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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 5, 2018 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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nineteen. for god t.w. slogan for focus. this is you know you news live from berlin maximum pressure on a message of defiance from iran with u.s. toughest sanctions yet coming into force the country's president says tehran will bypass the measures and calls on the country to resist but what will the fallout be for narry iranians were in tehran also coming up. u.s. voters gear up to cast their ballots admit term elections the vote is being seen as
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a referendum on president donald trump chris surge in female and minority voters helped propel democrats to victory polls open in under twenty four hours. plus american singer camilla could be you so we've got the bird at the m.t.v. your music awards but this year's event is not only about entertainment but veteran singer jenna jackson taking to the stage to talk about some of the challenges she faced in the past. the rock is great to have you along everyone. iranians are bracing themselves today after the trump administration reimposed tough sanctions on their country the iranian. foreign minister zarif says the real position of u.s.
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sanctions on his country defies world opinion and is likely to backfire he accuse the u.s. of being a bully saying the sanctions targeted ordinary people the us reintroduce the measures today after pulling out of the iran nuclear deal back in may the e.u. says it regrets their reintroduction of the measures will affect all areas of the iranian economy including the oil and financial sectors iranian markets like this are where economic reality rubs up against real lives the mere threat of sanctions has seen food prices here double in just a year shuttered store front speak to the hardship i'm going to do is directed closer to home all about the he could team up because these disasters are inflicted on the people by our government i don't recall and the thousand trumps can't do anything to us there's no mention of support. i mean. the effects
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are felt beyond the bazaar with iran's oil and finance sectors washed it major international companies are withdrawing from tehran at this advertisement business they have had to sack several staff. that's really heart breaking it's heart breaking for the people that we talk to to say that look i'm so sorry there is no business and therefore if there's no business i cannot give you a job they've studied they're excited about what they want to do in the future. now hope is being taken away from them the man behind the sanctions u.s. president donald trump hopes they will maximize pressure on iran iran sanctions are very strong the strongest sanctions result for a vote. we'll see what happens with the rod but they're not doing very well i can tell you iran is not doing very well but to run shows little sign of bending a defiant president hassan rouhani pledge to ignore the sanctions. this is an
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economic war we're standing up to a building enemy yes that he said on hussein was in front of us today it is trump there is no difference. and talking tough and testing their military hardware to. these drills designed to send a message here ran ramping up the rhetoric in a bed to stop economic hardship from turning into anti regime sentiment. and the sanctions cut deep let's find out just how they are affecting the people in iran europe because it is a correspondent with german public broadcasters a day off and he joins us now from the iranian capital of tehran europe before you set the scene for us on how this latest round of u.s. sanctions are affecting the local economy what are these punitive measures designed to do. you know officially the u.s.
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government denies that aiming for a regime change in iran although they would definitely appreciate it so the iranian leadership is convinced that this is the actual driving force behind the sanctions and my impression is that if the u.s. expect the sanctions to bring the people to the streets i don't think that this is going to happen the opposite is actually what you can see like in many cases when there is pressure being put on an even disputed government that people unite behind this government so but if the idea is to bring iran back to the negotiating table and even include their ballistic missile program into these talks i think that this is much more likely to happen than any regime change in iran oh right now let's talk about the people of iran because this is bad news for them my how ronnie is a day to day lives are affected. well i think you know
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the people as strongly affected by the sanctions and even they could see the dettori acting in qana me long before actually the us pulled out of it i think that there is still a strong support for the government amongst the religious part of the population in iran but we travel to iran for the last couple of days we talked to many people and the vast majority told us that they're not satisfied with the performance of the rouhani government they blame their government for mismanagement and for corruption there were people who even told us that if they had the chance to they would like to leave the country in order to give their kids a brighter future so people are really tired of fighting for survival they expect their government to act and if it means that you know the government gets back to the table and negotiate i think the people would be fine with it in order to have the sanctions lifted and for the country to prosper economic but you're the iranian leadership is showing no signs of wanting to do that they're very very
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defiant. well the iranian government as rouhani said today i mean they will try to to still sell their oil in order to get revenues i mean they will be allowed to do so because the u.s. government granted waivers to eight countries among them china india south korea or turkey but the iranian government is also seeking for other measures to sell their oil there are reports of big stores in tankers at the coast in the persian gulf and there's also reports of rain investor was just switched off their radar in order to not being not being tracked so they could sell their oil somewhere else the u.s. established a task force trying to prevent the iranian government from doing so so i think what we're going to see within the next couple of weeks is kind of a hide and seek game between washington and tehran all right so the sanctions may not live up to the hype we'll have to wait and see meanwhile reporting from tehran
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city of correspondence in your past i thank you and i'd like to bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. around eighty people have been kidnapped from a school in the city of amend in the western english speaking part of cameroon reports suggest all or most of those abducted are children there are no immediate claims of responsibility separatists are fighting to form a breakaway state in the region. well but if the uribe has told me you went human rights body that it will prosecute the alleged perpetrators in the killing of journalists. and in turkey meanwhile a pro-government newspaper has reported that a saudi team purportedly sent to investigate kushal he's slaying at the country's istanbul consulate instead worked to remove evidence the controversial head of germany's domestic security intelligence agency hans garrick mohsen has been
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ordered to take immediate retirement interior minister were say hoffer made the announcement a while ago he's been under pressure to drop masa since august when he appeared to don't play violence against migrants. in the united states democrats and republicans are making their final appeals to voters ahead of the midterm elections which take place tomorrow tuesday's poll is widely seen as a referendum on donald trump's administration might spread dissatisfaction over the trump presidency has fueled a surge in women and minority candidates standing for election across the u.s. now in the deeply conservative texas one woman is hoping to channel that discontent into an election victory and a seat in the house of representatives or any every weekend. campaign's door to door in dallas texas why because she wants to convince undecided voters to
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go to the polls her goal is to be elected to the takes us house of representatives . ana maria is female latina and a democrat not an easy combination in conservative texas. i had somebody who talked about slavery bravery was ok those are hard conversations to have and that you respect the individual they're getting in their time you just think thank you we'll agree to disagree and then you move on. ana marie is campaign headquarters is her own living room when trump was elected president she felt like she had to do something because his politics and image of women did not represent her as a person. i hope that at the woman when i get elected and i will when i get elected fight for young girls to be ok to speak up and i have little girls now will come to me at events and say how do i become how do i how do i become a strong woman like you women's anger has been a motivating force in current politics not only is there
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a new movement in dallas but across america as well the organization annie's list supports women like ana maria who are becoming politically active they call it a pink wave in twenty sixteen nine hundred women have registered in the u.s. after term selection the number rose to forty two thousand but these women find the female resistance movement ridiculous the trumpets of america like to meet up at the polo club the high society ladies support trump on social media in election campaigns and with their donations they feel a call to defend their president and their own prosperity oh my god he's a guy he's a man he doesn't he doesn't take care of alpha male i'm all about alpha male and i don't want. my little area women united for trump the president stands for their values they want
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a strong economy at all costs and are against immigration and abortion the world of the trumpets is clearly structured there is one hero trump and many villains. oh so here's a man that's encouraging the entire country the only reason she was here otherwise is because the media is an arm of the democrat party in this country that mean they are anti america and they are anti trial because from points of everybody to do well to worlds that seem incompatible and in the final days before us mid-term elections both are fighting to get. unground. cuban american singer communicability was the top winner at the m.t.v. europe music awards taking home for accolades including best artist the show in the spanish city of bobo also featured a stellar performance by singer janet jackson. and the way the ladies took charge
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of this year's e.m.a.'s that. leading the charge was twenty one year old coming like a bale the crowd roared as she scooped up a whopping four awards at the m.t.v. europe music awards in bilbao spain she took stage again and again picking up the best video best us act best song and best artists. the movie endless espanol and it's. the cuban american singer was propelled to stardom just last year when her hit havana climb to number one on several charts around the world. that soon. another leading lady stepped forward to receive the global icon award zuni cxi. janet jackson moved the audience with her me to acceptance speech
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after more than forty years of fighting her way through the male dominated music industry. i am one of those women. women who have been gagged both literally and emotionally women who have been abused women who have been intimidated women who have lived in fear i stand with you you are the son of the. checks and says artist all share responsibility to speak out against gender inequality crosses all borders recognizes the dignity of all people and of firms the beauty of all faiths. even nicki minaj also went home with both hands full she won the awards for best look and best hip hop that has has. sturrock he offered little room for
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a female megastars. out on the red carpet the night's big winner coming to offered advice about following one's dreams as well as this message to u.s. fans. but very important. it was a star studded night led by the ladies in spain. and that does it for me ben is up next with your business headline. they make a commitment. they find. and stronger.


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