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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  November 7, 2018 11:30pm-12:01am CET

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africa on the moon. the stories of both people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent africa on the move to stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands. d.w. multimedia series from africa. d w dot com. hi everybody welcome to another edition of your own lifestyle up and you know what christmas is knocking on our dos again and one topic in the show but we have
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a lot small besides. that sinking feeling a tale of a german world war two submarine contains. a rhythm you find that the doctor for because santa clara and his love of nature and. living in style long lines in a dream home in store. as we enjoy my temperatures here in belle and right now it is hard to believe that christmas was soon be upon us again that time of year when we like to brighten up our homes with past of on amends of course taste a change in home decorations all the time and so the industry comes up with new ideas every year and we thought we would head over to london to find out what's going to be fashionable this christmas. christmas
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is calling in london's oxford street is decked out in its famous seasonal decorations. so whatever this year's trends in abundance of glitter and glamour will certainly get us into the festive spirit. and seasonal rock'n'roll is all the rage this year's. christmas for us this shit is all about rock n roll so it's all about good. so one of our. new friends who are really into the different materials of rock n roll and how much they. didn't seek when christmas stocking certainly spice things up. silver gold and black are the colors of choice this season. a litter of no more. and you could even get a tiny prints to adorn your christmas tree. when choosing the right.
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i think for many many years we've all been a bit afraid of going for a. while. so feel free to embrace your inner rock n roller and decorate your tree accordingly. how about some fabulous food fiend christmas decorations. this christmas i think we're really excited about the food trend that we've seen and that brings a sense of place to the christmas tree so we have things like cool and. some bagels so. you know we've seen a lot of trends across food for several years in the u.k. but this is the fast. train. salt and pepper. toast waffles whatever takes your fancy.
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the colors don't matter so long as the christmas tree looks great i love the avocado. everyone loves cherry avocado and i think it's a really good bunny if somebody is well it is my. chrissy amongst all sorts of things. if i have a car goes on the tree are a bit too much for some they can go from. conventional festive ornaments if they're into glamour they might be tempted to go for the midnight elegance range of accessories. it's about creating the look. at indy colors beautiful finish a nice metal glass a better spot and bring in that throughout the whole home with the table christmas tree just actually not real sumptuous feel to crest months.
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old and blue glass will make the dinner table look particularly attractive. the decorations on oxford street are of course completely up to the minute it's a perfect winter wonderland featuring some two thousand bottles. but isn't it a bit too early to be switching on the christmas lights is a little bit early for the papers was a good one it was christmas so. i think it's right that the problem this time of the year brings everyone together i think that day and to some digital forward to write and see if they're on in the christmas spirit and remind them that christmas is coming to see the faces of them look at their life starting on star kind of gracefully and the earlier christmas calls the longer people can enjoy the decorations.
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the very few people know who banksy is but his works are internationally famous just one of autopsy x. in today's express. gramophone the world's oldest classical music record label turn one hundred twenty on tuesday. to mark the occasion a gala concert was staged at berlin's philharmonia concert hall featuring star violin. and sophie and pianist lang lang together with berlin staatskapelle orchestra they performed works by beethoven and mozart the audience was also treated to pieces by oscar winning composer john williams music lovers across the globe could follow the event online via live stream. in london british street artist banksy has created a replica of israel's border wall along the west bank. the installation is part of
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the palestinian stand at this year's london world travel market trade show. last march banksy initiated bethlehem's walled off hotel near metres from the separation barrier dubbed the hotel with the worst view in the world each of its rooms looks out on to the wall which features stencil artwork by banksy. this is not just for nine tiles people flocked to the our house cafe in moscow to play and each with eleven feathered creatures who live here are allowed to roam freely. it's the first venue of its kind in the russian capital. with many different species including a eurasian eagle owl training and regular check ups. house cafes are especially popular with harry potter fans.
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back in the nine hundred eighty s. the firm adaptation of the german novel it thus bought one international acclaim directed by german filmmaker. the film about a world war two separate and its crew was shown in cinema the world over the box office it was nominated for six oscar a longer version was also shown on t.v. all. this was more than thirty years ago and maybe time for it to suffer again this time on a german pay t.v. channel. heading back out to sea. this time in a new t.v. series about the world war two submarine and its crew.
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and commands of interviewers accompany the crew on their journey that's free of any kind of pathos for uniform from the series tries to realistically capture their experience from the book for them what was on their minds for this image what fascinated them first day and list voluntarily to serve aboard the vessel can be. put to. many scenes are set on board the submarine but not all of them. for example. a translator for the gestapo played by actress vicky clips works on dry land. her brother is a radio operator on board the german submarine and in a new twist to the story the translator falls in love with a female french resistance fighter. this is and it leaves conceited you likely wouldn't guess from the promotional poster that the series also features a love story between two women who was there that by the end. the
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marketing for the new series is of course building upon the legendary nine hundred eighty one film by voice gunn peterson he depicted the life of the sailors in the confined environment of a submarine during wartime in such a compelling way the film became a milestone in cinematic history. that's come from seeing those can be a curse and a blessing at the same time to sort of but that's how it worked with me when i heard das boards and all of a sudden i was paying twice as much attention for. what the horse for the challenge was to approach this monument to german film history with respect to expect a bit but not with all and to make something of my own it was a. some of. the characters in andreas paul haskins mini series are completely different to those in the original film the austrian director is particularly interested in shedding light on his protagonist psyches. is
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a woman caught between two fronts faced with a difficult moral dilemma. the qantas and that's who. why did some people not resist the system in the third reich. i can't say how i would have reacted whether i'd have been on the right side. at. all but i do know that you can always make a decision you can always say you're getting out. the director also delves into the mind of a torpedo operator aboard the submarine. would come up with you both you can show really well how bad things were for those young people and what war can do to them with you mention mom. in the claustrophobia and the sense of not knowing what they're doing there. i play yours of who fires
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the torpedoes he only has to flip a switch to sink an entire ship and he's still happy when he sinks one of because he doesn't go up doesn't see that up above one hundred people are jumping ship and then are still burning in the water when the ship goes under in wasilla. like the original the new t.v. series is action packed even though it differs greatly critics will always compare it to peterson's original time it launched the careers of german actors like martin seminal the how about grenada and hoover. they set the benchmark that the young actors must now aspire to just. ignore the artist and hazardous i'll just ignore that. i once worked with daniel day lewis and i ignored it than to. how can you deal with a high benchmark other than just accepted and here you just take one hurdle at a time without thinking about it too much because otherwise you wouldn't do it for
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must move. if the h one hour episodes produced so far proved to be a hit with audiences the series will be continued. it will be exciting to see if this u. boat gets to head for the taps once again. many cities rely on the bed bow effects to boost choice when a new museum was built in the spanish city designed by a star architect it provided a great boost in income as crowds of visitors flocked to see it maybe this plan will also work for the baltic city of. this is vilnius is historical city center many buildings date back to the middle ages and among them right in the heart of the little way in capital lies a brand new modern art museum the. change because every
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buildings are quite i think it's important for a overall culture like of people in a real fight just the cult culture felt. that a lot of the culture. the building was designed by star architect daniel can't go up in poland and is familiar with the neighboring baltic states it's one of the reasons he was particularly passionate about working on the new museum. his design was carefully thought out. this cube which is kind of cut to penetrate and give open space and light for the building at the bring them together into a sense of composition that is beautiful harmonious and fun to be in. the museum showcases lithuanian art from the one nine hundred fifty s. through to the present under soviet rule modern little endian art was rarely exhibited it was deemed too critical as lithuanian painter and various remembers.
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if you don't make some good shit things. it's all. things so you. it's kind of a difficult time. the museum was co-founded by lithuanian philanthropist victoria support course who also owns its collection of more than four thousand works workers became very wealthy when he sold his successful biotech company that has pumps the money into his new museum he appreciates the arts and sciences much more rules you have to afford to screw us for we have much less rules and a lot of freedom the most modern art museum is set to raise vilnius is standing in the international. want to know more about european lifestyle and culture visit euro max on facebook. you'll find highlights from our programs.
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three hundred sixty degree videos of the most beautiful places in europe and snapshots taken by our reporters take an exclusive look behind the scenes at how the program is produced and follow us on facebook life. we do love it when fans visit our facebook page and give us their feedback visit d.w. euro max on facebook. all this week we are meeting various photographers from all over europe and their search for the perfect motifs nature still of us the most beautiful shapes and colors and there is no computer program to match it's on foot at u.t. . travels the world still photograph canyons mountains and gracious and he's most interested in capturing them in a special light his job and balls lots of time and patients up for clip the end product is worth the wait.
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for a christian clip the extraordinary is not enough. the photographer tries to capture the nature of around him in a very special light. photograph you come forward photography means writing with linus which is why i generally work in the twilight hours or at night that's when you get the most stunning light conditions the hoped so about. clip is a geoscientist by profession his work takes him around the world. but today he's fulfilling a long held dream back home to capture the natural beauty of germany's north sea coast. beyond. venice look my daily i'd like to get these waves and ripples in a subtle backlight and tease the image in a light out of nature those images don't just drop into the camera by themselves
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humankind involves a lot of hard work although i didn't either come out of. this method begins with a photo taken in normal daylight conditions then he waits for exactly the right moment at sunrise or sunset. that requires patience in spite of having to brave the bitterly cold winds at the north sea. however from his travels the photographer is used to far worse conditions he finds his remarkable motifs in some of the remotest places on the planet. a geyser in the nevada desert under a new moon rare seas tax off the coast of new zealand. the colorado river in the grand canyon. and this view taken from a glacier in iceland documents again is that it is risky going in that you have to
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remember that this place you know is moving at a rate of one meter per day so once you're inside you're surrounded by these constant tracking and crunching sounds sort of just not in commercial arsenal be an undersea it's an incredibly eerie but at the same time. magical environments are what's particularly beautiful are these strasser blank volcanic ash deposited in the ice over the last five thousand years. that you know scientist combines his in-depth knowledge of how the earth evolved with a fascination for its beauty. he's willing to wait days to get the right shot. i had an idea of photographing like the shoes of a at night as soon as the marquis way appeared of a more blown so i had to return to that location again and again. until the light was perfect as it is right now above the north sea.
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as is shown us an undertow seeing these magical places does make you feel very small and in or on a child that's especially true in today's worked we need to show more respect for our planet and i think that only happens when people love something both sleeping christian club is in thrall by our planet's breathtaking beauty and he wants to show just how important it is that we preserve it. and now we want to know what you like to photograph best to enter our current draw just upload one of your favorite photos to our website. these are just some of the entries we have received so far. as you can see. we have some very talented photographers amongst our viewers thank you so much. so get your photos same two outs and you could win the exclusive
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a year max watch and now time for this week's dream home the building plot swiss architect the bogus shows was actually too small for what he had in mind so he had to be creative his design was so on usual that he had problems getting planning permission but now egli has won several prizes with the building and that's take a closer look into days you know max the lux. like a giant crystal this house reaches into the sky fifty eight windows make up the outer wall swiss architect. built his family home on the outskirts of pyrrhic on the slopes of a form of the. welcome to the true berlin's yuri. is swiss german for great as he was designing his house drew inspiration from the
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surroundings of the. property used to be a vineyard there is still loads of great minds behind the house. the windows are attached to the supporting structure like grapes to a stand. out on the platforms branch out of the main middle wall yes just like the trunk of a barn. there was no space for one continuous stairwell and the rooms are not arranged into typical floors instead they are joined by individual staircases and platforms. to get a building permit he had to be creative when plotting the floor plan. was staying within property lines just two hundred ninety one square metres the
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property is small to begin with. track the border limit clarence and you're left with five times nine metres. picture designing a house just five steps wide and nine steps long it's impossible. in the end to create roughly one hundred thirty square metres of living space inside it's back to basics. made a fair faced concrete. while furniture ad splashes of color the glass facade makes the rooms appear larger and the concrete core provide structure. in my experience when you have a lot of glass it's important to have a strong back to provide a sense of security if you have glass on both sides it's like you're lost in a sort of limbo here you have a backyard and then you have a fantastic view this lens the room
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a feeling of peace and car. each pack for office morrison's two children little havens for retreat none of the living spaces is larger than fifty square meters every centimeter is put to good use. decreased. with the building concept like this its greatest strength is also its greatest weakness that means the way the concrete has been poured the way it has set and this carrying the structure can no longer be altered you can't take anything out anymore if you did the whole house would collapse. architectural office three peat one multiple awards for this design it took construction period of two and a half years to realize his dream home. decent house in this house everything
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is radically and fundamentally reduce to the back concrete structure that's what i like the most all those other things you do in the house are not necessary here. you can read just self of all of that really doesn't take much including this but ok sure. there are no stones to be thrown in this glass house with his great friend design. has not only created a unique home for his family he has also played. on a property that was once considered impossible to build on. and that brings us to the end of the show for today but don't forget you can find a lot more about the euro max on our website and please check us out on social media but for now thanks for tuning in i hope to see you again tomorrow. next time on your own max at eighty three argo parrot is one of the most performed
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composers of our time. the new center celebrating his life and work has just opened in his home country the stonier. it's situated in a forest near the baltic sea. monument to music nature and silence next time on your.
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own. home. the dangerous legacy lurks in these fields old munitions from the first and second world wars. every day in northwestern belgium farmers find grenades many of which are still potentially explosive. and every day a special unit goes out to collect and diffuse these deadly weapons.
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so you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. the first six missiles for the rich but for many people go first there for a chance of survival africa is among the most unequal regions in the world. could be lunch for today just like that. our reporters travel to nairobi and new york to make people know the true value of garbage. it has created a thriving parallel economy that's been completely ignored by the financial markets but what does all this mean for economic inequality around the world you guys just
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thought it class war theater the response to that statement should be yes we are starting to as we walk here because with time. and disrupt an economy. going to. the rich the poor and the trust an exclusive report starts november seventeenth of g w. whole.
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new. above. this is deja vu news live from berlin another head rolls of the trump white house attorney general jeff sessions hands in his resignation after being asked to step down by the u.s. president sessions removal could have a far reaching implications for the russia probe the news comes as trump sells the midterm elections as an historic success for his republican party they were tame control of the senate even though they lost the house and she was handpicked by
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germany's chancellor to take her place today the woman known as a k k officially enter the race to be the next head.


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