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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 9, 2018 1:00pm-1:31pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin germany pauses to honor the victims of chris dahl not. trying to manage. a solemn tribute to the victims of nazi persecution eighty years ago the nazis unleashed a night of terror on germany's jews a dark prelude to the holocaust chancellor merkel warning her surgeon to anti-semitism. also coming up pro-government forces backed by saudi warplanes
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advance on yemen's rebel held city data the onslaught threatens to exacerbate the suffering of millions in a country on the brink of famine. seeking safety in numbers says thousands of migrants fleeing violence and poverty make their way north to the u.s. they tell you firsthand of the dangers they're facing on the long journey. also coming up it took them just nine moves to dispatch bill gates but norwegian chess sensation magnus carlsen faces a much tougher challenge as he aims to defend his world title in london. i'm see me so much ground it's good to have you with us germany today is commemorating some of the most important historical events in the country's history chancellor angela merkel spoke at the country's. just synagogue in berlin on the
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eightieth anniversary of kristallnacht known as the night of broken glass on nov ninth two thousand nine hundred thirty eight the nazis and their supporters carried out nationwide attacks on the jewish population which were widely seen as a prelude to the holocaust. the chancellor said that a state authorities needed to take decisive action to combat racism and she stressed the importance of learning the lessons of history earlier lawmakers gathered in parliament to mark two other defining of that at the founding of the german republic on november ninth one thousand nine hundred and on the same day twenty nine years ago the fall of the berlin wall. well as she addressed members of germany's jewish community today chancellor merkel said the world must never forget the crimes of the nazis the events of the rush to grow nine thousand nine hundred thirty eight were an important point to sleep great rupture of civilization which was to show leading to six million murdered jews and
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unspeakable suffering for many more millions of people. in all this suffering define use words to lock the words to describe it. we have famine young from d.w. politics with us for more on this when we saw these events marking the so-called day of say to germany marking several anniversaries in the parliament but also in the synagogue we just saw the chancellor speaking there what did you take away from these various commemorations today here i think your all the speakers today have made it clear how present the history is and that's very important you know both chancellor merkel and president steinmeyer earlier tracing the various lines of german history. mr steinmeier particularly focusing on nineteen eighteen one hundred years ago today when essentially germany's parliamentary
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democracy was founded the moment he was swept aside was the end of the say of the first world war and the chaos of that time but people had a new optimism and a new new hopes for the future in a new political order in germany and of course things didn't work out well that led to the weimar republic which eventually sort of melted into the rise of the nazis but it's important to look back at that time he said as an indication of what germany can be of the pluralism of the openness that was represented even in those days and it's interesting that it wasn't you know why did the nazis pogroms against the jews in one nine hundred thirty eight why were they focused on this date as well not the ninth of november the answer is because the hitler himself and the nazis saw that date with this proclamation of a need germany as an offense to them and indeed five years later in nineteen twenty three. there had been an attempted putsch by hitler which we failed at that time so
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he felt that somehow you know he was in a battle to prove he's proved his improve the rise of the nazis as his vision of the future germany and so this date continues to carry this burden of you know what kind of a place huge. all the speakers today were making that point that that is the question we should have in our minds today even though history doesn't repeat itself there are trends there are narratives that we're seeing develop in german society again today in this need to be critically aware of history as he said so i mean we have a clip of chancellor merkel speaking about this. when he had to be critically aware of history to us that is a must and i quote professor norbert fry historian this is something you don't just of you keep having to work out it's unique and it is in this sense but every generation and new needs to strive to obtain critically must inform my
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relationship with our past as much francis wherever this is possible historical commemoration is more than an empty ritual it will mean that history retains significance and new questions and perspectives could even be opened if you send this idea of needing to be informed critically informed about germany's history is especially relevant this year as we're seeing anti-semitism and racism prejudice emerge again in german society absolutely and it's especially relevant as well because this may well be the last of these round number anniversaries of november nineteenth when people who actually experienced it will be able to take part. but also talked about the unexpected gift that is the resurgence of jewish life in germany but of course that gift has brought with it a renewed appearance of anti semitism and anger medical said you know discrimination of any kind against any group as such is always unacceptable and
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that's why it's good to remember she said you know because when we jointly remember we lift people out of the anonymity and the sort of generalized view and we give them back their dignity all right simon young from d.w. politics simon thank you very much. now and catch up on some other stories making headlines around the world the so-called islamic state has said one of its fighters carried out a nice attack that left one person dead two wounded in the australian city of melbourne the suspect drove a burning pickup truck onto a sidewalk before lashing out at pedestrians and officers trying to restrain him he was shot by police and later died in the hospital. members of the afghan government peace council have met taliban officials at a conference in moscow they repeated couples calls for peace talks without preconditions russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said the participation of both sides in the conference was an important step towards direct talks between the.
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pro-government forces backed by saudi warplanes are closing in on yemen's port city of data military officials say the u.s. backed saudi led coalition has launched airstrikes and a ground assault on rebel held positions in the city the u.n. says the port city is vital to keep aid flowing into the country the world food program now plans to double its food distance to avert mass starvation but the fighting shows no sign of abating. on the outskirts of had a yemeni fight is fired towards who's the rebel positions. they make up some of the forces loyal to the exiled government they're supported by the u.s. backed saudi led coalition has launched a fierce assault to recapture this key port city which has been in rebel hands for four years. to see fighters who were backed by
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iran have not been making it easy for them. burning tires. even explosives have been left behind. but it's hardly been a match for the coalitions and strikes and ground assault. over the last few days dozens of rebels and several pro-government soldiers have been killed in fighting around her data according to local doctors the saudi backed forces though are already claiming victory. that the buildings have been cleared and the enemy fled or wandered we advancing into the depths of her date or they will give us the city peacefully or we will take it by force we will take her days. but they're still facing resistance from locals and also our little. well wisher
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trust and we will not move that phone out of the out with their enemy strikes because they're striking us on the outskirts of the city was staying in this city god is with us and with every muslim. life around the market in her day appears to continue as normal. but was fighting is expected and that means the lives of the sick. hundred thousand people who live here i mean at the present danger. from on the story we're joined by dave from the international committee of the red cross she is in yemen scapel thank you for joining us what can you tell us about the humanitarian situation in her data right now. really and how did it and there was a dramatic escalation of violence in the past few days our teams and how did i speak of nonstop and deafening clashes and explosions the city is almost deserted
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the international committee of the direct cross is extremely worried about the safety of civilians and civilian objects such as hospitals ambulances school is prisons and want to educate their city but just to the conflict must take every possible measure to protect for example the city's biggest facility a photo hospital is only meters away from the fighting it is very important that it is protected it's a vital infrastructure otherwise the remaining facilities will not be able to cope with the influx of casualties what is your organization doing. well the international committee of that access is tending to the needs of thousands of this to try milly's displaced. we have since june assisted about forty eight thousand persons but we would like to do more in addition since the escalation of the fighting. has delivered more than eighty to take tons of medical supplies to
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help facilities in the city and surrounding including a photo hospital and support of course to the what they will to thirty to help it to keep basic needs running we mentioned that the united nations said they want to double food aid to yemen in the end as you were saying the consequent to news the fighting is continuing ten more food aid really make a difference here. well this is definitely positive news that six out of ten families in yemen have nothing to put on that they've yet to humanitarian aid alone will not. humanly carry in crisis we need to remember that yemen. has big if not massive needs more than eighty percent of the population in yemen is in need of aid and aid alone cannot feed millions of yemenis or secure would clean water to millions of yemenis or access to health services this is why the international committee of the trust has been calling for political efforts to be
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exerted in order to bring an end to this conflict and there are a lot what about the importance we mentioned that this is a port city how important is it for keeping aid flowing absolutely the conflict in yemen makes it hard. to access and give aid to those most in need in the first place and the situation might be a looked worse in the services at the day the port a lifeline forty m. and i've stood up to it and i've essentially goods and to the country is him this is likely to exacerbate an already cut the stuff a humanitarian situation all right mirella dave from the red cross are joining us from sanaa thank you so much for your insights. now migrants making the long journey on foot to the u.s. from central america face many dangers along the way activists groups say up to thirty thousand people have gone missing over the past decade our correspondent is
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on the road with a migrant caravan and he sent us this report. that water knows all too well that being kidnapped and then simply disappearing is the biggest danger a few years ago his brother disappeared as he made his second attempt to reach the u.s. . we got as far as a child because. the police caught me under the portal me back i want to honduras. i mean i went back again to look for him but there was nothing. around ninety members of the caravan currently making its way north are said to have disappeared after getting on to trucks the reports from various organizations have not yet been confirmed i am pompadour but i mean i'm probably going from zero on differing accounts of the numbers missing your one of twenty some sources say. this one hundred. dollars on the human rights or florida keys are looking into this
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case. and the literature model is stunning in this a gondola. it's feared that they may have been kidnapped and handed over to organized crime groups active in the area where they went missing. now obvious in the caravan a spooked. when jovan lost sight of his two friends he thought he'd never see them again. you see it was for me because i was really worried they had disappeared and i would never hear from them again but we got separated while i was trying to find space on one of the vehicles i had no idea where they had gone. i'd say between ten and twenty thousand migrants have disappeared in the last ten years that's one reason why people are queuing to get into this tent inside they can call their families for free to reassure them that they're still ok i mean work out billing with our lives if you don't fall off the train you get run over by
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a truck you know a lot of. so no set us but in the realm of this is it just your till it runs everything here is that i mean. we were most afraid for the children. because of the danger the people in the stadium divide didn't register according to the region they came from that way they hope any disappearances will be noticed dad and that it's very dangerous travelling between mexico city and the u.s. border we need to be well organized and able to look after each other we have to know about each other every individual every child is that in need they got up it's on that mean you're. going to list crime is lying in white everywhere on the journey ahead the migrants are at risk of kidnapping and blackmail. it with a bit of sun asking us again criminals with the migrants with fake office off way to no necessity i mean they can then they're forcibly held. and subjected to human
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trafficking in another us guys when say. but even though they live if that was the lament their. attempts to jump the migrants even take place within temporary accommodation in mexico city the president of the mexican federal human rights commission says migrants are often approached by people claiming to be officials. now people no one had heard of the supposed organization. so they offered to take people in laurie in groups of eighteen. north and over the border into the us. i think. the biggest concern for the people in the caravan is to avoid falling victim to criminals exploiting their desperation. to football now and better braman one of the surprise teams in the fleet of the
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season they climb their way to third in the table until two recent losses now the club wants to return to its winning ways again second place much of this week at. their braman and eager to put an end to their two game losing streak. maximillian egger starring could be the solution the twenty one year old midfielder has turned into a goal getter and has already scored four times this season not one of these are things at the tournament a lot of course you need the right situations to score i've also been working on my shots from distance but it's also a physician ings right now for a more attacking role than i did in the previous approaches tom have. it's been a year since florian call felt took over as braman coach in thirty four games his team has not stopped fifty four points if it had been during the whole of last season it would have been enough for sixth place in the bonus league and europa league qualification but for the first time braman have lost two in a row and
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a call felt to lead the cruzan and minds. in moving. you know what it's all about being told we have to do something together on the pitch we want to be enthusiastic and combined well up front. but they also have to click at the back in the last two games brain is defense was for us. against glass back the team hope to find a stabilizing force in defending nicklaus might sound gross a surrogate. i'm not worried i think we have enough quality on the team and we'll get through this. skin and bite and with that attitude braman could easily bounce back on saturday but the last time a big lad back at home was over three years ago. the world chess championship begins in london later today with a youthful feel of defending champion magnus carlsen and challenger fabiano caruana are both in their twenty's chess has rarely seen anything like it here's a look at two young grand masters. magnus carlsen and
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fabiano carol won already know each other well they have faced off thirty three times the worst champion from norway won ten of those this challenge a five the rest of the eighteen contests ended in draws but when they meet in london the world title will be on the line. cosson is defending his crown for the third time since he became one champion in tiny thirteen when he was just twenty two and he has no shortage of self-confidence. if you have been the number one on the right player in the world for seven years on your won three world championships in a row and you consider yourself an underdog then there's something seriously wrong with your psyche i think the. pop star has played against bill gates and traced multiple opponents while blindfolded. he's been a special guest at other sporting events and throughout it all he just keeps having
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fun. his rival of hobby i know carolina is a lot more ritzer oft the italian american sees his place in the london showdown by winning a qualification event in berlin in march he went on to win two tournaments mocassin was also playing he knows the champ is only human. although i don't think that this has any clear weaknesses usually it means the mistakes he makes or are very individual and they don't have a clear pattern to them but. he still makes mistakes and we all do and the only challenges to to be ready to take them when they come. this matches the best stuff twelve games twenty seven year old constant against twenty six year old carolina chess has to chance to appeal to a new generation. all right gary hart is here with our business headlines thank you very much sumi the u.s.
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federal reserve kept the benchmark lending rate unchanged on thursday the move highlighted the continued strong performance of the economy but also pointed to a slowdown in business investment the fed noted solid job gains falling unemployment and growing household spending in the u.s. but they also signaled that there may be further rate rises before the year's end. after the u.s. midterms there might be trouble in store for the larger banks u.s. operation the new head of financial services committee in congress will be democrat maxine waters known adversarial president trump and she now has a subpoena power on her radar screen is which was a key lender to the president when he was a businessman waters can now look into documents and bank statements that could possibly point to collusion with russia democrats have not yet decided whether they will subpoena. or. of the president's finances to look into.
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a. corner of the front of stock exchange is that going to become a problem for the larger what are we you hearing there in frankfurt. it is quite likely to become more of a problem for the which a bank traders are talking a lot about this topic especially so since jeff sessions the u.s. attorney general has left his post this week this has brought the miller and vesta geishas back in focus and with the long lasting relationship between deutsche bank and donald trump if you talk to bankers here in frankfurt many of them will tell you of course with their hands over their mouth that deutsche bank should never. i have you know done business with deutsche bank even as a businessman with his long history of insolvencies his reputation of not always paying back what he owes he should have been considered a trustworthy businessman but at the time was so eager to get into the u.s.
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market and to stay there greed eades brain that is a saying for behavior like this among traders we get in that's true well what else is happening on the trading floors on this last trading day of the week is there any reaction to the federal reserve's decision. yes clearly the markets are pricing in interest rate hike number four in the united states this year which is supposed to happen in december now the big question among traders is what will happen next year two maybe three rate hikes that's of course uncertainty and uncertainty which is driving trading today look at this the german dax very undecided on this very last trading day of the week on our bows and in frankfurt thank you. well here's something to make your mouth water saffron stern's results. go delicious gold. plate goes great with the seafood and even desserts grows
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in the sufferance crocus flour which is very rare and only cultivated in a very few countries greece is one of them and suffer some people there to get through the economic crisis. saffron only grows for a few weeks in autumn the spices extracted from three red threads that grew inside the sun from crocus flower. that picked out by hand which is why suffer from is one of the most expensive spices in the world. one gram costs up to twenty euros giving it the nickname bread gold it mostly grows in iran but also in northern greece during the economic crisis greece rediscovered suffer from as a source of income this is corinne went to london to look for work despite having two university degrees he had no luck and returned to greece in two thousand and
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twelve. must agree it was difficult to find work during the crisis because particularly in civil engineering because there was no construction in canada. we've been taught how to grow stuff from from our parents and grandparents and we knew our way around the fields. so i thought some from could provide me with a good source of income and i'm going to form a plan to get a. crew works for our great cultural collective that's grown enormously since it began back in two thousand they were producing thirty kilograms a year today it's full tonnes the saffron industry employs five thousand people and grace in a region where the crisis left almost a quarter of people unemployed. a lot of young people found work in the fields.
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there are even scientists out head counting practices to try and make a living. stable i think more people will come if a product continues to sell. if there's more to moms will increase production. seventy percent of the stuff from his exported to the u.s. germany and france the co-operative is currently negotiating with chinese wholesalers that planning to acquire more land for crops next year. and that's why it's for me for the moment more news at the top of the office stay tuned here at the brown thomas is next with quadriga he'll be discussing the state of u.s. politics after the maids coming right off after this thank you very much for watching up.
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more intrigued international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week both republicans and democrats say they won the midterm who's right and what lies ahead a vortex of gridlock in subpoenas i want to allies and enemies that those questions straight ahead on. w. lawyer.
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. subscribe to the documentary on you tube. hello and welcome to quadriga w.'s international talk show coming to you from berlin i'm brian thomas great to have you with us when the counting was over it was spin time in washington with both republicans and democrats saying they were the victors as they plot the course towards the presidential election in two years so who won the midterms democrats celebrating their new control of the house with full powers now to subpoena investigate and.


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