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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 9, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm CET

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this is news live from berlin germany pauses to honor the victims of the kristallnacht find out what we were trying to. create are not. part of. tribute to the victims of nazi persecution eighty years
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ago the nazis unleashed a night of terror on germany's jews a dark prelude to the holocaust chancellor merkel warning of resurgent anti-semitism also coming up pro-government forces backed by saudi warplanes advance on gammons rebel held poor to afford data. the suffering of millions in a country on the brink of sound that. seeking safety in numbers as thousands of migrants fleeing violence and poverty make their way north to you to the u.s. they tell you about the dangers they're facing on the long journey. lining up for water drought hits afghanistan farming families end up in camps near here at city winter is on its way and the united nations warns that famine threatens more than two and a half million people. and in sports excitement is building out of the biggest game in german league football for the first time in years the leaders dortmund looks to be the favorites for saturday's marquee clash with the reigning champions by. i
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mean. i'm sumi so much god it's good to have you with us today is a fateful date in germany the country honors the victims of kristallnacht the night of violence against jews that marked a dark prelude to the holocaust the country's leaders warned against another rise in anti-semitism but november the knife is also the anniversary of two other crucial days in german history. eighty years on the horrors of the past still resound. german chancellor angela merkel attending a commemorative service at berlin's largest synagogue. escaped indorsement the jewish life is flourishing in germany once again that is an unexpected gift after
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the break with civilization that was the holocaust but at the same time we're seeing a worrying anti semitism that is threatening jewish life in our country and other places in the world what jews thought themselves say this anti semitism is expressed increasingly openly in unbridled hate speech on the internet and in the public sphere of. these anti semitic acts are a distressing reminder of events eighty years ago. on the night of the ninth of november nine hundred thirty eight the nazis unleashed a wave of violence against jews across germany thousands of synagogues jewish shops and businesses were looted and torched some one hundred jews were killed twenty six thousand were taken to concentration camps. but november the ninth is also the anniversary of two other fateful days and german history one hundred years ago in
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the closing days of world war one the social democrat politician philip shined a man proclaimed a new german republic from a window of the price tag. and in one thousand nine hundred nine pro-democracy protests in east germany led to the fall of the wall and ultimately to the reunification of germany three days that loom large in germany's collective memory . but it's our actions today that show whether we have truly understood and learned from their consequences said german president funk five. hundred. actions we must prove that we germans have truly learned from the past and truly become more vigilant because of our history we need to take action at any time another person's dignity is viral ated we need to take a stand when our language of hatred spreads its tentacles that we cannot allow a situation where some people claim once again to be the sole voice of the true
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people and marginalize others. under those. with the far i don't turn it in for germany party in parliament for the first time and extremist voices on the rise across the country these are poignant words. we have so many young from d.w. politics with us for more on this when we saw these events marking the so-called day of say to germany marking several anniversaries in the parliament but also in the synagogue we just saw the chancellor speaking there what did you take away from these various commemorations today here i think you're all the speakers today have made it clear how present the history is and that's very important you know both the chancellor merkel and president steinmeyer earlier tracing the various lines of german history. mistime are particularly focusing on nineteen
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eighteen one hundred years ago today when essentially germany's parliamentary democracy was founded the moment he was swept aside was the end of the say of the first world war and and the chaos of that time but people had a new optimism and a new new hopes for the future a new political order in germany and of course things didn't work out well that led to the weimar republic which eventually sort of melted into the rise. the nazis but it's important to look back at that time he said as an indication of what germany can be of the pluralism and the openness that was represented even in those days and it's interesting that it wasn't you know why did the nazi pogroms against the jews in one hundred thirty eight why were they focused on this date as well night the night of november the answer is because the hitler himself and the nazis saw that date with this proclamation of
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a new germany as an offense to them and indeed five years later in nineteen twenty three. there had been an attempted push by hitler which we failed at that time so he felt that somehow you know he was in a battle to prove his prove his improve the rise of the nazis as his vision of the future germany and so this date continues to carry this burden of you know what kind of a place you germany be and all the speakers today were making that point that that is the question we should have in our minds today even though history doesn't repeat itself there are trends there are narratives that we're seeing develop in german society again today in this need to be critically aware of history as he said i mean we have a clip of chancellor merkel speaking about this. need to be critically aware of history to us that is a must and i cannot quote professor nor that trying historian this is something you don't just have you keep having to work at it and it is in this sense that
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every generation and new needs to strive to obtain a critically informant relationship with our own past us now much find sense wherever this is possible historical commemoration is more than an empty ritual it will mean that history retains significance and new questions and perspectives could even be opened if you send this idea of needing to be informed critically informed about germany says. theory is especially relevant this year as we're seeing anti-semitism and racism prejudice emerge again in german society absolutely and it's especially relevant as well because this may well be the last of these round number anniversaries of one nine hundred thirty when people who actually experienced it will be able to take part. but also talked about the unexpected gift that is the resurgence of jewish life in germany but of course that gift has brought with it a renewed appearance of anti semitism and angle
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a miracle said you know discrimination of any kind against any group as such is always unacceptable and that's why it's good to remember she said you know because when we jointly remember we lift people out of the anonymity and the sort of generalized view and we give them back their dignity all right simon young from d.w. politics simon thank you very much well today germany has a growing vibrant jewish community but as we heard anti-semitism has also been on the rise did have you travelled to chemists where recent attacks have many jews worried. says he's not the victim type even though he's been attacked time and again for being jewish and running the jewish restaurant in downtown cabinets the most recent attack took place at the end of august on the ball stood here at the bar and walked slowly to the front door of
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the restaurant. they called me various things like to pick in get out of germany at least that's what i understood. i was standing here and the group over there and then things flew in that direction. bottles and stones flew before managed to escape back into his restaurant since the attack to balance says he doesn't feel safe when he's out and about in kenya it's that's new for him despite the fact that his restaurant has been targeted several times since two thousand and nine perpetrators have left pigs heads inscribed with the star of david and the word jew swastikas and stars of david with his initials were marked into the facade of the building but doesn't see that as a reason to leave camp nets. it's a network of our family and the rest how we're welcomed the many positive
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experiences the people here and how we're part of chemists. it's much more pleasant than you might think. for. jewish life took its roots in can knit some one hundred forty years ago the jewish community here numbers five hundred eighty people. here is president of the community she's received a lot of support from locals since the violent clashes last august. the guns. political analysts the politicians everyone no matter what party except for the right wingers stand behind the jewish community and one jewish life here voice. but the growing strength of the far right party in germany unsettles the community at a weekly choir practice community members wonder if the mood will shift even more to the right and affect the jewish community in particular. by most of the
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sudden i think should i pack my suitcases now and that's not just me some community members have the same idea should we pack our suitcases. eighty years after the pogroms in germany jews and chemists feel torn they feel at home but there's a renewed sense of fear of what the future might bring. let's catch up on some other stories making news around the world first prime minister theresa may and her belgian counterpart. have laid tributes of the greats of the first and last soldiers killed in the first world war the ceremony came at the start of a series of events marking one hundred years since the armistice may have since arrived in france for further commemorations alongside french president among. the so-called islamic state of said one of its fighters carried out a knife attack that left one person dead and two wounded in the australian city of
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melbourne the suspect drove a burning pickup truck onto a sidewalk before lashing out at the desk and officers trying to restrain him he was shot by police and later died in the hospital. members of the afghan government's peace council have met taliban officials at a conference in moscow they repeated couples call for peace talks without preconditions the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said the participation of both sides in the conference was an important step toward direct talks between them pro-government forces backed by saudi warplanes are closing in on yemen's port city of whole data in what they're calling a new offensive military officials say the u.s. backed saudi led coalition has launched air strikes and a ground assault on rebel held positions in the city the u.n. says the port city is vital to keep aid flowing into the country the world food program now plans to double its food assistance to avert mass starvation but the fighting shows no sign of abating.
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on the outskirts of head a yemeni fight is fired towards who's the rebel positions. they make up some of the forces loyal to the exiled government they're supported by the u.s. backed saudi led coalition has launched a fierce assault to recapture this key port city which has been in rebel hands for four years. to see fighters who were backed by iran have not been making it easy for them. burning tires. even explosives have been left behind. but it's hardly been a match for the coalitions and strikes and ground assault. over the last few days dozens of rebels and several pro-government soldiers have been killed in fighting around her data according to local doctors the saudi backed forces though are
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already claiming victory. that the buildings have been cleared and the enemy flight that wandered we advancing into the depths of her date or they will give us a city peacefully or we will take it by force we will take her data. but they're still facing resistance from locals and also our little. well mr trust and we will not move that phone out of the out with the enemy strikes because they're striking us on the outskirts of the city we're staying in this city god is with us and with every muslim local your mission in. life around the market in her day appears to continue as normal. but was fighting is expected and that means the lives of the sick. hundred thousand people who live here i mean
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at the present danger. from on the story we're joined by a date from the international committee of the red cross she is in gammon's capital sanaa marella thank you for joining us what can you tell us about the humanitarian situation in her data right now. we're in what it is there was a dramatic escalation of violence in the past few days our teams and how did they speak of nonstop and deafening clashes and explosions this city is almost deserted the international committee of the direct cross is extremely worried about the safety of civilians and civilian objects such as hospitals ambulances school was prisons and want to educate their city but just to the conflict must take every possible measure to protect for example the city's biggest facility a photo hospital is only meters away from the fighting it is very important that it is protected it's a vital infrastructure otherwise the remaining facilities will not be able to cope
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with the influx of casualties what is your organization doing. well the international committee of that access is tending to the needs of thousands of this to try milly's displaced. we have since june assisted about forty eight thousand persons but we would like to do more in addition since the escalation of the fighting. has delivered more than eighty to take tons of medical supplies to help facilities in the city and including i thought a hospital and support of course to the day that will to go thirty to help it to keep basic needs running we mentioned that the united nations said they want to double food aid to yemen in the end as you were saying the consulate continues the fighting is continuing ten more food aid really make a difference here. well this is definitely positive news that six out of ten
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families in yemen have nothing to put on that they've yet to humanitarian aid along with. humanitarian crisis we need to remember that yemen. has big massive needs more than eighty percent of the population and yemen is in need of aid and aid a loan cannot feed millions of yemenis or secured clean water to millions of yemenis or access to health services this is why the international committee of the trust has been calling for political efforts to be exerted in order to bring an end to this conflict and there are a lot what about the importance we mentioned that this is a port city how important is it for keeping aid flowing. absolutely the conflict in yemen makes it hard. to access and give aid to those most in need in the first place the situation might be looked worse in the services at the what they'd upward a lifeline for to yemen to stop extension of goods and into the country it's him
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this is likely to exacerbate an already cut the stuff in humanitarian situation right now from the red cross and joining us from sanaa thank you so much for your insights and ben is here now with one of the world's most controversial energy projects or is the. pipeline that will deliver natural gas from russia germany by the baltic and it's nearing completion should be up and running next year since twenty twelve russian gas has been exported to germany through the first north stream pipeline the second one will double the amount of gas delivered to more than one hundred billion cubic meters a year the project divides europe completely by ukraine as you can see there if russia stops using the pipelines that go through ukraine can sense lose up to two point eight billion dollars in annual transit fees which is a lie. construction for the new pipeline is underway in the northern
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german caused hundreds of steel pipes are said to be welded together on the vessels and then drawn into the baltic sea the ten billion euro project has caused rifts within europe poland and ukraine oppose it russian gas currently runs through pipelines in both countries there are also wider fears germany could become too dependent on russian gas. germany imports forty percent of its gas from russia twenty nine percent comes from the netherlands norway supplies it with twenty one percent only seven percent comes from german gas fields supply from e.u. countries will decline in the future because the blocks gas resources are diminishing germany however desperately needs more gas it is going to turn off its nuclear plans in four years and it also wants to shut down coal power plants meanwhile when your bills like wind and solar are unstable energy sources that means a germany needs natural gas to fill the supply gap the country is planning to build
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its first liquefied natural gas terminal that will allow l.n.g. ships from qatar the u.s. and other countries to transport their gas to germany the energy transition the move from nuclear and coal comes with a hefty price tag it means that europe's largest economy could become more dependent on foreign gas especially from russia. german car makers have agreed to spend up to three thousand euros on measures of their own choosing to get all the dirty the diesels off the road that's according to german transport minister. it comes hot on the heels of germany's first class action lawsuit targeting v.w. now da seven is under the leap. devices fitted to the exhaust to measure emissions . simon and then he tested dozens of diesel cars across a whole range of brands and size classes ramanujan even line tests were not just
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during one test we generally do the tests ten times per vehicle so we can show it's not just a one off but it also taught is on the values we calculated here averages. and the average values of this out reporting the nitrogen emissions per kilometer almost ten times over the legal limit what should the owner do parent company v.w. only wants to offer him a discount on a new car. as it was a scam but with a person who scammed us should repair it he signed us to you can't just expect someone to pay that team thousand generates for a new car not everyone can just buy a new car every two years or. in some cities the absolution is so bad they only implemented speed restrictions but also bans for older diesel cars in certain areas most cities are expected to follow suit. so most cars which were sold with illicit
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emission cheating devices the only option is installing a special catalytic converter that cleans the exhaust gas. now mart has been retrofitting trucks and buses with these for years it's now developing them for cars that they need to be modified to fit each individual model. it's a lot more complicated with a normal catalytic converter the exhaust gas passes through a coating on the device that converts the harmful substances. but here you have this extra component that needs serious solutions to make it work and each model needs a specific amount and that drives the cost up it was also indigo. the installation costs fifteen hundred euros per car but it reduces not just gases by ninety percent loyal heart says this is the ideal solution and wants to see it implemented. just célestin just be a name is to give everyone who is cheap to the chance to retrofit their cars so
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they can continue to drive them in all cities even when bombs are in place you can opt out of all your time to save them from trading in a car that still right where they are not even the told to use discourages what v.w. is offering at the moment it's me and beat it in until. they're still waiting for approval from the authorities as soon as they get it the initiative plans to fit the catalytic converters independently and reclaim the costs through a lawsuit. with global tensions on the rise calls are growing for germany to take on a greater role in conflict zones but given the country's history many germans are wary of assuming a more assertive role ever since compulsory military service was abolished support for the army has been diminishing and it has struggled to attract new recruits now the bus fares launched a charm offensive hoping to change that and our social media editor gerry reed is with us so gerry of the german army has an image problem tell us more about that
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well it's something that's trying to possibly counteract through social media in this because they've been a few you know lots of negative press and a few scandals over the last little while one of them being last year there was a hazing and sexual abuse scandal a military academy there are criticisms generally that the german army is under equips and critics say this means it's not properly combat ready and also more recently there was an advertising campaign that i guess likened to a career in the army to playing computer games so this is contributed to a negative image that the army i guess wants to counteract while at the same time trying to recruit new soldiers because as you said compulsory military service was a bowler in two thousand and eleven so what's the strategy then to change people's minds about the army so it's a new series that's being made specifically for what's up and this is pretty clever because what is the most popular messaging service in germany he is the
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trailer for the series it's cold never five so long and it's featuring what's known here in germany as the. short for germany's elite special forces so you follow them here and there around the world as they train for their special missions as opposed to the bonus with you tube videos people will be getting these videos since directly to their firearms which as we can see being very professionally feeling as well there's clearly spends a lot of money a buddhist vest spokeswoman told us today that it's meant to give. a better idea of what the military does every day i guess it's doing that but it's also at the same time counteracting this negative image trying to bring new recruits in and at the same time our more globally more broadly germany is under pressure from allies in the us united to spend more on the military that you mentioned nato and it's not just the german army and nato is also trying to sex up its image just quite
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literally we're going to take a look at the man that's being called nato his secret weapon this is norwegian lieutenant he's been hired as the face of the alliance's trident junction military exercises he's a social media star with six hundred thousand followers he's a model he says he's fish and chips and he's not afraid to take off and he's got a bit of a hipster viking vibe and you know it seems to have worked because nato says that he's helped drive up their engagement to the social media pages we posted a video about him to our facebook pages earlier this week and i'll use a real little bit more suspicious they're saying you know why isn't trying to glorify conflict and war and i guess is that the into remember when we look at p.r. campaigns from the blue despair from nato that this is the fine line that they that they have to draw between attracting new recruits and being accused of trying to glorify conflict i guess well it's certainly a very new look for nato right jared reed from our social media team thank you very
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much. you're watching news still to come drought heads afghanistan's farming families end up in camps near here at city winter is on its way in the united nations warns that famine threatens more than two and a half million people. here watching t.v. every will be rex. this history repeating itself. to jews have to live in fear. seven decades after the holocaust. anti semitic attacks are on the rise again in europe. where does this endless hatred come from what can be done to fight
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to. the summit ism in europe in forty five minutes. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good. to go out africa people and projects that are changing no longer meant for the better it's up to us to make a difference if you going to go. along b.t.w. . you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. lives it's worthless for the rich but for many poor people it offers their only chance of survival. and i could be lunch for today just like you. know reporters travel to nairobi and work and people know the true value of garbage. it has created
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a thriving parallel economy. but what does all this mean for economic inequality around the world you guys are starting class warfare the response to that statement should be yes we are starting to let's walk here because with time you actually disrupt and you could have played a bridge to the try to please report starts november seventeenth on d w. play. welcome back you're watching news our top story germany has been marking eighty years since an infamous nazi grow my guess the country's jews here in berlin chancellor merkel told a gathering of the jewish community she lacked the words to describe the horrors of that night and said germany must forcefully confront anti-semitism.
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conference aimed at paving the way for peace in afghanistan has gotten underway in moscow a taliban delegation and representatives of the. afghan state are attending the talks alongside delegates from several other nations the meeting marks another effort by russia to play a mediating role between the two sides initial reports suggest little progress has been made now the conference comes as united nations warns that more than two and a half million people in afghanistan are at risk of starvation after decades of nearly constant war the country's infrastructure cannot take an added strain but now afghans have been hit by the worst drought in years farmers are abandoning their land they end up in camps where at least there is water to drink but there's little else and the weather is turning. this camp is now home to my hugh dean and his family. they came here six months ago to join relatives after their farms were crippled by drought. more than a quarter of
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a million afghans now live here on the outskirts of herat city food is scarce and the conditions are harsh. it's very tough living in this tent at night it's very cold all my children are sick we don't have money to take them to the doctor so what can we do it would be better to die than to live like this going to be about hunger and cold as winter approaches so too does the uncertainty after decades of war afghanistan's infrastructure and economy are in tatters the united nations estimates that more than two and a half million people face famine officials have warned that the worst is not yet over. the drought could last another two years but decisions will be made by the government to overcome the problems of. the international community is also
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supporting the people of afghanistan and they are working to help solve drug related issues from. the market. but coordination between aid groups and the government is poor as herat struggles to cope with the influx of people officials fear that water could also become scarce here. the un's refugee agency says it is reviewing a decision by the u.s. to deny asylum to migrants who enter the country illegally in a move it says will stop abuse of the immigration system washington says it will deny asylum to anyone caught entering the country outside official border crossings it's invoking extraordinary presidential national security powers to tighten the border as caravans of central americans slowly approach the united states the decision is expected to be challenged in court. and water knows all too well that being kidnapped and then simply disappearing is the biggest danger
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a few years ago his brother disappeared as he made his second attempt to reach the u.s. . when. we got as far as a child because. the police caught me under the port and me back i want to honduras . i mean i went back again to look for him there was nothing. around ninety members of the caravan currently making its way north are said to have disappeared after getting on to trucks the reports from various organizations have not yet been confirmed i am part gore but i mean i'm probably going to say on differing accounts of the numbers missing your you know when some sources say. this one hundred. dollars on the human rights of florida he's on looking into this case. your model is sunny in this gun though. it's feared that they may have been kidnapped and handed over to organized crime groups
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active in the area where they went missing. now obvious in the caravan a spooked. when joe the lost sight of his two friends he thought he'd never see them again. to see if i was really worried they had disappeared and i would never hear from them again but we got separated while i was trying to find space. so one of the vehicles i had no idea where they had gone. i'd say between ten and twenty thousand migrants have disappeared in the last ten years that's one reason why people are queuing to get into this tent inside they can call their families for free to reassure them that they're still ok i mean work with our lawyer if you don't fall off the train you got run over by a truck. so no set us but in the realm of it it just we're told it runs everything here. we're most afraid for the children.
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because of the danger the people in the stadium divided register according to the region they came from that way they hope any disappearances will be noticed dad are going to it's very dangerous travelling between mexico city and the us border we need to be well organized and able to look after each other we have to know about each other every individual every child is that in need they got up it's on i mean you're. going to list crime is lying in white everywhere on the journey ahead the migrants are at risk of kidnapping and blackmail. it would have been a son asking us again criminals with the migrants with fake office software. then they were forcibly held. and subjected to human trafficking in another post when say. that even though they live if that was the lamented. attempts to jump the migrants even take place within temporary accommodation in mexico city the
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president of the mexican federal human rights commission says migrants are often approached by people claiming to be officials. now people who feel that they think no one has heard of the supposed organization. so they offer to take people in large in groups of eighteen. north and over the border into the us going i think we're likely going to the same with. the biggest concern for the people in the caravan is to avoid falling victim to criminals exploiting their desperation. i ben is back with biz and very valuable spice grease is red gold saffron is only cultivated in very few countries but as its nickname suggests it is extremely expensive the greeks have been doing it for three centuries and even helped some of them through the global financial crisis. saw from the negros for
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a few weeks in autumn the spices extracted from three red threats that grow inside the saffron crocus flour. that picked out by hand which is why stuff from is one of the most expensive spices in the world. one gram costs up to twenty euros giving it the nickname bread gold it mostly grows in iran but also in northern greece. during the economic crisis greece rediscovered suffer from as a source of income this is corinne went to london to look for work despite having two university degrees he had no luck and returned to greece in twenty twelve. must exist on pollute it was difficult to find work during the crisis because particularly in civil engineering because there was no construction. we've been
3:39 pm
taught how to grow stuff from from our parents and grandparents and we knew our way around the fields. so i thought some from could provide me with a good source of income you know when i'm on the phone from a. crew works for an hour great cultural collective that's grown enormously since it began. back in two thousand they were producing thirty kilograms a year today it's full tonnes the saffron industry employs five thousand people and grace in a region where the crisis left almost a quarter of people unemployed. a lot of young people found work in the fields. there are even scientists out head planting practices to try and make a living. i think more people will come if a product continues to sell. if there's more demand will increase production. seventy percent of the stuff from his exported to the u.s.
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germany and from the co-operative is currently negotiating with chinese wholesalers and they're planning to acquire more land to crops next year. tourism is returning to egypt after years of political unrest and terrorist attacks the sector snapped back last year with more and more europeans coming back and interest growing in countries with a lot of potential like china. the tourists are back around the pyramids of giza for example tourists who booked spain last year are coming to egypt this year they want to see the big sites this group from france is taking a boat trip along the nile. to the one you alone in the world a lot of peace and quiet a beautiful moment with family and friends investors are once again active after a long hiatus like investing in the nile's fleet of boats that creates jobs which are desperately needed. to go for several years we've hardly worked at all it's
3:41 pm
much better now we sometimes work up to twenty eight days a month. tourism is enormously important for the egyptian economy the tourism industry in cairo has just announced that it will make up around fifteen percent of economic output this year and that's not just the returning european tourists have been to. the chinese to have discovered egypt many chinese restaurants have sprung up with national language in cuisine just like at home. and this is the best meal you have. you should be above it but. the locals are glad that tourism is picking up again and they hope that might help rejuvenate other sectors of the economy in the country on planes as they carry out. a grounded as all employees take part in a walkout airline says the strike is illegal as it wasn't warned about the industrial action unions say the airline has not paid full salaries to stuff
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recently workers also want wage increases that keep pace with inflation which is running at all the fourteen percent as they don't daylight as being in the red in race it's. time to talk football germany's biggest match of the season takes place on saturday it's known as dex classic and it gets fun as they go. dork went against the defending champion fire in munich and we have chris harrington from devon sports crass this is a very big match how high are the stakes let's calm down a bit because you know it's not deciding the season it's only the match of this campaign but it is for bragging rights there's no doubt about that you know do it as you mentioned they have a four point cushion right now as the top of the table in the book as they go so it's a battle between who's hot now first is who has been historically hot here's a look at the history of the tide as you can see byron have won the lion's share of
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the matches and i can even do one better the last three times these two teams faced off against one another buyer has averaged four point three goals a game but you know biron they are in a bit of a rut right now and as i mentioned doormen have the momentum behind them they are the hot team right now so it'll be interesting to see how this will play out and see if the fans as acknowledged in a park can cheer and root dortmund on a success so if biron does actually lose here would that be the end of the road for their coach nico that's well i think if thomas miller's wife had a say in it she recently criticized nico botch in his decision making you know but all jokes aside the club president lee has he actually indicated earlier this week at a press conference that even if the cocoa botching bar which fail to repeat and win the title kobayashi is going nowhere in the coco boxes remained very calm i mean believe me when i tell you he's as cool as the other side of the pillow when it comes to pressure in his job enid steak we have
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a sound bite from the coach nico box let's take a listen it was a statement. i know a lot gets made of this theme pressure. but believe me i don't feel any pressure. two and a half years ago in frankfurt i had the relegation playoff that was about survival that was real precious. existence and. so therefore we're going to enjoy the game against don't wind up going to be more. right so that's byron story what about dortmund why couldn't so good the season starts at the top he had one clear vision from the beginning and the first thing he did was he gave the players trust and the players have been executing you have to factor in they have a lot of new additions to this team they have axel vits so you know thomas delaney pocket costs are axel vince who recently came out was questioned why are they being so good rather play so good and he couldn't even explain it you know because
3:45 pm
sometimes as athletes you're just in the zone and it's not something to be explained and that's where doormen find themselves right now because they are firing on all cylinders yeah they had a heck of a loss because of lead to go madrid earlier in the week in the champions league but when it comes to. make a business full steam ahead for the open right now he said this is about bragging rights but how important would a win be for dortmund here it'll definitely be in the step in the right direction you know the last time these two teams faced off in the classic indorsement had an advantage over byron in the table and went on to win the bundesliga that season and they beat in that particular year that was i believe two thousand and eleven and twelve but you know they are still young they have a lot of potential they have coach touched on how young the talent is but you know he didn't mince words and he understands there's room for growth let's take a listen. we've made progress in the last three or four
3:46 pm
months but we still have a lot to learn tactically. we have a young team and they need time to develop that's normal when you're nineteen or twenty you're not fully mature. to be in the. all right so dortmund firing on all cylinders what does byer need to do to stop they'll have to tighten up at the back i'm talking about manuel neuer their goalkeeper he's going to have to step it up the last eight shots on target have found the back of the net against him he hasn't had a but is that a save in well over four hundred minutes and you know it all starts with defense and obviously on the off chance of robert live and often going to have to continue scoring goals he just sort of brace you know this week so we'll see what happens but you know all else i do expect a firecracker of a match and i do expect a lot of goals to be scored so i'm excited all right to classic a taking place tomorrow in the bonus think of chris harrington from davies for thank you ok. meanwhile van of bremen are one of the surprise teams in the but if they get the season they're a dynamic and attacking football style of help them climb to third in the table but
3:47 pm
after two recent losses the club wants to return to winning ways against second placed mentioned this weekend. then of braman egan supports an end to their two game losing streak. maximillian eg a star in could be the solution the twenty one year old midfielder has turned into a goal getter and has already scored four times this season. one of these are things that your mom's a lot of course you need to write situations to score i've also been working on my shots from distance but it's also a sensation ings i now for a more attacking role than i did in the previous home cheers tom have. it's been a year since florian core felt took over as braman coach in thirty four games his team has not stopped fifty four points if it had been during the whole of last season it would have been enough for sixth place in the one is legal and europa league qualification but for the first time braman have lost two in a row and
3:48 pm
a call felt to leverkusen and minds. in moving. now it's all about being told we have to do something together on the pitch we want to be enthusiastic and combined well up front if they also have to click at the back in the last two games brain is defense was for us. against lap back the team hope to find a stabilizing force in defender nicholas my sound crosses surrogate happy. because i'm not worried i think we have enough quality on the team and we'll get through this. skin and that outfit and with that attitude braman could easily bounce back on saturday but the last time they beat lap back at home was over three years ago. and there's a big game in world football tonight the second leg of the african champions league final takes place with egypt ali holding a three one lead over hosts esperance of tunisia a sponsor desperate for revenge after a controversy over
3:49 pm
a penalty and alleged cheating in last weekend's first leg in egypt ali have won africa's top club prize a record eight times coaches have placed qatar always going for a second title after success with d.r. congo's month m.b.a. and twenty fifth. convention isolated this. vision because of some gender so getting. just. pictures from a new documentary about the first world you're called they shall not grow old released as part of a commemorative events surrounding the one hundredth anniversary of the end of the great war it's been made by the renowned director peter jackson congress. and we have robin merrill from v.w. culture with us robin peter jackson we best know him of course for the lord of the
3:50 pm
rings movies so why is he making this documentary will the risk of connections actually because. j.r. tolkien the old for of the lord of the rings was actually at the back of the psalm himself in one thousand nine hundred sixteen when i mean at the end of the battle of the psalm one of the worst parts of the first war the one million casualties battle is extraordinary to think called he was one of them in that he was very bad he was wounded and when he was recovering in hospital he thought middle of the lord of the rings the whole idea for it actually then mean the whole bit so johnny soldier the normal soldier ready you know the infantry anyway peter jackson has made this documentary with no no ration no his story. only the words of people who were there and as he says and i quote from peter jackson it's not the story of the war it's the story of the human experience of fighting the war and this documentary
3:51 pm
people might have noticed that the very first the color pictures were why were the colored pictures brings us closer than ever before because peter jackson has used very well some modern technology and here you see the results. and the effect is breath taking. gerty black and white images suddenly move smoothly with sound and in color this footage from the first world war has been digitally for stored and processed frame by frame making it seem as if it had been shot only yesterday. because the war was a culture war you know that was but the purpose of what we were doing was to try to to make a film where you're listening to the people that were there and you're seeing it as a sort of a sort of like oh i was director peter jackson sifted through six hundred hours of oral histories by first world war veterans to create part of the soundtrack.
3:52 pm
in other sections he had expert lip reader study the silent film then he used voices songs and even birdsong to bring the archival footage to light. the mood behind the lines of the horrific more was cheerful these images were shot during breaks in the fighting meant to reassure the soldiers' families back home in britain. jackson says that most of the work involved turning poor quality black and white footage into good quality material and altering the frame rate to make the images flow more smoothly if you took a computer this is for fifteen frames a second but we want to be twenty four the computer without you just press a button you don't use it so human involved in the computer will actually generate it will take the frame before the frame after it will generate be frames that don't exist with that with the original material and create its own frames any by using modern technology to make these images feel more immediate and without showing any
3:53 pm
of the actual bloodshed the film also manages to bring home the fact that many of these relaxed and happy young men did not grow all their lives cut short by the war . i mean i think looking at that what he's done with the use of technology he's made it much more contemporaries kind of realistic i tell you it was realistic certainly not to me before this business of black and white and it's really quite eerie electrifying to watch it i have to say it's remarkable definitely at those images we're going to see across europe this weekend all sorts of commemorations to mark the end of the first world war how else is arch being used to mark you know to honor those who fall well there is a lot going on but there's one particular thing that caught my eye it really struck me a by british officers called something called the shrouds of the soul and we've got some pictures from it actually he got the names of seventy two thousand british
3:54 pm
casualties. in the battle of the song in nine hundred sixteen another the last few years he's made seventy two thousand figures and they're currently on display next to the olympic stadium in london and as the drone pulls out you'll see the enormity of it i mean this took him is constantly working on the twelve to fourteen hours a day seeing them laid out it does visualize the huge loss of life but one hundred years ago one on each figure by the way is the name of each casualty all seventy two thousand of them a labor of love from him absolutely and indeed when you think about it some of the real soldiers that we saw in that in the documentary pictures maybe they found the battle of the somme and the names are on these figures that such a stark image really makes you stop in your tracks and think about incredible loss of life that that took place there's more on our website as well there is and also
3:55 pm
on our facebook page d.w. culture there let says they're written by a german soldier from the front whose parents would translate his writings his parents and his brother they're very moving because you know he's talking about hoping for the water when he's hoping for peace he's hoping to be home at christmas just like any other normal soldier on both sides of calls all right robin merrill from d.w. culture thank you very much for sharing that story with us. and a reminder now for our top story that we're following for you right here in the w a germany has been marking eighty years since. infamous nazi problem against the country's jewish here in berlin shall strangle markel told a gathering of the jewish community she lacked the words to describe the horror of that night and said germany must have forcefully confronting anti-semitism. thank you for watching t w news leyla iraq will have an update on your headlines in just a few minutes. of
3:56 pm
the. cool. little.
3:57 pm
bit of. this history repeating itself. jews have to live in fear. decades of the holocaust. in europe.
3:58 pm
this is g.w. news live from berlin to bring in our correspondent ophelia harms a really strong so from from rio de janeiro now we're going to find out what happened with me think of a car fund that found out it's not and we do have some other breaking news that's coming into us now what it's all about perspective closer to w. news thank you for joining us i'm. raring to me. not everyone who loves books has to go insane. w. literature list one hundred german must reads. to me because of. the first little to say the twentieth century.
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the more to end all wars cost millions of lives. world. some more snow hundredth anniversary of. what has humankind learned from the great moral. hazard mine. is real peace and impossibilities. the teenage long forgotten to w.'s november focus.
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germany pauses to honor the victims of kristallnacht and i want you to shush met me down not stream. but oh really he'd. been. trolling here at. least the months and it took a solemn tribute to the victims of nazi persecution eighty years ago non jewish citizens unleashed a night of terror on germany's jews during kristallnacht.


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