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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 9, 2018 5:02am-5:31am CET

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man with a gun opened fire on people worshipping eleven people die last night it was inside a california country music bar a man with a gun opened fire while people were line dancing at least twelve people have died tonight america's latest mass shooting a troubled so with a legally purchased gun the rest of the story we all know all too well i'm burned off in berlin this is the day. you know alison we heard a bunch of shots are obviously from a. lot of right. currently there's one officer down. it found
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eleven victims that have been kill the suspect who we believe is was the only suspect was dead inside and there were multiple other victims of different levels of injury inside. sergeant hill is tied to the. sergeant passed away at the hospital. about an hour. also coming up tonight the rainbow wave of the u.s. midterm elections never before have so many. candidates running for office and one. in colorado we dream we do and we do and i want to thank
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my amazing partner and the first first down in the history of colorado marlin read by. well we begin the day with yet another mass shooting in the united states it happened last night in california at a packed country music bar police say a twenty eight year old former marine armed with a gun shot dead a security guard at the entrance before unloading his weapon into the crowd of line dancers at least twelve people including a sheriff's deputy dawg the gunman was also killed. young people helping the injured friends and fleeing for their lives. offices were called to a bar hosting a country music night for around two hundred college students a gunman had opened fire the sound of shots caught on tape outside.
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and saw a gentleman walk in a black outfit saying a quick disguise had glasses black shirt and then pulled out a done started shooting at the bar you know how to find dancy and then all those any and they like that they may have a gun shot and it just started going crazy thora teaser investigating the scene to identify the dozens of victims they found the suspect dead they're also searching his home and his social media for clues on a motive. among the dead a sheriff's deputy who tried to intervene. sergeant best with the hospital. about an hour. it's a horrific scene and there there was blood everywhere. in the aftermath of the attack people are grappling with the pain of that community being targeted and want
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to become an all too familiar story every week. news of another mass shooting in the u.s. as well as the forced resignation yesterday of attorney general jeff sessions was quickly replaced the results of this week's historic midterm elections will tonight we want to highlight the midterms historic first for the l.g.b. t.q. community it's being called the rainbow wave across america and this man tells part of the story according to victory fund which is a national organization dedicated to getting l g b t q people elected into public office hundreds of openly gay and lesbian candidates ran for office in the midterm election more than ever before and so far we can report that one hundred fifty four won their races let's take a closer look at three winners who are making headlines tonight in colorado
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jared polis became the first openly gay man to be elected governor of a us state. the democrat angie craig won minnesota's second congressional district becoming the first openly l.g.b. t.q. person to be elected to congress from that state she is also expected to be the only openly lesbian mother in congress and then there's sure recent davids who one kansas is third district in congress she will become the first openly lesbian woman to represent hands is in congress all right let's take this story now to the u.s. capitol washington d.c. i'm joined tonight by the president in the c.e.o. of the victory fund a nice parker she was the first openly person ever elected mayor of a major american city of that city the great city of houston and also in washington
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joining us tonight is gregory angelo president of the log cabin republicans the walk home republicans represents republicans to both of you welcome i want to ask both of you was the midterm election was it a victory for l.g.b. t.q. democrats or republicans he wants to take a stab at that first a nice it was a victory for. candidates in general where a nonpartisan organization and we endorse candidates from both sides although the majority of our candidates are democrats but it was clearly a huge night across the country for the edge of the too cute community and it will breed more success in the future because as our candidates win more candidates run the greater what do you say what kind of night was it for republicans. i agree in your intro you highlighted a number of democrats who won but the l.g.b. t.
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wave election of tuesday also included the republicans you would schuyler rued who won a washington state assembly see you had been west who won a city council seat in the state of oregon and in the deep red state of south carolina jason elliott in a heavily conservative district won in his bid for reelection for the state house of representatives this is someone who had the support and the endorsement of former south carolina and heritage foundation president jim de mint in his bid for reelection i think it just goes to show just how far hearts and minds are changing on both sides of the aisle when it comes to supporting good candidates regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. we do the wall street journal exit poll from tuesday to twenty four percent of the community voted republican in thirty seven percent of transgender people voted republican i mean those are those
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are very high numbers are those reflective of reality i think so you know i mean i can just go with the data that you saw in that wall street journal poll where you are going to and the data there that survey had not ninety thousand individuals i mean that's that's not a small sample size it shows almost a seventy five percent increase in terms of individuals who voted republican in this election versus in two thousand and sixteen and what i believe is a historic high for transgender individuals who voted for republicans in this year's election. what do you see in these i think that's a look at the at the for the forest and not the not the trees what you see that happen across america is that at the state level in many states particularly the red states republicans prevailed at a statewide level but in the local races all those races clearly broke for democrats which is why the democrats took back the house many. people split their
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tickets and i don't know the genesis of the of the poll and you know how they did it and i have no doubt that there were democrats and republicans who receive the votes of the t.q. community but it's very clear that we're eligible to candidates who are on the ballot. people from the eligibility community supported them but we can't win on our own we have lots and lots of help of the hundred fifty four candidates who were eligible to one. belief five of them were republicans the rest were were democrats but there are sixteen races that are still too close to call so that number is actually going to go up to build where do all of the push come from for this wave i mean let me ask you both is donald trump the reason why we have this wave now across the u.s.
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. you know i'm going to say yes and you know our cameras are running for the same reason that everybody else runs and yes there are those in our community who are running because they see our rights being attacked by the trump administration if you're transgender in america you have to know that donald trump is not your friend but most of our candidates run for the same reason that everyone else runs which is they want to serve their community and local issues were a lot more important in our and our races. how we can we grew one issue across america was health care great let me put this group what do you say troll factor. i mean in terms of the l g b t vote i don't know that this election was was a referendum on donald trump and if anything if it was a referendum on donald trump it shows according to again that polling that support for the president among the l g b t community is is growing and not shrinking i
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think to mayor parker's point what you're seeing is candidates who are winning whether they're republican or democrat if the part of the l g b t community they were running on local issues many if not the overwhelming majority of these candidates who won were running at the hyper local level and at that level it's less about your sexual orientation or your gender identity or who might be the president of the united states or the speaker of the house and really about the local needs of the community that you're running to represent. i think outside of the united states a lot of people look at. the they tried to do you know to understand how he can claim to be you know. best friend and let me take you into the future in the post trump era when that comes when will the us be ready for the. q presidential candidate greg where do you think that will happen we have a gay president. i think i think it could very well be in two thousand and twenty
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four and i think the current united states ambassador to germany richard grinnell an openly gay man who's representing our interests in your country today and is doing an outstanding job who makes no bones about being an openly gay individual and has the full support of the president who is fighting on behalf of american interests and working with germans to get germans to divest themselves from iran a country that hangs gay people from cranes is someone who could well be a position to continue to move up in the trump administration and the answer to be our first republican openly gay president our united states twenty's when you're nice what do you say. certainly within my lifetime i don't know if we'll be successful by twenty twenty four but i would not be surprised to see an openly l.g.b. to candidate in two thousand and twenty and contending and raising the bar the fact that we now have two openly l g b t united states senators. one united states senator won that race too close to call to governors here in the united states you
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see in the highest elected offices in the land under the president so. it just doesn't take much to imagine some of those candidates moving up well it's been good talking to both of you these parker with victory fund and gregory angelo with republicans thank you let's do this again before two thousand and twenty and see what the race looks like in a year or so thank you. on the other side of the world tonight in lebanon and there is also a story of an awakening political awareness when it comes to sexual minorities in the country's last parliamentary election back in may several candidates openly endorsed l.g.b. t.q. rights but. uber he reports being transgender still means a life faced with discrimination this tiny apartment has
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become donnas only safe space in her hometown of beirut. even going outside to meet up with close family members can be very difficult and i was able to deal with a few dollars imagine if my brother got married tomorrow and it was i couldn't go to his wedding until it hurts my sister gets married on her wedding if their school parties congo because people will criticize me they will say to my siblings hey why does your brother look like that. donna is a transgender woman and she's very open about it. it is not just social stigma that she has to deal with in lebanon it can also mean trouble with the law. two years ago don i was in a cafe with a group of other transfer and when they were suddenly approached by undercover police. woman. came up to me and asked how much do you
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charge i said what are you talking about and my friend told him what are you doing don't talk to her like that then suddenly there were cars and they handcuffed all of us and took us away that was not her going on although being transgender isn't illegal in lebanon they're often prosecuted under an obscure section of the penal code. article five three four states that acts that contradict the laws of nature are punishable by up to a year in prison diana was charged under this article. you know who has a lawyer with a n.-g. o. legal agenda and donna's attorney. the problem in article five to four is that the period in which there is the preliminary investigation this in this period when the person is one of the person is investigated with anything that is related to the person and to the individual's private life is not respected so people will have their phone searched their photos. taken out of their phone in order to
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constitute a file against them in order to be able to prosecute them down i was charged because she stated in interrogations that she has relationships with men but her identification documents still stated her gender as male article five four active doesn't define what natural into a course is or what intercourse that is against nature so we do always up to the judge to interpret this article that i was acquitted by a local court and the ruling was upheld by a higher court of appeals it was a landmark case for lebanon's bt community done its ruling however it does not mean that homosexuality has been completely decriminalized in lebanon judges in other districts are still able to interpret the law as they please and even for donna the court ruling does not mean complete protection. their job at the movie every day i
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was stopped at a checkpoint and. i showed the guard and he was like you're a boy i told him it was none of his business but standing in front of them is terrifying. and dan is not the only one in lebanon's bt community who feels unsafe many believe the despite the landmark ruling the fight for social acceptance still has a long way to go. my colleague oh you were he was right there at the big table with me now so let's talk about the plight of transgender people in lebanon and you were telling me that trans women gave him in they fear the worst in lebanon will use their religion as compared to other countries in the region has a fairly liberal society it's fairly more accepting of the edge of beauty community differently enjoy a lot more visibility there but trans women and perhaps gay men are are even more visible in society and thus they are more likely to be picked on by by
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law enforcement as is the case of donna that we that we saw there also the most legally vulnerable especially trans people if they are still in the process of changing their documents or officially changing their gender and their documents or if they're still going through their actual physical transition there are a lot of green zones in which they can be arrested and prosecuted under this or they could find could be forced if you did for being in the sexual reassignment process that's that's that's that's perhaps the time where they're most vulnerable because as in the case with donna she had said interrogation that she had preferences for men but her documents still fitted that the the chief was the cheese male so therefore they were able to say this is an unnatural form of intercourse and that's why she was as she was prosecuted there more than legally vulnerable and more visible they're less likely to just more or less blend in with everyone else so quickly here through lobbies transgender people in lebanon it's
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mostly a very small but very tight knit active group of and geos lebanon is known to have the first openly. gay rights and you know in the arab region and in many years they have expanded and they have intensified their lobbying work and their activism that went on is also the first arab. to host pride week. two years ago it was the debut and it broke all of the expectations in terms of numbers of attendance of course and they were interrupted and in twenty thousand when authorities cracked down on their act on their activities and force them to shut them prematurely but it seems that lebanon unlike other countries perhaps and perhaps with the exception of tunisia have a very active. and geo community that looks after the. members of the entity can which in in it's a story that it's good that you're getting this story as well as always are you
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appreciate it thank you. when those who are german politician who has set his sights on the european union's highest office today the european parliament conservative blog elected munfordville uber as their lead candidate to run for the job of commission president he's now the front runner to take over from john claude younger in many ways he is a surprise choice not only does he have little government experience he is also a staunch conservative. a german heading up the european commission that prospect came a step closer to reality this afternoon manfred faber will be the lead candidate for the european conservatives in next year's euro elections the berrien conservative veteran won a decisive victory over his finnish rival alexander stubb. when you're elected with
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nearly eighty percent of the vote it puts you in a strong position to take on the responsibility to want to make people in office that we have a clear idea of where we want to lead europe watching us this favors platform is a conservative one playing up the importance of homeland and his christian roots he had been criticized for preaching european values while not calling for the stridently anti e.u. hung garion premier victor to be thrown out of the party that no longer seems to be an issue. has made a brilliant speech bridging the need for a sense of national identity and the why do european project i think that has convinced a lot of delegates. but faber hasn't yet convinced everyone he'll need a positive result next year and the support of national governments to make the jump from being nominated to landing the top job but the e.u. in brussels. has this moment. joining me here in the studio now is dr
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andre yes nick he is a german parliamentarian with chance i got americans to see the christian democrats he also is the head of the german delegation to the problem interest simply council of europe mr it is good to have you back on the show to be a i well do you know one hundred they were and what do you think is chances are well known among for weber's since the early two thousand when he succeeded. very and prime minister. regional head of the you and you were of the use organisation of the sea is you know we've been more in touch over the last year since i took on the responsibility in the council of europe. seen him on a couple of occasions we spoke on the phone and i think he's an extremely nice and likeable person a good bridge builder he is an authentic and pragmatic he's a banker right he's known in the banking world well i think has been an intrapreneur. has been in politics for many times as i said chairman of the was organisation was for short term member of the bavarian state parliament and
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deliberately at the time and it's already thirty said i'm going to go to devote my career to europe when that was not necessarily see many as a career move that gives him a lot of credibility also among other europeans that europe is an issue that is very much at the heart is. made his career in the european parliament leader of the of the parliamentary party of the pm has won a lot of trust across europe in there do you think he's got what it takes to maybe break down these walls we hear time and time again there's a democracy deficit in in the e.u. in people they have this they don't feel like they have a connection to the e.u. like they do their national governments can he overcome that. i think clearly he has to increase his. level of be known across europe but he has built a crate record as leader in the european parliament and get his nomination is he is
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also a reflection of the changing anyhow of institutions in the european union saying it is no longer a given that a commission president needs to be someone from the ranks of the heads of government of the member states brody's or barroso so you because of this world so for the first time the e.p.a. has nominated a parliamentarian from the european parliament at the commission is accountable to both the council. of the member states and to the european parliament for a time we've heard that if the european commission president is to be a german then that means the next head of the european central bank will probably have to be a frenchman. german have you been hearing that there's a lot of speculation about that daily there is a number of high profile posts. to be filled including also a president of the council which would more naturally be a former head of government it's obvious that not all of these positions will be taken by the same nationalities of the will be some trade offs but that will have
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to be decided in the light of the outcome of the election of the parliament as he will have a strong say because everyone needs to be approved by the parliament who wants to have a commission dr andreas nick is always going to appreciate you coming in thank you well the day is almost on the conversation continues online you see right there where you can contact us every member of whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day i will see that if you.
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good god international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week both republicans and democrats say they won the midterm right and what lies ahead a vortex of gridlock and subpoena power to our laws and enemy so that those questions straight ahead on quadratics. quadriga next d.w. . is motivated by poor living conditions and the massacre.
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activists in south africa fight for justice. with their women's organization is demanding better housing and improved infrastructure they're doing all they can. strike a wrong. before . the story shows the story of the first read more told from different perspectives by peter craven from the eastern european perspective can become for example script from the perspective of turkey from the arab world. w don't come slash w w one.
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i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am not nice and nothing with the tenant even to have been think deep into the german culture of. new jersey that is gramma day on the east coast it's all that. enough time rachel join me to meet them in bungee jumping post. hello and welcome to quadriga e w's international talk show coming to you from burlesque i'm brian thomas great to have you with us when the counting was over it was spin time in washington with both republicans and democrats saying they were the victors as they plot the course towards the presidential election in two years so who won the midterms democrats celebrating their new control of the house with full powers now to subpoena investigate.


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