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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 7, 2018 5:00am-5:30am CET

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both. shifts in the balance of power in the u.s. congress appears very likely this is deja vu do special coverage of the u.s. midterm elections and republican hold in the u.s. senate also seems it secured with wins and key battleground states the democrats can still take control of the house as they pick up some crucial city says. it's good to have you with us tonight much of the world shifting its attention to
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the united states waiting to see if there will soon be a shift in power there and it looks like it will be that way tuesday was the most closely watched midterm election in modern u.s. history voters choosing a new congress with all seats in the house of representatives up for grabs and a majority of seats in the u.s. senate up for grabs as well let's take a look at the standings right now in the house of representatives you can see right there two hundred eighteen is the number that each party trying to reach and with the seats that have been called already it looks like the democrats are going to succeed in overtaking the republicans they are let's look at how the u.s. senate is fairing that is a different story it looks like there will be no change in control of the senate by the republicans in fact the republicans if things continue as they're going right now. looks like the republicans are even going to pick up
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a few more seats in the u.s. senate well a big story coming out of the state of texas ted cruz has been reelected as a senator for that state cruz was in a battle with his a democrat challenger but there were wark who tried to cause an upset in the traditionally republican states three democrats had high hopes of taking texas and poured millions of dollars into campaigning there are going to take this story now all the way over to the capital of the united states our washington bureau chief alexander phenomena is standing by good evening to you alexander the republicans retaining control of the u.s. senate with the democrats retaking the house of representatives we've still got a deeply divided political landscape in the us as a result of this vote dont we. yes you're totally right but it doesn't come as
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a surprise we have to say let's talk about the democrats first as you said they are projected to take over the house of representatives and this is good news for the democrats and they are already talking on twitter about a blue wave and they're on track to change the face of u.s. politics with many first time candidates now lawmakers no members of congress still will be more representatives of minorities more women in the house of representatives and that's good news there is a different picture in the senate though as you said with the republicans projects it's to be able to maintain control of the senate and this is good news for the president who was comparing of very hard on behalf of the senate and who already says in the past that this is very important for him and he also had said that if the democrats are able to take over the house of representatives that he would figure out how to work with them to govern and that brings us to the house
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democratic leader nancy pelosi to go as you know what she had to say earlier tonight so i ask all of you here are you ready to pay to take back the house for a working man and my members. are you ready to help more democratic candidates when. i hear you ready for a great democratic that you're a. i think right now our way to their fury god bless you and god bless america thank god. now this boise her voice there showing the wear and tear of this campaign and the margin of victory there the number of seems that the democrats forgive the health we're not talking about a huge margin so i mean should nancy pelosi should she be celebrating a lot or she should be worried a little bit. i think that she can be happy that it really
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looks like the democrats are able to take over the house of representatives and then they can try to block at least parts of trump's agenda they will have subpoena power as they can launch investigation it's rather unlikely that they will push to impeach the president because of the situation in the senate but they definitely will be able to keep this president in check and that is what many people here india ass want it's. going to have a divided congress going all the way in twenty twenty what we've learned tonight as well is that there were more people concerned about health care then immigration going into this election and the u.s. president he was betting on immigration as the motivating factor was betting on the wrong horse well it seems so it's
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a very important issue for the democrats and for many u.s. citizens who are afraid that they may lose their coverage the protection of preexisting conditions if the trump administration is it is determined to roll back all the conditions all all of bomb occur generally speaking so it is a very important issue for many of you asked citizens immigration is also a top talk was the top topic in this midterm elections however the question here is if more people are repulsed by the charmed by the president's rhetoric about his strategy of fear mongering on such issues as immigration and race are washington bureau chief for phenomenon the storyboards there from capitol hill i was under thank you. you know we've been talking about demographics tonight how some he dimmer graphics vote or if at all can make or break tonight for either
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party with more on the new wants some of these groups we have no clue prospect here at the big table with me so we've got what new orleans voters from all walks of life all kinds of socio economic backgrounds so how do we begin to understand what motivates everybody that's a big country so many voters like how all this polling data the pollsters political parties we in the media we draw a lot of assumptions from all this data means and in a sense we're almost at it we default to creating these monoliths of these groups women people of color. tino's people newly arrived all these different kinds of groups but i thought like you know let's look at if we just look at two groups in particular we look at evangelicals we look at latinos you know even gelatos are known for being you know tried and true republicans and many as eighty percent voted for trump in two thousand and sixteen which is even higher than their high showings in previous presidential elections. but we're starting to see some
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organized breaking away of that since trump's been elected not shoot numbers but some starting to think about is donald trump really representative of the things that that we've learned in our church from our bible from the teachings of jesus christ this is what people are starting to think about we have one group called vote common good this is a group of evangelicals who are actually a bus trip or have been on a bus trip in the weeks leading up to the election talking trying to flip people trying to flip congress and flip evangelicals to the democrats the founder doug padgett has a video out there where he explains what his his motives are. we can probably move up in the teachings of jesus call us to be those with open arms not with closed borders it is the faith in jesus that compels so many of us to goodness and to kindness and to life in this country and not to want to vitriol frustration and gridlock. so he's trying to make a pretty strong case and let's be clear
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a very big uphill battle if evangelicals themselves or of democrats ever want to see significant out of evangelicals voting for democrats what role are tino's playing in this election this is the big questions been talked about by democrats there's there's often a something that latinos will vote democrat all the time especially now with trump with all of his divisive anti migrant rhetoric and i mixed in rhetoric from elsewhere in. in central south america but there vitriol against trump doesn't necessarily translate into voting democrat and you know you have fifty eight percent so so says pew that that of latino that say trump is not fit to be president but at the same time you have as many thirty million eligible voters latino voters now but only seven million actual registered voters and so the team is actually among the old people who turn out to vote in two thousand and fourteen which was overall one of the lowest turnout for across the board they were at the
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lowest of that that ladder about twenty six points that there is i mean there's a bit of a fallacy right you just expect the list tito's in the united states to vote as a bloc but also devoted all right i mean what is what is the latino block you know you have dozens of countries people of various levels of socio economic standing sometimes first generation u.s. citizens mult their third fourth generation the u.s. citizens and so you have a large diverse group of people and for a long time especially on the democratic side you've seen people either taking them for granted or not seen them for the diverse that they are and democrats are going to wake up to the fact that that anti trump anti republican pro immigration does not necessarily translate into actually going to the polls and voting for democrats is it's a good lesson to learn on the mid term election night where you as always thank you . well we have mentioned this already the midterms were seen as a referendum on donald trump's presidency the large number of voters that have turned out indicate that the president polarized opinions across the u.s.
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our reporters now take a look at the trump factor in the u.s. midterm elections. on the complaints well again in north carolina nevada arizona although his name is not on the ballot donald trump wants these midterms to be about here he is firing up his supporters by grabbing some of the most divisive issues and using them to keep his base afraid and furious the democrats are becoming angry unhinged mob determined to get power by any means necessary everything we do they can destroy a very quickly democrat victory in november would be a bright flashing invitation to every traffickers buckler drug dealer and illegal alien on the planet come on and. his supporters love what they describe as telling it like it is. i love you i think he's chosen by god to help
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us hopefully he'll build a wall and do it quickly keeping his base angry this strategy carried him to the white house in twenty sixteen trump is hoping it will work this time as well donald trump has built his political career on railing against other people telling crowds who they should see a year and hate he is president not despite his nasty rhetoric but because of it in recent weeks however trams tone has increasingly come under scrutiny after an outspoken trump supporter was charged in connection with an attempted bombing spree that targeted high profile critics of the president and c.n.n. . and after an anti-semitic mass shooting at a synagogue in pittsburgh the suspect had ranted online against jews and my friends words do matter says to ron as exum director of the anti-defamation league in
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washington and organization fighting anti-semitism and he believes that public figures like the president should be aware of that fact. it's very difficult to divorce some of the philosophy and the espousals of a people as being enemies or people as being threats to the actual actions that have taken place it is words have implications and they unfortunately sometimes lead to violent action mike immediately after the latest attacks the president did make a point of decrying political violence calling for national unity and more civility in public life to federal and his press secretary fiercely defends him the very thing i try to tell a very first thing that the president did was condemn the attacks both in pittsburgh and in the pipe bombs the very first thing the media did was blame the president and make him responsible for these ridiculous acts that is outrageous but
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nevertheless trump refuses to tone down his rhetoric blaming the media for what is going on in the country and continue. to the right and here the big table with me tyson barker his program director and fellow at the aspen institute germany here in berlin and to my far right is young teisho he is the director of the german marshall fund of the united states here in berlin gentlemen welcome guys it's for his votes would have huge consequences for the united states abroad is it well i mean to be extent that foreign policy is becoming domestic policy i think that's the case i mean the first thing that the house is going to do a difficult against us demand to see troops tax returns they're going to demand to see the. the results of the investigation they're going to pursue that multiple committees they're going to try to draw links with the trump administration the trump corporation and russia i think we're going to see a lot of the the trump putin russia story continue to play out in more serious
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terms with subpoena power behind it and do you really think that even if the democrats are in power the hell. that we're really going to see double trips tax returns i think that that is pretty much a guarantee i mean this is something that they basically ran on this is their big ticket item this is the bumper sticker right now elect us and we're going to get these tax returns to come out right the white house spokeswoman sarah huckabee sanders she spoke just a short while ago about what's been happening tonight let's take a listen. i think james carville said it best when he said anybody that was in to supporting a bully way of tonight's not going to get it maybe you get a rebel but i certainly don't think that there's only way or behind it and i'm right here all right so she's turned that wave into a ripple i mean she seems coming off of it should she be i mean the mandate here is for is pretty mixed i mean we have as as was mentioned in the report a polarized electorate and you're seeing that polarized electorate demonstrate
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itself in two different ways trump's base supporters and red states you know dark red states are delivering him victories in the senate that are pretty pretty decisive on the other hand we're having pretty decisive victories in the house so we're going to get to split mandates which are going to create more conflict and gridlock in washington and if the democrats ok let's say they do retake the hells will the future of the u.s. be rosy i mean we've got a divided congress now taking us into twenty twenty i mean this is basically how the system supposed to work i mean this is checks and balances at work now we all know that the u.s. system has a couple of structural flaws but you know per se tonight's outcome is not necessarily you know an outrageous kind of result but we get now is you know as somebody said just now one party rule is over the president needs to get used to the situation that he's you know being held accountable more and that's suppose that's how it's supposed to be so we get as tyson said you know
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a mixed picture but the key thing here the key takeaway no matter whether you're a democrat or republican has that life for donald trump is going to be more difficult from now on in is that something that he can run with to the election in two thousand and twenty and maybe build political capital and you know try to get reelected for me i mean it's interesting to see that. he. most of his victories that he's claiming that he's tweeting that he's feeding to his core constituency have not really been real victories you know he's been can join up these stories you know almost out of nowhere so my feeling is that he can create this kind of story of being victorious without any kind of backup in the real life so a split government for him is not per se a problem the big problem is you know will they expose him and the system that stands behind him or i think that's the real thing on the issues i think he will continue to do his magic and he's extremely gifted at that which is to create kind
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of phony victories that he can announce and tweak short term victories that he can see to the cork insinuating that he really have to pay a price for that. it's big so the question ties are we are reducing with this cult of personality that is much much stronger than we have dissipated it is it's a cognitive colonization all of our politics both in the united states and abroad i mean this election was a half time referendum on trump this was another trump mini election essentially and he made it a referendum on himself and on that cult of personality but i think it's important to say that both his supporters and detractors would say he is a populist and populist thrives on having another at the other that they can define themselves to get that they can demonize and having that foil in the house is going to be advantageous to him what isn't going to be advantageous is the real power to investigate which is what that house is going to bring into play but i don't think
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we can say he's the ultimate winner here and that he is teflon because women in particular have really brought themselves to bear in the selection by flipping the house essentially turning about thirty five seats to the democrats and it can make the observers particularly outside the u.s. looking at american democracy they could become very cynical though because there seems to be very few consequences even for a president like don't. will drop even if he is really you know if he's punished with a divided congress so what he can he tonight he's got people talking about his reelection in twenty twenty i think long term consequences to this is not just about you know the investigative powers and one chamber of parliament essentially you know been turned this is now the strategist will look at you know who lost where and why you know the donors people that you know look at you know what kind of candidates can go through we'll look at this you know the second and third order consequences of this will play out
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a lot later they will not play out tonight so in that sense you know we have to take our cues from some of these results that still need to be analyzed but it is not completely without results only that the kind of immediate fix on trumpet so many people wanted of course is not going to happen trump has a four year mandate this was just a midterm right nobody should have expected you know the end of trump tonight the end of trump ism can only come in the long term because trump didn't fall from the sky he was the product of a longer term development in the u.s. what would you say that europeans were expecting from this election i think they really wanted to see whether america was kind of real about trump you know whether this was just an aberration two years ago some freak moment or you know whether there is still some you know sense left and i think they got a partial answer today i think they got both answers they got the answer yes trump is for real there's a real strong constituency for that kind of politics and at the same time america is not without hope obviously because there is a counter movement there is
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a grassroots movement there are women and others who are you know rising to the occasion and built the opposition so it's both at the same time and basically that's what we already knew before we heard the many times from people even here in the studio since the election in twenty sixteen that the the like to a college system the fact that hillary clinton got the popular vote right all of those. add up to make him seem as not a quite the legitimate president that people would would want to have before though so does this vote the results of the midterm do they increase his legitimacy well i don't think that's this is fairly the case first of all because we have been in a very recent precedent in the george w. bush election in two thousand where the situation in florida was much tighter and there was a lot more contestation it was ultimately resolved in the supreme court the decision of the democrats at the time was that the process and preserving the integrity of the constitution was the most important thing and that has continued
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and that is something that the american public has accepted and shown that they have accepted in subsequent elections. i think we need to make this very clear that donald trump is a legitimate president you know he was voted in a constitutional way people who now say he's not legitimate i mean that's that's an ideological position and that's actually also a losing proposition if you want to defend what he stands for you know don't play those tricks but take on those positions and battle them and not kind of deal legitimize them because that's going to backfire you know. you want to show gentlemen thank you do you think you are we want to go back now to our washington bureau chief always under phenomena she is joining us from capitol hill there she is so are there any big surprises for you tonight alexandra. well i have to say that i am surprised that we have this clear picture right now so
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early at night i was thinking that we would have to wait much longer to have these projections having said that i have to add that the race i was looking out for is still too close to coal and race for governor in georgia were stacy abrams if elected will be the first ever female black governor in the us however at the moment it seems that the republican candidate has to lead are you the true we're still waiting for you know at least a preliminary call to come in on the gubernatorial race in georgia and what about the u.s. media and its coverage of tonight's the results coming in and its reactions to what these results me. fox news for example is
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describing the midterm elections and the first projections as a split decision and that is something that networks are also talking about about the fact that the mid terms are showing how divided the political landscape is and the next question is of course whether this nation can can come to go over after this midterm elections and. whether the president will see any need to change his course stats at least at the moment it doesn't seem to be the case the president's turn to twitter only a few minutes ago saying that this is a tremendous victory for him tonight and how do you how do you read that alexandra and how do you explain bed to viewers around the world if you are are seeing that the the results of this election are going to be that the u.s. congress is divided between the republicans and the democrats and yet the u.s.
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president says this is and i'm quoting a tremendous success. well as you know the president at least in the last days was campaigning on behalf of the you as senate and he was telling us reporters that for him it's very important that the republicans will be capable of maintaining control of the senate so he will sort it all for purring his supporters that the democrats may win over the house of representatives and this is a president who has problems admitting that he is defeated so maybe that's he's way of trying to show to his supporters that he's still a charge that overall talking about these midterm elections it was a victory for him because the republicans were able as it seems to maintain that control of the senate of the senate seems to be the measuring stick for donald
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trump our washington bureau chief alexander phenomena joining us tonight from capitol hill it's not alexander thank you art let's get a check once again on how the house of representatives in the u.s. congress how it's looking now with more results coming in you can see right there two hundred eighteen that is the number that both parties are striving for and as we've been hearing the democrats it seems when everything is said and done with the additional seats have been added they will retake control of the u.s. house of representatives let's see how the u.s. senate is fairy with the counting going in and it is not such a good story there for the democrats with the republicans looks set to retain control of the u.s. senate and possibly pick up extra seats as well.
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well you're watching special coverage of the u.s. midterm elections results coming in still americans who voted in record numbers early results suggesting that the democrats who had hoped for a blue wave will take the house but it's unlikely that the democrats will be able to take control of the u.s. senate. stay with us as we follow the developments frights here from berlin and from washington d.c. will be back at the top of the hour with more results and the latest as we get the numbers on this u.s. midterm election.
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