure and this is probably the best opponent that he's faced during his time and dortmund you know that this is such a pretty hot about the moment now but this is going to be the real test of it so let me tell you something i think more pressure yeah i think you're. going to have to leave it there so we before you go let me remind you about our goal of the month competition be sure to submit your vote via email right to. dot com you can also watch those goals again on social media there are at the dresses
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on your screen you could win a jersey from the bundesliga team of your choice i'd like to thank former on this league midfielder michel. very own tom and so for me and the rest of the bundesliga team here in brilliant. what keeps us to say what makes us see and how. my name is dr carson the i talked to medical experts. watch them at work. and then discuss what you can do to improve your health. stay tuned and let's all try to stay. in shape next on the.
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trench warfare. panel. to the soldiers that went off and suzy are seeking to fight in this battle. with dreams. fears. program focuses nineteen eighteen. years since the year. forty five minutes. i'm not laughing at well i guess sometimes i am but those they're laughing with that hamburg germany they think into german culture. will take this grandma day on the bus it's all that. enough time rachel join me for me to get money of course. with different languages we fight for different things that's fine
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but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters d. w. made for minds. welcome to in good shape coming up this week gender medicine why men and women often need different therapies. fixing your teeth when it makes sense to give them that he said dental prosthesis.


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