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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 5, 2018 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a message of defiance from iran as renewed u.s. sanctions come into force the country's president says tehran will bypass the measures and calls on the country to resist but what will the fallout before ordinary iranians will get the latest from our correspondent in tehran. also coming up everything is still up for grabs and campaigning ahead of the u.s. midterm elections enters its final hours many days of the stakes have never been
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higher and in the bundesliga gladbach are back to their winning ways they'd be just the door to reno to come to second to the table we'll bring you the goals from sunday's match. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program iranian foreign minister java serif says that the reimposition of u.s. sanctions on his country defies world opinion and is likely to backfire he accused the us of being a bully saying that the sanctions targeted ordinary people the us reintroduce the measures today after pulling out of the iran nuclear deal in may the e.u. says that it regrets the reintroduction of the measures they'll affect all areas of the iranian economy including the oil and financial sectors. iranian markets like this are where economic reality rubs up against real lives the mere
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threat of sanctions has seen food prices here double in just a year shuttered store fronts speak to the hardship anger though is directed closer to home how all of you could be because these disasters are inflicted on the people by our government i don't recall and a thousand trumps can't do anything to us. i mean. the effects are felt beyond the bizarre with iran's oil and finance sectors major international companies are withdrawing from tehran at this advertisement business they have had to sack several staff. that's really heartbreaking it's heartbreaking for the people that we talk to to say that i'm so sorry there is no business and therefore if there's no business i cannot if you were a job they've studied they're excited about what they want to do in the future. now
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how hope is being taken away from them the man behind the sanctions u.s. president donald trump hopes they will maximize pressure on iran iran sanctions are very strong the strongest sanctions result for a vote. we'll see what happens with the run but they're not doing very well i can tell you iran is not doing very well but to run shows little sign of bending a defiant president hassan rouhani pledge to ignore the sanctions or that this is an economic war we're standing up to a believing enemy yes that he said i'm hussein was in front of us today it is trump there is no death. and talking tough and testing their military hardware to. these drills designed to send a message he ran up the rhetoric in a bed to stop economic hardship from turning into anti regime sentiment. let's
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cross to tehran your browser is standing by he is a correspondent with the german public broadcaster say the f. as we mentioned there york iran has responded to the new sanctions with military maneuvers what message is the drill intended to send. when i think it's obviously meant to send the message of strength and preparedness to their own people to the iranian population it show tell them that their government and its military forces are prepared to respond to any kind of threat from outside that they're strong and that they don't want to submit to the sanctions that president rouhani said today. but he also indicated like his foreign minister zarif that iran has always been willing to get back to the negotiating table provided that the united states will change their attitude towards iran will change their approach it's not quite clear at the moment whether this also means that talking
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about the conventional weapons or the ballistic weapons is also included in that but it seems like iran is showing strength on the one side they have other side is also looking for a face saving way to get back to talks and we saw the regime speaking of face saving they brought out tens of thousands of supporters over the weekend how are these sanctions likely to affect support for iraq's leaders. well i mean there's still strong support if it comes to the religious part of the population for the measures of the government but. the majority over a new and so i think is of course not satisfied with the performance of the rouhani government they saw their economy dettori aging over the last couple of months they saw the prices going up they saw their national currency going down many might lose their jobs in the next couple of months but people that we talked to also told us that they do not agree with billions of dollars being spent on the. militia in
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lebanon in yemen and in syria so they actually expect the government to spend this money inside the country so yeah so that they expect the government to act they expect the government i think to get back to the table and find a solution to improve the situation the economic situation within the country in the meantime before a solution is found how exactly is tehran planning on getting around these sanctions. well i don't think that they put too much except expectations on the europeans president rouhani said that they. will try to circumvent. the sanctions by taking some measures like story crude oil on tankers at the coast in the persian gulf there are also rumors that they might reopen kind of a secret chambre. around stock exchange in order to bring together an immensely by
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years and sellers and they're also. trying to. find other other measures in order to circumvent if this will be enough to replace. the effects of the sanctions is still not clear. correspondent nor browsing in tehran thank you so much. and as we just heard there the e.u. is opposed to the u.s. decision to reimpose sanctions on iran and as our brussels correspondent teri schultz told us earlier europe is actively trying to bypass these sanctions the european union says it's setting up this so-called special purpose vehicle which would allow payments to go in and out of iran. and bypassing u.s. sanctions that's how how it's invision and the e.u. maintains that this is going to happen although it's not operational today but what we have seen is an exodus of european companies and some very big german companies
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among them deciding that simply their bottom line cannot support being in a confrontation with washington and that whatever losses they have to take by cutting contracts in iran and and possibly annoying brussels is going to be worth it. teri schultz there let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world around eighty people have been kidnapped from a school in the city of bomb mend in the western english speaking part of cameroon reports suggest that all or most of those abducted abducted are children there are no immediate claims of responsibility separatists are fighting to form a breakaway state in the region. saudi arabia has told the un human rights body that it will prosecute the alleged perpetrators in the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi and in turkey a pro-government newspaper has reported that a saudi teen purportedly sent to investigate and showcased laying out the country's
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istanbul consulate instead worked to remove evidence. and the united states democrats and republicans are making their final appeals to voters as the midterm elections draw ever closer they are tomorrow and that poll on tuesday is widely seen as a referendum on the trump presidency he has been crisscrossing the country to boost support for his party. president chum arise for the campaigns home strange and his official played it's how he's managed to appear at two to three events per day he's been addressing his supporters in vast hangars his name though is not on the ballot he's hoping to win over undecided voters to the republicans by focusing on mass migration democrats are openly and charging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws violate our sovereignty overrun our borders and destroy our nation and throw many ways we can manage. the president's message same simple
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enough but america's election analysts are having a tough time gauging the trump effect the congressional elections are complex the constituencies candidates and demographics differ greatly across the country and texas senator ted cruz is up against democratic hopeful be too overt one of his main issues america's obsession with guns. forty thousand people are killed in this country every year gun violence new other developed country on the planet even income schools each of these state and local races is also being seen as a referendum on president trump and many states the polling stations have been open for weeks and a record voter turnout is expected on cheesy. cuban american singer comey a cub aoe was the top winner at the m.t.v. europe music awards taking home for accolades including best artist the show in the
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spanish city of bilbo also featured a stellar performance by singer janet jackson she gave an emotional speech about the abuse that she has suffered during her career. and the literally these took charge of this year's e.m.a.'s that. got me. and leading the charge was twenty one year old coming like a bellow the crowd. british she scooped up a whopping four awards at the m.t.v. europe music awards this year in balboa spain she took the stage again and again picking a best video best u.s. act best song and best artist for twenty eight teen movie the end of the spine unit its debut. the cuban american singer was propelled to stardom just last year when her hit havana climbed to number one on several charts around the world. that.
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another leading lady stepped forward to receive the global icon award jenny sachs. janet jackson moved the audience with her me to acceptance speech after more than forty years of fighting her way through the male dominated music industry. i am one of those women. women who have been gagged both literally and the motion only women who have been abused women who have been intimidated women who have lived in fear i stand with you you have the. checks and says artist all share responsibility to speak out against gender inequality crosses all borders recognizes the dignity of all people and of firms the beauty of all faiths.
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even nicki minaj also went home with both hands full she won the awards for best look and best hip hop that has historically offered little room for female megastars. outside on the red carpet the night's big winner camila cabello offered advice about following one's dreams as well as this message. to us fans. no but yes very important come up. it was a star studded night led by the ladies in spain. and meantime in sports in the bundesliga luncheon gladbach went into sunday's derby clash against us a little off knowing that a win would see them leapfrog byron munich into second spot and they did just that even if it did take them a little time to warm up. the only fire the local da became in the stands in the on the. clock back found it hard to break down a pack of defense they were reduced to
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a few shots from distance and the home fans were not amused at halftime. there was also a whistle at the start of the second period this time from the wrist three. i had was a judge to affirm the ball replay showed it had been a strike because decision told him how did the rest. and midway through the second half i had was again the fall guy with a poor pass. that back took full advantage and the onus hoffman made it to. the photos were coasting to victory and go to third after eighty two minutes. of home swim the dove easily just will go off in the dumps. to second. you're watching news still to come on the program china hosts
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a trade show in shanghai this week as the government promises to open up the country's economy more than physical and we'll have more in just a minute that is coming up here on news i'm sorry kelly in berlin you're up to date thanks for watching have a great day. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and if you newspapers when official information as a journalist i have welcomed the strength of many characters and their problems are almost the same who are doing social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press and. who can afford to stay silent when it comes
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