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tv   Shift - Living in the Digital Age  Deutsche Welle  November 6, 2018 12:15am-12:31am CET

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entering the conflict zone with tim sebastian. i'll be challenging those in power asking tough questions demanding. as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting with keep players on the ground in the stands as i'm. sure the rhetoric holding the powerful to account for the conflicts. conflict zone with tim sebastian. t.w. . shift living in the digital age today. advice from midwives via skype strong women in a r. . and miniatures on film but first. real estate speculation in the
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are in world like the central land users can buy virtual land and earn real money assets are controlled and secured by a block. platform the central land is set to launch at the beginning of twenty nine hundred. users can already buy land development and sell it again earning real money. to the central as a virtual world by its users so owners of where can purchase them from each other and decide to do whatever they want with it just like in the real world they can build on it and hope other people will visit their. settings or they could go to games. and users can just walk around the world and see all the cool creations that other people have bought on top of it where. the central digital marketplace users can buy and sell land using the token which can be exchanged into real money online . the users are registered on the currency exchange so the converted value of the
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crypto currency can be transferred to their accounts. according to news agencies one landowner on decentralize has already earned around one hundred seventy five thousand euro users particularly like the fact that the central and has no central operating company when you have one company dictating the rules and encouraging people to use it in one particular way you have the benefit of consistency. a beautiful organized around one topic for here now you get to unlock the creative energy of all the possible. which should lead to more interesting diverse experiences and more collaboration across the platforms. every day office life shopping trips to the theater according to experts large parts of our lives could soon take place in virtual worlds where digital real estate could play a key role virtual property trading isn't actually knew. it existed in two thousand
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and three in the game second life gamers turned their virtual land into real cash by selling it to large brands such as coca-cola but when players interest in second life began these firms withdrew from the game. i think the hype of second life has faded because the platform itself didn't offer any other gaming mechanism. in a system like this the value of the land is initially determined by the hype by the demand. oh and. active in the long term you have to find ways to retain players and for. the central and tries to get users talked with the freedom to do what they want with the land the trading takes place independently of the operating company information about money and ownership is stored on the. which is administered di centrally on
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a server network block chains are deemed to be resistant to fraud. that means that a central company supervising the virtual trading is redundant each virtual property gets a unique identification number. theory you can multiply virtual goods as many times as you like. at the but once you store virtual goods on the block chain they can no longer be duplicated they become unique and i think it's this uniqueness which lets you generate value from them and in the long term the biggest challenge on this platform will be to set up some kind of secondary gaming mechanism to keep users on the platform and boost demand for its virtual goods. in spite of the run on land the virtual world of the central and doesn't go online until next year gamers are already discussing further business models such as virtual mortgages at mission fees and funding from advertising. chips conquer new worlds.
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and now workers digital makers and shakers today with a guy expert wojciech. algorithms are getting smarter and smarter they can recognize faces and assign characteristics but how do machines learn and when did they make mistakes. researching these very questions. clearly shows that the horse in the picture has not been recognized. the models entire attention is focused on this text on this copyright tag that really surprised us. we looked at the data set again and saw that many of these horse pictures had a copyright tag on them and that the system doesn't recognize the horses at all which is precisely what you want to avoid this. tradition. so my kids the group machine learning at the berlin from its institute neural networks are fed with huge quantities of data however it's not always clear. which parts of the data they use
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to make their decisions. this is what the researcher wants to find out artificial intelligence isn't as advanced as people think. in this case the symmetry yeah i systems only learned what's in the data so if the data is falsified it can mislead the system. we had an example where a sticker was put over a stop sign and the sign was no longer recognized as a stop sign for that. it would take a few years until artificial intelligence works perfectly what checks i make is doing his bit to make it happen. and now digital advice on everything to do with birth and babies the number of midwives is on the decline in germany it's not easy to find expert advice before and after the birth of the child now online midwives are poised to help via skype and chat. young mothers often have lots of questions previously unknown symptoms can arise during pregnancy looking for general answers on the internet is not always the best idea. it's not
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reassuring and just makes you even more uncertain this one time i googled something whether i was supposed to eat a certain food during pregnancy in the end i spent an hour on line and afterwards about everything i was eating was bad for my unborn child. professional advice is available on the internet platform kinda held in. the berlin start up only works with trained midwives if they need a closer look the photos can be sent and advice is given via a call or chat. as well so there would help for me when. my son breastfeeding works especially well we can give tips to the mothers about nutrition or about baby care that works really well online on line health. the goal is not to replace the local midwife after all it's not possible to do physical examinations via internet. the phone. kinda held in paul had respect
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once to close a gap in the market after studying dentistry he began working on digital lies in health care his argument is that it's better to have digital midwife advice than none at all. in this investment of us from we have to do what makes sense for people and that makes sense to be able to reach someone and talk to them via modern means of communication. in two thousand and sixteen the international portal call the midwife went on line. twenty five midwives provide advice in twelve languages the idea of the platform is to export the german midwife system abroad with advice in the local language. this service is paid for by a flat rate per week or per month. the midwives on the platform are all freelancers and can work from home. midwife is from portugal and speaks five languages she often advises young mothers about breastfeeding like this portuguese woman whose baby is just two weeks old for many women it's
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a huge benefit to receive advice in their mother tongue. is covered as is physically i think it's very important for them something especially if there is emotional stress and a very emotional period as well it can only be expressed in your own language and. of course the on line midwives know their limits if a patient is in pain or the symptoms are unclear they recommend seeing a doctor but call the midwife founders of necro is still convinced that's just in this what are the women's needs digitalisation they want to be supported we midwives have to be there to support them we shouldn't miss this opportunity. only well informed parents feel secure and then their babies can relax to. shift says well advised digitally. and now for short download to the ship shot. why do we see so few women on banknotes
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so far only important men have been featured on u.s. banknotes that can now change thanks to an augmented reality at the project notable women stems from the initiative of a former u.s. finance minister when she was in office rosie rios tried to get a woman's portrait on a banknote. the anti slavery campaign or harriet tubman's name was put forward for the twenty dollar bill but the current administration has so far blocked the plan. but now you can see portraits of women on banknotes with this app there are one hundred outstanding women to choose from including civil rights activist rosa parks and human rights activist eleanor roosevelt the up provides further information about the women selected a great way to put a spotlight on women's historical significance. one more about living in the digital age then check out our facebook page d.w.
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digital. there you'll find the latest digital news and trends as well as interesting apps exciting gadgets and even tutorials and of course don't miss our shift reports. like us post your comments give us your hand at the w. dish. and as always on ships we leave through the exit the internet find of the week today miniature worlds. the austrian clamens virat is a master of small things. the motion designer and director is a macro photography specialist. the miniature worlds he creates are lovingly set up an animated. is inspired by the mountains of his homeland. behind the playful looking miniatures is a love of detail both an extremely. steady hand and endless patience are needed.
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these attributes help him to keep total control of his films as viewers can see. next week they did abuse a tearful shows up over new york is making a splash on t.v. and social media the russian speaking format stands out because it's programmed in the games development environment unity motion capture makes famous figures look real it's innovative stuff next week on shift. take off. makes me lately economics a lasting shock. munich only manager call against. jonas spirit less than the speech of such when i still can't guess again just ranks
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up. kick off next g.w. . meticulously composed. and snapped just at the right moment to. find extraordinary photography and death camps for the past. pictures almost to stunning to be real through the viewfinder all seriousness week. long d.w. . scars cover don't forget women in russia have to live with violence sexism and oppression . violence is knowing when russia. where putin is petri are to lose to the
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women's rights were already gaining traction hundred years ago. people here don't have a clue about feminism but there are women who want to instigate change in everyday life for justice and equality. under the skin of russia's women starts nov thirteenth on g.w. . made. the first global disaster of the twentieth century. the war to end all wars cost millions of lives. the world war one. number marks the hundredth anniversary of its. what is
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humankind learned from the great more. as it learned anything at all. it's real peace and civility. nineteen eighty not for god to w.'s november focus and. take a look at.
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when you're on a run problems roll right off your back you don't play mesmerize like first place still undefeated.


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