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lisbon is the world's fastest growing tech event but questions are mounting about the dark side of the internet. all that and more coming up and it's time but first it is one of the world's fastest growing tech events as we mentioned the web summit getting underway in lisbon as governments and campaign companies around the world are discovering the darker sides of the internet and as everything becomes digital more and more people go in the opposite direction. stick with us we're back and if you mean. what's coming up for a book loosely you have plenty to talk about here on. the monitors leave go there every weekend here. climate change.
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waste. pollution. isn't it time for good news. for go people and projects that are changing no one fireman to for the better it's up to us to make a difference listen to the international or. go environment magazine. long d.w. . it's one of the world's fastest growing tech events the web summit gets underway in lisbon as governments and companies around the world is covering the darker sides of into the. everything becomes digital more and more people going the opposite direction our goal is making a big comeback a comeback. companies cashing in on the vintage revival.
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is that of your business as well come record amount of donations has been made in the run up to today's mid-term elections in the us seventeen german companies also among those making financial contributions to the election campaigns of senators and congressmen in total german companies gave two point six billion dollars to both republican and democratic candidates some of the biggest donors a chemical company b.s.f. and the communications firm telecom with more than six hundred thousand dollars each contributions of pharmaceutical make up bya clocked in at two hundred sixty thousand dollars. set a bit more light on this and talk with our reports over common who's been digging into this story about a who profits from german corporate money is it more the republicans more democrats
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will get i guess as you might expect with corporate donations they the majority of those goes to the more business friendly republicans about fifty nine percent of german corporate money goes to that party to the red side whereas the top company donating here b a s f about eight years ago they spent about seventy percent towards the republicans now it's only fifty percent it's about half half so we seeing a change there in the in the top companies spending spending on the us elections german companies spending money on us politics is sound a bit on hygiene it in a way why are german companies doing that well obviously you have to see they are doing business in the u.s. that tens of thousands of jobs linked to german companies there they're raking in billions of dollars in revenues and also they depend on the politics on the political climate that they find over there so obviously that trying their best to also play a bit of a part in influencing that political climate. to say the least and that's why they
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make these donations will these donations how does that work is there sort of a representative of say by o.b. as if coming going to the office of the. congressman of his choice and handing over of cash as it were that that's obviously the image that we that we have in our mind straightaway about actually quicker than ations are not allowed in the u.s. apart from using from when you use a very wide loophole cold packs the political action committees so these pacs there's one for every company they collect all the donations by all the members of the company so the german from the now saying we're not making these donations is actually the people working here but when you look at who contributes to the individual pacs and the companies you see who it is it's mainly high ranking manages in the companies so the mission is public as if it was a part of the path exactly that is the public german newspaper veld so they published a big big analysis of where the money is going and who's spending on what will
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those donations have any real measurable effect on the outcome of the elections the money go what do what do these people do with it they obviously campaign with it they use it to campaign to fund the election campaigns and we really have to see we have to put this into perspective quite a bit to see whether german money will have a big influence in the election because all german companies together spend about two point six million dollars. if you look at all the donations for these midterms elections it's five point two billion so only a really small share that coming from german corporate german corporate side model the common thank you very much. facebook has blocked one hundred and fifteen accounts ahead of the midterm elections in the us the company said law enforcement. notified it off suspicions that timothy saying they
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believed the accounts may be linked to foreign entities the social network then blocked eighty five accounts on a photo sharing network instagram and thirty on facebook instagram accounts were in english while the pages on facebook were in french and russian the aim was apparently to influence the political debate and interfere in the u.s. mid-term elections today that's what authorities said. the biggest technology conference in the world kicks off in lisbon on tuesday this year's web summit is taking place as governments and companies around the world of discovering the darkest side of the world wide web web security the role of social media platforms are among the many issues being discussed in lisbon the event has drawn about sixty thousand people this year and is playing a key role in transforming the portuguese council into a key european digital home. well joining me now live from the web summit in lisbon is correspondent paul but it's a big tech has become
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a driver for economic growth and in the process has amassed considerable power is that the war that's being discussed over that. it definitely is there is an increasing sense that the internet is is somehow broken and we need to fix it and a lot of it has to do with with big corporations look at facebook for example where we have the spread of false information we have online harassment we have a lack of transparency and a really bad situation with user data and that was also just mentioned and so there's a growing sense that we need to fix that tim berners lee the inventor of the world wide web yesterday said that we need to tackle this and he propose a contract for the web. the countries have signed france has already signed it google has signed it in order to to create a better internet that is
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a more sustainable and cares more for people's privacy protection now that's a little bit vague more more concrete will be best to give the e.u. commissioner for competition she made a big splash last year of fighting against google and apple and explain why that's important for innovation and small businesses and she'll be back this year to talk about how to build a fear condominium in the tech world. tech has lost its innocent reason if we just look at the wall called google over the sexual harassment cases is that being addressed briefly if you have. i'm actually surprised how many women i see here there's about forty four percent of female activities and yes the walk out has been an issue we're google spokesperson actually said we need to create a better work environment for women one of the reasons there might be a lot of women here is there is also women in tech program coaching for young female entrepreneurs meeting with their big heroes to talk about how they can
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advance their careers. in this been thank you. online retailer amazon could decide to split its new second headquarters between two locations with fifty thousand new jobs planned could be problems finding enough talent in one area the company says h.q. to as its call could now have two sides which with twenty five thousand workers each no locations are confirmed but with so much at stake the competition is high the company with all the applications down to shortlist city is one of the key contenders along with crystal city in virginia i was in which is based in seattle washington has refused to comment was an update is expected soon. well it began with a rebirth of the vinyl record followed by other products like filter coffee makers or polaroid cameras around the world things that were almost extinct in high demand
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because you must increasingly want uncomplicated things in an increasingly complex world retro has become a mass phenomenon and good business. one instant camera. mic century funicello. with right stitching products from the past into month today. this company is located near hamburg sales have grown by twenty five percent in the last five years. keep up can digitize ation hasn't cannibalize the known digital on the country as a strength and awareness of known digital behavior in the age of digitization side that it had to tell you on monday people write more consciously they sit down and write a letter consciously or notes in a notebook while it is in a teacher who was in the team sport even large companies like b.m.w. have jumped on the vintage bandwagon with sixty's and seventy's style motorcycles
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every tenth b.m.w. motorcycle sold is a retro model. almost as expensive as the motorcycles and extremely in demand furniture made in the mid twentieth century this site will cost ten thousand euros . lawson's it because it's too young going to understand it you're from the sixty's and seventy's was built differently much better in quality and it was glued in assembled differently the furniture was built for eternity. because. the marshall likes to buy retro clothes she loves fashion from the twenty's what fascinates her about an era she never experienced herself. i mean we have discussed human to me this has a lot to do with enjoyment the enjoyment of design music dance one of the for from the time back than from. despite their style preferences the retro fans still say they feel happy in the present. of the present police about the area have raided
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a printing workshop that was making high quality fake us dollar about notes during the operation offices seized a fake one hundred dollar bills in various stages of completion with a face value of more than one point three million dollars the inseams may force notes extremely difficult to recognize the interior ministry said three suspects were taken into custody just last month or it is dismantled another illegal. printing albrighton and c's concert fed to you i'm. worth more than fourteen million dollars. from me i'm a business to. facebook twitter feeds that's watching.
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me. makes me. not stink shop. manager. staring at me speechless such women. yes again frank.
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