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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 7, 2018 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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and candidates we campaigned with during the last week nine one last night this vigorous campaign stop the blue wave that they talked about i don't know if there ever was such a thing but could have been if we didn't do the campaigning probably that could have been. and the history really we'll see what a good job we did in the final couple of weeks in terms of getting some tremendous people over the finish line they really are tremendous people but many of them were not known but they will be known. this election marks the largest senate gains for a president's party in a first midterm election since at least president kennedy's in one thousand nine hundred sixty two there are been only four midterm elections since one thousand thirty four in which a president's party has gained even a single senate seat as of now we picked up it looks like three
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could be four perhaps it could be two but we picked up a lot. and most likely the number will be three people probably know that better than i do at this point because you've looked at the most recent numbers fifty five is the largest number of republican senators in the last one hundred years. in the last eighty years a sitting president's party has only gained a kimmel of total of eight senate seats averaging one project kate so if we picked up two three or four. that's a big percentage of that number so in the last eighty years you think of the only eight seats. in president obama's first midterm election he lost six senate seats including and the deep blue state of massachusetts
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republicans captured at least four senate seats held by democrat incumbents and these are tremendously talented hard working people that did this indiana north dakota florida. missouri we also won two open senate seats in tennessee i want to congratulate our great champion who did such a great job in tennessee marsha and in utah. and arizona is looking very good a really very good he's done a terrific job there was a tough race and she's done a fantastic. and each of these open seats democrats recruited very strong candidates with substantial fundraising and media support we were getting bombarded
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with money on the other side. in the house republicans dramatically out performed historical precedents and overcame a historic number of retirements the most house republican retirements in eighty eight years. forty three house republicans retired now i will say this that in many cases they were chairman of committees and they left because they weren't chairman because the republicans have a rule for six years and what that does is wonderful in one way it lets people come through the system and become chairman in another way it drives people up because when their chairman they don't want to go and not be a chairman you're the chairman of a committee and you're a big deal and all of a sudden you're not doing that anymore so they leave we had a lot of them leave. i guess you can flip a coin as to which system is better the democrats to the other some of their folks have been in those committees for
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a long time is chairman in two thousand and ten president obama's first midterm he lost sixty three seats by contrast as of the most current account looks like around twenty seven house seats or something and we'll figure that out pretty soon we also had a slew of historic wins in the governors' races the governor's races were incredible against very well funded talented and skilled democrat candidates and people that worked very very hard respectfully for those candidates like oprah winfrey who are like. i don't know if she likes me anymore but that's ok she used to but she worked very hard in georgia very very or and if you look at them for governors' races crucial to twenty twenty and the presidential race florida iowa ohio and georgia the big ones
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florida iowa ohio and georgia can't get much more important than them. they were incredible they were actually incredible campaigns to incredible. as of right now republicans will control the majority of governorships across the country including three great women who work very hard the governors of alabama south dakota and iowa they work very very hard very talented by expand our senate majority the voters have also clearly rebuked. the senate democrats for their handling of the kavanaugh hearings that was a factor i think may be a very big factor the way that was handled i think was tremendous energy was given to the republican party by the way they treated then judge cavanagh justice cabinet. and expressed their support for confirming more great pro
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constitution judges candidates who embraced our message of low taxes low regulations low crime strong borders and great judges excelled last night they excelled they they really i mean we have a a list of people that were fantastic and i'm just going to put them out mike bost rodney davis. andy barr was fantastic i went to kentucky for the most part i didn't campaign for the house but i did actually make a special trip for andy barr because he was in a very tough race in kentucky and he won it was a very tough race the polls were all showing that he was down and down substantially and he won and that what i did to pete stopper of minnesota great guy
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he's new and ran a fantastic race on the other hand you had some that decided to let's stay away let's stay away they did very poorly. i'm not sure that i should be happy or sad but i feel just fine about it. carlos bella. mike coffman too bad mike. miller. i still mia love she called me all the time to help her with a hostage situation being held hostage in venezuela. but mia love gave me no love. and she lost to bed sorry about that mia and barbara comstock was another one i mean i think she could have won that race which she did want to have any embrace for that i don't
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blame her. but she. she lost substantially. peter roskam. didn't want to embrace eric paulson didn't want to embrace and a new jersey i think he could have done well but didn't work out too good bob you can feel badly because i think that something that could have been one that's arisen could have been one john fast so those are some of the people that you know decided for their own reason not to embrace. whether it's me or what we stand for but what we stand for it meant a lot to most people and we've had tremendous support and tremendous support in the republican party among the biggest support in the history of the party and i've actually heard that ninety three percent it's a record but i won't say that because who knows but we've had tremendous support.
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america is booming like never before doing fantastic we have larry kudlow here and he said the numbers are as good as he's ever seen numbers at any time for our country but he's a young man so yes and see that many numbers whereas larry. you're a young man right larry and you haven't been doing this too long but there's good as you've ever seen and we may have if you have a question for larry we'll do that but i want to send my warmest appreciation regards to majority leader mitch mcconnell we really worked very well together we have been working very well together we actually have a great relationship people just don't understand which is fine and also to. perhaps looks like i would think speaker nancy pelosi. and i give her
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a lot of credit she works very hard and she's worked long and hard i give her a great deal of credit for what she's done and what she's accomplished hopefully we can all work together next year to continue delivering for the american people including on economic growth infrastructure trade lowering the cost of prescription drugs these are some of the things that the democrats do want to work on and i really believe will be able to do that i think we're going to have a lot lot of a lot of reason and i will say just as a matter of business there is are some very successful people as we were watching the returns. so if the republicans won and let's say we held on by two or one with three it would have been very hard out of that many republicans to ever even get support among republicans because they'll always be one or two or three people that for good reason or for bad reason or for grandstanding we have that too we've seen that. we've seen that grandstanding but for certain reasons that many people
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you're always going to have a couple that won't do it so that puts us at a very bad position of the words had we kept and this is no i'm saying this for a very basic ways it's common sense it puts us in a very tough position we win by one or two or three and you'll have one or two or three or four or five even come over and say you know look we're not going to go along with this we want this this this and all of a sudden we can't of it we wouldn't be able to get it in many cases out of the republicans hands before we set it on to the senate and now we have a much easier path. because the democrats will come to us with a plan for infrastructure a plan for health care a plan for whatever they are looking at. and we'll negotiate that as you know it's been very hard in the senate because we need essentially ten votes from democrats
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and we don't get those votes because the democrats to really stick together well i don't agree with them on a lot of policy but i agree with them on sticking together they stick together so now we go into the senate we don't have the ten votes and what happens it doesn't get passed even if it gets out of the house it doesn't get passed so under the new concept of what we're doing i say come on let me see which. they want to do things you know i keep hearing about. investigations fatigue like from the time almost from the time i announced i was going to run they've been giving us this investigation for take a long time they got nothing zero you know why because there is nothing but they can play that game but we can play it better because we have a thing called the united states senate and a lot of very questionable things were done between leaks of classified information
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and many other elements that should not have taken place and all you're going to do is end up in back and forth and back and forth and two years is going to go up and we won't have done a thing i really think and i really respected what. nancy said last night about bipartisanship and getting together and uniting she used the word uniting and she is the the bipartisanship statement which is so important because that's what we should be doing so we can look at us they can look at dusts that we can look at them and they'll go back and forth and it'll probably be very good for me politically i could see it being extremely good politically i think i'm better at that game than they are actually. but we'll find out i mean you know we'll find out or we can work together you can't do him simultaneously by the way just in case somebody so you can do about no you can't because if they're doing that we're not
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doing the other just say you understand. so we won't be doing that but now what happens is we send it to the senate and we'll get one hundred percent democrat support and we'll get some republican support and if it's good i really believe we have republicans that will help with the approval process and they were really helped with the approval process so it really could be a beautiful bipartisan type of situation if we won by one or two or three or four or five that wouldn't happen and the closer it is the worse it is this way they'll come to me when they go shave maybe we'll make a deal maybe we won't that's possible but we have a lot of things in common on infrastructure we want to do something on health care they want to do something on health care there are a lot of great things that we can do together and now we'll send it up and we will really get we'll get the democrats and we'll get the republicans or some of the republicans and i'll make sure that we send something up that the republicans can
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support and they're going to want to make sure they send something up that the democrats can support so our great country is booming like never before and we're thriving on every single level both in terms of economic and military strength in terms of development in terms of g.d.p. we're doing unbelievably i will tell you our trade deals are coming along fantastically the u.s. embassy a. south korea is finished. u.s.m.c. has gotten rave reviews i can lose companies any more to other countries they're not going to do that because they have a tremendous economic incentive it's meaning it's prohibitive. for them to do that so it's not going to be like nafta which is one of the worst deals i've ever seen.


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