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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 8, 2018 7:00am-7:31am CET

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this is deja news live from berlin u.s. president trump fires the country's top long porson officer jeff sessions on the presence of earliest backers has been sacked as attorney general and this move could jeopardize the russia program we're live in washington also coming from reckoning with the midterms a combative president calls the elections of any success for the republicans they retain control of the senate while the democrats win the house of representatives. and nearly eighty years after the nazi pogrom against jews all
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a call survivor returns to berlin to pay tribute to the people who saved them. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us we begin this program in washington with a cabinet shakeup that's created a political firestorm president trump has fired jeff sessions as attorney general sessions was one of the first to endorse trump during his twenty sixteen campaign but the president has long expressed frustration with sessions after he recused himself from the probe into the alleged links between trump's presidential campaign and russia. jeff sessions now the former u.s. attorney general fired by donald trump applauded by his staff as he leaves the justice department the attorney general oversees the department and it's the department that's in charge of special counsel robert miller's investigation into
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russia's possible role in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election an election that put trump into office. thank you very much believes u.s. intelligence agencies believe russia try to sway the election in favor of trump and special counsel miller is investigating what the trump and his aides colluded let's stay away let's stay away u.s. politicians worried that trump is trying to hold the investigation putting someone in charge who's willing to stop the russia probe protecting. and his investigation is paramount. it would create a constitutional crisis if this were a preload to ending or greatly limiting the mall or. investigation because jeff sessions was involved in trump's presidential campaign he formally stepped aside from overseeing miller getting miller the freedom he required to fully investigate. sections replacement is matthew whitaker he's openly
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critical of the investigation and he may have the power to end it you're going to get hit with hiring and firing attorney generals is commonplace in american politics but rarely has it been so controversial. statements from everyone so what does this mean for the moeller investigation for the very latest let's go straight to the abuse marsh waiter in washington my sessions interim replacement we just saw him there matthew whitaker has called the miller investigation a witch hunt could we see him move to the funded. that is certainly the million dollar question right now brian now i should point out that there are actual lawful provisions in place to prevent exactly the sort of thing that say that muller cannot be fired unless there is a clear dereliction of duty on his part so while it's unlikely that they would be able to lawfully remove him that doesn't mean there aren't other avenues that they
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could pursue a should the president and would occur try to shut down the investigation in some other way they could to starve it of funds which is something that would occur himself has proposed doing he could throw all sorts of roadblocks in the way and basically slow the investigation to a halt or at the end of the day even if the investigation is allowed to conclude the he could simply choose not to release the final report to the press to the public to congress itself so this has real implications for the future of this investigation and now the question is what has robert mueller prepared to do in the eventuality that this might happen ok no doubt. this fire has produced a political firestorm on capitol hill as you said there are a lot of options a lot of possibilities out there what might the democrats do next. well one of the interesting things to consider about jeff sessions firing is the
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timing and all of this the new congress which is going to be democratically controlled doesn't take office until january that leaves president trump a little over two months three months to basically appoint whoever he wants in a recess appointment to be the next attorney general and the democrats won't really be able to do anything about that because again they won't have control of the house yet so this is something that lot of people are sort of spinning their wheels on right now trying to figure out if the democrats can do anything in the interim and if not what's going to happen once january heads and the democrats do in fact have control ok a lot of discussions going on right now about this march waiter for us in washington thanks very much miles well the firing of just sessions comes fresh on the heels of midterm elections it's all both republicans and democrats
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claiming victory republicans have expanded their majority in the senate but democrats have managed to take the house of representatives though it wasn't quite the big blue wave many of them were hoping for president trump has threatened to adopt a war like posture if democrats use their newfound power to investigate his administration already has the midterm election result as a historic victory taking personal credit for the republican gains in the senate he shrugged off the democrats regaining the majority in the house of representatives though he did offer an olive branch of sorts. in spite of a very now is the time for members of both parties to join together. put partisanship aside and keep the american economic miracle going strong but that offer of bipartisanship was quickly undercut the tone turned combative as the president tussled with reporters and he threatened government gridlock of democrats pursue investigations into his administration almost from the
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time i announce i was going to run they've been giving us this investigation for take a long time they got nothing zero you know why because there is nothing but they can play that game but we can play better bracing for that contest as the democrats jubilant house leader nancy pelosi she said voters wanted her party to hold the trumpet ministration to account and she vowed to deliver. american people have put want to put an end to unchecked g.o.p. control of washington restoring checks and balances and we as democrats are here to strengthen the institution in which we serve and not to have a rubber stamp for president trump but pelosi also promised efforts to work with republicans. we will strive for bipartisanship we believe that we have a responsibility to seek common ground for the u.s.
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these midterm elections mark a turning point but opinions differ on where the road goes from here many voters are encouraged by the surge in representation for women and minorities well it's really exciting to see all the change and it's not just in new york it's all over the countryside and that's really empowering site to see that others are less optimistic about the coming months i definitely think they'll be some gridlock and more animosity and sadly you know that's what the tenor of the country's become on capitol hill two thoughts are already turning to what lies ahead the twenty twenty presidential race starts now. well these midterms are falbe with massive interest outside of the united states initial reactions show low expectations for any major shift in president trump's america first policy the kremlin said it's all no immediate prospects for better times china refused to comment directly on the result and that was needed reaction from brussels and berlin. decades of strong
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ties between germany and the u.s. have been strained since u.s. president donald trump was elected germany's foreign minister has often said berlin should be the voice of moderation when trump overstepped the mark he reiterated this in his reaction to the u.s. midterms and listen in the past two years the equilibrium in our partnership with the u.s. has shifted for the forseeable future that will not change following these elections germany's far right rejects this left little old germany now draws the red lines for us economic finance and trade policy they'll be laughing at that all the way from the potomac to tampa florida it's an absurd stance to take what he is going to put it in the german government is a dog's with trump on many issues these include the thousands of central american migrants trekking towards the u.s. border the year winds refugee policy and the global compact for migration which germany supports now that the democrats control the house of representatives they can block or delay domestic policies they disagree with but that's not necessarily
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good for germany is. it could even make things more difficult in all the transatlantic issues we have trade division of international responsibilities security issues and much more because the republicans have actually increased their power in the senate where much of the country's foreign policy is decided to have to give not one trump when it is a pretty common misnomer we have to expect the trample continue the divisive hate based politics of this term until now withdrawing from international treaties as he has from the iranian nuclear deal and the paris climate agreement calm the united states elected a new congress but german u.s. relations are unlikely to get any less complicated. now for a look at some of the other stories making the news today countess prime minister justin trudeau has apologized in parliament for his country's one nine hundred thirty nine refusal to accept the ship carrying some nine hundred german jews fleeing nazi persecution he said the apology was long overdue shipped to st louis
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was forced to return to europe where hundreds of those on board later died in nazi concentration camps. rwanda's leading political dissidents has gone on trial diane wood ghara is a vocal critic of president paul the gumming and his human rights record last year she was barred from running against in the elections which she won with more than ninety percent of the vote prosecutors are seeking a twenty two year jail sentence garra has dismissed the accusations. the indian capital delhi has been covered in a thick blanket of smaug a day after the wall the celebrations local reports say the air quality tear it into a very poor after many people ignored a firecracker curb set by the country's supreme court. of pakistan now the country's foreign ministry says the christian woman recently freed from death row is still in the country early reports had suggested she'd flown out of pakistan assia bibi spent eight years in jail in solitary confinement for blasphemy
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has been accused of insulting the prophet muhammad. acquittal triggered violent protests by islamist groups who called for her execution last week bibi's husband told e.w. the family feared for their safety the news lawyer fled to the netherlands saying he too was in danger. joining me now to bring some light to this story our correspondent at the asia desk good morning meal is there any indication as to where he might be right now. well it's been confirmed that she has been released from jail. and she first flown out from the city of foreign to slum of of the capital what we cannot confirm at the moment is. how she left the country or not. local media says that she has been taken out of the country and she's probably on the way to europe but foreign ministry denied and said that it's frick news so
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recall seeing at the moment anything for sure and i think things will be clear in about two to three hours from now ok her family her husband her lawyer they've all expressed fears for their lives what kind of danger is a c.b. in right now well it is a fact it's a reality that our theory be cannot stay inside pakistan she was a group that did last week she should have been a free person by now but islamists took to the streets and the public property so the issue is that islamists are dead and if she has been taken out of the country islamists riddick to its feet again. they. want her down they are being for blood she is under immense threat in pakistan so it's unlikely that the prime minister iran cons government would keep her in sight she was
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released we don't know that she can stay inside pakistan the lord ok he mentioned she might be on her way to europe will the government help or to leave the country who might be helping get her out of pakistan. well i believe that these kind of things are done by the pakistani military and the security agencies see the civilian governments do not have that kind of power to deal with these kind of issues so i have this understanding that the pakistani military the general. would play a role there called a shot so if they have to take her out of the country they will take her out of the country and the question is that. from this response government would kind of agree to this kind of arrangement because they had a deal with islamists last week and decided that they would allow a review petition of the supreme court agreed to decision so
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a lot is unclear at the moment and i have this feeling that things will get better get out in about two to three hours from now films thanks so much for bringing us up to date and so we will continue following the story for us thanks very much thank you for having me on the show thank you. well what would you do you have to tell terence took power what if your neighbor was being persecuted you hide them from the authorities how much would you rescue help someone else all these questions made all the difference between life and death for many people during germany's their device yesterday the state of israel honored some who risked everything to help others we met a man whose life depended on the courage of other people. to frankenstein never wanted to come back to gemini but the ninety four year old returns to palin several times a year traveling all the way from stockholm. it was here that he was branded
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a jew you hear that he was a force laborer it was here that he and his young family survived the holocaust. this is what i had to wear and this is what i was later given to wear. for my not the medal is for my work with young people to do my bit to ensure democracy in germany is maintained the church. life. he's proud of his order of merit medal but he has long called for on as for those who risked their lives to protect him and other jews in nazi berlin. it's been my know them the lives of my entire family. on the shore and if it were not for them we would not have survived you know when you. can send her a famous actor was one of those who risked everything to help voter and his cousin
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on screen he often played the ladies' man but during the holocaust he took on a different role in the early one nine hundred forty s. he worked with a lawyer hines gets left to hide several jews they put their lives on the line providing places to stay and fake passports the holocaust remembrance center yet fresh air has now ordered them posthumously as righteous among the nations you don't buy into devout or ever since i've known you and it's been a number of years now you've told me so incursion be honored thank you god and without you we'd probably not be here from. israel's ambassador to germany jeremy's occur of presenting the medals and certificates for the relatives of those on and it was almost overwhelming. i'm only here because i happen to be related to hands on but i'm very grateful to have this
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great person as part of my family history something like this if. only a few of the estimated seven thousand jews who hid in berlin survived the nazi era fighter frankenstein is thought to be the only one who made it with his whole family. immediately plucked up his courage and helped us from the start. with clothes food in some way to stay get this fear that there are four pillars on which survival is built the. impudence no fear good friends and great luck for winfield good luck. he says the struggle now is to defend democracy against populism he wants to take an active part in german politics by applying for a german passport so he can vote here. time
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now for some sports and byron munich have edged closer to a place in the champions league knockout stages with a two nil win over eighty k. athens last night tom going away from sports a serious morning tom the talk about that hard earned victory for byron what can you tell us about certainly well you know a calf is on exactly the strongest opposition and barring weren't necessarily cruising last night but hard earned i think is the optimal phrase. and we did get some reminders of that quality now rub it live in those fees food early on from the spot then he put the book bind deal i mean put the game beyond a kathryn's layer one with a fantastically improvised finish. that really needs to make ok that's that he can count on his big guns and. live in those people using those two goals yesterday as a reminder that he can live the rest suppose i had a few chances which is very positive. next game is of course in the mini games this saturday so they really needed this result ahead of that game. they just need one
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point now to secure their qualification from the champions league and coach nico kovacs was taking the positives from the game last night let's have a listen to what he had to say. in the sea when i think of the ninety minutes we were in total control and in the second half we had for a fight over a good chances if it's called half of them we would have got an even clearer victory. it it and you know being to know but i'm still happy as we have ten points now. so the pressure off a bit there for cover us now there was some very late drama in turn when eventis faced manchester united that's right now this was a game where to play is released all the headlines that big names are facing their former clubs one of them is of course christiane over now the who scored the first with a brilliant volley that was his first champions league goal for the eventis but then lucky said they came some great drama eighty six minutes gone and produced a fantastic free kick to equalise and later on it was pool pump for what you then
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just glad you had a hand in bringing about what was eventually given as an ex on the eighty ninth minute to secure a very important win for my just you know artists i think they'll be confident of securing qualification ok what stood out for you last night well you know we've talked about through the very big fixtures but there were also plenty of other games going on just a city put six possed shatov the nets they've pretty much guaranteed their qualification at the top of group f. with that result elsewhere in that group often hauling produced a very respectable draw away against leone so they've done their chances a bit of a favor that real madrid won five nil in pilsen brilliant win there for santiago so lawrie has now had three wins and three clean sheets from his first games as interim coach at real madrid and there we go of course events it's not just you know wanted by i mean a calf and you know there's a lot it's ok tom thanks so much for looking into it for us. well the boxing now
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and superstar floyd mayweather is cast out on a planned fight with the japanese kick boxer tension saying he never agreed to an official bout on monday mayweather appeared at a press conference in tokyo to announce that fight scheduled for new year's eve but the undefeated boxing world champion rode on instagram that he was quote blindsided by the arrangement thinking it was only for a small group of very wealthy spectators mayweather added he'd never heard of moscow up until this week. let's get our business was a carol hard now and things are going well with chinese trade that's true trade in china appears to be roaring ahead is spite. of the trade conflict with the united states official figures suggest exports last month were up nearly sixteen percent over last year and imports jumped even higher the u.s. has imposed tariffs on half of all chinese imports but this has been offset by the
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client of the u.s. demand for chinese products remains high and its trade does continue to grow. it's not apple but some somo have that has unveiled the next big thing a foldable phone the company gave the first glimpse at a developers conference in san francisco and program is to start writing apps for the product which doesn't yet have a lot of states some so didn't want to give away much about the device and dimmed the lights to disguise elements of the design went on folding the device resembles a seven point three inch tablet something that's been competing with other brands like why why to present a device first however they were all upstaged a week ago when a little known startup called royal unveiled a foldable phone call. mysterious wooden towers cropping up across hungary nobody knows with a good fall but they've been built nonetheless the government is trying to silence
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journalists who keep asking uncomfortable questions and seeker option activists inspect the towers as just another example of what they say is a regular practice of stealing money from the european union. a citizen's initiative is collecting signatures in budapest. they're petitioning for a european public prosecutor the hunger in government is still refusing to accept independent investigations from brussels but the pressure is growing with every signature. doing this because the e.u. money in hungary gets stolen. and there's no institution in hungary to deal with this case is a fraud free sale effect at credit yeah i. don't get this and i get that i support a european public prosecutor. without one of these thieves will live their whole lives never being brought to justice. in the village of to quote the
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european anti fraud office olof is already investigating and e.u. project is thought to have been declared far more expensive than it was eleven wooden towers were erected using e.u. money at seventy thousand euros per tower they were apparently built to promote tourism but there's no hotel or restaurant in sight hardly anyone in the village will speak to us than someone who agrees but wants to remain anonymous the towers are of no use to anyone here he tells us people just made money off them people who initiated the project. it seems to have set a precedent a total of one hundred eleven similar structures have sprung up across hungary the journalist who uncovered the case has been blacklisted by the hungary and government. hey look at my past that the initiative to build the towers came from a group of villagers everyone involved received around twelve thousand euros but of
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forrester also got a considerable sum for construction costs and the rest went to an employee in the ministry like that but it will mean the stadium hungry is sinking further into a peak of corruption the organization transparency international ranks hungry at number sixty six tied with senegal. the money pouring in from brussels is only making the problem worse according to variety by a large from independent think tank budapest institute. and the utopian agency all of that is in charge of setting this question is on demand so they only look at the few projects and they actually tell us that that was i miss you was that happens six or seven eight years after the fact. according to the petitioners a european public prosecutor would be more efficient they want to collect one million signatures at the moment they have twenty five thousand. that's
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a business here's a reminder off the top stories we're following for you the u.s. attorney general jeff sessions has been forced out of his job sessions says he stepped down the president donald trump's with quest. meanwhile president. republican successes in the midterm elections so his complaining trumps republicans lost control of the house but why didn't the majority in the set. up today you're watching live from there's more news coming at the top. do go on and check out our web site which is. called thank you very much for joining. us.
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after a year in the hof in power in the french president emanuel is getting more and more unpopular nothing he does seems to stop the slight my guest here in london is the french m.p. alexander holroyd a member of the president's all mushed prachi he has a seat on the parliament's finance committee. can the president boost to see him reach the head of crucial elections to the european parliament next year.
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mysterious sinkhole. along the shores of the d.n.c. . thousands of them have appeared with more coming every day. is really researchers have learned to predict the perilous things now they're working on an early warning system for sinkholes. scars cover the intricate women in russia have to live with violence sexism and depression nothing that violence is no longer live russia. where putin is patriarchy rooms today women's rights were already gaining traction a hundred years ago. people here don't have
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a clue about feminism but there are women who want to instigate change in everyday life for justice and equality. under the skin of russia's women starts nov thirteenth on g.w. . touch. after a year in the hof in power the french president emmanuel mccall is getting more and more unpopular nothing he does seems to stop the slide my guest here in london is the french m.p. alexander holroyd a member of the president's all marsh party he has a seat on the parliament's finance committee how can the president of boost too soon reach behavior of crucial elections to the european parliament next year.


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