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tv   Popxport - The German Music Magazine  Deutsche Welle  November 5, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm CET

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and the continent of africa the moon the stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies to their old school the double using the t.v. series for her. d w dot com. hi there and welcome to a brand new episode of pop explored bringing you the best in the german music my name is also and here's what's coming up so that. i grew up as the boss make a surprise appearance in berlin. meeting element of crime after
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the release of the a long awaited album. and the date his death metal band the field guide at the back and. first are the boss of the berlin based country are currently promoting their new album black is beautiful they had a saloon installed in a truck as a stage for small scale gigs my calling benedict i met up with the boss hall's front men and alec in berlin that gets in the cowboy spirit you. get. the bottles came to berlin with their own truck to promote the new album black is beautiful before their kick in just converted truck me to german country rocker to test their cowboy skillz.
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that's a good. time for the talk. to . you. if you were not in a kentucky saloon here where can distract him what's the story with that's home to us can we had that flown in from an old saloon in kentucky when it was torn down we got hold of this stuff and brought it into berlin and installed it in this trailer to make it look authentic and this is not what you always have to take with you in terms of what it is that i'm talking about it doesn't work without the guitarist. not without the hats on the whiskey of course. we've also got lots of afghans presence here that they've given us over the years some are kept in our studio and our home base. makes
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a great decoration here in our mobile saloon. we've even got some tomahawks. thought of you took your first summer vacation in twelve years and twenty seventeen and the fans wondered is it over with us do you ever think about quitting. no never we thought it might be time to slow down a bit so we don't saturate the market so we don't get the hell an official effect on everyone sick and tired of just hearing all the time. you start today with the two thousand and four covering well known pop and rock songs much of the boston parts of back then is still a new music. hundred percent. there's a developing country of the country roots are always there but with every new album we like to try out new things naturally want and we don't want to start running in a place we'd like to open up to other styles and see what we can do within.
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there is a sound clock a bus was alice saw a girl of your life. or your life. i . like to see if you're up in your cowboy skills i know you've been moaning about the list so. i have no idea how to thrive but i know what it's supposed to look like and this is net but you've already answered your own question where musical cowboys and if we have anything to do with their already doubt. toward. the challenges of robots so do i went on not.
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always alone and these are professionals complain first played down and then. i never wrote the truck and. truck that to be too easy of boat had made it that was unlucky it was an accident. first he complained but then he made it alec can directly hire is the. but let's just leave his head was just a coincidence well and sasha has to practice just like me. now on to international news of the freddie mercury biopic bohemian rhapsody had
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cinemas around the world this week maker is the former queen bandmates brian may and roger taylor were closely involved in the film's production. of american act our grammy malick portrays thinker and entertainer freddie mercury will sold over two hundred million records with. the film recounted the story of the band from the beginning to their own legendary live a performance in nine hundred eighty five six years before mercury. this week what he meant rhapsody hit cinemas in germany and the u.s. . i will definitely go see bohemian rhapsody not least because freddie mercury was born in my native tanzania onto a german artist now a twenty year old lena. better known as she shot to fame here when she played
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livy the witch in the b.b. and t. and i will be serious but lena is not only an actress she's been writing songs for years she is just about to release her third album and here is the first single they are better than or rebels. the sad fact. that it's not done them follow such an allowance. i'm so. i'm so. i'm so.
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glad. glad. to. get glenn. glenn
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. live dangerously stay young and be a rebel and that's enough message in that song and i think i'll take that on board though you know i will start touring germany austria and switzerland in march twenty ninth teen more brand new music is coming up in this week's new releases. herbut bruno mars back with an album that's quite political and double heard so he could go no musician scenes in turkish for the first time the theme of the song is longing whether for the next vacation destination or a second home on its. modern
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cold says the debut album by hologram from cologne they blend post-punk new wave incredible rock later this year the five lads will set off on their big north american tour. he was once in a boy band cina girl band let's see there was a former member of cut chicken dale and mandy come first of monroe's now they have come together for a latin pop song mandy even sings part of it in spanish. coming
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. alaskans use the asia tour to shoot a quick music video for the post hardcore band from wrecking house in germany is currently playing concerts around europe and the bill is of course the singles spun off their debut album. those were this week's new releases but for the more nostalgic among you we have a classic video from the ninety's lords of the words of by crossover rockers the guano apes was released twenty years ago and stormed the charts in five countries it's still a favorites among snowboarders and skateboarders. and
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the one waves are still going strong to day something they have in common with element of crime the elder statesmen of melancholy were optional songs for three decades they have been delighting their fans while their albums have climbed let's try to be a latest album a shot that. once that one why is that which means monsters and mice has also been
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well received by the critics we let them to find out of the secrets of their success. elements of crime are back with their fourteenth studio album the music is always sounds like connick melancholy and easygoing. we only do the things we all like. the video for the first single depicts a boat trip i'm one of poland's lakes. to see the smear rivers the sea lakes and boats they have something calming about them it's a different kind of motion a smoother rocking kind the compliments our music. smoother the shock in the us from moving on to organs or music and.
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some three thousand fans came to a concert in hull in eastern germany to hear choose from the album the song sounds familiar but that's part of the chance element of crime having delighting their fans for first three years at the dentist and the belief in the band is truly a hive when they create new songs when they understand each other's music and have fun together as once they don't the band starts breaking up because it has no value in itself or about to stay together for a long time only if it's fun and keeps moving ahead why shouldn't you keep at it even you got one real band in life after that you go shallow. once all. fifty seven year old friend greg now has also been writing novels for a while with great success his debut novel hell of a man was a bestseller it depicts the scene imbalance alternative. quarter by district where the band members used to live as well in the early ninety's the atmosphere was
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charged with energy punk and new wave became the new sound of the grey on grey of the divided city it was the creation of power destruction and a good time to start back. to look at me. today and not just. as you used to be. but they got their name from last frontiers surrealistic tech to so much probs the darkest depths of the human soul at first i'd never wrote his lyrics in english but with success elusive he switched to german now the band's albums regularly make the top ten. this is of course that has something to do with the fact that we've never had big hit singles nor a hit that gave us the big breakthrough this is. the band evolved over the years
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and suddenly we've become popular in a bizarre kind of way. you could say elements of crime has crept in under the radar so we were free to do what we wanted his advise extreme five onto my preference to avoid. going out. to musicians are still doing what they want and that's carried the new album right up to the second spot in the german charts their music is smooth but melancholy and full of confidence it's the element of crime. a laid back guys with a laid back song element of crime if you want to find out what else is happening on the german music scene the state hears the pop export.
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electronic music star schiller dropped by to see genesis the sound studio phil collins as legendary band is known as the farm and located south west of london christopher vaughn dial and was also known as schiller came by with his drummer of many years gary wallace who is known some original members of genesis personally schiller's here to record percussion trucks for his upcoming album organ stone is joined by genesis producer nick davis. a big stink went down over fine as unofficial a left wing punkers young man she got going his bandmates have been combating neo nazis and racism for years to nearly november they were to perform at the famous bauhaus design school and that's so what many groups threaten to protest so the bauhaus foundation called off the concert saying they didn't want to become a site of political aggression. that triggered a storm event rage even germany's political parties discuss the consolation about
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the selfless remain controversial having once called for violence against the police now they've organized their own concert in death so twenty five years of raping and hide behind but the german techno trio scooters under jubilee turned frontman hate speech back she has found members have been turning the world for over a year returning from a strain in russia their notes are in europe with a quick stop overdue but. the third. thank you. the whole world of pop music on one facebook page to tell you music check out your favorite styles and the latest from the scene. done with us into the top universe
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i'm following some facebook we'll see you then t w music. metal freaks it's time to let your hair down and start headbanging the extreme sounds of being applied from denmark the right music for the new comers a with a female singer that actually made it into the top five at this year's vaccine metal battle bands from around the globe flock to this competition at the renowned metal festival in the little village of bakken in northern germany so now make way for zena blight. sound applying to the two thousand. and ten at festival razor sharp bring some of
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the comebacks are from coming in the mental battle newcomers competition the danish group when talk against twenty seven michaels. i'm just a drummer but you know so melody isn't often used totally foreign. but these guys over here all like for me that makes them really really special and unique melodies that i don't think has been explored that much by many bands so i think that's a kind of the it's we have and always we have make it here was just you know powerball. back and is the world's biggest heavy metal festival ever you have a mecca for metal head stores around seventy five thousand fans from all over to an area of some two hundred forty hectares in a small village in the. when germany. make your way to the back of the metal bottle is a dream come true for any newcomer and sin of light is no exception. i was dreaming when i was a teenager to go to my parents i know you have to be eighteen before you go out so
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fast so i was just waiting to turn eighteen and for free years i went to back and then i've been exploring some other festivals since but i've been aching to come back and i had no idea it would be on they so just just incredible. three hundred kilometers north of the scene of lights from town. based on the mountain april two thousand and seventeen and has been going nonstop ever since metal is booming in that market. so many concerts all the time. i think maybe sometimes a bit too much myth because people are so. full they never need more because there's always that i think denmark and norway and sweden with finland yeah that's those like the fall countries that has the most middle bands per you know. you know
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forever it's you know so that's why we will have it that we won the national finals because there is so much stiff competition out there i. see the black one the national qualification and then to secure the best spot and the michael battle in back and you have to have just twenty minutes to show what they can do. it was the biggest gigafactory a surf shop how does it feel. it's great. there are a with us. throughout the even had a big circle pit which. we never had a chile. winning the crowd as one thing running the jury another the suspense was nearly unbearable have you ever heard of. our.
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fourth place to sing about. the band decided to invest the two thousand euros prize money in new found matching dots that just as devoted to their fans as that fans us of them see no black extreme metal from denmark. to round up the show years for something completely and their friends and ninety's that sits played by an orchestra and twenty. seventeen producer alex listens and was successful with that formula for a first album now is really is the classical ninety's dance part two so we bid you good by what the video to the song another night it's off the album bureau to know
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was released by the german project the real mccoy now it's rendered by u.s. singer asked asia in london enjoy and see you soon on pop explored. the way i. am. coming. to. see above.
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the be. the be . the be. the be. the but. the but. the but. the because.
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the be. the but. the be. the book. the book. the great. general the but again. i mean both the spirit. and subconscious. are special on. the be. more.
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how about taking a few risks you could even take a chance on last place. don't expect happy ending the butcher looks the best. i'm not laughing at that i just sometimes i am but i stand up in one of the research i'm in thinks even for gemma culture looking at the stereotypes clad in ears thinks he's a country that i not. yet need to see me take from his grandmother day out goes it's all out ok. i might show join me for me to have a sunday w. . post. was a human made cuts of. the first global disaster of the twentieth century.
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war to end all wars cost millions of lives. world war one. number marks the hundreds anniversary of its. what has humankind learned from the great more. as it learned anything i'm up just real. possibility. nineteen eighteen not forgotten w.'s november focus. on.
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this is g.w. news live from berlin. a message of defiance from iran as were new to us sanctions come into force the country's president says that tehran will bypass the measures and calls on the country to resist but well look at the fallout before ordinary iranians will have the latest from our correspondent in tehran also coming up everything is still up for grabs as campaigning ahead of the u.s. midterm elections enters its final hours many say the stakes have never been high.


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