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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 5, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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we all start in clare's we won't be. rich the truck exclusive report starts nov seventeenth on g.w. . this is you know you news live from berlin maximum pressure and a message of defiance from iran the u.s. toughest sanctions yet come into force the country's president says tehran will bypass the measures and calls on the country to resist but what will the fallout be for ordinary iranians were in tehran also coming up u.s. voters gear up to cast their ballots and midterm elections the vote is being seen as a referendum on president donald trump could a surge in female and minority voters help propel democrats to victory polls open
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in under twenty four hours plus a tapping into a new creative vibe in africa a contemporary art fair in nigeria showcases some of the best the continent has to offer we talk with one artist who's made it big. and in the bundesliga glovebox are back to their winning ways after a three no retreat against a door that sees them read frog buying music in the table or have action and analysis from all of the weekend's games. thank you so much for your company everyone iranians are bracing themselves today after the trumpet ministration re imposed sanctions on their country the iranian foreign minister zarif says the reimposition of. u.s.
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sanctions on his country the five world opinion and is likely to backfire he accused the us of being a bully saying these sanctions targeted ordinary people the us reintroduce the measures to day after pulling out of the iran nuclear deal back in may the e.u. says it regrets the reintroduction of the measures still affect all areas of the iranian economy including the oil and social sectors. iranian markets like this are where economic reality rubs up against real lives the mere threat of sanctions has seen food prices here double in just a year shuttered store fronts speak to the hardship i'm going to do is directed closer to home how all of you could be because these disasters are inflicted on the people by our government i don't recall and the thousand tromps can't do anything to us that's not support. i mean. the effects are felt
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beyond the bazaar with iran's oil and finance sectors watched it major international companies are withdrawing from ted on their side the ties in business they have had to sack several staff. that's really heart breaking it's heart breaking for the people that we talk to to say that look i'm so sorry there is no business and therefore if there's no business i cannot give you a job they've studied they're excited about what they want to do in the future. no hope is being taken away from them the man behind the sanctions u.s. president donald trump hopes they will maximize pressure on iran iran sanctions are very strong the strongest sanctions result for a vote. we'll see what happens with iran but they're not doing very well i can tell you iran is not doing very well but to run shows little sign of bending a defiant president hassan rouhani pledge to ignore the sanctions. this is an
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economic war we're standing up to a billion enemy yes that he said i'm hussein was in front of us today it is trump there is no death. and talking tough and testing their military hardware to. these drills designed to send a message here ran ramping up the rhetoric in a bed to stop economic hardship from turning into until regime sentiment. and the sanctions cut deep let's find out just how they are affecting the people in iraq europe because it is a correspondent with german public broadcasters a day off and he joins us now from the iranian capital of tehran your before you set the scene for us on how this latest round of u.s. sanctions are affecting the local economy what are these punitive measures designed to do. you know officially the u.s.
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government denies that aiming for a regime change in iran although they would definitely appreciate it so the iranian leadership is convinced that this is the actual driving force behind the sanctions and my impression is that if the u.s. expect the sanctions to bring the people to the streets i don't think that this is going to happen the opposite is actually what you can see like in many cases when there is pressure being put on an even disputed government that people unite behind this government so but if the idea is to bring iran back to the negotiating table and even include their ballistic missile program into these talks i think that this is much more likely to happen than any regime change in iran oh right now let's talk about the people of iran because this is bad news for them why how iranians day to day lives are affected. well i think you know the people as strongly affected by the sanctions and even they could see
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a dettori acting economy long before actually the u.s. pulled out of it i think that there's still a strong support for the government amongst the religious part of the population in iran but we travel to iran for the last couple of days we talked to many people and the vast majority told us that they're not satisfied with the performance of the rouhani government they blame their government for mismanagement and for corruption there were people who even told us that if they had the chance to they would like to leave the country in order to give their kids a brighter future so people are really tired of fighting for survival they expect their government to act and if it means that you know the government gets back to the table and negotiate i think the people would be fine with it in order to have the sanctions lifted and for the country to prosper economically but you're the iranian leadership is showing no signs of wanting to do that they're very very defiant. well the iranian government as
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rouhani said today i mean they will try to to still sell their oil in order to get revenues i mean they will be allowed to do so because the u.s. government granted waivers to eight countries among them china india south korea or turkey but the iranian government is also seeking for other measures to sell their oil there are reports of big stores and tankers at the coast in the persian gulf and there's also reports of rain investments just switched off they reda in order to not being not being tracked so they could sell their oil somewhere else the u.s. established a task force trying to prevent the iranian government from doing so so i think what we're going to see within the next couple of weeks is kind of a hide and seek game between washington and tehran all right so the sanctions may not live up to the hype we'll have to wait and see meanwhile reporting from tehran
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city of correspondence in your past i thank you. i mean while iran says it's working with europe to set up a mechanism to bypass those sanctions let's go to brussels now where you said terry schultz is standing by terry good to see you so tell us what is the e.u. doing. what the e.u. is doing and what it is saying today are two different things we know that the european union maintains that it is setting up this special purpose vehicle is what it calls it a way of making alternative payments that would hopefully in mind by pass u.s. sanctions and allow commerce to continue with tehran that's their goal and that's what they say they're doing but today you wouldn't have known it spokespeople today from the council to the commission are saying this is a stay tuned moment you've heard what we're planning and today we're just going to basically wait for things to play out they were definitely not making any any loud
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statements today about. the sanctions which make things very much more difficult for the european commission to accomplish its goals of keeping the iran deal together both the nuclear deal and the business deals that european companies are now doing with tehran and there are so many business deals terry when most european companies that are here to the u.s. iran sanctions or not. most of those companies have already announced that they're pulling out the large companies anyway companies like to haul. siemens and we're going to see more of those i think it's pretty well expected if you listen to the u.s. government spokesman the u.s. special representative on iran brian hook he says that you know the companies have mostly complied already and that the u.s. may not even need to impose sanctions on anyone because they have already made the decisions he said if you're a c.e.o. and you're given the choice to do business with the u.s. or ron is going to be the quickest decision you ever make so the u.s.
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is very confident that that european companies are going to follow their orders and pull out of iran even as the european union says it wants very much to keep these european companies. doing business with the regime in order to keep the nuclear deal intact. reported from brussels thank you terry. meanwhile in the united states democrats and republicans are making their final appeals to voters ahead of the midterm elections where it should take place tomorrow cheers day's poll is widely seen as a referendum on donald trump's administration widespread dissatisfaction over the trunk presidency has fueled a surge in women and minority candidates standing for election across the u.s. now in the deeply conservative texas one woman is hoping to channel that discontent into an election victory and a seat in the house of representatives or any every weekend ana maria ramos
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campaigns door to door in dallas texas why because she wants to convince undecided voters to go to the polls her goal is to be elected to the texas house of representatives ana maria is female latina and a democrat not an easy combination in conservative texas. i had somebody who talked about slavery bravery was ok those are hard conversations to have than the respect of the individual they're giving you their time you just say thank you we'll agree to disagree and then you move on. ana marie is campaign headquarters is her own living room when trump was elected president she felt like she had to do something because his politics and image of women did not represent her as a person. i hope that is the woman when i get elected and i will when i get elected fight for young girls to be ok to speak up and i have little girls now will come to me at events and say how do i become how do how do i become
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a strong woman like you women's anger has been a motivating force in current politics not only is there new movement in dallas but across america as well the organization enemies list supports women like anna maria who are becoming politically active they call it a pink wave and twenty sixteen nine hundred women have registered in the u.s. after trump selection the number rose to forty two thousand but these women find the female resistance movement ridiculous the trumpets of america like to meet up at the polo club the high society ladies support trump on social media in election campaigns and with their donations they feel a call to defend their president and their own prosperity oh my god he's a guy he's a man and he doesn't he doesn't tell you you are an alpha male i'm all about alpha male and i don't want. women
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united for trump the president stands for their values they want a strong economy at all costs and are against immigration and abortion the world of the trumpets is clearly structured there is one hero trump and many villains going . oh so here's a man that's encouraging the entire country the only reason that you hear otherwise is because the media is an arm of the democrat party in this country and that means very anti america and they are anti troll because wants everyone to do well two worlds that seem incompatible and in the final days before us midterm elections both are fighting to. again ground. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. around eighty people have been kidnapped from
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a school in the city of amend in the western english speaking part of cameroon reports suggest all or most of those abducted are children there are no immediate claims of responsibility separatists are fighting to form a breakaway state in the region. in the saudi arabia has told the un human rights body that it will prosecute the alleged perpetrators in the killing of journalist jamal and in turkey a pro-government newspaper has reported that a saudi team purportedly sent to investigate slaying at the country's istanbul consulate instead worked to remove evidence. the controversial head of germany's domestic security intelligence agency hans garrick mohsen has been ordered to take immediate retirement interior minister horse a offer made the announcement a short while ago he's been under pressure to drop mohsen since august when he appeared to downplay violence against migrants. and staying here in
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germany and the parties in this country's fragile coalition governing coalition have been confronting their futures at a second day of talks here in berlin all poor showings in recent state elections have left both the christian democratic union and their junior coalition partner the social democrats scrambling to chart a new path the center left s.p.d. is facing deep skepticism over its role in these so-called grand coalition and for a chance the americans conservatives the race is on to succeed her as leader of the party. since uncle americal announced that she will give up the conservative party leadership many have been worried that it may weaken her international standing but the chancellor refuted that does the i think the democratic search for a new party leader is common practice in other countries as well i'm not worried
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about that in any way as. at the start of the second day of the cd use party leadership meeting the mood was visibly good it says if merkel's decision to step down as party leader and the upcoming race for her successor have lifted the conservative spirits. it's good that we have a selection process now it's going to get really exciting at the regional conferences party members are looking forward to meeting the candidates and finding out what they stand for it'll be democracy at its best part obviously they will quote you. i think other parties would welcome this it invigorates the c.d.u. it motivates the party more really is the other across town the social democrats had also gathered to discuss their future in the governing coalition after bruising results in two recent station lections their leader. was under pressure to shop and her party's profile. message was one of solidarity and it was
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underlined by nonis giving her statement flanked by her party colleagues. you have most wanted to get her act we stand united we believe in the power of cohesion and about sort we're convinced that nothing is missing from our country more than a political party that stands for solidarity within society above all else and that party is the s.p.d. does is the s.p.d. . asked whether an exit from the governing coalition was discussed knowledges answer was brief night no that did not come up to my. the after weeks of speculation about the future of the coalition it seems the s.p.d. is set to carry on until medical successor is chosen at least. and next more trouble could be brewing for italy bad luck more trouble for italy this involves its budget standoff with the european union the eurozone finance
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ministers are discussing the matter at a meeting in brussels and in an unprecedented move the european commission rejected italy's twenty nineteen budget draft giving rome a couple weeks to revise it but italy's populist prime minister just as he conti has repeatedly said there is no plan b. for his fiscal program which is big on spending and little long coping debt all ministers are expected to back brussels in this route that could set the stage for market turmoil not seen since the debt crisis much as is following developments for us what's going to come out of this meeting ereka pierre moscovici the commissioner responsible here in brussels set up on a rival to this crucial a meeting that dialogue dialogue dialogue is not all and that he still hopes that the italian government will come around will blink and will deliver a new draft budget to brussels but he's that he doesn't want to anticipate things he hopes the rational approach would be to send him
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a new budget but we'll have to see and wait that's the attitude here but surely the italian topic overshadows all the other topics at this meeting what happens if the italians don't play if the italian stand strong on this and defy the european commission. that's a first for the european union here particularly for the euro zone countries the nineteen countries that have the euro what would happen then is that the commission files a plan to to hit italy with fines that will have to give the some jobs from the eurozone finance minister at their meeting in december so until the thirteenth of november italy is still less time to come around and then finally the heads of state and government would have to if there is thumbs up for fines to come italy's way because of the ministers may have a bit of math to do but does this really have the potential to create market turmoil are the potential is there seeing that italy is your of the euro zone's
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thawed largest economy but of course it will be crucial to see what markets will do . credits have been rated close to trash if that road is followed further down of course there is a big threat but until then there's still quite some time and dialogue always involves that both sides are ready to break compromises following that meeting of the eurozone finance ministers the big topic there italian budget and big budget is thank you. china is putting out a big show of economic openness a lavish weeklong importance of bishan for trey's the country as a vision of globalization the chinese economy has long taken full advantage of the global trade system flooding the world market with cheap exports but it imports relatively little. china presents the typical images you'd expect from the most indicated ship brilliant light spectacles shanghai by night and singing children with flowers the architect behind the event is chinese president xi jinping he's
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flown in numerous heads of state from all over the world. in a world of increasing globalization this lure of the jungle approach where the winner takes all will only lead to a debt and inclusiveness cooperation a mutual benefit the only ways forward. i u.s. president donald trump was not at the fair in anger over the high trade plus he slapped punitive tariffs on around half of chinese imports and is threatening with more china is now making vague promises to open their markets based imports and reduce the surpluses from we're going to china will further lower tariffs improve the level of convenience for customs clearance reduce the institutional costs in the import sector and will accelerate the development of new types of business models such as cross border electronic commerce fog. china currently exports
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around five hundred billion dollars worth of goods to the u.s. every year but only imports one hundred sixty five billion dollars. the international exhibitors in shanghai including americans can only hope the import export is more than just propaganda. you've heard of the hyperloop now his own first look at the tunnel that makes it possible tech entrepreneur even musk who's behind the project has tweeted a video after apparently walking the full length of a two mile long tunnel that's been dug up for testing next month members of the public will also get you ride the shuttle pods once the tests are completed the technology is supposed to change how we travel by shooting capsules through the tunnel at nine hundred kilometers an hour. gets to your destination very quickly i be afraid. next up we're going to have to west africa to west
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africa's biggest international art fair which has opened in the nigerian city of lagos art xcel to lagos the showcases more than sixty artists from fifteen african nations and the curator says the faire is tapping into a new creative vibe that is transforming the art world across the continent and that everyone here is not one artist hoping to get more international recognition. old seen cans used to be charge cards anything people would normally called see that has waste. as grow materials for his outworks. and his latest series is called green cool. but if you look at the face which is why it's a wrinkle series you can find a lot of grooves and the wrinkles tell how much we have jointed in this life and. the people who have more wrinkles from my experience
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have more stories. to kumar says as a checkout he always wanted to be an artist but back then it wasn't really recognised as a real job so it was difficult to get support from his parents to study arts i feel university. he had to struggle to pay for school himself. sometimes i have to how to hook. from printing to card making justice system. treats i did everything signpost i did everything to try to pay my school fees. things a very different these days. there's a growing appreciation for art in the country especially in lagos. public spaces at turning into canvases for artists they say the vibrant city
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fuels their creativity. many people no longer course see god as just a hobby it's becoming more accepted was it full time professional outis like to come out once more exposure are brought. that is why he's executing and selling his acts walks that's west africa's first international art fair at ex lagos this one costs twenty five thousand u.s. dollars the fish this is established and are coming artists and galleries from different parts of africa international curators and collector rose gallery s. who stands miri humbard says events like this help promote african artists i think that it's important to recognize the talent that we have within the continent and i think it's also very the timing is is is amazing as well i feel like there's a this really
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a creative vibe that's going through their entire continent where we are recognizing ourselves for our talents and we are showing them and being proud of showing our talents art x. takes place every year and this is it fair. to call my says the fair has helped seem to receive more recognition outside the country but he says for him art is not a path to money it's his. now before i let you go or someone asleep a footballer got by when into sunday's derby clash against dark knowing that a winner with see them leap frogged byron munich into second spot and they did just that even if it did take them a little time to warm up. the only fire the local da became in the stands in the on the. clock back found it hard to break down the packs just hold off defense they were reduced to a few shots from distance and the home fans were not amused at halftime. there was
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also a whistle the start of the second period this time from the referee. i hand was a judge to handle the ball replay showed it had been a slight ethos decision. to the ref. and midway through the second half i had was again the full guy with a poor pass. that back took full advantage and he almost huffman medics who nailed . the foes were coasting to victory and has not scored a third after eighty two minutes. when the dove easily just golf in the dumps. move up to second. all right the news continues at the top of the hour see that.
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champions. fasten your seat belts. this. travel guard. next to double.
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mysterious sinkhole. along the shores of the did see. thousands of them have appeared with more coming every day. israeli researchers have learned to predict the perilous things now they're working on an early warning system for sinkholes. are all to decrease in sixty minutes d.w. . scars cover don't forget women in russia have to live with violence sexism and oppression a lot of the same and violence is normal in russia. where putin is petri arky rooms today women's rights were already gaining traction a hundred years ago. people here don't have
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a clue about feminism but there are women who want to instigate change in everyday life for justice and equality. under the skin of russia's women starts nov thirteenth on g.w. . today's journey takes me to one of the warmest and lovely is regions and germany that you.


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