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tv   Treasures of the World - The Grand Canyon - A Cross Section of the Ages...  Deutsche Welle  November 11, 2018 3:15am-3:31am CET

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birth. they have names like whoa towns thrown vishnu's temple valhalla overlook ozzie creek or jupiter's temple the naming looks back to mythological realms as if the
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main give us could barely believe their eyes at the sight of these majestic crags towering to heights of almost two thousand meters. to stand for the first time at the rim of this tremendous fissure in the earth's crust is to be overwhelmed no matter how well prepared by the contras photos films and reports the visitor is ordered by the dramatic grandeur of the canyon it was carved up by the colorado river over the course of millions of years. the grand canyon in northwest arizona is eight hundred meters deep and up to thirty kilometers wide and drums for four hundred forty six kilometers through the forest . there are chasms elsewhere either deeper or narrower but numbness as majestic or inspiring fascinating plane famous as the ground.
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the first europeans to set eyes on the grand canyon look questing for gold in fifteen forty a spanish army commanded by francisco to car nado moved north through the great american desert seeking the legendary seven golden cities of ebola the story was that there was gold to be happy a lot of gold. the indigenous peoples told them of a great river further north might not the fabled treasures be their car not a cent out of scouting. somewhere around here after travelling for twenty days the expedition reached the grand canyon the story goes that the sites so stunned and overpower the men that they fell upon their knees and prayed. they spent three days on the rim without finding any way down into the canyon with their
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water and provisions running out they returned baffled and disappointed the quest for the cities of gold had failed and from that time on the grand canyon was forgotten by the white men for centuries. then when eight hundred fifty eight the paddle steamer explora struck concealed rock. joseph five sent his crew were bound operative from the mouth of the colorado in the gulf of california to establish how far it was navigable but they were forced to turn back. not till eight hundred sixty nine did major john wesley powell take a boat up the river that expedition marked the start of serious attention to them. massive corps it was power to who gave it the name and know it by the grand canyon .
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in the grand canyon there are rocks some one point seven billion years old makes them a third as old as the planet they are the onus to expose dropped from asians on earth laid back by the colorado river and its tributaries and helped by rock falls and landslides also caused by the red rivers unceasing erosion of the bankside crags. to geologists the grand canyon maps the history of the two pilin years ago this
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part of the earth was covered by scenes and vast lakes when they recede if they left immense deposits of sand munt and shell live volcanoes emitted love on top of this the lowest roger petrified into some stone and shape. later the masses of rock were broken up and restructured by tectonic forces pressure and heat and the mountains were raised again the land was flooded again the seas receded after millions of years again huge deposits remained and in this way one lair after another was created. the landscape was given its present shape some forty or fifty million years ago when the rocky mountains were forced up on the land to the south raised by some three thousand made. ships erosion has already worn away one thousand meters of ash in the meantime these are processes we cannot detect with our best senses but they are continuously in motion
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at a time will come when the grand canyon will have disappeared from the face of a i. am the watchtower has a museum reminding visitors that at one time all of this land including the grand canyon belonged to the native people of the navajo who are lumpy and the have a supai the colorado is what remains of a great flood that once covered the earth the indigenous peoples managed to survive by changing into fish which is why traditional minded navajo never eat fish to this day. the mythical hero packie family ended the great flood by slamming his mighty club onto the waters that covered the earth and spacing open the ground.
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after joseph i had failed in his attempt to steam up the colorado he wrote we were the first group of whites and would doubtless be the last to visit this region devoid of any hues those who go there can only turn around. today some five million visit the grand canyon every year along with the empire state building it ranks as the u.s.a.'s most popular tourist attraction. not that many of them attempt the difficult hike down to the colorado and it's
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a twenty two kilometer descent from the northern rim to the valley and takes the walker through the same changes of climate as he would encounter along the two thousand eight hundred kilometer stretch from now california and mexico up to british columbia in canada. most visitors view the canyon from the southern rim which is easily accessible on average they spend less than an hour out of their cars instead of an experience of nature all they find is traffic congestion as for the hikers they trample the vegetation and leave mountains of later. when field or roosevelt visited the grand canyon in one thousand and three he urged visitors to preserve it for their children and grandchildren and for all the generations to come but his words have
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had little effect the visitors love nature to death as national geographic putting . the colorado got its name from the red colors acquired from sounds to now days the river is blue or sometimes green in one nine hundred sixty three the glen canyon dam was the top river and since then it has kept back the red sand that for many gave the river its tacky color. the jan generates hydropower for last vegas and phoenix but it has destroyed the ecological balance in the grand canyon the water no longer bears sufficient amounts of the drift wood. which when grotz plays
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a basic part in the food chain of insects fish and birds. when the sun lies plays upon it the grand canyon is one of the loveliest and most overwhelming natural spectacles on a. inconceivable antiquity of these rocks prompts a sense of humility humankind's own insignificance is palpable before these witnesses to a past far beyond. the simone de beauvoir the grand canyon was the any magic archetype of or landscapes be that as it may words on our list to express this eternal scene the grand canyon is poetry in stone.
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