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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 7, 2018 9:00am-9:31am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin democrats capture control of the u.s. house of representatives but president trump calls the midterm election a tremendous success after a strong showing by republicans democrats are celebrating their triumph in the house with a record number of women winning seats in congress but the republicans make gains in the senate and beat back strong challenges from democrats in key state governors races so what will the results mean for the second half of the trump presidency we'll have analysis from washington and from our experts also.
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i'm brian thomas here in berlin thanks so much for being with us both democrats and republicans are claiming bragging rights after the u.s. midterm elections with results pointing to a mixed picture in the first nationwide votes and its president trumps election two years ago democrats have taken control of the house of representatives but republicans have actually expanded their majority in the senate and also defeated strong democrat challengers and a number of state governor races let's give you a look now an update on the numbers in the house of representatives two hundred eighteen seats are needed to take control and the latest tally show that the democrats have just reached that goal they're expected to well exceed the twenty three seats needed to take the u.s. house. and here's how the senate is looking right now the lighter shading there
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representing the seats that were not up for election and on top of that the night's results republicans now at fifty one seats which means they have defended their majority there on the democrat side nancy pelosi of california could again become speaker of the house that's a job she held from two thousand and seven to two thousand and eleven she's promised that as house leader she would exert greater oversight of the trumpet ministration. thanks for your time i am of the n.u.j. in america it would. be but. the way that our camera car accident public is it that restoring the constitution's checks and balances to that company was was it will or present trump has given his first reaction to the outcome of the midterms he tweeted simply this tremendous success tonight thanks to all of you or washington correspondent my
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schwitters standing by for us on capitol hill good to see you maya is the president's measure for success here the fact that his republicans have not been swept away by a blue wave. yes some strong language there from the president and while the republicans certainly could color parts of tonight as a success i don't know if tremendous is the proper word to describe it there it was a long shot for democrats to take back the senate although of course hope springs eternal when you're in the minority and of course republicans ended up actually making gains in the senate securing an even larger majority than they had before as well as sweeping a few very hotly contested gubernatorial races that trump went to campaign for in the last days and weeks leading up to the election so certainly some things to celebrate on the republican side tonight on the democrat side you know it wasn't
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a tsunami but it was definitely a wave of sorts as we said the democrats have swept not only a majority into the house of representatives but have actually taken even more seats than they thought they would have latest estimates i saw where that they may gain as many as thirty five seats over the twenty three that they needed to get a majority of and there were several other pieces of good news. districts that were flipped that had been staunchly republican a few governors' races that were won by democrats previously held by republicans some things to point to on both sides tonight that they can say we had a good night ok there's a lot to break down what when we look at the popular vote mile that means the actual number or or percentage of votes the picture is extremely positive for the democrats can you explain that for us how's that possible. well one
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thing that we saw was very high early voting turnout numbers and i believe that these numbers actually even broke some early voting records in many states this is always a tricky number to try to read into because people who vote early tend to be people who are going to vote anyway and those people by and large tend to be democratic voters in general in u.s. elections more voter turnout equals more democrats getting elected to congress which is something i sort of saw here tonight but one thing that we have to remember is that a lot of these districts in a lot of these elections are gerrymandered which means that they are drawn to divide it up in ways that are meant to sort of give an advantage to one party or another and there are a lot of races that we can look into where they were very very close races in a heavily gerrymandered districts so even though turnout was high in these
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districts it was still favored for one party or another and ultimately that party ended up pulling through like a my will going to be talking about diversity in just a second that's because the next u.s. congress waltz will be the most diverse ever a record number of women have been elected most of them democrats and several who broke racial and other social barriers now these history makers include alexandria because you know cortez a closely watched and rising young politician she becomes the youngest woman ever elected to congress the twenty nine year old new yorker want to seat in the house for the democrats meanwhile illinois omar and reseated to lead become the first two muslim women to serve in congress and sharif davids beat a republican incumbent of gum the first mate of america elected to the house market polls what's behind these developments. this is
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a moment that democrats have been waiting for really since january twenty first twenty seventeen the day after president trump was sworn into office on the day that we saw that massive women's march sweep not only washington d.c. but really many parts of the world this is in many ways a backlash to a lot of the policy is the rhetoric that donald trump has engaged in and a lot of what people believe that he stands for the sort of old guard of older white men who in the minds of a lot of these people used to run the world and are now sort of outdated and this is the new guard of people who are sweeping into power a lot to celebrate for people who like seeing women in power like seeing minorities in power like seeing people who are l.g.b. tea and power a lot of barriers broken tonight in those counts but still we've seen now just i think over a little over one hundred women are now going to be in the house of representatives which is still only under one quarter of the representation of the u.s.
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when a little over fifty percent of the u.s. is female so still a way to go to get actual equal representation ok briefly if you could mire these new progressive voices that you mentioned inside the democratic house will they be able to get a platform nationally and still be able to win majorities among moderates and undecided voters that's going to be a big question for the democrats moving forward certainly a big question and this is certainly a leg up for those progressive voices a movement that had been sort of a rumbling in the background of the democratic party for years and found a very loud megaphone with bernie sanders one of the democratic presidential contenders during the two thousand and sixteen election so now we have what could end up being a snowball effect with these more very left progressive voices like alexandria as in power margaret zirin thanks so much for that. let's get some international
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perspective now on the results for that i'm joined by nicole rembert from the german council on foreign relations good morning thanks so much for being with us what are some of your initial reactions to these results where the picture is very mixed if you look at the success of the democrats the democrats retaking the house it's a big positive sign that the democrats provided seem to provide the right answers to very complex questions and that many of the issues which were. on the agenda of the of the trump team didn't really succeed. and on the ballot and therefore it's it's interesting that the democrats and a lot of the media in germany sees it as a big success for the democrats on the other hand. it is very obvious that succeeded with the republican party and could secure his support in the senate
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which is of course the extremely. high success for him so it's a mix because it's a it's a mixed picture isn't it that that's kind of a consensus that's emerging right now what about the european perspective on how the president now will be able to move forward with his america first agenda something that's deeply opposed here in the you for example my my idea is that he will not stop his so america first agenda of difference in areas we can envision one is that he will hold on and will be even harder to deal with he's going to push for the protection of national interests and not treat our across party lines to the democrats to find solutions for certain issues but the european certainly need look at what's going on and they also see that this is strengthening off the democrats and certain topics but it's really not fundamentally in my view would change the way kerry to. carried out his policies so far what about this
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administration's competitors and adversaries in capitals like tehran beijing moscow are they going to be looking at the democrat success in the house as a weakening of the president and feel emboldened to challenge america and the trump political agenda when the election of course sends science internationally but of course it's more important to the national. basically to to what's happening in the united states and it shows again a country which is deeply divided and that there are issues that will go on in the next month that might not be evil to solve saw the enemies of the united states might think that the president would be so preoccupied with this internal issues in the united states that he would spend even nest time in really finding good solutions for complex global questions is. it clear that some people
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would take advantage of this. and others might say was things continue as they were what do you think the results mean for german u.s. elections isn't germany u.s. relations rather is this an opportunity for germany to improve relations with the united states that have of course suffered under this administration where germany experienced very tough time with president trump and wasn't used to the kind of communication between the white house and berlin in the past years on the other hand germany has such a large number of institutions that support the transatlantic relationship and they continue to strengthen the relationship with the u.s. . so there are some positive signs that the democrats regained strength because the partnership with the democrats is traditionally very strong in
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germany again president is still the president and he sets the tone nicolle redbird from the german council on foreign relations thanks very much thank you. well these midterms mark a comeback for one recognizable conservative mitt romney and for president in two thousand and twelve he lost against barack obama romney's back now on the national stage after winning the u.s. senate seat for utah romney takes over from retiring republican utah senator orrin hatch who held that position for more than forty years romney has repeatedly criticized the president in the past as a fraud and a phony but it's unclear what relationship be currently has with the u.s. presidency could become a focus of opposition to the president from within the republican party. now i will be only one of a hundred united states senators but i believe that one person doing the right thing at the right time can have
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a lasting impact i'll work with good men and good women on both sides of the aisle to serve the cause of america's enduring greatness and i will endeavor to conduct myself in a matter that is consistent with the values of our great state in a with our national character and so during the next six years i commit to devote my heart my mind and my energy to be worthy of the trust that you as the voters of utah have given me thank you so much. well voters turned out in record numbers for these midterms and that led to some severe access problems and a number of voting stations are also been reports of broken voting machines and concerns about possible voter fraud greed has been tracking this for us good morning to you jared what have you been saying will voting as we know has gone pretty smoothly across the u.s. but that hasn't been the case in at least five states and voters the reporting some major problems mostly long lines to voters and they've been uploading these
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problems to social media let's start first of all in north carolina this video is of a two to three hour wait to get inside the polling center in an area that has some i thousand registered viruses the next video is from atlanta georgia which we know is a battleground state a local a local reporter on the ground says hundreds of his he waited hours this morning and why was that because there were only three voting machines to go around also in georgia a local version took this video look how long this line is in some parts of georgia judges ordering that have been ordering the precincts to stay open longer for that reason in brooklyn new york some voices simply gave up they left after a two hour in crown heights reportedly some voting machines there had been broken lots of overcrowding there's also some bigger problems that we've been hearing
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broken scad there's a shortage of materials and even faulty voting machines themselves this video from indiana we can see the voter trying to select the democratic candidate but the voting machine automatically selects the republican clearly of a faulty machine there's some reports that some machines may have been tampered with a virus or took this picture he writes i feel like something's gone wrong if i have access to the u.s.b. stick in this fighting machine we presume that storing the results and the ability to. polled by pressing a button we can also see some sort of compartment that's been here exposing the in a working so obviously not a good sign after the last election lots of concerns about foreign interference but domestically some real concerns that a voting machine especially in the state of georgia will be looking more closely into that in the days ahead there have of course been a number of historic results in this election that's right and as we've been hearing lots of historic vote results that we should be talking about let's start
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with the first muslim women elected to congress this is a mom a somali refugee she's thanking her supporters here she immigrated to the u.s. as a teenager and made history elected to the house representing the state of minnesota another muslim woman also elected overnight her name is rush from michigan his she is just completely overwhelmed surrounded by her supporters and another first coming up will take a look at the u.s. elected its first openly gay governor she is a rapping at a democratic party gathering for jared polis will be color rather is governor and continues a blue trend in that state and here is a tweet from him thanking his supporters there was another result that's being a bit overlooked and that's the state of florida voting to restore voting rights to former convicts and this tweet sums that up not since the twenty sixth amendment
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lowered the verging age to eighteen has a single change in the war extended the franchise to as many people as florida did today this is a big deal adding one point four million vs to a state that we know always gives us notoriously tight results right gerri thanks so much for looking into all of that for us today. let's check in now with some of the other news from around the world at this hour the florida man accused of mailing bombs to prominent democrats and other critics of donald trump has appeared in a new york court to face criminal charges says our seo has been denied bell he faces up to forty eight years in prison if convicted authorities in peru say a former head of the national police force is under arrest accused of involvement in a baby trafficking ring the police chief is among fifteen people suspected of selling babies and children taken from mainly poor women gun apologist in the pediatrician also detained in early morning rates. united nations says dozens of children at
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a hospital in yemen could die as fighting closes in on the port of her data hospitals the only function one in the areas treating children with severe malnutrition war in yemen has already produced the world's worst humanitarian crisis it's to cameron now where seventy eight children and a driver who were taken hostage by separatists have been released reports indicate the kidnappers are still holding the school's principal and one teacher captive it received early monday in the men that's the capital of the northwest region no single group has said it carried out the kidnappings but separatist militias have been calling for a school boycott. we have some football in the champions league last night dortmund suffered their first defeat in all competitions this season at logical madrid were fueled by their home
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crowd and defeated the german side to know so will need as open a scoring in the thirty third minute giving it let it go a lead going into the break second goal coming from a political captain and. late in the match dortmund's offense couldn't find a way through it let it go only producing four shots on goal the two clubs are level on points at the top of group a. ok let's take a look at the best of the results from tuesday's champions league group stage action as well as of let it go winning another spanish side barcelona had success as they sealed their place in the last sixteen that despite being held by interim along liverpool suffered a setback of the two no loss in belgrade that the feat opens the door for nobly and p.s.g. he who had a one all draw the other groups a game in germany edged closer to the knockout stages that thanks to a two nil when over a gallop. or bar in munich and secure their place in the last sixteen of the
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champions league when they host greek side eighty k. athens that's later on wednesday but the german champions are in a bit of a slump with the pressure mounting on coach nico coach in needs a win in europe to boost his troops ahead of a weekend showdown with dortmund. he's accused of not having a plan b. when the going gets tough nico kovacs knows his job is on the line. the problems aren't as pronounced in the champions league at least not yet by and have yet to lose a game but they also have yet to convince those first in this to cope with the physical work we put in is not always rewarded in the way we'd like but as a coach or is a player you have to try to stay positive of course i can say this was a good or that wasn't good but believe me that one's increased my players confidence of. neither will conceding a late goal in the eighty ninth minute to be exact against try book in the been
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missing on saturday that's more points dropped. there's even talk of a rebellion inside the buy and camp some of the senior players unhappy with their reduced playing time others are cutting the coach some slack. yes indeedy of if we're the ones on the pitch we're responsible when i see a match like against freiburg where we were ahead in the seventy fifth minute at home you shouldn't give that result away and that's nothing to do with the coach it's us players who are on the pitch. even if the players i thought it's the coach that always pays the price in football. their hearts are now it's a little market reactions to the u.s. midterms as right brian on asian markets mid-term election results seem pretty much priced in tokyo the nikkei index dropped when the result became clear closing point three percent down saying in hong kong was also low analysts in asia say
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a split congress is best for the market it allows president trying to continue his business and growth friendly policies while the gridlock will keep a check on some of his more disruptive market actions like the trade battle with china u.s. stock futures point to a strong opening on wall street later today markets in europe are opening as we speak on the business standing by at the frankfurt stock exchange on how it's trading started and where investors reactions most visible. well i think the most telling reaction on the markets can be seen on the markets for government bonds the yield on the ten year u.s. treasury has come down slightly because obviously in the future donald trump will not be a bull to take on new debt increase the u.s. budget deficit as recklessly as he has done during the first two years of his
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presidency. the dollar is down slightly as well the german stock market the german dax our index here is up around about one percent because well the democratic majority in the house is likely to also want to cooperate with trump for example in front in terms of a new infrastructure bill maybe not a huge one like trump has promised but the democrats in the house will likely not want to muffle or slow down the u.s. economy completely. there's also hopeful that the atmosphere between the u.s. and its major trading partners will get more friendly. that's a huge discussion on the trading floors in terms of china i can tell you there is not much hope that the tone will become more friendly the u.s. president has enormous power when it comes to trade policies impose interests and stuff like that and you know at least parts of the democratic party have been eager
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to want to make sure that voters understand that they too want to protect american jobs so at least parts of the democratic party will not completely disagree with trump's protectionist agenda also in terms of intellectual property rights the democrats think something has to be done so it's likely we're going to see them all at a further escalation calmer goosen in front thank you. airbus and boeing have called for an end to the u.s. china trade dispute executives of the wood two world's largest plane makers made the announcement as a national in china the country has become a key hunting ground for aircraft manufacturers looking to expand their business because of the surge in natural the two companies are worried that the ongoing trade conflict could derail orders from china passenger aircraft one of china's biggest imports both from the u.s.
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and europe on flickr could push beijing to look for alternative options the i.m.f. is also concerned about trade relations between china and the u.s. international monetary fund sees dark clouds ahead despite efforts by china to continue its strong growth it says the trade spat puts the brakes on the world's two biggest economies and it's pulling down the global economy with it. china's biggest city and financial nerve center shanghai and more than three and a half thousand companies from around the world are here at the china international import explode but is it just a stroke of luck that the i.m.f. and world bank delegations are in the country at the same time china the world's biggest exporter is trying a new tack they want to ramp up future imports the chinese government unveiled its strategy at the expo we ate that she will continue to implement a proactively school policy and push for cutting taxes and fees meanwhile we'll optimize the business environment in order to further mobilize market players.
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should. do that in the government has been dismantling trade barriers and since the beginning of november reducing tariffs on many products in the first three quarters of the year china's imports climbed twenty percent to one point six trillion dollars so in the first i.m.f. chief christine lagarde china's growth would slow through next year and into twenty twenty thanks to the trade conflict with the u.s. but she did give beijing some credit for important economic reforms and opening its markets. from. the top of the. news information. thank you very much for watching.
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some love him. others hate him like oh. why do disappointed supporters still back donald trump fifty. two years after his election we take stuff. usa the trump phenomenon. forty five minutes the. scars cover and forget women in russia have to live with violence sexism and oppression of the same and violence is no muslim brusha. where putin's patriarchy was today women's rights were already gaining traction a hundred years ago. people here don't have
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a clue about feminism but there are women who want to instigate change in everyday life for justice and equality. under the skin of russia's women starts nov thirteenth on g.w. . what looks totally different when you turn upside down alice. it's aging perspective sometimes that's when you want to get ahead and today's world is full of these upside down moments companies.


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