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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 8, 2018 2:00am-2:30am CET

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w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin another had rolls of the trump white house attorney general jeff sessions hanson his resignation after being asked to step down by the us president sessions removal could have far reaching implications for the russian probe. the news comes as trump sells the midterm elections as an historic success for his republican party they were changing control of the senate even though they lost the house. and dozens of kidnapped school children are freed by their captors in cameroon they were abducted by armed separatists early this
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week. i'm sunni so most kind of thank you for joining us u.s. attorney general jeff sessions has been forced out of office by president trump the move comes straight after the midterm elections now sessions left the u.s. justice department for the last time as attorney general on wednesday evening more than one hundred fifty employees in part applauded him during an emotional departure the u.s. president has long expressed frustration with sessions after he recused himself from the investigation into links between trump's presidential campaign and brush up sessions of chief of staff mack whitaker is replacing him until a permanent successor is chosen let's bring in david is my a shredder is following all the latest for us in washington hi maya this is coming right after the midterms what is expected. now the timing is pretty
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extraordinary sue me the ink on the results hadn't even dried yet so anyone who's been watching the situation between trump and sessions deteriorate was expecting some sort of staff shake up after the elections were over but the fact that it happened really mere hours after the election was finished is really pretty extraordinary this is ben somewhat of a long time coming especially given that sessions have been a little bit more sympathetic than trump would have liked to continuing to shield the russia investigation. was preventing trump from doing what he wanted to seemingly do which is shut it down or somehow make it go away so now trump has that opportunity was sessions officially gone as of today my it's of this has been a long time coming but is there any concrete reason being given of why he was pushed out now. yeah and it's unclear whether he was pushed out or
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resigned voluntarily in his resignation letter it says at your request i am resigning which means he wasn't really fired as we said the timing is extremely interesting and we do know that. the russian investigators and was a big big factor in the deterioration of this relationship in the past year and a half has taken to twitter multiple times to criticize sessions calling him weak and beleaguered and really hitting him for protecting mauler in certain ways and from for the husing himself from overseeing the investigation and now trump has really about two months is a little bit more than that to make a recess appointment and put someone into the attorney general job that would be much more sympathetic to his views so where does all of this leave that muller investigation maya the man who's taking over the acting attorney general whitaker is expected to oversee this investigation he's been very critical of it has any.
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indeed that is this is the million dollar question right now and if you're a democrat who's been trying to root for a mall or to find something this will leave you very nervous now if you're a republican who as the truth as the president believes thinks that this is all just a witch hunt and there's nothing to this this looks pretty good because there is this chance that it could if not fully get shut down the next attorney general of the asking attorney general could starve the investigation of money and just grind it to a halt throw various roadblocks in its way to prevent it from getting or even if it's allowed to come to its conclusion simply bury the results of the investigation and not release them to the press to the public or even to congress so a lot at stake here for robert muller a lot of different ways that this could go down there a huge development there in washington and we're going to come back to in just a moment to talk to you about the midterm elections because a sessions firing comes
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as the president has been selling the midterms as a major success for his party the republicans look likely to expand their majority in the senate and also one key governor's races the democrats managed to win back the house of representatives but it wasn't quite the big blue wave many of them were hoping to see. something done in typically bombastic form. of a historic victory in the midterms focusing primarily on republican gains in the senate he largely shrugged off the democrats regaining the majority in the house of representatives though he did often on a sponsor of sorts now is the time for members of both parties to join to give. put partisanship aside and keep the american economic miracle going strong but that offer of bipartisanship was quickly undercut the tone turned competent as the president tussle with reporters and he threatened government gridlock if democrats pursue investigations into his administration.
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almost from the time i announced i was going to run they've been giving us this investigation fatigue it's been a long time they've got nothing zero you know why because there is nothing but they can play their game but we can play better bracing for that contest is the democrats jubilant times leader nancy pelosi she said photos wanted her party to hold the trumpet ministration to account and facts to deliver. american people have put want to put an end to unchecked g.o.p. control of washington restoring the checks and balances and we as democrats are here to strengthen the institution in which we serve and not to have it be of rubber stamp for president trump this but palosi also promised efforts to work with republicans who will strive for bipartisanship we believe that we have a responsibility to seek common ground for the u.s.
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these midterm elections market tunning point but opinions differ on whether road goes from here many votes as a boy by the surge of representation for women and minorities well it's really exciting to see all the details and it's not just in new york it's all over the country so that's really empowering site to see that others less optimistic i definitely think they'll be some great locket more animosity and sadly you know that's what the tenor of the country is because on capitol hill two thoughts are turning to what lies ahead the twenty twenty presidential race starts now. or one of the key success. tori's of these midterm elections was a record number of women elected to the house of representatives especially democrats alexandria ocasio cortez is the youngest woman ever elected to congress and she won her new york district with nearly eighty percent of the vote these
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young voters are waiting in line outside a new york club not to dance the night away but to celebrate a new political phenomenon. she's a candidate for the people and that's was really important she's somebody who's out here fighting for us who like us alexandria council cortez a democrat is the youngest woman ever elected to congress for many of the twenty nine year old politician is the polar opposite of donald trump she supports universal health care immigrants rights free education under foldable housing and those were the key issues for the seventy eight percent of voters in her district who backed our deepest challenges are not left and right they are not read in blue they are top and bottom they are right after aha alexandria ocasio cortez is part of what's being called a rainbow waving congress with most seats going to women people of color and other minorities than ever before and i think it's a profound message that in order for us to make sure that in order for us to make
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sure that our interests are being championed we need to have a seat at the table and that new voice might just shake up the democratic party's old codger to. my it's a pretty remarkable number one hundred women set to enter the house what does that tell us about the shifting dynamics of america. well it's not just the one hundred women it's that this is one of the most diverse classes to ever come into the house we have the first two native american women to ever serve in congress we have the first muslim woman to ever come in massachusetts and connecticut both elected their first black women congressman and this is really something that women across the country women at least who don't support donald trump have been waiting for since january twenty first twenty seventeen when we saw that massive women's march sweep not only washington d.c. but many places around the world and it's seen as a rebuke to
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a lot of the the rhetoric and the policies that we see coming out of donald trump's administration what a lot of people see as. anti diversity anti really anyone but you see the older white or male segment of the population that mostly is in trump's cabinet despite this incredibly diverse cohort of people entering congress now this midterm seem to also show again how divided the country is especially geographically what were the biggest trends that you saw there. it was an interesting night to watch so one. interesting part for the republicans is they lost their last urban district the island of staten island which is part of new york city was represented in congress by a republican and will now be represented by a democrat which means republicans now solely represent suburban and rural america
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and the democrats have all of the major population centers now this is good for the house of representatives which is supposed to proportionally represent the american populous but the democrats now have a real problem in the senate which is two senators per state and if democrats can't figure out how to reach people in rural and suburban america like the republicans do it's going to be a real problem in terms of trying to take back not just the house but the senate eventually as well my and so what happens next for trump and his administration we've seen the democrats win the house the republicans have held on to the senate are we going to see the president move forward strengthened in his position. well solidifying a lead in the senate a majority in the senate is certainly nothing to sniff at so the republicans were not totally and president trump was not totally wrong in saying that last night the
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midterms were necessarily a victory for them as well and we did see the president in the last few days try to soften his tone so that he was willing to take steps to reach out across the aisle maybe he wants to take a gentle or tone from now on but then we also saw this press conference just a few hours ago where he was very combative with the press and was lashing out at both the media and democrats saying that the house better not launch any more investigations into him or into his family i think we're going to see a bit of both a bit of a trial that has to learn how to work with the other side now that the democrats have a house of congress and a trump that's going to double down on a lot of the rhetoric and the tactics that we've been seeing especially as we move closer and closer to the twenty twenty presidential election all right waiter keeping an eye on the midterms for us maya thank you. meanwhile in florida more than one million people have just regained the right to vote civil rights activists
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in the state have been celebrating their victory after the passing of amendment four it restores floating rights to felons who have completed their prison sentences six million people nationwide are unable to vote because of criminal records and a florida has the largest number of those citizens. that we have or social media editor william cross with us well in what is a minute or so this was a ballot measure to actually set the clock back to go back to two thousand and eleven the way things were before the pre the previous republican governor came into power. it affects as said one point four million x. felons these are people who've committed crimes that were not murders and not sex offenses so before it was pretty much you finish your to you do your time you get your vote back with this previous republican governor what would happen is he said if this thing called the office of executive clemency which essentially required x. felons to make their case for getting their vote back not just simply get it back when serving time it was very imperfect partial there weren't very good guidelines
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it was very much up to this this organization that was struck down earlier this year by a federal court when ex felons sued in that court and the judge ruled it unconstitutional violation of their fourteenth i'm an equal rights clause one of the leaders pushing for this for this ballot measure desmond mead we have a video of him expressing how things went yesterday and how he was feeling we probably have it here to show. so. this. just. in the. this. is joy. so you have tears of joy this was passed with sixty five percent approval which is not only i'm a big number but a necessary number because it required
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a supermajority for it to pass so this is a really big deal for florida it's a big deal for florida the one point five million people this is representing or this affects that's ten percent of florida's adult population that is so far at this moment disenfranchised from voting that will now be able to vote among the black community in florida it's twenty percent of their adult population we have some statistics here from the prison policy initiative if florida were just a country it would actually outpace the united states in incarcerations more than eight hundred people per one hundred thousand in the population followed then by the united states and way ahead of some of our western allies you can see also how it affects minorities in particular we have in the next slide we have you know twenty five hundred or one hundred thousand black people in florida are incarcerated that's double or almost triple what we have in some of the white community and hispanic community and you know just to see the proportions of population to a general population to incarceration the black community in florida is just
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sixteen percent of the overall state population yet they make up forty six percent of the prison population where is the white community is fifty eight percent of floridians and they have only forty one percent of the prison population so you could see some huge disparities that inversely affect black the black community and often lower income communities right now that we're seeing more than one million floridians retaining the right. well what is that going to mean for future elections well florida as many of us know is a weird state it's blue it's red it's blue it's red the elections come down to hundreds or just thousands of votes we saw that we all know the famous two thousand bush gore election that changed history forever by just a few thousand votes and we just look at this election but the governor and the senate race have come down to respectively fifty thousand and thirty thousand votes so when you think of adding one point four one point five million new voters the rolls that could have some shoot huge impacts come two thousand and twenty really
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interesting stuff there are social media editor really blue cross thank you very much well the midterms were followed with huge interest outside the u.s. but now that the results are in few are expecting a major shifts in trump's foreign policy the kremlin said it saw no immediate prospects for better ties between russia and the u.s. china refused to comment directly on the result muted reactions to from brussels and berlin. decades of strong ties between germany and the u.s. have been strained since u.s. president donald trump was elected germany's foreign minister has often said berlin should be the voice of moderation when trump overstepped the mark he reiterated this in his reaction to the u.s. midterms and the lessons in the past two years that it could librium in our partnership with the us has shifted for the forseeable future that will not change following these elections germany's far right rejects this little old germany now draws the red lines for us economic finance and trade policy they'll be laughing at
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that all the way from the potomac to tampa florida it's an absurd stance to take he is going to put it in the german government is a dog's with trump on many issues these include the thousands of central american migrants trekking towards the us border the un's refugee policy and the global compact for migration which germany supports now the democrats control the house of representatives they can block or delay domestic policies they disagree with but that's not necessarily good for germany as current as it could even make things more difficult in all the transatlantic issues we have trade division of international responsibilities security issues and much more because the republicans have actually increased their power in the senate where much of the country's foreign policy is decided to give not one trump when it up an economy we have to expect the trample continue the divisive hate based politics of this term until now withdrawing from international treaties as he has from the iranian
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nuclear deal and the parish climate agreement calm the united states elected a new congress but german u.s. relations are unlikely to get any less complicated. well here in germany one of america's closest allies has launched her campaign to lead the chancellor's conservative c.d.u. party her name is i'm excited to come calvin bower also known as a k k the position of city leader is all important in germany the party leader is almost guaranteed a chance to become the next chancellor. she is. anointed successor and it was the children's lives legacy that undergrad graham carabao up on that first in his speech used as those in the. this is the end of an era in which there are many personal relationships as many personal experiences that i connect with angela merkel. but this is also the end of an era that has changed and
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shaped the c.d.u. in a very special and lasting way in the. coming current state premier of zala and before i'm going to merkel bruto to belin as secretary general of the c.d.u. in that position crown combo a has effectively been merkel's right hand woman but with many in the party disillusioned with merkel and her governing coalition challenge will be to step out of merkel's shadow and shop and her own profile. today she said it was time to open a new chapter. yet she refused to criticize the chancellor's controversial immigration policy saying the challenge now is to find solutions. that you know. when somebody knocks on our door and we take their men and give them protection if they then abuse that protection to commit crimes here how should we deal with that
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those are the questions that people expect answers to but they don't text back to us to discuss three years later whether what happened in two thousand and fifteen was right or wrong. america's refugee policy has come under heavy criticism not least from one of crum current beaus contenders for the party leadership. bon who currently serves as health minister and her cabinet met with c.d.u. members in north rhine-westphalia on tuesday along with mats who is also standing both the seen as more conservative than the chancellor and have vowed to move the city you further to the right the new leader will be elected at a party conference on the seventh of december. now some other stories making headlines around the world reports from pakistan suggest a christian woman recently freed from death row is out of jail local media say
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authorities are preparing to fly asieh be out of the country last week pakistan's supreme court appointed her of blasphemy charges that to trigger violent protests by islamist groups who want to see her publicly executed. rwanda's leading political dissident has gone on trial i am really garra as a vocal critic of president paul kagame me criticizing his human rights record last year she was barred from running against him in elections that he won with more than ninety eight percent of the vote prosecutors are seeking a twenty two year jail sentence for garra has dismissed the accusations. and ballots are being counted in madagascar after voters went to the polls for presidential elections the vote has been marred by controversy over campaign spending and allegations of corruption the candidates include the incumbent as well as two former presidents it is expected to go to a runoff vote next month. to camera now we're ninety boarding school students have been released by their captors now reports say the kidnappers are still holding two
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adult hostages it's big seen as the latest escalation by english speaking separatists in cameroon. parents of the children kidnapped on monday celebrate news of their release their relief obvious after an anguished wait . for you and us trade me that what you do frank if i did i went when i left or you have been kidnapped you can imagine the stress that we are going through for displaced from. their children were taken from this school in cameroon in their speaking region. video of the children in captivity was released by the men who held them. now free the peoples a still traumatized. in return for their release kidnappers have demanded the school to be shut down they say the separatists
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fighting for independence for the english speaking region from the majority french speaking country most of the schools in the region after been closed for two years because of the pressure of separatist group they have two reasons one they want to present the governments to get on the negotiation table the second reason they say is that they don't want their kids to grow up under the french language system under the french school system. the children was still being held on tuesday when cameron's letter and president was sworn in he didn't mention the students but vowed to confront english speaking the fight says the president seventh time looks set to be marred by growing separatist on rest. to football now and byron munich have edge closer to the champions league knockout
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stages with a two no win over eighty k. athens robert love and scoring both goals to ease the pressure on coach nico colebatch elsewhere manchester city made easy work of shakhtar donetsk but they will have to wait to confirm their place in the last sixteen after oftentimes last gasp equaliser in a two all draw with lille real madrid also enjoyed a big win meanwhile manchester united stunned you venters was too late goals cancelling out a strike from christiana we're not zero. boxing superstar floyd mayweather has canceled a planned fight with japanese kickboxer tension. so you never agreed to an official bout on monday mayweather appeared at a press conference in tokyo to announce the fight schedule for new year's eve but the undefeated boxing world champion brought on instagram that he was quote blindsided by the arrangement thinking it was only for a small group of wealthy spectators mayweather added to he'd never heard of until this week formula one has announced that
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a new grand prix will be held in the vietnamese capital of hanoi starting in twenty twenty it will join the already well established asian races in singapore china and japan the street race to the heart of hanoi is the first new grand prix to be confirmed since us owners liberty media took over the sport last year. was really really many ways the growth engine of the world today we have races great races here in asia and japan trying to singapore. it is clearly a growing increasingly important part of the world and so to be able to add this race in asia is also very important to us and i think we've really got. a track that will be great for racing great for competition and really a great experience for the fans who are there. now deval the celebrations are in full swing in india it's a religious festival celebrating the victory of light over darkness and the northern city of has put on a record breaking developments this year more than three hundred thousand lamps
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were lit simultaneously and it displayed to set a new world record of all is observed by hindus sikhs and james this year's festival will continue until friday. you're watching t.v. news reminder of our top stories at this hour u.s. attorney general jeff sessions has been forced out of his job sessions as he stepped down after president donald trump's request and president trump has attributed republican successes in the midterms to his campaigning trumps republicans lost control of the house but held their majority in the senate. thank you for watching t.v. news. after
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a year in the whole certain time of the french president emanuel is getting more and more unpopular nothing he does seems to stop the slide maher guest here in london is the french m.p. alexander holroyd a member of the president's all marsh party he has. finance committee on the president.
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would have been fine for the case to take you seriously in the world of what appears was coming up women strong on top of. the female superhero. smart talks smart stage a mature brain creasing really dangerous times have doubled for mom. after a year in the hospital power of the french president emanuel macro is getting more and more unpopular nothing he does seems to stop the slide my guest here in london is the french m.p. alexander holroyd a member of the president's all mushed party he has a seat on the parliament's finance committee how can the president boost his image behavior of crucial elections to the european parliament next year.


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