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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 9, 2018 7:00am-7:31am CET

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this is d w news wives from berkeley and germany honors the victims of a night of nazi horror eighty years ago the nazis of least a night of terror on germany's jews that would become known as the kristallnacht historians say it marks the beginning of the nazis push to wipe out the jewish population today germany pauses to honor those victims. also coming up pro-government forces backed by saudi warplanes advance on gammons rebel city of whole data the onslaught threatens to exacerbate the suffering of millions in
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a country on the brink of found that. it took him just nine moves to dispatch bill gates but norwegian chess sensation magnus carlsen faces a much tougher challenge as he aims to defend his world title in london. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program germany is marking the eightieth anniversary of kristallnacht or the night of the broken glass two days of anti jewish violence that is widely seen as the prelude to the holocaust on november ninth one thousand nine hundred thirty eight the nazis and their supporters launched attacks on the jewish populations of germany and austria synagogues were burned businesses ransacked and some one hundred jews were killed thousands more were sent to camps the events became known as them. of the broken glass for the shattered glass from
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the store windows that littered the streets by the time that world war two began one year later half of germany's jews had fled most remained most who remained were murdered in the holocaust. today germany has a growing jewish community but anti semitism has also been on the rise driven by migration into germany and to political extremism our reporter travel to chemists where recent attacks have many jews worried. says he's not the victim type even though he's been attacked time and again for being jewish and running the jewish restaurant in downtown cam that's the most recent attack took place at the end of august and it was with. the ball and being listed here at the bar walked slowly to the front door of the restaurant. they called me various things like. get out of germany at least that's what i understood.
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i was standing here and the group over there and then things flew in that direction . bottles and stones flew before managed to escape back into his restaurant since the attack says he doesn't feel safe when he's out and about and chem that's that's new for him despite the fact that his restaurant has been targeted several times since two thousand and nine perpetrators have left picks heads and scrap with the stuff david and the word jew swastikas and stars of david with us initials when locked into the facade of the building. but over job alice still doesn't see that as a reason to leave cam that's. the network of our family and the rest how we're welcomed the really positive experiences of the people here and how we're part of chemists. it's much more pleasant than you might think.
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jewish life has been part of everyday life in kenneth's for over one hundred forty years the jewish community here numbers five hundred eighty people president of the community is what i hear she's received a lot of support from local since the violent clashes last august. the guns. political analysts the politicians everyone no matter what party except for the right wing is stand behind the jewish community and one jewish life here voice. but the growing strength of the far right party in germany and settles the community at a weekly choir practice community members wonder if the mood will shift even more to the right and affect the jewish community in particular this kind of mission because i know about the history of the german jews during the nazi era and i know
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that they hesitated for a long time and believed that germany this country of poets and think is would never do anything bad bought they were mistaken i'm. eighty years after the pogroms in germany jews and chemists feel torn they feel at home but there's a renewed sense of fear of what the future might bring. i mode think all of a sudden i think should i pack my suitcases now and that's not just me some community members have the same idea should we pack our suitcases. full and the german chancellor angela merkel will address a ceremony in berlin at a synagogue that was attacked but not destroyed on kristallnacht we will have live coverage of that event we will also have live coverage of the anniversary commemorations in the german bundestag where the german president front. is due to speak but first pro-government forces backed by saudi warplanes are closing in on
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yemen's port city of data military officials say that the u.s. backed saudi led coalition has launched airstrikes at a ground assault on rebel held positions in the city the u.n. says that the port city is vital to keep aid flowing into the country the world food program now planning to double its food assistance to avert mass starvation but the fighting shows no sign of abating. on the outskirts of had a yemeni fight says fire towards who's the rebel positions. they make up some of the forces loyal to the exiled government they're supported by the u.s. backed saudi led coalition has launched a fierce assaut to recapture this key port city which has been in rebel hands for four years. to see fighters who were backed by
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iran have not been making it easy for them. burning tires. even explosives have been left behind. but it's hardly been a match for the coalitions and strikes and ground assault. over the last few days dozens of rebels and several pro-government soldiers have been killed in fighting around her day according to local doctors the saudi backed forces though are already claiming victory. that the buildings have been cleared and the enemy flooded the wandered we advancing into the depths of her date or they will give us the city peacefully or we will take it by force we will take her days. but they're still facing resistance from locals and also our little. while mr trust
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and we will not move that phone out of the out with the enemy strikes because they're striking us on the outskirts of the city we're staying in this city god is with us and with every muslim. life around the market in her day appears to continue as normal. but was fighting is expected and that means the lives of the six. hundred thousand people who live here i mean ever present danger. and sara. is the spokeswoman for the international committee of the red cross in beirut she told us about the dire situation facing civilians in. the bastards in hyundai's at the moment are becoming even more and more if you know the clashes are still ongoing and people on the ground i've been hearing the sound of explosions gunshots dry and of course the
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fear is driving from the hundred thousand of people that are not and trapped in this is not knowing what to do they're getting. running away because of because of the intense bias like many of them have left their homes and they're taking shelters in public places the chest wall and money and so on in addition just in the past few days they are actually there and we're going to leave in protest and there have been a hit or miss human. military program is very primitive and that also endangered the billions even more medical facilities that have stopped working some of them are actually working the potential for example the biggest one in two days which we as i fear it. is now considered under frontline are only needed from the flooding and there is influx the wounded there are visions
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that are inside the hospital says good woman so the situation is really difficult and fine and that was sara also kaare a spokeswoman for the international committee of the red cross speaking with us earlier from beirut but got a quick check of some other stories making news around the world at least four people have been killed by a car bomb in the iraqi city of mosul it's the first such attack on most also the city was recaptured from the so-called islamic state in july last year. mexico's incoming government has submitted a bill to legalize marijuana it's part of a planned shift in strategy against the country's drug gangs the new government says that the decade long military campaign against the cartels has failed and it wants to tackle the root causes of violence and poverty instead. the community of thousand oaks california is mourning the victims of a mass shooting that left twelve people dead the victims include
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a police officer responding to the incident in a country music bar the authorities say that the gunman was a former marine with suspected mental health issues he was found dead at the scene . fast moving wildfires have ripped through a california town burning hundreds of houses and a hospital deaths were reported as dry winds drove the blaze known as the camp fire . through the town of paradise it's one of the worst ever years for fires in the united states. and the u.s. has also unveiled a controversial new rule targeting asylum seekers from central america and plans to deny asylum to anyone caught entering the country outside official border crossings the trumpet ministrations says that the measure will stop abuse of the immigration system civil liberty of screw ups they say it is illegal and are preparing legal challenges. to sun you see the row border crossing near san diego is one of forty
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eight points of entry between mexico and the united states soon they will be the only place where central american migrants on foot will be able to claim asylum these u.s. marines are part of about seven thousand soldiers that will be deployed along the u.s. border. you know and so what we're doing over here right now is we are hardening if you will the fence here we're putting up concertina wire to help make that wall less scalable. this is what the soldiers are preparing for a slow moving migrant care of almost one thousand kilometers away trump made it a key issue ahead of the midterm elections repeating unsubstantiated claims that many criminals and middle easterners are among the migrants some people call it an invasion it's like an invasion so this isn't an innocent group of people so a large number of people that are tough they've been injured they've attacked and
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the mexican police and military has actually suffered. in mexico city officials say around five thousand migrants are receiving shelter in a sports center around one in three are children government authorities say they were given the option of staying in mexico but most refused. they want to continue north on thursday hundreds marched through mexico city. demanding buses to drive them to the u.s. border going to come back here but we're demanding transportation asking for buses because we can't walk anymore i mean the victim of this can't walk in world tired we've watched too much and we don't want to take the risks along the way i mean. the final stretch of the journey could be risky where the roads are frequented by drug cartels a previous car of opted for
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a longer and safer route its numbers dwindled to around two hundred people by the time it reached the american border. all migrants making the long journey on foot from the u.s. from central america face many dangers along the way activists groups say that up to thirty thousand have gone missing over the past decade our correspondent i tore say as is on the road with the migrant caravan and sent us this report and water knows all too well that being kidnapped and then simply disappearing is the biggest danger a few years ago his brother disappeared as he made his second attempt to reach the u.s. . when the animal was on the result was he and we got as far as a child because. the police caught me at me under the porta me back i want to honduras. and those i mean i went back again to look for him but there was nothing . around ninety members of the caravan currently making its way north are said to
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have disappeared after getting on to trucks the reports from various organizations have not yet been confirmed i am pompadour but i mean i'm probably going to see on differing accounts of the numbers missing i close my head your enough when some sources say eighty and this one hundred. dollars on the human rights or forty's are looking into this case. and it is your model is sunny in this iran though. it's feared that they may have been kidnapped and handed over to organized crime groups active in the area where they went missing. and now i was in the caravan a spooked. when jovan lost sight of his two friends he thought he'd never see them again. to see him as i was really worried they had disappeared and i would never hear from them again but we got separated while i was trying to find space on one of the vehicles i had no idea where they had gone. aid agencies say between
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ten and twenty thousand migrants have disappeared in the last ten years that's one reason why people are queuing to get into this tent inside they can call their families for free to reassure them that they're still ok and they're coming work with our law even if you don't fall off the train you get run over by a truck you know a lot of. so no set us but in the realm of this it just cartel runs everything here is that i mean. we were most afraid for the children. because of the dane. the people in the stadium divide didn't register according to the region they came from that way they hope any disappearances will be noticed. that it's very dangerous travelling between mexico city and the us border we need to be well organized and able to look after each other we have to know about each other every individual every child. in the in the cup it's on i mean you're.
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all going to list crime is lying in white everywhere on the journey ahead the markets are at risk of kidnapping and blackmail. it would have been a son mistake criminals the migrants with fake office software. then they were forcibly held. and subjected to human trafficking in another us. but even those in any event that was the lamented. attempts to jump the migrants even take place within temporary accommodation in mexico city the president of the mexican federal human rights commission says migrants are often approached by people claiming to be officials. now people who say that no one had heard of the supposed organization. so they offered to take people in. in groups of eighteen. north and over the border into the us. and i think.
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the biggest concern for the people in the caravan is to avoid falling victim to criminals exploiting their desperation. now to a german politician who has set his sights on the european union's highest office manford may about has been elected by the european parliament powerful conservative bloc as their candidate for the job of commission president he's now the front runner to take over from shanghai. and many ways he's a surprise choice not only does he have little government experience he's also a staunch conservative. a german heading up the european commission that prospect came a step closer to reality on wednesday manford fabled will be the lead candidate for the european conservatives in next year's euro elections. the very conservative veteran won a surprisingly decisive victory over his finnish rival alexander stubb. when you're
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elected with nearly eighty percent of the vote to puts you in a strong position to take on the responsibility i want to make people an offer that we have a clear idea of where we want to lead europe watching us weber's platform is a conservative one playing up the importance of homeland and his christian roots he had been criticized for preaching european values while not calling for the stridently anti e.u. home garion premier viktor orban to be thrown out of the party that no longer seems to be an issue for manhood has made a brilliant speech bridging the need for a sense of national identity and the wider european project i think that has convinced a lot of delegates but vader hasn't yet convinced everyone he'll need a positive result next year and the support of the heads of government to make the jump from being the lead candidate to land in the top job at the un brussels.
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in the europa league byer leverkusen and i interact frankfurter are among seven teams to reach the competitions knockout stage last night labor has an edge zurich who also went through but rb life's a slit defeat at celtic english side arsenal qualified with a goal the straw at home to sporting lisbon while frankfurt held on to a three two against. that combined with lot ceo's win means that last year's runners up marsay are eliminated and a solitary olivia g world goal salt chelsea book their place in the next round. of the world chess championship begins in london on friday and it will have a very youthful feel defending champion magnus carlsen and challenger fabiano caruana are both in their twenty's chess has rarely seen anything like it here's
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a look at the two young grand masters. magnus carlsen and fabiano cara one already know each other well they faced off thirty three times the wood champion from norway won ten of those his challenger five the rest of the eighteen contests ended in draws but when they meet in london the world title will be on the line. constance defending his crown for the third time since he became a champion in twenty three when he was just twenty two and he has no shortage of self-confidence. if you have been the number one ranked player in the world for seven years and you're born three world championships in a row and you consider yourself an underdog then there's something seriously wrong with your psyche i think. this pop star has played against bill gates and traced multiple opponents while blindfolded. he's been
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a special guest at other sporting events and throughout it all he just keeps having fun. his rival's hobby i know carol wanna is a lot more reserved the italian american sees his place in the london showdown by winning a qualification event in berlin in march he went on to win two tournaments mocassin was also playing he knows the champ is only human. well i don't think that my nose has any clear weaknesses usually with the mistakes he makes or are very individual and they don't have a clear pattern to them but. he still makes mistakes and we all do and the only challenges to to be ready to take them when they come. this match is the best stuff twelve games twenty seven year old consonant against twenty six year old carol won chess has to chance to appeal to a new generation. of gary hart is here now with some potential fall out for
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deutsche bank after the mid-term elections in the united states because after the midterms the new head of the financial services committee in congress will be democrat maxine waters and she's known as of president donald trump water this new position could spell trouble for trump as she now has subpoena power on her radar screen is doj about a key lender to the president forces can look into documents bank statements possibly connecting trump to russia democrats have not yet decided whether they will subpoena bank or what aspects of the president's finances to look into. mr and the u.s. where the federal reserve kept the benchmark lending rate unchanged on thursday the move highlighted the continued strong performance of the economy but also pointed to a slowdown in business investment the fed noted solid job gains falling unemployment and growing household spending but they also signaled that there may be a further rate rise before years and. fifteen thousand passengers are
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stranded at airports across argentina because of a wildcat strike or planes of state carriers are really as. grounded as all employees take part in the walkout the airline says the strike is illegal as it was and warned about the auction union say the airline has not paid full salaries to stuff recently workers also want wage increases that. keep pace with inflation which is running at more than forty percent the state on the airline has been in the red in recent years. growth in russia will continue to weaken in the fourth quarter of this year alexei kudrin former finance minister and current head of the court of audit expects less than one percent next year the country's economy suffers from far too much state influence and a lack of private sector investment in research and innovation but there are exceptions in the industrial park called skolkovo near moscow the russian silicon
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valley our correspondent found startups that can compete with those in the west. a few years ago under a huge new cough and a few friends founded in video on now one hundred fifty employees work at the startup banks and others invest millions of euros in the company one thing hasn't changed over the years the mostly young employees there like to eat pizza orders are placed via an app it also reveals whether the italian restaurant is busy at the moment and when exactly the food will be delivered this is only one of the startups many products it takes advantage of the fact that there are lots of surveillance cameras in russia. we develop products for everyone using simple video surveillance companies can set up our systems easily they quickly understand what's happening on site and become more competitive but they also sell security problems also misty like hundreds of others this company belongs to skolkovo a research in industrial area located an hour's drive from moscow with state
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support it develops state of the art technologies and products that could be sold on the world market for example this three d. printer from the company and so print a successor model of this printer will soon be used for industrial purposes. at them but in that what this printer makes is twice as precise and lighter than aluminum humility. it's twenty times stronger than plastic plastic the next innovation should be interesting for countries with a long cold winter glass panes that work like heaters. this is a special glass with a wafer thin metal layer about it minimal at the foot with it works with two hundred twenty volts and we still do but that is a radiator for a home work office and business. to see if it is a machine a video board and the number of start ups in russia is increasing but overall their
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numbers still too low their innovations have hardly any influence on economic growth which according to the latest forecasts will weaken further in russia the state makes the largest investments in innovations but there's room for more. benyamin versioning once to help startups in skolkovo to find more private investors. has the opportunity to open doors for startups at large industrial companies in russia for example the russian railway or banks and in germany the german railway dime live and other large corporations on course and. some but the guys in video on don't lose sight of the small stuff and another day at the office means another freshly delivered pizza. that's set up today to watch indeed any news from berlin there's more news coming up the top of the os that you.
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country god international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week both republicans and democrats say they won the midterms who's right and what lies ahead of or takes up the gridlock and subpoena the two allies and enemies so that those questions straight ahead on quadriga. quadriga next d.w. . take football personally with the wonderful people and
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stories that make the games so special are you ready. for all. dolled. up to. sixty minutes on d w. would have been fighting for the face taking seriously in the world no one cares us come out women's talk tug. of war hero women smart cars smart stage management brain creasing lean dangerous time buffer heart w. for mom. earth the home for saving googling to goes tell stories of
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creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global ideas being by a series of global three thousand on d w and on mine. hello and welcome to quadriga w.'s international talk show coming to you from berlin i'm brian thomas great to have you with us when the counting was over it was spin time in washington with both republicans and democrats saying they were the victors as they plot the course towards the presidential election in two years so who won the midterms democrats celebrating their new control of the house with full powers now to subpoena investigate.


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