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tv   Doc Film - From Outsider to Celebrity Chef  Deutsche Welle  November 11, 2018 12:30am-1:01am CET

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european perspective from because for example spoke to us from the perspective of turkey from the arab world. t w dot com slash w w one. what's coming up for the book borders but you'll have plenty to talk about here on . the congress leader every weekend here to talk to. me. when second is i was in high school if you would have predicted he would go on to a stellar career as a mission will start chef. immigrant visa whenever i hear the words you can't do that it motivates me it makes me think watch me. his latest project is an
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ambitious one a gourmet restaurant that employs people with and without disabilities a project that first met with widespread skepticism. on car lots of people said you can't make high end astronomy inclusive but that just made me think one artist has the project succeeded we accompany the chef for six months to see how it develops. every twenty seventeen set can get such a ban has given up his job as a chef in a mission i'll start restaurant near high pawn in southern germany to start his own business he'd long dreamt of running a go may restaurant with a team made up of refugees and people with disabilities an idea that was as unusual as it was experimental much like seconds menus. does with creation few to feel after the loss of a in the kitchen is each. meets west i feel because of my roots where i grew up
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since i'm where i live it's important for me to connect these cultural dots. social beasties which is a quick look at some point i realized it's my background that defines me and my cooking's not many christian all smug. about his background has also been an extra hurdle in achieving history his father had none but simply ranged his mother as easy as a housewife both came to germany from any tell us guest workers who may cuisine had no place in their lives they've always cooked traditional took his food sat down now takes those traditions and puts his own spin on them but not in his mother's kitchen. yes as i just miss her if she's making a raghu or a goulash and i say what about using less meat then you have more heat in the pan then she'll say it's fun leave me alone i've been doing this for twenty years i know what i'm doing mama cooks better that's why. i'm used to your food but
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sometimes it has a star and i've never eaten much of his food. it's not your style it's not my taste . but. with my dad it's a case of what you don't know you don't mess with that he doesn't know he doesn't eat. well you know i haven't even much of his place but he's not a bad cook but you think he's very good with the. second sometimes cooks pulque much to the consternation of some of the families muslim neighborhoods where the microphone are. because i was asked if we could afford it in the same pan use for other me. trying to but i understood class two but i hadn't i just said no we have two different kitchens and with one we can have pork and another for everything else which of course isn't true i will. but it was an issue at the
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beginning now and then most mentions on that if you bother wouldn't talk at the restaurant and members along yes as long as he doesn't notice it's ok. i can surely doubt. second knows from his own family history how difficult it is to find your way in a strange place. and. it's one of the reasons the thirty three year old wants to give people a chance. his new trainee for example fled his home country seven years ago and has been in germany for almost four years. now respawn khan is training with a top chef. there's a few more but you're honest when i come out it's a good let's talk about what rizwan will be doing tomorrow but this is just not the way it has to stay. but you know this lovely night with no money have you ever eaten boiled beef made with the oiled salted potatoes and horseradish
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sauce yes it was and i must we do it a little differently that's going on marinated then we smoke it with the hindus and boys of our community then we vacuum pack it up and simmer it at fifty four degrees for two days. on the side like you did not. come here you can help me get everything ready parkins i was also. you know i was also. but that if i mean you so your family is still in pakistan in pakistan although yes i've been away for seven years seven years how old are you and it's like the twenty one ok so you left early i missed i think it's been hard but i just tried to keep going and i'm here. ok i'm by and obviously i finished high school and i did well. you'll be going to be gone all right what did you get yes focus was great too but that's better than me. i left school at sixteen i was very good.
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this is response i own kitchen at home he shares a room with two other refugees although he has been given lots of help since leaving pakistan he's also experienced plenty of setbacks. to help yeah. i have a german family here. they help me with the language school and that's why i want to stay if we can be. big if. i want to build up a life or get an education and get qualified. and that's what i want now but i really think it can all mine once again. but responds asylum application has been rejected will he be allowed to stay in germany. writes a sad come isn't giving up on him he hopes the young pakistani will be part of the
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team when he opens his gourmet restaurant here in their being a who've gotten working side by side with people with mental disabilities. although it's not that easy finding recruits in my house be don't have the oxygen and whenever i'm asked about kitchen work i've always said no i rather clean off. and go away from the things i appreciate your honesty they are upfront. it's better than saying something you don't mean my goodness oh my god like wow i'd love to. see morning didn't get back in touch either my next day or the next candidate celine and jimmy running around in the background arrive with a social worker that demi is a bit shy and doesn't want to come in at first of. the. movers i mean i found i did it by. celine and jimmy both eighteen are fresh out of a school for people with special needs. they're hoping to enter the world of work
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with an intention but it is a goal make kitchen the right place for them but it wasn't like. i have a classic case of like toast intolerance. i can't have dairy products. i don't know much about us as we can you explain what that means. like poison to me ok ok good to know if there's anything else you tutti me just tell us. i can eat anything. as ok. that's what i like to hear. you know i'm excited to. run i did an internship in a kindergarten before. this just so this is something different it's just on the loose and it's. you know those who. are me it's important that you're comfortable that we can talk about how you're doing on. as we've got
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a great team here many girls to be mutants all. point girlfriend yeah right. toya steady and happy them. it's not going great. commission this mention i can do it myself and these people shouldn't so i'm. not exactly but i can understand not being given opportunities because you have a disability is for me for me i didn't really get a chance because of my black hair or because i have a weird name. which no one could pronounce. but. it's fresh. and let's go for vidal faced with a torn. made twenty seven the opening of the new restaurant is delayed but the chef is still committed to his vision even if. it's all
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a bit much at the moment. he's got no time for his personal life his wife vera him in this is looking after their four daughters pretty much by himself. my consoles are going to pick you could say i'm a single mother six days a week with their dad he drives them to school kindergarten in the morning and comes home at midnight or one am if there is an invented two or three so the girls don't see much of him right now and the moment. with four sisters. who all wish they were in an only child. you know i want a brother. not with me. today is an important day for the first day of her intention to me didn't come back but seemed it that's all you have after. the first tell us chopping melons into cubes
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the social worker is optimistic. you need for heading back to her previous and turn ship and she was also in the kitchen so he took a large kitchen when it was just too hectic there now she's giving it another go it's more manageable keeping an eye on her. so i think it can turn out well and i think she does as she couldn't begin to young. women if you can't actually someone's disability even you tend to over tax them so if you do expect too much so the experience is counterproductive it could be a setback and you can take a long time to catch up again and that's the gulf to find in this country don't think until i'm the one you know classified me i'm looking forward to this lemon grass soap. and you know you think nothing of my slender lanka another member of parliament is showing saline how to chop lemon
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grass to live the sex life. she watches closely and she's a quick learner and. has given. you no great class that's really professional. class for you to show my you're right. yeah you. know how do i know i'm listening. all right so how are you point this is going well on from with our new call yet she's already served. in yeah so it's over what your first impression which go to i like it. is and it's nice and quiet yeah that's good for demoing on you know some of us to see if we will get celine up to speed and bill confidence from
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her and then we'll see what else there is to do and whatever comes up i'm here and so are the others you can always talk to this is no problem at all. despite his busy work lead seven manages to fit in a trip to head and play he was born. it used to be a rough neighborhood. today locals are proud of their famous son. most kids who grew up here didn't have great prospects. left school and he. and his life could have taken a very different turn. we want exactly those super smart ones. or the ones rushing home to do their homework and i mean when i came home the first thing i did was throw my schoolbag in a corner and that was that. i don't want to get up again the next day when i went
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to school for them. fortunately he found his way he left school in one thousand nine hundred nine and began applying for traineeships the rejections piled up. nobody was willing to give him a chance at turkish german kid with an unimpressive academic record until restaurant owner demetrius sent tedious recognize the potential in the young and gave him a trainee position it proved to be a turning point. you know it will say look you have to see this. he was there is a certain kind that he worked through with us. always visits when he comes to stuttgart. so my you always drugs but. i'm so proud of him in the key here that. he started washing dishes in the kitchen. washing dishes and your brother waited tables as well he was supposed to really didn't get to always give him
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a chair because he always like to sit there and he was so lazy. that this one wasn't lazy and eventually asked if you could stop washing dishes and do some cooking and. i was we were allowed to do everything so i remember when he said to me ok so now we're going to make it slow dog. he said you need the dough until it forms bubbles and this becomes of existence twenty felt like seven hours i couldn't believe how long it took up in my arm was killing me but i wasn't allowed to stop. and it was one of those formative experiences naturally there's a pigment ones of the plating means went. on as a shield and of course i'm grateful for its own kind but it wasn't an easy time i can still remember being told to kill the whole sack of onions and potatoes just before the end of my shift for me i thought to myself what does he want from me is
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he messing with me i was but was about morning to work fast making me and also possible and delivering the goods to move. my man down and give us a last hug. from him sack and went on to learn from top chefs in germany switzerland and spain he was awarded a michelin star a few years ago working at a restaurant in southern germany before embarking on his new venture. we'd like working with people who have a disability and staying. not getting wound up i don't think everyone can do that. with people who have a disability you need to explain everything to them a hundred times. and then suddenly you have ten orders and someone drops one fit and you have to keep your cool. if you can do that respect.
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selena has been working in the best turn anything in for over a month and she's decided to extend her internship until christmas. eve you like sauerkraut. they're both. excellent you then i'd like you to taste this but it's not ready yet it'll take a moment. is there still enough or do we have to chop some more nice system enough. she enjoys the work so what comes next will she be taken on longer. to see him merely helps me out a lot she's been fully integrated from day one. but very concentrated very reliable very interested here is my it's a lot of fun with her she's a full member of the team. understand you get what you deserve a pat on the back you do your job very well. said.
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celine's favorite child is preparing silence. after three months she and spend are well practiced he. celine's mother england is confident that her daughter can rise to further challenges she's impressed with how much sibling has learned over the last few months but first she had some doubts. on top of its life obsession. in the beginning i didn't really think she'd manage. we'd been told a restaurant kitchen wasn't right for her at all. but the first place she worked
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was an open kitchen and the atmosphere was very different the pace was very hectic . here on. but then this talk of charity came along and it's completely the opposite when i'm in second and his colleagues deal with people with disabilities in a completely different way so you need to have that skill you need to understand that even i had to learn how to understand more than a city to fish in. the big day has arrived the restaurant opening this is stuff shortage so seconds why vera has to help out. rizwan the refugee from pakistan has become a huge help in the kitchen today at least he can take his mind off the threat of deportation. and silliness proud that she's being allowed to serve the guests front of house. the menu for tonight is
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a cullen airy crossover. for us money for the starter we're doing locally sourced brook trout. making monte turkish dumplings to start with rabbit and the fruits and this is on there also some summer truffles and shanta rolls crippling and blue pom to set them off and which is a bit unusual. from my for the main course we're making sultans joy for this over the main ingredient is eggplant sesame puree we have also from the region and for dessert there's two methods of baked angel hair with spanish cheese munch a go. bake it and give it our own twist. sauce . another poses a question right even second is front of house tonight. the song that was
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a little taster as well not subtle today's guests are hungry. and they curious to know if the concept is a success. exact ations are high definitely very very high we might not be able to live up to them. there's a risk that everything we've achieved in the last few years will be undone very quickly. we'll soon find out. this was just on so i can. get some in. despite the pressure set can still finds time to give celine a few tips on how to hold a hot dish. in certain. kinds or to the hellenist hands on learning like this reveals where the problems lie but also the strengths. respawn is thrilled.
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if you hear it's really fantastic like. i'm always learning something new about ny it's never the same. here to do it. every minute i learn something different and it's something special. to me i really like that's that's this is. what we have a raw marinated layer veal with why i'm a little olive oil fried potatoes actually quite simple now butter cream and many cucumbers. a variation on the wienerschnitzel that's just a little different than i pity. the guests know what to expect from. an upscale cuisine with a social conscience many members from the i never would have thought it was possible all feasible to get this far. opening night goes relatively smoothly tiny hiccups like pouring water into a wine glass don't bother any of the guests tonight but how will it be at
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a most stressful event. like thousands of course celine will grow with her tasks just as we all do have faith we don't do everything perfectly but you can tell that she is interested in how she really likes what she's doing opposite whether it's in the beast role or here. we can see she just feels comfortable and she radiates a sense of confidence. but also. if this hadn't worked out if it hadn't been for said celine's only option would have been a workshop for people with disabilities says her mother. had a need to adopt. i never imagined that would have the opportunity to find a job like this. so for in. theoretical it. can apply for a subsidy if you employ someone with a disability. its policy of inclusion is also good for the restaurant's p.r.
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but the project requires a level of effort that the subsidy doesn't fully reflect. and a social conscience doesn't necessarily translate into michelin stars. in the end what counts is what goes on the plate. the question is in the long run will a small game a restaurant be able to afford to maintain its social conscience. and moreover how will the guests feel about it. this is search and then we're done for today so good for. him and i was going to offer to do that. if not for. dessert is. selena has done is self crowned. goes. for death but the i mean considering she was keener on the kitchen i think we've changed her mind tonight
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haven't really understood all the cast and. we can all graeme if we did learn things would be boring i take it as a compliment for me tonight because she worked with me it's lovely this issue isn't just glossy it's really great absolute. can we simply must feel the recipe for steel to cook me. tomorrow morning the chef will be back in the kitchen together with celine response and his team what keeps him motivated. the stock market get this most idealism. five columns of smoke gives because passion goes only so far and hard work is exhausting on certain of the spirits of us because it's movement on what i'm doing here couldn't be done on passion and hard work alone out our butts to slung at the so you couldn't
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survive for months or idealism it's when everyone says something can't be done and i want to prove that it can. zoom. zoom is.
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absolutely. euro this week's highlights. rooms where the bureau will be going to cost house. a town of good cheer visiting france's mediterranean city for. a floor with a view firing ari on the matter horn glacier rock. your world
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is thirty minutes. nicole is in germany to learn german english binnacle. why not learn with him d.j. music you learning course because vick is. a news analyst because it just gets to focus on some new sounds the so-called change can suck the fullest confidence boost side by force. people have put big dreams on the big screen. cool movie magazine on the w. . hundreds often use in life clumps.
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where i come from rajoy remains an important moonsault transmitting new and for mission and when i was young my country was in brawley. the war trabant most people would cause a. scene. it was my job to to in one of the not just say it's sold out to everyone in the town. and listen to those against me. nothing has been from inside. you might have known cardio enjoyed not moore's law so long you were taught by an aussie i was between them more. by choice in the used car because even though we're told transmitted patrollers.
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much and i want. to tell you. this is deja news live from the one hundred years since the end of the first world war the french president and german chancellor made history with a joint visit to the science of one of the bloodiest conflicts of the twentieth century was officially forced to end. the long term lease home plus by engulfed entire communities in california at least eleven people have been
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killed and hundreds of thousands of residents have been forced to flee their homes including us it overseas living nearby.


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