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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 5, 2018 1:00pm-1:30pm CET

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this is g.w. news live from berlin a message of defiance from iran as were new to us sanctions come into force the country's president says that tehran will bypass the measures and calls on the country to resist but it won't look the fallout before ordinary iranians will have the latest from our correspondent in tehran also coming up everything is still up for grabs as campaigning ahead of the u.s. midterm elections enters its final hours many say the stakes have never been higher
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plus tapping into a new creative by the in africa a contemporary art fair in nigeria showcases some of the best of the continent has to offer we'll talk with one artist who's made it big. and in the bundesliga bloodbath are back to their winning ways baby distilled or three of their own to climb to second in the table we'll be bringing you the goals from sunday's match. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program iranian president hassan rouhani is urging his country to stand up to what he calls a bullying enemy he was speaking as the u.s. reimpose all sanctions lifted three years ago as part of an international deal to limit tehran's nuclear program the restrictions target key areas of the iranian economy including the oil financial and. shipping factors but rouhani says iran
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will not be intimidated by the measures. at markets like this one iranians have been feeling the costs of sanctions long before they came into effect the mere threat has sent inflation soaring and prices doubling in just a year leaving household budgets squeezed there was a man here today who did not have money to buy a lotion for his baby because the economic situation is getting worse the people are very poor and times are hard each of. the effects are felt beyond the bizarre with iran's oil and finance sector major international companies are withdrawing from tehran at this advertisement business they have had to sack several staff. that's really heartbreaking it's heartbreaking for the people that we talk to to say that i'm so sorry there is no business and therefore if there's no business i cannot give you a job they've studied they're excited about what they want to do in the future.
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no hope is being taken away from them the man behind the sanctions u.s. president donald trump hopes they will maximize pressure on iran iran sanctions are very strong the strongest sanctions recover a vote. we'll see what happens with iran but they're not doing very well i can tell you iran is not doing very well but to run shows little sign of bending a defiant president hassan rouhani pledge to ignore the sanctions for their heritage this is an economic war we're standing up to a believing enemy yes that he said on hussein was in front of us today it is trump there is no difference if you lose shame. ramping up the rhetoric iran is pointing the finger at donald trump and its leaders talking tough in a bid to stop economic hardship from turning into anti regime sentiment. and let's
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get more now with correspondent your browser who is joining us from tehran he is a correspondent with the german public broadcaster at c.b.s. new york we saw the regime bringing out tens of thousands of supporters over the weekend how are these tough sanctions likely to affect support for iran's leader leaders. well what we saw the pictures we saw on the weekend of course was a well stage propaganda show organized by the iranian government as you said they shipped thousands of people from all over the country to to iran to send out a strong signal of national unity but if you talk to the people the majority i think is of course dissatisfied with the performance of the rouhani government the people saw the prices going up over the last couple of months they saw the value of their national currency going down and many. might lose their jobs in the next weeks so the people are disappointed but to my impression the potential of disappointment is still not big enough to be taken to the streets and on the political level washington says that it sanctions that there and at curbing iran's
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ballistic missile and nuclear programs and what it calls support for terror so ultimately do you think we're likely to see the regime backing down there in iran. where referring to the public statements made by both the rouhani government and the religious leadership i'd say no i mean president rouhani went on television this morning and he repeated that the iranian government is not ready to talk to the united states as long as they keep up their precondition i think it's it's about finding a face saving way for bringing the reigning leadership to the negotiating table and to include the conventional weapons because after the lift of the of the sanctions in two thousand and fifteen iran substantially beefed up their support for the lebanese hezbollah militia they are now posing a massive threat to israel and this is in my opinion the actual background for the
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us reimposing the sanctions but at the moment i think iran is not ready to talk about their conventional weapons and of course iran says that it's going to get around the sanctions but how exactly are they planning on doing that. well there are certain measures that have been taken over the last couple of days i don't think that the iranians really count on european support so what they did is for for example they reopen the chambre of the stock exchange trying to bring bias and sellers together of oil. and then there's another story that we know about eleven million barrels of crude oil being stored on tankers in the persian gulf. in oil tankers switched off in order not to be found and tracked but on the other hand the . u.s. have established a force trying to detect and prevent iran from generating income so i think what we are going to see here with next week's is kind of
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a hide and seek game between iran and washington. correspondent your browser with the view from tehran thank you. and iran says that it is working with europe to set up a mechanism to bypass those sanctions let's bring in brussels correspondent teri schultz terry could this actually happen the european union maintains that it will happen just friday. federica mo green the foreign policy chief and the governments of france germany and the u.k. said that their results to both maintain the nuclear deal with iran and to maintain economic support for european companies doing business in iran is unwavering so the european union says it's setting up this so-called special purpose vehicle which would allow payments to go in and out of iran. bypassing u.s. sanctions that's how how it's a vision and the e.u. maintains that this is going to happen although it's not operational today at the
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same time the u.s. has yet another lever and that is to demand swift that's the belgium based financial messaging service which handles most of the world's interbank messaging the u.s. says swift tested cut off all the same sions iranian institutions and so if that happens it's hard to see how iran could get around to saying sions regardless of how creative they're being how about european companies themselves because we know that the united states has threatened them if they don't adhere to these sanctions are they likely to do so or not. yes we have seen european companies pulling out of iran and that's despite the e.u. itself threatening sanctions on companies that pull outs in. because of the u.s. sanctions so these companies are really in a tough spot because both brussels and washington are saying they must obey but what we have seen is an exodus of european companies and some very big german
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companies among them deciding that simply their bottom line cannot supports being in a confrontation with washington and that whatever losses they have to take by cutting contracts in iran and and possibly annoying brussels is going to be worth it. teri schultz with some initial indications here of how these sanctions are likely to impact european business thank you terry. now to the united states where democrats and republicans are making their final appeals to voters as the midterm elections draw ever closer the poll on tuesday is widely seen as a referendum on the trump presidency he has been crisscrossing the country to boost support for his party. president trump arise for the campaign's homestretch in his official plea it's how he's managed to appear two to three events per day he's been addressing his supporters in vast hangars his name though is not on the ballot he's hoping to win over undecided voters to the republicans by focusing on mass
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migration democrats are openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws violate our sovereignty over run our borders and destroy our nation strong men the way we care. the president's message same simple enough but america's election analysts are having a tough time gauging the trump effect the congressional elections are complex the constituencies candidates and demographics differ greatly across the country and texas senator ted cruz is up against democratic hopeful peace to overwork one of his main issues america's obsession with guns. thousand people are killed in this country every new gun violence new other developed country on the planet even income schools each of these state and local races is also being
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seen as a referendum on president trump and many states the polling stations have been open for weeks and a record voter turnout is expected on cheezy. let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world saudi arabia has told the u.n. human rights body that it will prosecute the alleged perpetrators and the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi and in turkey a pro-government newspaper has reported that a saudi team purportedly sent to investigate the shakti slaying at the country's istanbul consulate instead worked to remove evidence. a jail decide or decided to in china is in danger of dying from severe health conditions if he does not receive medical treatment says human rights groups. kwang key was arrested in two thousand and sixteen for leaking state secrets he had run a website named after the one nine hundred eighty nine crackdown in tiananmen square. and an engine news in official has said that the black box data recorder
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from a downed lion air flight indicates that the jet had a damaged airspeed indicator the instrument was reportedly problematic during the last four flights of the boeing seven thirty seven the aircraft crashed in the beginning of last week killing all one hundred eighty nine people on board. two buildings have collapsed in the southern french city of march say at least two people were slightly injured a search for any more victims is underway authorities said that one of the buildings had previously been under an evacuation order. here in germany top leaders from chancellor angela merkel's christian democrats are meeting at their berlin headquarters to discuss the party's future after she stepped down a sticking point is whether the party should return to its conservative roots or remain more centrist as it has under marko's leadership americal said that she intends to remain chancellor until elections in twenty twenty one but her replacement as party leader will be voted on during
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a wider party conference in december. let's bring in political correspondent simon young who is standing by at c.d.u. headquarters in berlin simon two days of this meeting at c.d.u. headquarters has just finished where is merkel's c.d.u. heading now after suffering those crushing losses in recent reason a lections. yeah that's the big question that the c.d.u. leadership has been discussing here and of course after eighteen years with angela merkel in charge of this party it's a chance for them to reflect about how things should go forward how can they renew themselves and get back in touch with their conservative base so heading now into five weeks nearly of a leadership battle and it's really a question of whether it will be more of the same with the medicals anointed success the woman who's currently gen general secretary of the party or whether one
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of the more right wing candidates e's likely to take the helm and that could spell trouble both for the coalition government and also for anglo-american herself as chancellor based on those options does it appear as if merkel can make it through to twenty twenty one with all of those cross-currents in her party right now. well she certainly saying that she can she's got no plans to give up the top job at the moment and she was asked at a press conference here a short time ago you know what are they going to do differently in the government to get things back on track as she herself has said is necessary she simply said well we're going to solve the problems that arise so very much a kind of merkel response you know we are carrying on business as usual calmly but surely into the future but of course there are those who are saying as i mentioned if there's a right wing candidate who comes out of this leadership election battling with her
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within the party then it's difficult to see how it should be able to keep her shit on an even keel for three years as she said she intends to do nene time leaders of her coalition partners the s.p.d. they have also been meeting how serious is the situation there and how secure is the grand coalition. yeah i think the social democrat situation is very serious they've suffered within the last few weeks to crushing defeat in regional polls and that continues a series of bad election results in in a opinion poll over the weekend the s.p.d.m. only polling thirteen percent that's the same as the far right. and well below the greens of the christian democrats so they've got to consider what their future in government will be simon young in berlin thank you.
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you're watching news still to come tapping into a new creative value in africa a contemporary art fair in nigeria showcases some of the best of the continent has to offer we'll talk with one artist who is making a big. burst of the bundesliga where munchen gladbach went into sunday's derby clash against distal dorf knowing that a win would see them a leapfrog firing in into second spot and they did just that even if it did take them a little time to warm up. the only fire the local dog became in the stands in the on the. clock back found it hard to break down a packed defense they were reduced to a few shots from distance and the home fans were not amused at the time. there was also a whistle at the start of the second period this time from the refinery. i had was a judge to a fumble the ball replay showed it had been
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a smart decision told and how did the rest of the. midway through the second half i had was again the full guy with a poor pass. that back took full advantage i knew it was hoffman maybe. the photos were coasting to victory and how good after eighty two minutes. of homeschooling the dove easily just go off in the dumps. just seconds. braman have been one of the surprises of the bundesliga season so far but minds burst their bubble with a two one win mine didn't look like a team that had one in seven games but john felipe i taped up put them in front just twenty five minutes and punishing the passive bremen defense. and john farley jew bomb months of cracking strike. i'm just in doubled mine says advantage
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shortly after the break the ageless claudio pizarro made it a game in the seventy eighth minute but it wasn't enough to rescue a point for britain. now in tennis novak djokovic has suffered a surprise defeat at the hands of russian carin hotch and off in the final of the paris masters djokovic in blue beat roger federer in saturday's semifinal but auction off dramatically ended his winning streak of twenty two matches the world number eighteen won in straight sets up in five six four despite the defeat djokovic who will still take over us tennis world number one later today. meantime west africa's biggest international art fair has opened in the nigerian city of lagos art excell a ghost showcases more than sixty artists from fifteen african countries the curator says that the fair is tapping into a new creative vibe that is transforming the art world across the continent d.w.
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met with one artist hoping to get more international recognition. seen cans used to recharge cars anything people would normally can see that has waste. gero chu kumar uses as grow materials for his outworks. and his latest series is called green cause if you look at the fish which is why it's a wrinkle series you can find enough of grooves and the wrinkles tell how much we have shown it in this life and. the people who have more. from my experience have more stories. to cooma says as a checkout he always wanted to be an artist but back then it wasn't really recognised as a real job so it was difficult to get support from his parents to study arts at the
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university he added to struggle to pay for school himself. sometimes i have to go out to hawk sell it or do they are back on from print to card making justice system into portrayed i did everything signpost i did everything to try to pay my school fees. things are very different species days. there's a growing appreciation for office in the country especially in lagos. public spaces attending into canvases for artists they say the vibrant city feels the creativity. of many people no longer casita out as just a hobby it's becoming more acceptable as a full time profession out just like people my wants more exposure are broad. that is why his ex to be seen and selling his ass walks that's west africa has fest
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international art fair at ex lagos this one costs twenty five thousand u.s. dollars. the fish kisses established and upcoming autists and galleries from different parts of africa international curators and collector rose gallery assistants miri homburg says events like this help promote african artists i think that it's important to recognize the talent that we have within the continent and i think it's also very the timing is is is amazing as well i feel like there's a really a creative vibe that's going through their entire continent where we are recognizing ourselves for our talents and we are showing them and being proud of showing our talent our x. takes place every year this is it said. to call my says the fair has
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helped seem to receive more recognition outside the country but he says for him art is not a path to money it's his life. the twenty fifth m.t.v. europe awards were held in spain last night and there was a big winner. i think even american singer songwriter's scooped a quartet of prizes including best artist while american rapper nicki minaj took home the prizes for best hip hop artist and best look at the global i pod award went to janet jackson e c there to pay tribute to the me too movement in her acceptance speech but the night really belonged to the twenty one year old company a. very good. well gary hart author says here now we're not going to have anna we're going to china we're talking about the markets perhaps getting a bit more open there or at least
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a promise if you know there's a problem is the hope is that because the chinese economy continues to flood the world market with cheap exports while importing relatively little is that about the journey china is announcing promises to open its markets in a move that appears to be good will the government just put on a lavish import fatso portray the country as a vision of globalization. china presents the typical images you'd expect from the most in dictatorship brilliant light spectacles shanghai by night and singing children with flowers the architect behind the event is chinese president xi jinping he's flown in numerous heads of state from all over the world. in a world of increasing globalization this lure of the jungle approach where the winner takes all will only lead to a debt and inclusiveness and cooperation a mutual benefit the only ways forward. u.s.
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president donald trump was not at the fair in anger over the high trade plus he slapped punitive tariffs on around half of chinese imports and is threatening with more china is now making vague promises to open their markets based imports and reduce the surpluses from we're going to china will further lower tariffs improve the level of convenience for customs clearance reduce the institutional costs in the import sector i don't will excel or write the development of new types of business models such as cross border electronic commerce fog. china currently exports around five hundred billion dollars worth of goods to the u.s. every year but only imports one hundred sixty five billion dollars. the international exhibitors in shanghai including americans can only hope the employer tax by is more than just propaganda. financial correspondent contribution
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in frankfurt for an update on the u.s. china trade dispute is impacting companies in europe. well there are a few companies who believe that they can even benefit from the situation deutsche bank for example the boss of its asia pacific unit just told the newspaper hundreds plot here in germany that he thinks he's bank can position itself in china as an alternative to american banks but of course this is an exception most of the companies here in germany are not happy about the trade spat or about the terrorists we see a huge amount of profit warnings during the last few weeks and months and now with the earnings season underway here in germany of course many investors are nervous calmer just oh let's have a look at the markets around germany and europe how did the week's dollars. not bad i would say given that the german share index stacks gained around about three
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percent last week i think it's already positive news that the dax the markets here can't keep those gains today what's positive is that the banks in the european union all have passed the stress test of course there are a couple of problems of course in italy some of the banks in germany really super stable in terms of capital but they all pass this is positive news that sort of is good for sentiment here. in frankfurt for us thank you. japan softbank blocked an eight fold jump in profit during the last quarter to seven point four billion dollars the telecommunications company said the rise was largely driven by the soft bank vision funds or she's on the c.e.o. of soft bank transformed the company from a mobile phone company into an investment fund plowing money into high tech startups he's been criticised for his close to. as to saudi arabia i'll fall off
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the money comes from that song condemned the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi saudi forces today but indicated that he'll continue to do business with the saudi kingdom. and that's all your business here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you good day w. the united states has reinstated all sanctions on iraq the measures target all key areas of the country's economy including the all financial and shipping sectors tehran says it will break the sanctions by selling off. assets are up today you're watching news live from berlin there's more news coming up the top of the hour in the meantime going check out our web site which is of course on dot com thanks for watching.
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indian small farmers are becoming smart from the weather extremes in india threatening across. is a worsening problem that many seems to live in hoods of metal. the start of katie is helping out the company builds inexpensive modular greenhouses undersides valuable tips for cultivation eco at africa in sixty minutes on. the first day of school in the. first clueless. and doris grand moment arrives join the around it's hang on her journey to freedom in our interest to document torah entering into and returns home.
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earth a home worth saving globe windows tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by a global oil dina's b m blue series of global three thousand on d w and online. more. hello and welcome to arts twenty one this week we're celebrating the spirit of one thousand nine hundred six was it's the year that changed the world. as a time of social and political upheaval the old order was stripped away and nothing was ever the same again and taking some.


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